The Candy Store

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Patrick Conner ran his hand across the well worn railing that surrounded the old house’s wide veranda. As president of Archer and Sons, the construction and demolition company that his grandfather, Thomas Archer, had founded, the forty-three year old had an almost reverent appreciation for the care that had gone into the construction of the Victorian era structure.

“Damn shame,” he said under his breath as he looked up at the twenty-two room mansion, taking in the craftsmanship that went into the outer walls as well.

His company had won the contract to take the old building down, making way for a mini-mall that the County Board had approved. The site was perfect, they had voted, just on the edge of the county line and an easy drive from two other towns. In his heart he hated to be the one to tear the old lady down, but as the old saying went, if they didn’t take it down, someone else would. A clean demolition would give Archer and Sons the inside track on a major portion of the construction contracts.

A young man who looked like a younger version of himself joined the salt and pepper haired man on the porch. Like his father and grandfather before him, Kevin Thomas Conner joined the family business right out of school. Currently, the twenty-three year old was assigned to the demolition half of the company.

“We shouldn’t have any problem knocking this old house into a thousand pieces, Dad,” Kevin said as he joined his father. “I figure a day to take it down, then maybe two to cart away all the debris.”

“Sounds right,” Patrick said in agreement with his son’s calculations. Despite the much needed influx of cash this job was going to bring, he wasn’t approaching it with any measure of enthusiasm.

The lack of which hadn’t gone unnoticed by his son who inquired if there was something bothering him. Patrick gave a noncommittal answer, simply stating that it seemed a great waste to trash away a building that such history to it.

“Speaking of history, I heard something really interesting about this place,” Kevin said, looking to lighten up his father’s mood.

“What would that be?” Patrick asked as he tried the front door, only to find it locked.

“I was talking to Mr. Cage down at the records hall and he said that way back when, this place used to be a whorehouse,” Kevin said with a grin.

“You don’t say,” the elder Conner said with only a slight interest.

“Yeah, it was supposed to be pretty famous,” Kevin continued, “They called it the Candy Store.”

“Well it must’ve been before my time,” Patrick said as he turned away from the door and looked out on the empty road. “What time was that woman from the county office supposed to meet us out here?” he asked, changing the subject.

“She should’ve been here by now,” Kevin replied as he checked his watch. “Maybe she got stuck somewhere.”

“Well while we’re waiting, why don’t you take the truck and get us a couple of coffees from the diner down the road.” Patrick suggested.

“Sure, Dad,” Kevin said, “no problem. I’ll be right back.”

As his son’s 4×4 headed down the road, Patrick’s attention turned back to the old house. He looked into the empty building through one of the windows. In his memory, he could still see the furniture that once filled the large empty room.

“The Candy Store,” Patrick laughed softly to himself, remembering how easily he had tossed aside his son’s use of that name. As if any young man his age who grew up in the tri-county area hadn’t heard of the famous landmark.

His thoughts drifted back to July 15th, 1976, the day he turned eighteen. A day he would remember for a multitude of reasons. Memories which seemed as fresh as if they’d happened only a few hours ago, and not a quarter century past.


Patrick Conner shuffled nervously as he waited for an answer to the doorbell he’d just rung. The dark haired teen had been standing on the veranda almost ten minutes prior to that, trying to summon the courage to ring that bell. Now that he had, a part of him was almost hoping that no one would come to the door.

A foolish hope that immediately faded as the large oak door swung open and a beautiful woman in a maid’s outfit appeared in its place. A few inches shorter than Patrick’s five seven, the twenty-four year old had long blond hair tied back in a ponytail. A fact totally lost on the young man as his gaze concentrated instead on the large bust that was barely concealed by the black and white dress she wore.

“May I help you?” the young blond asked, taking in the young man in the red T-shirt and blue jeans.

“I … I … have an appointment,” a visibly nervous Patrick stuttered.

“And whom shall I say is calling?” she asked, holding back on the swell of laughter that she felt forming deep within her.

“Patrick Conner,” he said as he regained most of his composure.

The expression on the young maid’s face turned from simple amusement to a knowing smile. She opened the door wider and invited Patrick inside.

“Please kağıthane escort have a seat and I’ll let Lady Jacqueline know that you are here,” she said as she motioned to one of the padded chairs that lined the entry hall.

Taking the closest seat, Patrick watched the young woman walk to the inner rooms. His eyes now fixed on the short black skirt tightly wrapped around the blonde’s ass, the young man had to say that the receding view was as delightful as any other. The servant returned less than a minute later, now accompanied by an older brunette wearing, despite the early afternoon hour, a red evening dress with white trim. With long dark hair done up in an elaborate design, the forty-six year old stood five-nine in her matching heels.

“Lady Jacqueline, may I present Mr. Patrick Conner,” the girl said.

“Thank you, Donna,” the woman in red said in a rich English accent as she gave the girl a name for Patrick to remember. “I’ll take it from here.”

“Very good, Ma’am,” Donna said as she again turned and walked away.

“So you’re Billy Archer’s nephew,” Lady Jacqueline said.

If Patrick had been impressed by Donna, he was totally taken away by Lady Jacqueline. Despite being two years older than his mother, the owner of the Candy Store was an incredibly striking woman. Her low cut gown revealed a bust even more impressive than Donna’s, matched only by the contours of the rest of her body. Even her voice seemed to resonate sexuality, sending a tremor through his young form.

“… And I’m led to understand that today is your birthday, is that correct?” she added.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Patrick said.

“Well, then this is a special day indeed,” the brunette smiled as she indicated that Patrick should follow her down the corridor she had just come from. “Your Uncle and I are old friends so I didn’t mind opening up a few hours early to give you his gift.”

Thomas Archer was his mother’s older brother. He was also the man who introduced his sister to Kevin Alan Conner, a career Army Officer and was the best man at their wedding. In addition, he was Patrick’s Godfather as well.

After his father’s death in Vietnam ten years ago, the bachelor had stepped in to become a surrogate father. At every important moment in the young man’s life, his Uncle Tom had been there. On his own eighteenth birthday some four decades before, his father had covered the cost of a visit to the Candy Store. Of course back then, the Store had been run by the original Miss Candy, a blond woman named Candice.

Patrick followed the tall women into a large sitting room, the center of which was filled with two large couches and several more plush chairs. Resting on those sofas and chairs were the reason the house had become know as the Candy Store.

“Ladies, I’d like you all to meet our guest for the afternoon,” Lady Jacqueline announced as she led Patrick into the room. “This is Patrick.”

The room filled with a lyrical chorus of greetings, accompanied by the warmest of smiles. There were nine of them in all, of various ages and nationalities.

“Patrick, may I introduce my girls,” Lady Jacqueline said as she moved to the center of the room. As she said each girl’s name, she gave her young guest a few moments to get a good look at each of them.

First to be introduced was Varuni, a petite Indian girl wearing a diaphanous green sari. She had soft brown skin and Patrick could see both her dark nipples and even darker bush through the translucent material.

Next came Hannah, a tall Nordic blond with a lean, buff athletic body. Standing close to six feet, she was wearing the skimpiest of bikinis, the top of which tightly outlined a pair of hard nipples.

Doubled up on the love seat were Monica Lee and Maura Lynn. Both were long haired brunettes who wore matching babydoll outfits that highlighted rather than covered the supple forms beneath them. The two women seemed very into each other as they stroked each other’s bodies and playfully shared a brief kiss. It was explained to Patrick that normally there was an added charge since the two women only saw callers as a pair, but in his case it was all included in his gift if he chose the two of them.

The introductions continued with Destiny, a short haired redhead with small breasts but an attitude that just exuded sexuality. She was wearing a T-shirt thin enough to see there was nothing more underneath.

Isabella was a plump Spanish girl with large breasts and a bottom to match. Smiling at the young man as her name was called out, she ran her tongue over her deep red lips in invitation. She also wore lingerie that left little to the imagination.

With a look that could’ve belong to the girl next store, Faith looked like she might’ve been in one of Patrick’s classes in high school. Certainly the pigtailed brunette looked to be no older than him. Especially wearing a cheerleader’s uniform from his old school. Well at least part of the uniform.

Then sarıyer escort there was Nariko, a short, slender Japanese girl with long shiny black hair. She wore a thin white silk robe that was left open just enough for Patrick to see the slope of her small breasts and one of her nipples. The Asian girl certainly seemed to be the youngest of the group.

Last, but certainly not least, came Johari. Her hair in a thick Afro, the tall, powerfully built, black woman had a build that certainly gave Hannah a run for her money. Wearing only a pair of cut off jeans, the coal skinned woman preferred to simply go topless. Her perfectly formed mounds were the finest of all the girls Lady Jacqueline had presented.

“Would you like a drink while you decide?” the mistress of the house asked as Donna reappeared in the doorway carrying a tray with a champagne glass.

“Thank you,” Patrick said as he took the offered drink and sipped it. It was the first time he had ever tasted champagne.

Leaving Patrick to make his decision, Lady Jacqueline turned her attention to Donna and began to quietly discuss some matter the maid had brought to her attention. The young man’s eyes kept moving from one woman to the other, receiving in turn warm smiles and the promise of even warmer delights if he should choose them.

It was an unbelievable choice. One that he wasn’t sure he could really make. Nine beautiful women, one of who was going to be the one to take his virginity. He’d been going out with Gloria Anderson since the middle of senior year yet in the last ten minutes he’d seen more female flesh than he’d ever seen on her.

“Well, Patrick, have we made a decision?” Lady Jacqueline asked as she finished her business with Donna.

“It’s really a hard choice,” Patrick said, not being able to think of anything else to say.

“I can imagine,” the older woman said as she moved over to him. “Perhaps if you told me some of the things you like I might suggest someone. Do you have some special fantasy?”

“Well … I ,,,” Patrick started to say.

“Isabella, for instance gives really great head I’m told,” she offered. “While Faith loves anal sex. As you’ve already seen, Monica and Maura like to be with each other as well as their guest, while Johari has a very dominant side to her. “

The mention of the their names caused Patrick to glance in each of their directions. He pictured the Spanish girl with her big lips wrapped around a cock, then tried to imagine the girl next door with a cock up her ass. It was exciting to think of being able to see two girls make love, but he didn’t even want to imagine what being dominant meant.

“Is there something special that you were looking for?” Lady Jacqueline went on. “Whatever it is, I’m sure we could take care of it.”

“Actually, I’ve never really done much with a woman before,” Patrick confessed in a voice too low for anyone but Lady Jacqueline to hear.

“Well that’s never been a crime,” she smiled. “And I’m sure whichever of my girls you pick would be very considerate of that. Why don’t you take a few more minutes to make up your mind.”

The brunette stepped away and passed behind each of the girls, whispering something to each of them that Patrick couldn’t hear. He could only guess that she was telling them that he was a virgin. The knowledge seemed to perk up some of their interest.

Lady Jacqueline finally completed her circuit of the room, coming back to Patrick’s side. She put her hand on his opposite shoulder and gently asked him if he’d made up his mind. The dark haired teen took a last look at the nine women, then asked her something she didn’t expect.

“Could I pick you?” he said.

“Me?” Lady Jacqueline repeated in surprise.

“I don’t mean that there’s anything wrong with the other girls,” Patrick quickly said, thinking he’d done something wrong. “It’s just that you asked if there was any special fantasy I had and …”

“… and you fantasize about older women,” she completed the sentence for him.

“Yes, I mean, not older but …”

“That’s okay, I understand what you mean,” the brunette said, wondering what she should do about his request.

It had been ten years since she’d seen a regular client, not since taking over the operation of the house from Laura Lee, the previous proprietor. She had been one of Laura’s best girls, the proof of which was that she had been asked to take over when Laura retired. Just as Laura had been when Miss Candy decided to call it quits.

Not that she’d been celibate the last decade. There were still special guests that she sometimes entertained. A very short list that had included Thomas Archer. Then also there had been the nights she sometimes spent with one of her girls. It was a little known aspect of the Candy Store that they sometimes had female clients as well. Women who preferred the touch of their own sex once in a while but couldn’t afford to take the chance with anyone in sefaköy escort the community.

Lady Jacqueline looked deep into Patrick’s hazel eyes and smiled. He was rather cute and did remind her somewhat of his uncle. Furthermore, now that she thought about it, she remembered his father as well. Back when she was one of the girls, Tom had brought his brother in law the weekend before he’d shipped off to Vietnam. She’d serviced both of them that night. It had stuck in her memory because it was only a few weeks later that Tom had come in totally plastered, spending the night crying in her arms over the death of his friend.

“How could I refuse a birthday wish?” she said as she smiled as she took his hand in hers. “But there is one condition…”

“Anything,” an eager Patrick replied.

“You call me Jackie,” she grinned as she took him by he hand and led him toward the stairs to the second floor and above.

Behind them, the girls whispered among themselves as some of them returned to the activities that normally occupied their afternoons. The Candy Store usually didn’t open for business until after dark, but this had been a special occasion.

Jackie’s bedroom was on the third floor of the old mansion, the only one on that level. It was spacious and decorated with furniture that dated back to when the house had first been built. The centerpiece of which was the large bed that belonged to the original owner of the post Civil War home. Patrick wondered for a moment how many men had shared that bed over the years, then decided that really didn’t matter. What did matter was that it was now his turn.

“Why don’t you make yourself comfortable while I take a few minutes to freshen up,” Jackie said as she led the young man to the bed and sat him down on the thick comforter spread across it.

Patrick watched the older woman step into the adjacent bathroom and close the door behind her. Then he began to undo the laces of his sneakers. This might’ve been his first time, but he knew that comfortable meant naked. Or at least he thought that was what it meant.

The dark haired teen had gotten down to his T-shirt and briefs when the bathroom door opened again. Stopping what he was doing, he gave Jackie’s reemergence his undivided attention.

Gone was the sleek evening dress she’d been wearing, replaced by a tight fitting satin robe that outlined every curve of her body. White with red trim, the wrap around had been a gift many years before from a customer who brought it back from a tour of the Far East.

Jackie sat down next to Patrick on the edge of the bed in such a way as to give him a clear look down her robe. The reaction within his shorts was instantaneous.

“You’re not nervous, are you?” she asked with a broad smile.

“No, of course not,” Patrick lied.

“Well you just relax,” she relied, not believing him for a second, “and let Jackie take care of everything.”

With that, she leaned forward and kissed him softly on his lips. Kissing was definitely not something that professional girls did with their clients, but Jackie viewed this as more as a favor for a friend than a business arrangement. She gave his tongue the lightest of caresses with her own as she pressed between his lips.

“Why don’t we get you out of this?” she asked as she broke the brief kiss

Her hands glided upward and under his white undershirt, caressing the smooth and lightly haired flesh beneath it. The tips of her fingers found his nipples and she urged them to their own hardness. Reversing direction, she brought her hands down and this time grabbed the bottom of his garment. With an upward motion, she pulled it up and over his head. One last time she ran her hands down his smooth, lightly haired chest, tickling him as she went and planting a quick kiss on each of his nipples. As she did, her tongue darted out and played with them as well.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” she asked rhetorically. “Why don’t you try it?”

Not giving Patrick time to think about it, Jackie took his hand in hers and guided it beneath her robe, pressing it against her ample mounds. The feel of her warm flesh and hard, erect nipples was enough to send an additional surge of excitement through his body.

Cupping her breast, the young man continued to play with it until she again took hold and guided his hand to her other mound. The sense of discovery didn’t diminish the least in the repeat of his previous actions.

“Do you like that?” Jackie asked.

“Oh yes,” Patrick replied, finally finding his voice.

“Have you ever touched a girl like this before?” the brunette asked as she loosened her robe enough so that Patrick could play with both of her breasts at once.

There had been two girls in high school that Patrick had gotten to second base with, Shirley Lane and Brenda Ann Mitchell. Of the two, he really didn’t think Brenda Ann counted since just about every guy who even bought her a pizza and soda got at least a quick feel.

“Not like this,” Patrick said diplomatically.

“Well lets see if we can make it even better,” Jackie laughed.

With that, she loosened her robe even further so that it fell open, exposing her full bust. Patrick’s eyes went wide as he pulled back his hands so he could take in Jackie’s breasts in all their splendor. His eyes fixed on her large dark areola that capped each mound.

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