The Cat and the Kitten Ch. 01

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Edited by Spencerfiction. With thanks.

William was in the kitchen fixing a sandwich when his step mother clicked in with her high heels and took off her blazer. Will tried not to look. Lauren was forty-three and truly looked amazing all the time. She was blond, probably dyed Will thought but constantly and professionally done so it looked natural all the time, with light brown eyes and delicate features. She was tall with an hourglass figure and she dressed so well, especially for work, as a Human Resources Consultant for a large manufacturing company. She was wearing a dark skirt, tight and to her knees, a matching dark blazer, and a tight snow white blouse with a few buttons unfastened so that her full round breasts were providing an amazing display of cleavage while legitimately threatening to pop out a few more buttons.

“What a day! Interviewing labourers for some entry level positions. Bunch of greasy assholes leering at my tits all day.” She tried not to speak coarse like that when his dad was around, or her daughter, acting like a Lady of the Manor, but for whatever reason when it was just the two of them she let down her guard.

“Ahhhh well maybe if you didn’t wear such a tight top?” he tried to be helpful as he tried not to look.

“Now, Will,” she grinned at him, “I like showing off my tits for cute guys like you, just not the unshaven, balding, gap toothed, tattooed losers we hire for the lines.” She had him pegged a few days after she had first met him and now after being married to his father for two years and living with him she knew he wouldn’t tell his father the things she said or did when he was away and she flirted with him whenever she could. “Say, is Lynn at home?”

Lynn was Lauren’s nineteen year old daughter. Will’s age. She had inherited her mother’s good looks but was a bit shorter, very slender, with jet black hair that she usually wore straight and fell to midway down her back. Lynn could only be described as a spoiled brat. She was as conceited as her mother and shared her mother’s love at making him uncomfortable.

“She’s out with some of her friends. I think they’re going to a party tonight.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Ahhh, she was dressed for it?”

“Oh?” Lauren smirked at him, “How so?”

“You know. With makeup and stuff. She didn’t look like she was going to the beach or for a jog.”

“That girl shouldn’t be wearing makeup. She too pretty for it.”

“Hmmm,” he didn’t want to agree with his step mother so he just responded around a mouthful of sandwich. Lynn was definitely pretty, had a sinful body, and enjoyed flaunting her sexuality and making him feel as uncomfortable as her mother did. Will was in awe when he first met her, although that had long wore off, but she still remembered of course. Now she was painful to live with but he had to admit that both of them provided some real nice sight lines around the house.

His father was quite successful and their house was sprawling with a large garden, pool, back deck, detached guest house, driveway of interlocking stone, and a high black steel fence with electronic gate and security system. The house itself had full bathrooms off every bedroom with a walk out balcony as well. Large kitchen, dining room, a great hall, rec room, library, gym, sauna, steam room, other bathrooms, wine cellar, and more. So it was easy to maintain his privacy from them, although he had to admit they looked better than the expensive art that adorned the hose. Lauren was a trophy wife and played her part well when she took her father’s arm to go to the business functions and parties. His father was portly and now balding. Will had no doubt that Lauren married him for the money, home and lifestyle, although his father had told him in confidence that there was an iron clad prenuptial agreement in place. His father, like most guys, appreciated beautiful women and Will even noticed him glancing appreciatively at Lynn as she paraded around the house scantily clad.

“You going out tonight? Or is what’s her name coming over?” Lauren asked him as she retrieved a salad and a bottle of juice from the fridge.

“Ahhhh no. Heidi and her family are going out of town this weekend to visit a relative.”

“Heidi,” smirked Lauren, “Sounds like a sheep dog. Say! How’s her diet coming?”

“What diet? She isn’t on a diet!”

“Oh sorry honey! I just assumed.” Lauren looked at him smirking before grasping a cherry tomato from the salad and speared it with perfect white teeth.

“Jesus,” he grunted as he went to the dishwasher with his plate. Heidi was his girlfriend and although she didn’t have the body or looks like Lauren or Lynn she was a nice girl, pretty, but a bit heavy boned.

“I’m sorry Will!” she lied as she laughed, “So it’s just you and me for tonight! Want to hang out?”

“Ahhh I have some ahhh things to do.” He tried feebly.

“Come on! It’ll be fun! I don’t want to spend Friday night alone! We’ll go for a swim and enjoy the afternoon sunshine, have a glass or two of wine, our secret ok?” She winked at him, “Maybe a sauna? Watch a movie?”

He thought about it. Most of those things meant Lauren would Şerifali Escort be wearing a bikini, Will didn’t think she even owned a one-piece. She had an amazing body and with just the two of them he didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing him steal a few looks. He knew he probably shouldn’t but he had an evil devil voice inside him when it came to Lauren and Lynn and he found himself agreeing.

“Great! Meet you out back in ten or fifteen.”

“Should I be doing this?” he asked himself as he changed into swim trucks and looked down at his half erect cock. He knew when he saw Lauren in a bikini there wouldn’t be no half anymore. “Well, I should be trying to be friendly with her. Nothing is ever going to happen. She’ll flirt a bit, see my boner, and have a great laugh to herself at my expense. It’ll make her night.” He was after having sex with Heidi five times now so he wasn’t totally inexperienced. He was still a healthy nineteen year old though and since Lauren and Lynn had moved in it seemed he had one continuous hard on. He had tried to resist masturbation but then one night he had a wet dream about Lynn and woke up with sperm all over his boxers and bed sheets so he thought then it was better to blow off some steam from time to time watching internet porn instead of having himself think of them while he did it.

He pulled on a loose tee shirt with his trunks and got a pair of dark sunglasses and went out to the pool deck. He selected a lounger where he would see her walking out and got comfortable. It didn’t take long her for her to emerge wearing a tiny black bikini with a wispy wrap around her shapely hips. His glasses let him watch her as she walked over and then take off the wrap to lay it on the lounger next to him.

“Guys with dark glasses,” she remarked with a grin, “Oldest trick in the book? Hope you enjoy the view Will.” She took an elastic off her wrist and basically posed for him as she tied her hair back, “Come on, let’s have a swim.”

“Ahhhh I wasn’t …”

“Sure you were Will. I’m not stupid and you’re not gay.”

“But …”

“And I’m not your mom. It’s ok to get turned on a bit. Jesus you’re nineteen for fuck’s sake. I know I look good. Don’t worry about it.”

“This is getting awkward.”

She laughed, “Look Will. Everyone in this house is having a look at someone that maybe they shouldn’t. You’re looking at me and Lynn. Me and Lynn are looking at you and your father is looking at Lynn. Admiring someone physically isn’t wrong. Getting aroused isn’t wrong. You have to relax a bit.”

“Lynn is looking at me?”

“You stay away from her!” Lauren laughed, “Come on now, take off the tee shirt and shades. If your trucks are all tented out I promise I’ll just be flattered, not mad or creeped out.”

So he took off his shades and stood up to pull off his tee shirt, knowing that now he had a raging erection. Lauren looked down at him unabashedly and grinned when she saw his fullness. “Awww Will! You really do care!” She laughed as he blushed, “Come on, let’s get wet!”

They padded over to the large pool and jumped in. The cool water felt good on his skin and helped to ease his erection a bit. They swam a while and then walked out over the wide steps in the shallow end. He admired the way the water cascaded off her toned shapely body and then how the water ran in rivulets over her plump sexy ass as her bikini bottom was just a black line between the jiggling ass cheeks.

“Get us some wine, Will. And grab my cell phone too. It’s on the kitchen counter.”

Will’s heart was pounding when he went into the kitchen through the sliding doors that connected to the back deck. He didn’t drink much himself but felt he needed one or two now. His father was away on a business trip and wasn’t due home for a few days. He got a bottle of chilled white wine from the wine cooler and fished a bar knife from a kitchen drawer. He knocked back half a glass before filling up two and going back out once he had grabbed her cell phone.

“Thanks! Cheers!” she smiled from her lounger.

“Cheers,” he said a bit nervously as he handed Lauren her cell and took a gulp of wine.

“All secure,” she remarked as she looked at the display. Their security system could be accessed by an app on their cell phones. They could also see if anyone had come through the gate recently. “So don’t get freaked out but I’m going to take off my top. I hate tan lines.”

“Lauren! Ahhh is that a good idea?” he gulped.

“There’s no one here but you and I, Will. People in Europe tan topless all the time. It’s a bit more taboo here but you don’t have to tell anyone and there’s no one around to see me and no risk of anyone surprising us, I mean me, with the gate closed. So it’s no big deal. You get to see my tits. I’m sure you won’t be emotionally scarred.” With that she pulled off her bikini top like it was a tee shirt. Will literally gaped at her perfectly shaped breasts with little hard brown nipples. Lauren took a sip of wine, “Not bad hey?” she grinned shamelessly at him.

He gulped and looked at her in spite of his embarrassment. Besides her perky medium sized breast her belly was toned and İstanbul Escort her legs long, slender and tanned. “Ahhhh yeah. Not bad.”

She settled in to tan and he gulped back the rest of his glass. Time seemed to stand still for Will.

“More wine.” She stirred and held out her glass.

“What? Oh … yeah….” He realized he had just spent the last fifteen minutes simply staring at the breathing rhythm of the swelling and ebbing of her breasts. He stood up to take her glass.

“Well now. You’re a healthy boy aren’t you?” she snickered as she looked over. He realized his hard on was protruding predominantly, pushing out from his damp trunks.

“Jesus … I …. ahhh,” he stammered.

“Relax Will. You got a boner. Big deal. You’re nineteen and I’m a hot milf almost naked. You better have a boner. Now, get me my wine.”

“Ahhh yeah … sure … ahhh Lauren,” He went in and swigged a glass before emptying the last of the bottle into their glasses. “Oh Jesus,” he whispered to himself, “What a body. Nothing is going to happen though.”

He went back out and passed her a glass. Looking down his eyes travelled down her toned body to between her legs. It was obvious that she kept herself completely shaved and her tiny damp bikini bottoms stuck to her, outlining her pussy lips. “Wow,” he heard himself mutter.

“How sweet!” she smiled warmly at him, “A girl likes to be appreciated you know.” She took a few sips and lay back again for a while to catch the last bit of the evening sun.

“Let’s take a last dip and head to the sauna,” Lauren checked her phone, “All clear. Come on.” She got up and held out her hand, giggling as she looked down to confirm he still had his raging erection. “Just a quick kiss Will,” she said quietly and seductively, “We’ll blame the wine. No one will ever know.”

“I don’t know …” he began but she stepped in and draping her long arms around his neck tilted her head and kissed him softly. He felt his hands on her hips. She kissed him again slowly and softly. He almost groaned as he felt her hard nipples touch his chest. “Come on,” she grinned at him as he was speechless and turned to go to the pool. He followed and watched her ass sway hypnotically as she went.

They had another quick swim. The sun had gone down now and it had cooled off a bit when they got out. The outside pool lights had come on automatically. “It’s getting cool,” Lauren grinned at Will as she reached up to gently touch one of her nipples.

“Oh God,” he gulped and watched with wide eyes as she basically posed for him, reaching up with both hands to wring out her hair a bit while pushing out her chest with her hard brown nipples stuck out.

“Get me a towel.”

Will dashed to do her bidding. He got some towels from the outside rack and returned. He held one outspread for her and, still lying in the lounger, she allowed him to wrap it up around her shoulders. With his heart pounding he reached down and ran his hand slowly down the top of her leg and back. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Sauna. Or even better, hot tub. You get us another bottle of wine from the cooler.”

“Jesus …. She’s my father’s wife … Jesus.” He hissed to himself as he grabbed a second bottle of expensive white wine and opened it. He got fresh glasses and almost ran to the hot tub. Lauren was already in, up to her neck. When he came over with the wine she slid up, displaying her breasts again.

Lauren took her glass from Will. “Lynn will be out until late. I just texted her.”

“Ahhhh ok,” he then noticed her bikini bottoms on the side of the hot tube. With a gulp he slowly got in the hot bubbling water.

“Jesus, Will,” she laughed and the slipped her wine, “You have to relax. Take off your trunks.”

“Ahhhh I really don’t think that’s such a good idea Lauren.”

“Was feeling up my leg back at the pool a good idea?”

“Ahhhh maybe not.”

“Yeah, maybe it wasn’t but you did it anyway. It’s a beautiful night. Just relax and enjoy yourself Will. I’m having a wonderful time. Listen honey, we’re not going to have sex ok? So just relax.”

“Ok. Just you know … you’re …”

“I know honey. I’m twenty years older than you. Married to your dad. And really hot and in a hot tub naked with you.” She laughed and sipped her wine.

“That pretty much sums it up, except I have a girlfriend too.”

“We’re just relaxing honey. And there isn’t a soul in this universe that knows what we are doing. So just get comfortable. And enjoy the night.”

“Ahhhh yeah … ok,” he put down his wine glass and pulled off his trucks, after he had submerged. The hot water bubbling around his naked body did feel really good.

“Let me see?” she reached out and he passed them over and she laughed as she tossed them away. She smiled over at him as she sipped wine and he took a gulp of his before feeling her feet rub against his shins and then down to find his. Her toes intertwined with his, it was the most erotic and seductive thing he had ever experienced. “So, have you and Lynn had sex?”

“What?” he said with genuine surprise, “No! God no!”

“Come on Will. It was an honest Ümraniye Escort question. You two are young, attractive, the same age, and spend a bit of time alone here. You’re not related. It’s not out of the realm of possibility.”

“Well no. We haven’t.”

“You’ve had sex with your girlfriend I hope?”

“Well …. ahhhh yes. A few times.”

“Lucky girl,” she finished her wine, “Where’s the bottle?”

“Ahhhh in the house.”

“You going to get it?” she smirked.

“Ahhhh can you pass me a towel?”

“Not fucking likely!”

He got up with his hand covering his erection and she laughed joyfully and hooted as he padded over the deck, “Look at that ass!” she called after him. He came back with the bottle of wine held in front of him and she laughed like he had never heard her laugh before. “Oh Will! You are too funny!” She held out her glass when his cock was back under water again.

They finished off the second bottle and he was feeling pretty relaxed now. Their legs and feet were tangled up under the bubbling water. Now and again he would get brave and find a leg or foot with his hand and caress her a little. She always gave him shy, or sly he couldn’t really decide, looks of encouragement when his hand found her. He still gasped in surprise and stiffened, grasping the sides of the hot tub, when her foot went between his legs and pushed up against his erection. “Lauren!” he gasped.

“Shhhhhh. No big deal Will,” she whispered silkily as she started to massage his erection with the sole of her foot.

“We can’t,” he grunted but made no movement, it just felt so damn good.

“Already doing it,” she giggled, “Relax will ya! Jesus you’ve been hard all evening. I don’t want you to think I’m just going to tease you and then leave you high and dry.” She had hooked her other foot behind him and was now using both feet to pull him slowly.

“I don’t think that’s a … ahhh,” he basically groaned.

“Feel good?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Then just relax and feel good. No one will ever know but us. Our relationship won’t change. Just put your head back, relax, breath in the beautiful summer’s night air, and have a nice orgasm. No drama.” Her toes were now curled around his shaft and she worked him. “Feel good?”

“Oh God yes …”

“Gonna cum?”

“Yeah!” he gulped. Her question, which was as much instruction as question, pushed him over the edge. His cock buzzed with pleasure and then erupted. “Oh God …,” he gasped, “Oh God!” He could hear her laugh triumphantly as she continued to work him and his sperm pumped out, through her toes, into the hot water. As the pleasure receded a bit, guilt took its place, not enough that he wanted her to stop as it still felt really good. He looked over at her. She didn’t seem to be at all guilty.

She took her glass to drain the last mouthful as her feet slipped away from her. “There Baby. It’s already in the past and as far as the rest of the world is concerned it didn’t happen. So don’t fret.

“Yeah … ok …. ahhh thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Let’s shower now and watch that movie.” She set her glass down again and rose with water streaming from her naked body. He gaped at her shapely hourglass body glistening in the floodlights.

“Oh wow,” he muttered.

She turned and smiled, “Come on now. And don’t cover yourself up. Be carefree. No one here but us remember?”

“Ahhh yeah,” he rose up and stepped out, coloring a bit as she blatantly looked at his cock, still half erect and basically sticking straight out.

“You’re too sweet Will,” she laughed as she padded over to rub a hand along his cheek and tilt her head to give him a long slow kiss on the lower lip. She grinned again, over her shoulder, as she walked slowly to shower.

“Oh wow,” he muttered again as he watched her bare ass jiggle and sway as she went.

There was a pair of outdoor showers between the hot tub and the pool. Frosted glass from the knees to neck areas with a simple swinging front door. The laundry basket and town rack was adjacent. Lauren looked over and giggled when he went to the other stall. They washed their hair from the soap dispensers on the wall, washing out the chlorine.

“Wash my back?” she asked shyly. He was amazed that she could sound like that because in no way, shape, or form was she shy.

“Ahhh … I …. ahhhh,” he looked confused.

“Well you’ll have to come over here with me of course silly,” she grinned.

His cock was rapidly swelling again, “Oh …. ahhhh … ok.”

She stepped back in the shower as he opened the door to come in, quickly looking down to see his cock almost completely erect again. “Ahhh the vigor of youth!” she said before turning her back to him. He put his hand into the dispenser that squirted foaming soap and then started rubbing it into her back, basically massaging her. “Mmmmmm that feels so nice Will,” she whispered. Her back got very clean that night but eventually there was only so much washing a back could get so his hands started to rove. Steam swirled around them as his hands travelled over her hips, up and down her sides and eventually around to her taught belly and finally to her beasts. He got more soap and started to lather up her tits, rubbing her rock hard nipples with his fingers. “Mmmmmm you like that Will?” she whispered as they swayed and turned slowly, as if in a dance, and the hot water cascaded over their bodies.

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