The Chair Ch. 20

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The large delivery truck was just pulling away as the redhead drove up to the house. As she walked in the front door, the first thing that caught her eye was the large wooden crate occupying the space that The Chair had formerly occupied. He was busy opening the crate with a crowbar and screwdriver. He stopped long enough to give her a hug and a big wet kiss. As they kissed, she placed her leg between his and rubbed his dick with her knee. This had usually been their parting ritual since he had first met her at the strip club so many years ago. As much as he wanted to take her right then, throw her down on the linoleum and lick her makeup off, he had important work to attend to. He pulled himself away from her and returned to opening the crate. When he pulled the sides of the box away, there, wrapped in plastic, sat the first production unit of The Chair.

It looked very similar to the prototype. Anyone not intimately familiar with the prototype would not be able to tell the difference unless the two were setting side by side. Of course part of that was due to his perfectionism as he had been building the prototype. The new chair had also been constructed of the same quality materials as the first.

While he removed the packing materials, she had busied herself setting up the computer. She was just plugging in the last cable as he returned. He had explained that they would have to fully test this new chair and computer before strapping anyone into The Chair.

He sat himself on the floor beside The Chair as he checked the various connections. When he looked toward the computer table where the redhead was seated, his attention was immediately drawn beneath the table. From his position, he had a nice view of her naked pussy under the hem of the short skirt she was wearing. The view made it hard for him to concentrate on what he was doing. His view would frequently shift back toward the redhead. He wasn’t sure if she knew what a distraction she was making of herself until the next time he glanced her way. She was still seated çapa escort with her knees spread, but now she was swiveling back and forth on the chair. She definitely knew what she was doing.

Slowly he picked himself up from the floor as if looking for a misplaced tool. Once on his feet, he ran over to her and picked her up out of the chair. He then through her over his shoulder and carried her over to The Chair. With her over his shoulder, playfully kicking and screaming, he told her that he had had enough of her teasing. He then slapped her ass several times as he made their way across the room. He then tossed her down onto The Chair and with a single swift fluid movement, pulled her dress off over her head. As she continued to kick and scream, he tossed his leg over her naked thighs to hold her legs while he fastened her wrists into the cuffs on the arms of The Chair. He then secured her ankles into the cuffs. She was now secured in The Chair wearing only the sexy black Victoria’s Secret bra that he had bought her for her birthday. As he reached under her back to unfasten the bra, he bent his head down and kissed her. When he did, she bit his lower lip playfully. As he pulled the bra off her breasts, he realized that he would not be able to slide if off her arms with her cuffed to The Chair. Without a second thought, he reached down, picked up the utility knife from the toolbox, and savagely sliced through the bra straps, letting it fall to the floor. (He would of course replace it, but it was worth it for the spontaneity of the moment.) He then went back to the computer and sent the first commands to the production Chair.

The redhead’s arms were pulled up straight above her head, while her legs were spread obscenely wide. As he walked back toward The Chair, he removed his shirt and pants. He then knelt between her legs and began licking the lips of her pussy as she thrashed about in The Chair. As he licked her pussy, he also bit and pulled her lips with his teeth. After 5 minutes of this treatment, she climaxed. fatih escort He continued his oral assault while still avoiding any contact with her clit. He now also ran his fingernails up and down the inside of her thighs as he continued to eat her out. She lasted another 5 minutes before she came again. Now he shifted his attention to her sensitive, blood engorged clit. He alternated between licking it, sucking it, and gently biting it. It was after only 2 minutes of this treatment that she had her third orgasm. This was the most intense and this time she screamed as she came. He then slid his underwear off and moved into position between her outspread legs. He plunged his rock hard cock deep inside her with a single thrust. He felt her tight, wet, warm pussy envelop his dick. He then began thrusting in and out while at the same time he reached up and tightly grabbed her beautiful breasts. He laid on top of her and put his mouth to work on first one and then her other nipple. All the while he continued his thrusting into the redhead.

As she reached her fourth orgasm, he felt her pussy contract around his dick. That was all it took to induce his orgasm as well. As he came inside her, the contractions of her pussy milked every drop of cum from his dick. He lay there on top of her until her contractions finally stopped. He then kissed her softly on the lips and climbed off of her.

He left her bound to The Chair as he went into the bedroom. When he returned, he had two items with him. The first was what appeared to be a portable CD player. He placed the headphones over her ears and turned on the music. He then placed the second item, a blindfold, over her eyes and tied it behind her head. This also served to hold the headphones over her ears. Now that she could not see or hear what he was doing, he went to the computer and began programming The Chair. In a matter of minutes he had finished and he set The Chair into motion.

The primary thrusting unit emerged from the compartment between her legs. When the unit sarıyer escort bayan was only 1 inch away from her, it began to spray a strong stream of lubricant on and in her pussy. The unexpected sensation made her jump, as much as she could, being restrained as she was. The mechanical phallus then began inching its way into her tight wet pussy.

When the vibrator was completely inside her, the music playing in her ears stopped abruptly. A new song, that she was unfamiliar with, began playing. She then realized that the vibrator was now thrusting in her … in time to the music. She would later learn that he had modified the CD player so that it would play music broadcast from the computer, synchronized to the actions of The Chair. She would also learn that the particular song she was now listening to was Ravel’s Bolero, reputed to be one of the best pieces to make love to.

While The Chair continued to torment the redhead, he went to take a quick shower. When he returned ten minutes later, the redhead was just coming down from her third climax since he had left her alone. The Chair continued to tantalize the redhead as the music in her ears changed to a third erotic selection. As the music neared the end, the redhead was nearing her fourth orgasm since being secured.

Her senses were in turmoil. Being isolated from sights and sounds (except for the music), the redhead had no sense of time. She could not tell if she had been in The Chair for twenty minutes or two hours. The only thing she knew was that she was about to cum again. Then suddenly a wet mouth began sucking her right nipple. A moment later a pair of fingers began pinching her left nipple. Simultaneously the music stopped and the vibrator in her pussy began “ejaculating” its warm fluid inside her. The culmination of all these sensations drove her over the edge and she climaxed again.

As her body began to relax, he removed the earphones and blindfold. He then unfastened her cuffs, lifted the wobbly redhead off The Chair, and carried her to the bed. He then lay down with her and wrapped his arms comfortingly around her naked body. She quickly fell asleep in his arms with a contented look on her lovely face. There would be plenty of time tomorrow for them to complete testing the production model of The Chair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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