The Challenge Ch. 07: Fernanda’s Turn

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Author’s note: Like the other Challenge stories, this takes place in the same year. If you read part 6, Bob was in Miami for a quick visit. This story begins during the same Miami trip.

There are a couple of cameos of minor characters from previous Challenge stories. Obviously the special resort in the Bahamas is here too.

Themes throughout this story include: aunt/nephew, uncle/niece, mom/son, and light father/daughter. When I say “light” I mean mentions of sex, alluding to it happening, cut scenes etc. I don’t feel fully comfortable writing a dad/daughter themed story. So I have it taking place in the background of this one. Other themes include group sex and bondage, girl on girl, and femdom.

The final Challenge story (part 8) was written awhile back. It’ll be posted soon.

Finally, any and all stories of mine which feature Fernanda as a minor character happen before the events of this story.

The Challenge 7: Fernanda’s Turn

Chapter 1

One by one, the men took her, Bob watching from his seat in the corner. Senior, middle range managers, a few directors and vice presidents, even a couple of the new guys that were able to suck up to their bosses, were all in on it.

She was tied up, wrists and ankles bound to special rings that were installed to her new desk. She was standing, bent over, as man after man, 20 of them, fucked her, making sure to ejaculate in a wine glass on the desk.

After they all left, it was her and Bob. She nodded to him, he stood, removed his belt, smiling as he walked toward her helpless body.

She cried out from pain when the belt landed against her ass. Then Bob did it again, and again, and again. It hurt so good.

Bob fastened it loosely around her neck, moved behind her, unzipped his pants and took her for himself, tugging at the belt as he worked. When he was ready to cum a few moments later he pulled out, grabbed the wine glass and added his spunk to the mix.

He removed his belt from her neck, undid the ties, poured himself some wine in another glass and smiled at his employee.

“Congratulations on the promotion, Fernanda,” He said, dinging his wine-filled glass with her cum-filled glass. Bob watched her drink the semen of 21 men like it was water, taking a few sips of his wine.

“No, thank you,” she said. “For all of this, for indulging me.”

“My pleasure,” Bob smiled, taking the six foot tall, Puerto Rican in his arms. This was all her idea – being tied up, whipped, fucked like this on the day of her promotion. Hugging Bob, she loved every minute of it and knew that evening, during Bob’s quick trip to Miami; she’d spend it in bed with him.

That evening at Bob’s hotel, Fernanda was on all fours, urging her employer go harder, to go faster. Bob slapped her ass, still red from the earlier belt lashing, when he felt an increasingly frequent pain in his chest.

He pulled out of Fernanda, sitting on the side of the bed. “Bob? Are you ok?” She asked the older man, putting her arm around him.

“Yes. I’m fine, I,” Bob had trouble breathing.

“Are you sure? Should I call 911?” Fernanda asked.

“No, no, it’s fine,” he answered, calming himself down. “Too much excitement,” he joked.

Fernanda retrieved some water, Bob admiring her long legs, tall, light-brown body, long, black hair, and sizable handfuls of breasts.

“There. That better?” she asked.

“Yes. I’m ok now, just need to take it easy for a bit,” Bob answer. The tightness in his chest subsided a moment later. He felt better, chuckling softly at Fernanda. She was so incredibly wild in bed. He wondered if the 36-year old was too much for him. Deep down, Bob knew the reasons for his chest pains.

“I need your help with something, Fernanda,” Bob said lying back on his bed. Fernanda joined him, curling up in his arms, rubbing his belly.


“I want you to oversee a challenge to someone of your choosing,” Bob said.

Fernanda thought for a second, wondering if it was pertaining to an employee or manager Bob needed to work harder. She figured Bob wanted her to motivate and challenge this person to meet certain goals within the company. She thought about that new hire, a photographer, a cute guy. “I wonder if it involves – ” she thought.

“Sex. It involves sex,” Bob said aloud, answering the question she was asking herself.

Fernanda giggled, “I see. Well what sort of challenge?”

“Fernanda,” Bob sat up, sipping more of his water. “I’m going to honest with you.”

“Sure, Bob, what is it?”

He looked into her brown eyes, not missing a beat and bluntly informed her. “I want you to challenge someone to commit incest. If they are successful, you will pay them $20 million dollars. You’ll also be paid $20 million dollars.”

Fernanda’s mouth dropped open.

“You will handle everything. You will arrange everything. If this person needs money to buy gifts for their family member, to buy new clothes for themselves, or needs anything to help them seduce their family member – you will have the resources to make that happen, my resources. escort bayan gaziantep For proof, you can use a camera, the person can film it on their phone, or if you prefer, you can watch them commit the act in person.”

“Bob?” Fernanda asked.

“Yes I’m serious. Yes I want you to do this. Yes I trust you enough to not to tell anyone. Yes this is all worth it in the end, but only if they are successful.”

“Why me though? Why did you choose me?” she asked, in her thick accent.

“Because I know you. I know of your sexual adventures with me and others. I know how huge a role sex plays in your life. I want you to experience this, to see two family members come together in the ultimate way. You may think it’s sick at first, but trust me, like I trust you.”

Fernanda paused, staring off into space for a minute, a million thoughts running through her head. She sighed heavily. “I’ll do it.”

Chapter 2

The next morning she arrived home, having thought about her assigned challenge all morning. Fernanda shook her head in annoyance, her son, Jonny, wasn’t home again. She knew exactly where he was.

Fernanda took a shower, deciding to call him and order home after it. Jonny was spending way too much time at his aunt’s house. Fernanda found herself getting more and more annoyed by this. She knew why too, but was unable to admit it to herself.

Sitting naked on the edge of her bed, rubbing lotion onto her legs, she reached for her phone, calling her son.


Claudia laughed at her nephew. He was flirting with her again, just like she instructed him too. He tickled her sides, held her hand, and complimented her.

“Now can I grab it?” Jonny asked.

“Ugh, patience!” Claudia smiled at him.

Jonny’s phone rang. “Crap, it’s mom,” he said.

“You better answer it. Remember, you came over for breakfast. You didn’t spend the night,” his aunt reminded him.

“I know. Hey mom,” Jonny answered. “Yep, we went out to breakfast. Sure I’m on my way. Later.”

“Good. Now go home,” Claudia said.

“Can I grab it though?” Jonny asked.

“Fine! Give me a hug,” Claudia said. “Good, now just move your hands down to it.”

Jonny bit his lip to keep from giggling as his hands traveled down his aunt’s back, arriving at her juicy ass, squeezing it. “Wow.”

“Very good, now then, off you go.”

“No, wait,” Jonny said, squeezing it, almost inspecting it. “So nice.”

“Ok!” Claudia said, pushing him away, smiling.

“Can I grab it bare one day?”

“Maybe one day,” she winked at him. “You have to at least kiss me first,” she said, closing her door on her nephew.

“No, no, no wait!” he tried to get her to reopen the door. Jonny was too slow, the rock hard, 18-year-old stood on his aunts door step. He laughed at himself, replaying Claudia’s words in his mind to be patient. The flirting banter the last few months was going to pay off – he knew it. He just had to wait.

Jonny arrived home, finding his mother, sitting at the kitchen table, going through the mail. “Hey,” he told her.

“At Claudia’s again huh,” Fernanda said, not looking up from her task.

“Yeah, we went to breakfast,” Jonny grabbed some water.

“I need you to mow the yard today,” Fernanda called out to him as he walked out of the kitchen.

“Ok,” he sighed.

Fernanda shook her head, hoping what she feared wasn’t real. Thoughts of finding someone to challenge them to commit incest left her mind, replaced by thoughts of her teen years. Staring off into space once again, she remembered her uncle in Puerto Rico, on top of her, grunting, moaning, fucking her.

Fernanda’s mouth hung open, a climax building. “Yes, yes,” she thought, while her uncle came inside her. Fernanda wasn’t far behind, her body shaking with pleasure, one man on her mind – it wasn’t her uncle.

Snapping herself out of her walk down memory lane, she threw away the junk mail, and started on dinner for Jonny. Fernanda had a busy night ahead of her and wanted him to have stuff to warm up, hoping he wouldn’t hang out with his aunt again. She could order Jonny not to, but she had no valid reason or proof of anything inappropriate to do so. Plus Fernanda and Claudia were very close.


Later that evening, Fernanda was helping herself to the catered buffet dinner on a section of South Beach where several photo shoots were occurring. She was overseeing all of it.

“So from New York, yes?” Fernanda asked one of the models, a new girl, mid-20s, who moved from there recently.

“Good, good. We are glad to have you, Dolores” Fernanda said, moving down the dinner line. “I think this ‘Lovely Latinas’ special will be a success.”

“Please, call me Dolly,” she smiled, piling up some fruit on her plate. “And yes, I’m very excited to shoot with Elite Magazine.”

The two women sat at a nearby table, chatting more about their background. Fernanda noticed Dolly, of Venezuelan decent, had a perfect body the demographic of Elite Magazine would love bayan gaziantep escort – curvy, ample backside, nice sized breasts.

An hour later, the sun starting to set, Fernanda was behind a tent, making out with a model. He was doing a shoot for the first time with Elite Magazine as well. It was for their fitness section.

“Fer-Fernanda, I have – ” he managed to get out.

“Just let me take care of you real quick,” She said, running her hand up and down his bulge.

“I can’t. I have to go,” he said, moaning at her kisses. “Ah shit.”

“Feel good?” She asked, squeezing his erection.

“Yeah, but I gotta go!”

“I won’t take me long to make you cum.”

“You’re the boss lady. If a shot gets ruined due to lack of light, that wouldn’t look good,” he said.

“Fine! Go,” she rolled her eyes. “Ulysses,” she called out to him. “It’s been a few months.”

“I know. We’ll meet up later tonight. Deal?” Ulysses asked.

“I look forward to it,” She grinned.

Fernanda stepped out from behind the tent, making her way to the other photo shoot that was going on at the same time. She smiled, watching Dolly turn around, wearing a hot pink thong bikini, sticking her butt out.

Rodney, the model Dolly was shooting with, crouched next to her, his hands reaching around her hips, going to her ass. Flashes went off from the cameras; Rodney pulled Dolly’s ass cheeks apart. If she wasn’t wearing a thong, her puckered asshole would be on display. More flashes, Rodney not smiling. Fernanda got an idea.

Chapter 3

After some paper work, meeting with a few photographers and editors, Fernanda caught up to the newest model for Elite Magazine – one of the many publications Bob’s company produced.

Dolly, a beach towel wrapped around her body, was chatting and thanking a photographer after the session.

“Dolly, may I have a word?” Fernanda asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Dolly smiled, making her way to the newly promoted senior manager, Fernanda.

“Please, do not call me ma’am! I’m only, what, 10 years older than you?” Fernanda joked.

“I’m 27, so maybe?”

“Ah. Nine years then. Anyway, how was your first shoot today?”

“It was great! The photographers were so nice.”

“Good. That’s what I like to hear. How was the model you worked with?” Fernanda asked.

“Rodney?” Dolly shrugged. “He seemed nice, I guess.”

Fernanda knew Rodney all too well. He wasn’t the most friendliest or talkative person. “I see. Did he make a pass at you?” She winked.

“Ha! Well, sorta, I think. He kept his hands on me a little longer than I thought was appropriate.”

“I see. Did it bother you, because if so, I will see to it that – “

“No, no, it’s fine,” Dolly said.

“Let me know if you ever have any problems.”

“I will, I promise.”

“Good. I know Rodney goes out on Saturday nights a lot. Would care to join him? Perhaps we can both go out and meet up with him,” Fernanda asked, knowing Dolly’s answer.

“Uh, no, no thanks,” Dolly turned, looking to the hulking man. “To tell you the truth. He seems kinda,” Dolly paused, “ugh.”

Fernanda erupted in laughter. “That’s a term I have not heard used to describe someone before. But yes, there isn’t much to him, is it?” Dolly smiled and shook her head.

Fernanda cleared her throat, leaned in to whisper, “I know a very, very nice man who is shooting down the beach a little ways. Perhaps we can meet up with him later. You and I.”

“Are you suggesting we, uh,” Dolly gulped.

“I think you know what I mean. And I also think you would like this man far more than Rodney,” Fernanda smiled, hoping the younger lady would pick up on her suggestion.


Seven hours later, just after two in the morning, Dolly stood, nude, tired, and sweating in front of a bed. Ulysses sat on it behind her, slowly licking up her lower back, kissing her ass, rubbing his hands all over it. Her legs were trembling, her spine tingling

Fernanda approached her, kissing her lips tenderly. “See. I told you you’d enjoy him.”

“Uh huh, yes, very much,” Dolly struggled to say, as Ulysses licked at her ass-crack.

“Good. Let’s get him inside you again,” Fernanda said, gently pushing Ulysses onto his back, going to her knees, giving several, long licks to his cock, tasting her and Dolly’s mixture of pussy juices.

Dolly turned around, slowly climbing on Ulysses. Fernanda guided his cock back inside her, and then climbed on the bed, throwing her leg over Ulysses’ face, sitting on it.

“Ready? Just like before, we’ll cum at the same time,” Fernanda instructed. Dolly nodded, the two women held hands, grinding against Ulysses cock and tongue, working toward another mutual orgasm.

An hour later, Fernanda climbed off Ulysses to join Dolly, still nude, outside on the hotel balcony.

“It’s a beautiful night,” Fernanda said, switching to her native Spanish tongue, slipping her hands around the shorter Dolly.

Dolly chuckled, resting her head back against Fernanda, gaziantep bayan escort “It certainly is. The last time I spoke Spanish was in a dream I had a couple weeks ago.”

“I do in my head all the time. When I’m thinking it’s never in English,” Fernanda said. She looked over to a sleeping Ulysses. “Looks like we wore him out.”

“We sure did,” Dolly turned around, kissing Fernanda’s lips.

“I had no idea how much of a freak you’d be. But it looks like you are quite a wild girl. You remind me of myself,” Fernanda said. “Except you probably have better taste than I. Avoiding Rodney proves that.”

“Thank you for introducing me to him,” Dolly nodded in the direction of their sleeping friend.

“There’s something I want to talk to you about,” Fernanda said. “Something I’d rather he not know. Hence, why we’re speaking Spanish now – in the event he wakes up.”

“Ah, very clever,” Dolly smiled.

“Yes. Well, it’s about sex,” she replied. “Sex and money,” Fernanda cupped Dolly’s ass. “A lot of money.”

“You want me to be a prostitute?” Dolly joked.

“No! Not that. I want to give you a large sum of money if you are able to do something for me,” Fernanda said, lightly tugging at Dolly’s long, black hair, causing her to arc her neck. Fernanda planted several kisses there.

Dolly moaned, “How, how much?”

Fernanda trailed her hand down Dolly’s stomach, arriving at her trimmed bush, “$20 million.” Fernanda slid her fingers down further; rubbing them against Dolly’s hooded clit.

“Ahhh,” she moaned softly. “R-really?”

“Mmhmm. All yours if you can do one simple thing for me,” Fernanda said, her middle and ring fingers sliding against Dolly’s wet pussy lips.


“Seduce a family member,” Fernanda said, her fingers entering Dolly.

“Yes! I mean, uh, I don’t know,” Dolly said. “That is a lot of money. Who?”

Fernanda paused, thinking for a moment. Flashes of her uncle, slamming into her as hard as he could, then flipping her over, bringing her hips back to him, taking her doggy style, danced through her head. Teenage Fernanda was cumming again and again on her uncle’s cock. But he wasn’t who she wanted. He wasn’t the man she wished was teaching her all about sex.

“Your father,” Fernanda answered Dolly’s question, thinking back to her younger years and how much she desired her own father – how many nights she stayed up wide awake wishing he was the man, not her uncle, making love to her.

“I, I don’t know.”

Fernanda resumed fingering Dolly, “$20 million, all yours, if you do it. I’ll help you anyway I can. I’ll buy you new clothes, I’ll give you money to buy him gifts, I’ll send you two on trips, I’ll arrange everything.”

“Fer – Fernanda,” Dolly struggled to get out, feeling her manager’s fingers curl upward inside her. “How will you, ah! Proof?” Dolly was on the edge of climaxing again.

Fernanda paused, thinking if she was sure about what she was going to tell Dolly. She told herself yes. “I want to see it. In person. You two will do it in front of me.”

She resumed her finger fucking of Dolly, causing her to climax, “Yes! Yes!” she cried out in the humid night air, 10 stories above ground level.

“Good,” Fernanda pulled her fingers out. Still speaking Spanish she ordered Dolly to follow, “Let’s go shower.” She grabbed her hand, leading her to the bathroom.

That very same moment, across down, at Claudia’s, Jonny was having trouble staying away, fighting with all his might to keep going, to keep kissing his aunt, to keep holding her gorgeous face, locking his lips with hers.

“Jonny,” Claudia broke the kiss. “Let’s go to sleep. We’re tired.”

“I know, but this is so nice,” He pleased.

“Jonny,” Claudia gave him a look a mother would give. She was his aunt, she loved him like a mother.

“Fine,” he sighed.

“You were really good. You did a great job,” Claudia said, getting under the covers.

“I did?”

“Of course. The way you held my face, the way your hand roamed over my body. Girls like that.”

Jonny smiled, “Cool.”

Claudia fell asleep minutes later in her nephew’s arms, happy to teach him all about sex, just like her and Fernanda’s uncle did when she was younger.

Chapter 4

Fernanda drove home at 11 am, wondering how and why Dolly was so eager to take her up on her challenge. She wondered if Dolly and her father had a great relationship. Maybe her family was poor and really needed the money. She wasn’t sure, but couldn’t get her own father, a man she lovingly called Papi, out of her head. In fact, he was always on her mind. Every man she slept with, she pretended it was him. She loved him more than anything. Her predator uncle, who looked like a younger version of her father, had no trouble getting into his niece’s pants – telling them he could be their “teacher” when it came to sex.

Jonny arrived moments after his mother, seeing an annoyed look on her face. “With Claudia again?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” he shrugged. “Just hanging out some during the weekend.”

Fernanda, older, wiser, and now knowing what their uncle was up to, wondered how easily it’d be for Claudia to prey on her nephew. Claudia was beautiful and slightly shorter than Fernanda. She had a curvy body, Fernanda got her sister a few modeling gigs with Elite Magazine. Her face reminded her a little of someone not of Hispanic decent; she could easily pass for Lebanese or Israeli.

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