The Chase

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I’m late, as always. I’m rushing around my room clumsily throwing an outfit together for my night out. My boys are already at the bar waiting for me to meet them so we can catch the Liverpool match. Of course I’m late, I’ve been smoking in my apartment all morning while having a glass of wine with my neighbor. I kicked him out over an hour ago but he couldn’t leave without yet another attempt to leave the friend zone. I rolled my eyes as i forcibly closed the door behind him, not today Tim, I’ve got shit to do. I put my socks on in a stoned hurry, as I wobbled, I skillfully twisted my body as I fell to my bed. I was used to falling, especially in mind altering stupors. My thoughts turn to that urge deep in my walls, that yearning, the need to feel full. I clench my muscles and let a shiver run up my spine. I reached out to my drawer, the white hard one that I got from Poland, it always gets me off so well. I shove it forcefully, deep inside me, I don’t even remove my clothes. I just want to fuck me, passionately, hard. Something that so hard to find now-a-days.

I pretend it’s a man, Andrew, we fucked once right before he moved to Europe to do graffiti. He had a huge dick, and let me know it was huge the first time we met, I didn’t fuck him that night. That night was all about the chase. That night was what I was thinking about.

I arrived at John’s house, a friend from college. He was known for having these ragers with all walks of life there just to party and have a good time. I had just finished my shift at work. I was a cocktail waitress wearing a black,deep v-neck blouse accompanied by a flared out black mini skirt. I felt no need to change, it would only waste time and I already felt sexy. My natural DD breasts are incredibly perky considering their size. I arrived with a mutual friend that I had hooked up with on and off for years. I was greeted warmly by everyone as I stepped onto the porch. I have a reputation of being a fun party girl that was one of the guys. I’ve never been one to have many enemies. As I was handed a shot of tequila and a bowl packed with weed, I noticed his stare. I didn’t know who he was yet. I just knew his eyes were dark and intense. There was an air of energy, this particular tension had already over taken the room, it was palpable by everybody. The friend I had arrived with, Karabağlar Escort noticing his glare, trying to relieve some of the tension, or claim his territory, says loudly “what is this guy staring at?”

Without breaking his stare, he says “Jade, that’s your name right? You are fucking stunning.” I had been keeping eye contact the entire time. I don’t know who this guy was, I knew he was one of John’s friends from back home. I had heard stories about him. He walked right up to me, unapologetically, with this incredible confidence.”You’re not going anywhere are you? I have to drop my friend off at the train, but I need to spend some time with you tonight…”

I was still staring him in the eyes, he didn’t intimidate me, I knew that I had control over the situation. “I’m not going anywhere, I just got here.”

“Good…I’ll find you later…”

“If you’re lucky…” I smile a wicked smile. He smiles right back. Our stares never left one another’s. He walked away still leaving the immense tension that was instantly built up. I rolled my eyes and thought nothing of it. He definitely was sexy, his confidence was a turn on and how he thought that he could tell me what to do.

I continued throughout the party finding all these hidden rooms, taking shots with all the people that I encountered that I haven’t seen in a while. As I found a room littered with dancers and a DJ, I felt a hand grab mine as I was walking to the front porch. It was my dark eyed stranger, he had my hand and was staring at me with that intense stare again.

“You’re not leaving yet are you?”

“No I’m not quite done here yet.”

“Good…I’m going not to drop my friend off, but I’ll be right back.” I rolled my eyes and pulled my hand away and continued to strut towards the porch knowing very well that he was watching me walk away. I couldn’t help but feel a tingle below my waist. I continued to get myself into a drunken haze, socializing the way I do. A girl walks up to me, “Holy shit, you have the most amazing rack, my boyfriend would LOVE you!” I giggled and thanked her and sure enough ten minutes later a very handsome guy walks up to me and says “Oh my God, you have such beautiful breasts!”

The girl appears around the corner and squeals “See?! I knew Karşıyaka Escort he would!” The quirky couple proceeded to then try and convince me to have a threesome with them that night as the handsome guy begs me to shove my fingers up his ass because he was really into that. Everyone was laughing, even though they were serious, they were one of those very open couples. I show him my nails that were long and pointy and exclaimed how I really didn’t think that would be such a good idea because I didn’t want to hurt him. I made my way back inside past a room that was as small as a hallway. The doorway was shrouded with a shredded black curtain, a piano in the corner, the other side of the small room leading to the doorway to the bathroom. In he walks, that stare…He walks right into my personal space and wraps his hand into my hair behind my neck, brushing my lips with his. “I’m so happy that you didn’t leave…” He pulls me in and kisses me hard.

I’ve got a steady rhythm going as I feel my juices increase around my dildo, trying to replay the memory in my head. How hot his muscles were and how I straddled him in a secret corner of the party. Red lights muddying the sexual tangos our bodies were weaving. He whispered how he wanted to please me and I told him he hadn’t earned it yet. We took turns slamming each other’s bodies on the walls of the small room that was hidden. Biting each other’s lips, tracing fingertips across each other’s dewey flesh. “Please…” he pleaded, I laughed.

“I said you haven’t earned it yet.” His hands pass every boundry, claiming me, sensing how badly I wanted him. He slid his fingers inside me to feel how wet I was. He lets out an uncontrolled moan, as I rub against his hard cock. My knees giving slightly as his curved fingers hook and keep me standing. I moan softly in his ear, gasping quietly.

I’m fucking myself, riding it like a man, I dirty talk to it, “Do you like how I squeeze you baby?” I swirl and hit down harder “You’re going to make me cum baby…”

He whispered in my ear “I want to please you like the queen you are” that’s when he pulled it out, his monster cock. That night I didn’t really know how big it was, he had pulled it out through his shorts so I mainly noticed how thick it was. I wrapped my Kemalpaşa Escort greedy palm around it, feeling the lines of pre-cum that had already seeped out of the tip. I felt myself dripping down my inner thigh, hitting my head against the wall, looking up to the ceiling, biting my lips to try and contain myself from shoving him inside me right then and there. “Please, I need to taste you.” He takes his fingers out of me and puts them in his mouth, never breaking his stare, “My God you taste good.” I want him so fuckin’ bad but I know if I make him wait, play this game longer, we’ll both cum harder. “Let me take you upstairs, I just want to have you all over me. You don’t even have to touch me, I want to savor you.” My willpower is wavering as my pussy pulses, I want to feel his thick cock inside of me.

“Have you been a good boy?”

His eyes flicker. “Yes.”

I grab his face in my hands, “You think you deserve this pussy?” He closes his eyes and lets out a quivering sigh.

“Yes…please.” I love to hear him beg. I lick his neck, tonguing his muscle until I feel his knees buckle.

“Hmmm…not yet.” I push him off of me and go to walk away. He grabs my hips and slams my ass straight onto his erection. I grinded backwards onto him. He breathed into my ear as I turned back to face him and shake my head no. He moans loudly and bangs a fist against the wall while laughing.

“My God I need to have you.” He grabs onto me again, we kiss passionately, he lifts me off the floor as we dry hump against the wall. I slide my legs down and find my grounding.

I giggle and whisper “I gotta go.” He grabs me again as i moan with less control in his ear. Fuck, I want him so bad.

I cum, hard, just through my memory. My fantasies couldn’t be this palpable. I’ve always preferred my real memories. I’m shaking, gasping, my hands and dildo are soaked.

“Give me your number, I’m no where near done with you.” I grab his phone out of his pocket next to his throbbing cock and dial my number.

“Oh sweetie, I’m not done with you yet either.” I grabbed his face and lick his lips as he sighs loudly. “I’ll see you soon.”

I left after we made out all night. I slide out my dildo, convulsing as each inch passes my sensitive pussy lips. I fucked Andrew two nights later. I texted him “Now,” then picked him up and rode him in my car. It was good but nowhere near the buildup. That’s why I use our foreplay to get myself off now. I look at my phone and see all the texts and missed calls. I keep my pussy just as wet and go to wash my hands. At least while I’m out I can remind myself how hard I just came. Too bad an amazing fuck is so hard to find.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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