The Cheating Game Ch. 02

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Emily smiled nervously as she entered the bar where Lynn had told her Graeme liked to hang out. It was dark and did not appear to be very woman friendly. She could feel the eyes of the men watching her, perhaps wondering what this short, slightly overweight woman was doing here.

She had decided that Graeme was her target. Part of her told herself that it wasn’t really wrong; Lynn already thought he was cheating on her and the game was her idea after all. As an unfaithful husband already he was far more likely to go for her than Paul, who was 20 years, her junior. It would also serve as a demonstration that she was not as undesirable or stupid as she knew her sisters thought she was!

“Hello Graeme.” She said, spotting her brother-in-law at a corner booth.

“Emily, what are you doing here?” Asked Graeme, thinking he had never seen a person looking more out of place.

“Oh, I was just passing and fancied a drink after work.” She tried to say nonchalantly but fooled neither Graeme nor herself as she joined him at the table.

She looked at Graeme and thought that this wouldn’t be so bad. He had black curly hair, eyebrows that tended to rise devilishly offset by his neat goatee. He wore a sharp suit but Emily knew that it covered a muscle-bound body. Her brother-in-law was something of a fitness freak, perhaps trying to keep his 40 years from showing.

“What’s really going on?” Demanded Graeme, not afraid to be direct and to the point.

“You’re right…. I came here looking for you…”

“And why was that?” Said Graeme, enjoying his sister-in-law’s nervousness and discomfort.

Emily was lost for words; she had expected this to go a lot Anadolu Yakası Escort differently. Graeme caught her look at his crotch, where his cock, though flaccid, made a visible bulge.

“Ho ho, you came here for some fun…?”

Emily could only nod her agreement. She breathed out, after realising that she’d been holding her breath. She was relieved that Graeme was doing all the work.

“Come with me.” He said, getting up and walking away. He didn’t even look behind him to check that she was following.


Emily stood anxiously, leaning against a fence in the alley behind the bar as Graeme took of his shirt.

“I thought you’d be hairier…” She whispered inanely as she took in his chest.

“I shave…. everything…” The last word was said with added emphasis as Graeme dropped his pants.

Emily saw that Graeme was completely hairless. There was nothing there to obstruct her view of his 10-inch cock.

Emily grew nervous at his size. He was so much bigger than Simon.

“Someone might see us,” whined Emily, beginning to have second thoughts.

“It’s dark and no one comes out here. Don’t worry” He consoled her as he shoved her skirt up to her hips and pulled down her big knickers.

Emily shivered as the cold hit her vagina. She looked around at the dirty alley, littered with garbage and resolved to herself that $10,000 was worth this degradation.

As Graeme shoved his condomed meat into her, it hurt. With no foreplay her hole was dry and she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Graeme didn’t look at her once. He gripped the fence and pounded away. Emily had never felt so used, just a willing cunt to Pendik Escort be abused. If she could have admitted it to herself, she’d have realised she liked feeling this way.

Graeme was speeding up now and Emily thought that he was going to cum. As he shot into the thin material over his cock Emily noticed a man holding two trashcans watching everything. Her shame complete, she whimpered to her own climax.


Now in the alley alone Graeme dressed himself. He looked over at his bedraggled in-law. She was breathing hard, her face red and swollen, her raw slit still exposed to the world.

“Now, want to tell me what’s really going on?”


Graeme and Simon sat watching the game and drinking beers.

“I fucked Emily yesterday.” Graeme said bluntly.

“You’re kidding?!!!” Asked Simon.

“Now, don’t get upset, mate. Listen to me…”

Simon was looking at Graeme as if he wished that he could kill him.

“The girls are playing some silly game…”

“Game?” Simon asked furiously

“Yeah, and now that we know we could have some fun to…”

Simon stopped glaring and blinked,

“What do you mean?” he asked, hopefully.

“Well, if I understand correctly, it means that Jane has to sleep with you….”

“Jesus…” Simon whispered, his 45-year-old cock twinged at the thought of the beautiful 25 year old.

“Yeah, Lynn has to fuck Paul and little Miss Goody Two Shoes gets $10,000 if she gets you to bed her…”

“Good God, our wives have…become…whores!” Cried Simon, relishing the naughty word he had used.

“So you’re in?” Questioned Graeme.

“Absolutely! What did you have Kurtköy Escort in mind?” Replied Simon.


Later that night, at Lynn’s house.

“Hah, we already knew Graeme was a son of a bitch,” Said Lynn as Emily told her sisters that she had fucked Graeme, “That cock’s quite something, though, isn’t it?”

Emily nodded as she accepted the $10,000 cheque from Lynn.

“I didn’t think you’d be the first winner Emily” Said Jane incredulously.

Emily flushed with pride at the disbelief in Jane’s voice. “I’m definitely looking forward to having a go at Paul…” Said Lynn.

Jane could have been afraid about her sexy big sister making a play for her man, but she knew how loyal Paul was and how much he disliked Lynn. There was no way she could lose.

“Sure you can afford to pay out if he rejects you?” She asked.

“The money’s nothing.” Lynn answered abstractedly, thinking about something else.


Later that night Jane went downstairs, leaving her sisters painting each other’s nails. As she was mixing up some daiquiris Simon entered the kitchen.

“Hey Jane.”


“Do you think Paul would like to come round to mine over the weekend? Me and Graeme think we should include him more, you know, get to know to know him as he’ll soon be joining the triumvirate of brother-in-laws.”

Jane rolled her eyes. God, who uses a word like triumvirate?

“That’s nice of you guys, I’ll ask him.”

“Well, you know that Lynn and Emily are going to see your parents…?”

Jane nodded.

“Just thought, as it was just me and Graeme here, we’d have a bloke’s weekend…”

Jane’s eyes lit up. She’d just had the perfect brainwave! Emily may have had Graeme but she could take both of her brother-in-laws! It meant a cool $20,000! $30,000 when Paul laughed in Lynn’s face.

Simon looked at Jane’s beaming face and left the kitchen with a smile on his face.

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