The Cleaner Pt. 08 – Leonid

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Public Sex

Chapter 8- Leonid

Things went back to normal, as normal as could be after the Ascension ritual. George was so proud of me. When I woke up a day later after sleeping 24 hours, I discovered Ming had bathed me in a healing salt water bath and wrapped me in a special poultice of herbs, algae and a Japanese grass that restored oils to your skin. It would help heal the many welts I had after being whipped 140 times. I still couldn’t believe I had endured that. My body was very sore and I didn’t want to move. George changed the poultice and fed me the soup and tea that Ming had left for me

I soon fell asleep for another 24 hours. I was finally able to get up and move around and I felt surprisingly good. Ming truly was incredible. Eventually, we slipped into a routine of me coming to clean the antiquities and the week after coming for a session as his Helot. It was amazing and I loved my new condo and the financial freedom I had. I was thinking of going back to school when George surprised me with an unusual request. I was still strapped to the St Andrew’s cross and he had just finished fucking me with a really large dildo after beating me silly with a riding crop.

Our sessions in the Spartan room had gotten more and more intense as I eased into my role as his Helot. When I arrived at the mansion, I walked into the house and immediately removed my clothing. A different outfit would be there for me with instructions. One week I was a slutty schoolgirl, with a tiny plaid skirt, knee socks, long sleeve white shirt tied in a knot, and a slutty g string. I was told to report to the Principals office and waiting for me in the Spartan room was a desk with George sitting on the other side looking very stern. I was bent over the desk and thrashed with a cane till tears came to my eyes and then fucked over the desk with him cumming in my mouth with me on my knees.

The next week was a bondage outfit, a one-piece leather thong, and harness with nipple clamps, and a thick collar and cuffs for my hands and feet. I was told to put it on and get on my hands and knees in the prone position. I waited like that for almost 30 mins till I heard the sound of boots coming down the hall. George was dressed in a leather thong with studs on it, high boots to his knee, and a leather pilot’s hat. He was merciless that day. He snapped a leash on my collar and made me crawl on my knees all the way to the basement door and again when we got downstairs. He suspended me from the chandelier and proceeded to use whips, paddles, electroshock, vibrators, dildos, and riding crops on me for over an hour. He finally lowered me down and fucked me on all fours, cumming in my ass and spanking me after he was done. It was agonizing but so erotic and I loved it more and more every time. His imagination seemed limitless and I embraced my role as Helot fully. I was to call him Master, never look him in the eye and submit to whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.

On cleaning days, we always ended up in bed or on the couch, the floor, in the pool, hot tub, shower, fucking each other in every room of the house sometimes three or more times a visit. He was insatiable and so was I. I was very happy.

We were sitting in the kitchen after a particularly invigorating session when he brought up Leonid.

“Macy, Leonid won’t stop talking about you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he wants to hire you too. He wants you to clean his place, and he will pay you a lot of money to do that and of course sleep with him.”

“So what are we talking about then.”

“There is no real cleaning work involved, he just wants you to come over and dress in an outfit and do some light cleaning. It’s a fantasy.”

“So you told him, that I would have sex with him, like we’ve been doing?”

“No, I said I would ask you if you were interested in a similar arrangement with him. What you do and how much you do with him is up to you to figure out with him. I will say that he wants you to fuck him and he’s not shy about it. He will be all over you and has a voracious appetite for sex. He just doesn’t want a relationship and he’s tired of women trying to take advantage of him, being dishonest, etc. That’s why he wants to meet you.”

“I suppose I should be flattered but this itself is more than I ever thought I would do in my life. I’ve committed to a slave relationship with a master, had a slave tattoo put on my pussy, and saying it loud sounds insane. I told you before, George, I don’t want to feel like a whore, and this is starting to feel like that to me. I also know that I’ve never been more aroused and turned on in my whole life and you’re good to me, so that’s why I willingly gave myself to you.”

“We’ve had this discussion, Macy, you are a businesswoman. You have something most men only dream of getting in their lives. You are the most incredibly sexy awaken woman I’ve ever met. He sensed it too. He said fucking you during the ascension was the best sex he’d ever had and he’s participated in that ritual before. So many people work their whole lives and end up with nothing. You’ve Maltepe Escort been given these opportunities because you are blessed with extraordinary beauty and incredible character. That’s what I’m attracted to and what attracts so many others to you. It’s in your eyes, this fire and strength that you have. I’ve never seen it before and it shows in the way you handle yourself. A whore is a negative word, created by a world that is too judgemental. We can make our own rules Macy and I prefer that than following antiquated rules handed down by men who fear women.”

“I agree with you, I just don’t want to feel like, I’m losing control of who I am. That’s important to me.”

“It won’t just be sex, you’re also be building a relationship with him and he is a very interesting and intelligent man.”

“Because I’m your slave do I have to agree to this?”

“No, remember our contract, you are only my slave when you are in the collar. Any other time you’re not. So you can decide on your own and it won’t affect anything. I know you don’t like looking at the financial side of this, but he will pay you a lot of money.”

“How much?”

“It depends. If you agree, he will give you 100,000 a year. Know that he is very kinky and loves erotic aggressive and kinky sex. He will also offer you incentives like I have done, with no obligation. He said each act or outfit would get you an extra 25,000.”

“Holy shit. I wouldn’t have to do this long and I would be set for life.”

“There’s more.”


“He’ll give you a million dollars into your bank account right away as part of the deal.”

“This is crazy. I have to think about it as it is really overwhelming. I want to ask you something and be honest.”

“Go ahead”

“Would it bother you if I agree to this? You have to understand how devoted I am to you and how much I love being your sex slave. I would not have two masters. He has to know that. It means a lot to me to only serve you.”

“Thank you for saying that. I wouldn’t allow that either. You are mine and only mine.”

I was flushed with desire and he reached over to me and kissed me deeply, grasping my hot, wet cunt with his slender, delicate hands.

I gasped and pushed back into him, feeling my heart race and my pussy lips swelling with insane desire. My cunt literally burned for him since he had tattooed his signature H between my pussy and my ass. In that soft delicate area, was the mark of my devotion to him.

He turned me around, lifted my skirt and ripping down his shorts, pulled aside my sopping wet thong, and rammed his hard dick deep into my pussy. I shook with desire as I felt his thick, warm shaft fill me completely. He came fast and furious deep inside my cunt grabbing me around the neck with both arms and holding me tight against him as we both shuddered from the mind-blowing orgasm.

“I’ll take it that’s a yes!”

We both laughed as he drove even deeper into my hot cunt.

Leonid wanted to meet and talk about our arrangement right away, so we made plans for me to come back the next day. I was told to make sure my pussy was waxed clean, no hair anywhere, and to make sure I wore a very specific outfit that he had sent over. I normally kept a thin strip of pubic hair as I didn’t like the bald look, but for 100,000 a year, I could get used to a Brazilian. The outfit was a French Maid’s outfit with a corset that was very tight and a shallow neckline that made my 36D’s practically pop out. It came with fishnets and a tiny skirt that didn’t really cover anything and a sleek tiny black thong. I have to admit, I felt really sexy in a slutty way and looked forward to his reaction and George’s.

They were waiting for me by the pool and I at first confident felt a bit shaky and nervous and very vulnerable being outside in broad daylight in this slutty outfit, even though George’s place was very private. The corset was tight and made my tits really pop, but it was a bit uncomfortable even though it made me look super sexy. The sleek thong was made of incredible spandex cotton that felt delicious on my now bald pussy. The walking itself turned me on, as I felt the delicate rubbing against my sweet lips. I was on fire already

“Here she is, right on time as always. I told you, Leonid, she is first class all the way.”

“Hi, Macy, how are you,” said Leonid, his eyes all over me.

I waved and sauntered over. They were both lounging by the pool, George in his short, sexy jogging shorts that displayed his beautiful languid, long legs and Leonid in a casual short sleeve, buttons were undone, that showed his very muscular chest with a soft silvery down of hair, and tight shorts that showed every inch of his big cock and balls. It was really thick and his balls were big, meaty, and full. I couldn’t help but stare. The last time I saw him, the lights were dim and I didn’t get a clear look at him, but I sure felt every hot inch. He was a very handsome man with a brooding intensity that was pretty overwhelming.

“Hello Macy, George has told me so many wonderful things about Ümraniye Escort you and after the Ascension, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. You are very beautiful, but it was the way you moved with me. I can’t get it out of my mind.”

I smiled and thanked him

“Come relax, have a drink with us. Is vodka okay or would you like something else?”

“Vodka works. Thank you.”

Sit by me, so we can get to know each other. George tells me you do amazing work and are very responsible. This I respect very much. Good, hard-working people, that are passionate for life, are my kind of people.”

“I appreciate that. I take great pride in my work and also love life and appreciate the kindness shown me by George and the opportunity to meet someone like you.”

“I’m just a horny boy at heart.”

He laughed lout oud and we all relaxed and had a few drinks, toasting life and new friendships.

“So Macy, I know George explained what I’m looking for, and I know you are interested. I will be honest with you and if you don’t want to agree, it’s fine, we are friends first. I am demanding but fair and everything will be covered so there will be no misunderstandings. I will tell you this too, all of the financials will be confirmed with this contract. It’s all legal and worded correctly. Hire an attorney to review it, as I do not want any questions or doubts.”

“It all sounds amazing thank you so much.”

“Now for the part that I’m looking forward to,” he said smiling at me and looking me over with burning desire.

“I love to fuck Macy. I like sex all the time and in a lot of different ways. George told me you dress up and do role play and games. All of this I like and I will have a woman join us sometimes too. You are okay with this?”

I smiled and nodded, as I had had some experience with women and loved it.

“Finally, I am an animal, Macy. When I make love I lose my mind. I can get very aggressive and fuck very hard. You will have to experience this and if it’s too much, there is a clause that you can null the contract. Stand up I want to look at you.”

I stood in front of him and he placed his powerful hands on my hips pulling me closer to him. I was standing right in front of him. His face close to my skirt, looking into my eyes.

“I want to see this beautiful pussy. Lift your skirt for me.”

I slowly pulled my skirt up, feeling a soft breeze blowing against my wet lips.

He took his hand and cupped my hot cunt with his big hands squeezing tight and hard

“Uhh,” I moaned and moved against his hand.

“Yes bring me your cunt, let me feel that beautiful pussy, wet and warm.”

He curled his hand up into me lifting me up and sending sensations of deep lust all through my body. I trembled on my tiptoes as his powerful hand lifted and caressed and squeezed my pussy.

“Turn around Macy. I want to see your ass.”

I turned around and he began rubbing my sweet nub from behind, while his other hand massaged and rubbed my soaking wet cunt. He pushed aside my thong and started rubbing my wet lips with his finger, his thumb against my asshole. I was moaning with desire and seeing George watch was turning me on even more. He kissed my asshole through the delicate fabric of my thong, sticking his tongue against my hot hole. I had really come to love anal sex with George’s patient guidance and hoped Leonid would fuck all my holes just as enthusiastically. He placed both hands on my hips and pulled me hard against his voracious tongue. He was making me so wet and horny. His right hand curled around me and started palming and rubbing my hot cunt, while his tongue licked my ass through my thong. I was moaning wildly when he slid a finger past my thong and started teasing my clit and stroking my swollen, wet pussy.

“Oh fuck, you make me so wet, fuck yes.”

I was so fucking turned on, when he slid his finger into my hot juicy cunt, it went in easily, I was so wet and he began finger fucking me hard, practically lifting me onto my toes, ramming that strong hand into my soaking wet, cunt. I was loving every second of it. He pulled his finger out and turned me around.

I was facing him and he looked down at his shorts, to show me how hard and big he was. Holy shit, his cock was like a baseball bat, thick and veiny, with big balls bulging against his tight shorts. I licked my lips and got down on my knees. He stood in front of me and untied the drawstring to his tight shorts, and I reached up and eased them down his powerful hips and legs. He stepped out and I ran my hands up his legs, to his ass, pulling his cock and balls towards me. He took his hand and placed it on my cheek saying,

“Watch me while you suck. I want to see you enjoy my cock.”

I smiled and looked into his eyes as I slowly licked underneath those big balls, while my hand slid seductively up and down that thick shaft, gently touching him. He moaned and groaned and looked at me with wild desire, like a fucking beast. He took me by the hair with two hands and moved his cock into my willing mouth, İstanbul Escort fucking me slowly, as he sucked him eagerly, like the willing slut I was. I began slurping and sucking his big cock like a beautiful candy and he fucked my mouth harder and faster, till he was ramming it in and out. I could take the length but the width was stretching me wide.

“Fuck her right now Leonid. I want to come in her mouth, while you come in her pussy,” commanded George in a stern voice.

I loved that tone that he used when he wanted sex his way.

Leonid let me lie down and eased his powerful body up against my legs and placed that thick cock against my cunt. He pushed my legs back and gently started pushing and rubbing his cock head against my wet pussy.

He pushed my legs back and spread them wide. I was lying on the lounge chair with hot cunt in the air, legs back and wide in a slutty French Maid’s outfit and I loved it. I loved the freedom I felt to be fucked and fucked and suck the cocks of these interesting and powerful men. Being a Helot has broken all my inhibitions and I wanted it all the time in all different ways with lots of different people. It was wonderful. He stared at my pulsating pussy with wild lust and with one hand he ripped open my shirt, popping the buttons off my outfit and exposing my honey tits to him. My fishnets were slightly torn from his rough foreplay and I liked how slutty I felt. He eased forward and rubbed his thick cock head against my soaking wet cunt.

“Fuck me, Leonid, fuck me hard.”

He smiled and without hesitation rammed his cock fast and hard into my willing cunt. I arched and squeaked with delight as the force of his thrust pushed the chair back and he landed on top of me, cock buried deep in my pussy. We both laughed and he kissed me deeply humping me like a wild dog. His thrusts were deep, fast, and strong and he ground my ass into the chair with the power of his fucking.

“Fuck her hard Leonid, she likes it hard and rough don’t you Macy!”

“Yes fuck me hard, I’m so wet for you, fuck me like an animal.”

He grabbed my hair and pulled my hot mouth into his and started lifting and slamming into me with tremendous force. He was fucking me like a battering Ram and I couldn’t get enough. I loved it. George came around and stepped over the top of my head, naked, his cock raging.

“Open up Macy, I’m gonna fucking cum in your mouth. I smiled and opened wide as he lowered down and stuck his cock deep into my throat. Mm, it was delicious and with Leonid’s vice-like hands digging into my curvy hips and his thick cock hammering my hot cunt, I lost control and had the biggest orgasm, shaking and thrashing like a wild thing. Leonid pumped even harder, smashing his hips into mine and finally he pulled me back hard into him blasting a huge load into me, while George confined to fuck my mouth. I was losing it. Leonid pumped into me and kept fucking me while he shot all of his load inside my hot pussy. Finally, he pulled out and immediately started fingering me with two thick fingers of his strong hand, driving into my cunt., making splashing sounds, and making me crazy with lust. While he fingered me his thumb rubbed my clit. George had me by the hair with two hands fucking my mouth hard, plunging deep into my mouth. I could feel him shaking and knew he was going to cum soon. He drove deep and a huge load of cum went down my throat, filling my mouth. I swallowed quickly, but some spilled out of the corner of my mouth.

I came again with Leonid fingering me, my mouth full of cum. Finally, he stopped and I lay there on the destroyed chair, completely spent and feeling so sexy. I took off my clothes and dove into the pool naked. George and Leonid jumped in too and we laughed and splashed around each other having a great time. Leonine came up and grabbed me from behind, rubbing my ample breasts while his thick cock slid in between my ass. George swam up and kissed me, softly caressing my pussy from the front. The two of them sandwiched me and caressed me all over, Leonid paying particular attention to my hot ass, sliding his cock up and down and in between and teasing my hole with his fingers, and running his hands all over my ass. George was fingering me, with three fingers, plunging in and out making me so horny.

“Let’s take her to the shallow end and fuck her in the water,” Leonid said

I led the way and grabbed the side of the pool edge, arching my hips up I stood on my toes and waited for Leonid’s cock. He came up behind me, grabbing me firmly by the waist, and started rubbing his thick cock head against my wet, horny pussy. George got out and walked towards my willing mouth. Leonid eased his thick cock into my hot cunt and George tilted my head back-feeding me his cock. Leonid grabbed me hard and I was sure I would have bruises from his strong hands, pushing his cock deep into me and lifting me at the same time. It was so erotic, bring fucked in the pool in the cunt and the mouth. There were splashing sounds from Leonid pumping in and out of me faster and harder, his barrel-like chest tight against me, George had me by the hair and throat easing his thick cock in and out of my wet, willing mouth. He was teasing my lips with his head and I greedily sucked in his sweet pre-cum. It was delicious and my cunt was sweet and warm with lust.

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