The Closet

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Author’s Note – Thank you for reading my story. This is my first attempt at erotic prose, so I appreciate your patience with me. I also hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it) – EAL


Taylor Reeves hated moving. Loathed it.

The tape. The boxes. The deadlines. The expenses.

Despite her personal views on the subject, her move from the comfortable safety of central Illinois to the deco nirvana of Miami was a celebration of personal achievement. Gone were the flat cornfields of her childhood home; Ahead of her, the endless beaches and golden tans of South Beach. The move was exciting, thrilling and most of all unexpected. Just 18 months out of college, she had landed what could only be considered her dream job. Thanks to a good friend and a lucky break, she was now the new associate editor at Miami Shoot Magazine.

As rare as it was for such a young woman to land such a prestigious position, it was equally rare for somebody to leave the small town of Mt. Vernon even at all. Out of the 200 kids in her graduating class just 5 years earlier, only a select few had even left Illinois. Even fewer left the region for college and Taylor was positive NOBODY had left for such a glamorous and decadent location. Despite the distance, settling in was her first order of business.

Tapping her foot, the young Blonde from the Midwest lightly began to get impatient as she sat, still buckled into her rental car. Time seemed to crawl, as Taylor looked down at the time on her phone.


Her quest for apartments was first on her list, and she was beyond thrilled that the magazine had lined up a contact to assist her. The problem was, the contact apparently didn’t own a watch, especially when it involved a client who was most likely not going to be paying a commission in diamonds or gold bars.

Seven minutes later, a red BMW convertible pulled up next to Taylor’s Hyundai rental car.

“Bout fucking time”, she mumbled quietly to herself. She was nervous, anxious and wanted to get this process over with as quickly as possible. She was definitely happy that her new found salary was enough to afford something well off of skid row, but the glitz and glamor of high-rise beach life was going to have to wait for now.

The apartment they were to look at was actually enormous. Situated a a mile or so west of Fort Lauderdale Airport, the Fontainebleau Apartments were less Deco Drive, and more Strip Mall Suburbia. The complex was extremely nice and the unit’s undeniably quaint, but Taylor was far away from her dreams of stepping out on her own deck and looking out at the blue and turquoise waters of the Atlantic. “Someday” she thought.

Any reservations Taylor had, quickly melted away the moment she walked into apartment 3B. The ceilings seemed to reach the sky, as the breezy air softly floated through the open floor plan. The kitchen was spacious and appliances sparkling. Despite some personal reservations regarding a cracked window sill and a malfunctioning bathroom ceiling fan, Taylor quickly made a realization.

This was home.

She turned to the middle aged woman, still pacing the foyer in her burgundy blazer and annoying clipboard full of paperwork.

“I’ll take it”


Three days later, with a goodbye wave from four helpful coworkers, moving day was complete and a rousing success. The lack of furniture and substance was made up in sensibility, charm and a fabulous sense of style. Her journey from small town dreamer to big city dweller had finally become a reality. Taylor could feel her eyes start to well up as she began to take in what she has accomplished in such a short time. Three weeks ago, she was working as photographer at a tiny local paper; Today she was a queen on her throne, overlooking a perfectly manicured sea of sawgrass and king palms.

Out of the corner of her eye, on the far edge of the living room, something caught her attention. A small square opening had been cut into the wall and framed with almost camouflaged handle. Almost completely out of sight from every angle of the room, she slowly approached the strange door. A small smile crossed her face as she quickly surmised what lay hidden behind the door. “Yay”, she thought to herself. “More storage space. Now if only I can buy some stuff to store, we’ll be all set.” Chuckling to herself, she reached down toward the handle and pulled.


Tugging a little harder…nothing.

Placing her foot along the baseboard, the former track runner and golfer grabbed the handle with both hands and began pull.

Before she could force her weight backward to dislodge the access point, a knock came at the door. Suddenly remembering her intense anxiety about her new urban surroundings, The single young woman quietly walked to the door and looked through the peephole.

Nikki Martin had always loved her job. A south Florida native, she had helped thousands of residents get acclimated with their casino oyna new surroundings at Fountainbleau. Although she had never lived anywhere else, she always had a soft spot in her heart for those just starting out in adulthood, or who were simply passing through, on their way to bigger and better dwellings. As a former Miss Florida contestant and South Beach “shot girl”, it was no wonder that her long blonde hair, fun loving personality and impeccable curves made her extremely popular with residents and staff alike.

“Hey sugar!” Ashly proclaimed upon Taylor opening the door. “We hope you are loving Fountainblue so far, and I was hoping I could stop by and go over a few things with you, now that you are settled in”.

Taylor was relieved; Not only by the southern belle’s charm and warm personality, but the fact that she wasn’t one of the thousand or so homicidal maniacs roaming the south Florida area that her mother had warned her about.

Strolling inside, Taylor half-heartedly started to give a quick tour, quickly realizing that Nikki actually worked FOR the apartment complex, and had likely seen the inside of every single unit. “I love what you’ve done with the place” Nikki fibbed, as they ambled past semi-barren walls and wide-open end tables. “You are so lucky though!”

“Why’s that?” Taylor replied, fully expecting a sales pitch that she figured was useless, considering she had already paid for 3 months in advance. “This was MY FIRST apartment when I moved out on my own!”

“You don’t say,” Taylor politely responded, not even remotely caring about this woman’s past or present for that matter.

“Oh my God yes!” Nikki explained in what Taylor could only assume was her excited voice.

“We had SO much fun here”.

Taylor politely smiled, as the woman rambled on about her crazy past experience; None of which were the least bit entertaining or relevant to her.

“We had parties almost every night! And on Sunday’s, we’d have girl night, where all of my old sorority sisters would come by, and we’d drink wine and watch sappy movies all night in our underwear. It was so much fun. I really miss those days”

Taylor feigned excitement and tried not to roll her eyes, “That sounds like a blast.”

“Oh it was” replied Nikki, continuing her stroll down memory lane inside her own head. “Those girls were crazy! We’d get into so much trouble here with noise and guys and such”

Taylor quickly realized this was most likely an impromptu story meant to warn her away from the noise and rowdiness of visiting friends that she had not met yet. It was almost a sort of “Don’t make the same mistakes I did” sort of lecture.

Nikki’s high strung voice lowered an octave, as she leaned in to Taylor’s personal space “That first summer we had this Mardi Gras party that turned into an orgy…”

Taylor’s neck visibly twitched as he ears did a double take.

“Excuse me? A what?”

Nikki quickly backtracked. “Oh you know, people hooking up, dancing and having a good time…it was so great.”

An awkward silence suddenly filled the room along with the wistful sea breezes that flowed from open window to open window.

“Sooooooo” Nikki stammered, quickly changing the subject due to Taylor’s horrified look upon her face. “Did you have any questions or problems you wanted me to take a look at?”

Taylor’s mind suddenly went from mortified to frantic, as she tried to list as many things as she could regarding the apartment. The water was dripping in the bathroom sink. The carpet in the corner of the living room was missing some padding, and there is a strange buzzing sound coming from the ice maker in the fridge. “No problem” Nikki replied. “I’ll get the guys on that right away.”

“Oh and one more thing,” Taylor remembered. “Do you know what this little closet door is for? It looks like it should open, but I can’t seem to get it.”

Nikki’s charming and bubbly demeanor screeched to a halt.

“Oh. Do you mean THAT little closet?” she asked, pointing directly to the small door in the corner of the room.

Taylor nodded.

A sly and evil grin suddenly evolved across Nikki’s face. “That closet was used for lots of things when I was here. It looks like it hasn’t been opened in quite some time either. Do you think we should see what’s in there?”

For the first time, Taylor was suddenly interested in what the loudmouthed woman in her new home was babbling about. She knew that thanks to a lifetime of anxiety and OCD, that the contents of that closet would haunt her nightly. Whether it was a holiday package, mystery prize or simply a bonus pack of eye shadow mailed to her with her latest Sephora purchase, Taylor was constantly giving in to her curiosity.

Taylor followed the Pop Princess look-alike across the room, and toward the corner of the door. Without saying a word, Nikki kneeled down and twisted the handle clockwise. (Rather than straight back as Taylor had tried so unsuccessfully to do earlier). With canlı casino an audible ‘click’, she twisted the handle to the right, suddenly ejecting the door from its foundation. One final pull removed the manhole sized cover from the wall. Taylor craned her neck downward over Nikki’s shoulder, her curiosity now in overdrive.

“Oh my God” squealed Nikki. “I can’t believe they left it here! Holy shit!”

Taylor’s mind was racing as she found herself leaning over her shoulder on one arm to get even a glimpse of just what exactly got Nikki so excited. From a foot inside the hole, Nikki dragged outward a medium sized contraption, around the same size of the large, old-school mailboxes that used to line the streets back in Taylor’s small hometown. After a few more squeals and happy smiles from her houseguest, Taylor’s inevitable question blurted out of her mouth.

“What the hell is that?”

Nikki inadvertently continued to ignore her perplexed resident, excitedly diving headfirst back into the opening, feeling around in the darkened space for a second mystery object. “YES! It’s still here” she shrieked, her perfect ass squarely facing Taylor at point blank range, as she continued to crawl around on all fours. Shuffling backward, she emerged holding 2 medium sized clear bags. Taylor couldn’t make out what was inside, but they looked small, rubbery .

The smile on Nikki’s face lit up the room; She beamed like a small child on Christmas morning, holding tightly the two clear plastic bags, similarly to how a little girl would grasp and hold up a brand new toy to show to nobody in particular. Her joy turned to a grin, and a quick turn to Taylor. Biting her bottom lip in a sly nonverbal way, she solicited a response from her younger friend of all of 10 minutes.

The two young women started at each other, waiting what seemed like eternity for a break in the deafening silence.

“WHAT IS IT!??!” Taylor finally blurted.

“You don’t know?”


Nikki smiled again. “THIS…is your new best friend.”

“How is this thing supposed to be my friend? It’s too low to the ground to be a doghouse. Is it some sort of storage chest or something? What’s in there?” Taylor reasoned.

“It’s not what is IN there…it’s what goes ON there.”

Taylor’s eyebrows twitched again, as exasperation filled her disposition. “What are you talking about?” she sighed.

Nikki had had enough. “Sit on top of it”.

“Excuse me”

“Sit on top of it. Straddle it like you’re sitting on a horse” Nikki instructed.

In an effort to quickly move this along and eject this crazy bimbo from her apartment, Taylor agreed. Throwing her short and stalky legs over the hump-shaped contraption, the first thing Taylor noticed was the smoothness of the leather against the inside of her thighs. Her knees rested comfortably as she sat upright, her tight running shorts already starting to hike up from the compression. “OK, I’m sitting on it. Now what?”

Quickly moving to the side, Nikki pushed a side compartment open and removed a long electrical cord. Grinning from ear to ear, it was the first time she had been quiet during the entire visit. With an easy tug, she yanked enough black cord to reach the wall outlet and plugged it in.

Taylor sat completely upright upon the strange humped apparatus. Her short curly brown hair rustled in the light cross breeze, as her tanned arms hung loosely at her side. Her posture was impeccable, almost as if she was about to lead her Royal majesty’s finest horses on a trot across the Kensington Palace grounds. Looking down, she noticed a small handle jetting out from the front of the contraption, remaindering her of a handle that pulls out from her luggage as she pulls it down the airport terminal. Also catching her eye as she looked down between her tan thighs, was the fact that she was sitting on a patch of discolored rubber. With shorts on, she couldn’t tell exactly what it was, only that it was grooved, and contained ribbed bumps that strangely pressed against the front of her crotch as she sat upright. Definitely an odd addition to a weird box or piece of luggage.

“So if this is luggage, why did this crazy bitch want me to sit on it?” She thought to herself, now more confused than ever.

Nikki briskly walked back over to the spot on the floor where Taylor was situated. Smiling again, she reached into another compartment and pulled out a small black box. Quickly blowing her own luggage theory, Taylor continued to rapidly rack her brain as to just what in the hell she was sitting on. And better yet, why in the hell was this woman so excited for me to be sitting on it? Taylor quickly ran out of ideas, and began to get annoyed at the gorgeous, fake breasted blonde who was stealing precious time away from her quiet Sunday afternoon.

“OK, I give up. What the hell is this thing?” Taylor finally conceited.

“You still don’t know!?!?” Nikki’s eyebrows raised, suddenly coming to the conclusion that Nikki was just as kaçak casino much naïve as she was completely inobservant. “You really don’t know?” Taylor shook her head slowly in blasé acknowledgement.

“Oh my God girl!” Nikki moved a bit closer to Taylor now…surmising her proper posture and straddling technique. “I don’t think you are quite ready for this…but you have to just feel it for yourself.”

“Feel WHAT for myself?” Taylor protested.

Nikki flipped the switch in her hand.

In a split second, Taylor’s entire body was electrified. The macro vibration of the machine started at her vagina, and literally shook the foundation of her core muscles. Her back arched, and her fingers curled, as the pounding vibration of the machine ran roughshod through her inner thighs. Her neck muscles clinched as her back arched. Her hands, earlier fallen to her side, twitched upward, bending at a 90 degree angle from her elbow. Her enormous breasts, heaved inside the silky underside of her bra, while the soft light cotton fabric of her shirt seemed to radiate the shockwaves emanating from her skin.

The machine continued to rumble, as the almost motorcycle-like engine revved in strong, pulsating shots as Taylor’s chestnut curls moved with each burst of energy. Mechanically, she turned her head to the right to see a sinister looking Nikki, holding the black box in her hand, her right hand moving the small dial back and forth. Their eyes locked, as Taylor fought through the jolts of pleasure rocketing through her soul.

“Want me to stop?” Nikki asked with a sadistic grin on her face. Taylor took a moment of silence to corral her breath, as she searched endlessness for the words to come out of her mouth. However, the more she tried to find the three-letter word she was looking for, the less her body was able to locate it from her internal files.

Silence and the sound of Taylor’s rapid breathing were all that filled the warm air.

“Good” said Nikki, as her fingers once again rotated to the right, sending yet another round of jolts through the machine and between Taylor’s legs. Her body once again shuddering, her muscles contracting in unison as waves of vibration continued to roll through her body. Her posture, the picture of perfection a few moments ago, was contorted into a twisting and convulsing spasm of movements. Nikki continued to rev the machine’s engine while Taylor continued to try and regain her balance.

Nikki’s smile grew more content, as it became obvious that Taylor was not only no match for the Sybian between her legs, but also wasn’t going to be telling her to stop anytime soon. She had crossed the threshold, and now literally held the controls to her pussy in the palm of her hand. “Are you suurrrrrre you don’t want me to stop? Nikki playfully asked again? This time, however, Taylor mustered up enough muscle to shake her head no, even with only the slightest movement over her head.

With the younger girl now in the palm of her hand, Nikki’s mind began to scheme. The sight of the busty young woman from small-town America, writhing atop of what is widely considered “The orgasm machine” turned her on instantly. Now, rather than twisting the knob on the control box to maximize the thrusting jolts of power, she turned to a lower, and more gentle setting; One that allowed a slow, rumbling vibration to provide a strong but consistent stimulation upon Taylor’s clit.

As the low rumbling noise continued, Nikki finally stood up to assist.

“Here. Hold on to this bar, and move your hips forward, so your pussy is pressing against these ridges here. Part terrified, part turned on beyond belief, Taylor quietly nodded as she nudged forward. Even an adjustment of a few inches, made a huge difference as her clit was now directly over the vibrating rubber insert, separated only by the soft cotton of her panties and the smooth denim of her shorts.

“Like…like this?” she whispered as the low, growling of the engine continued to purr.

“Mmmmmm, yes. Just like that” Nikki responded, her head now just six inches away from Taylor’s face. As the two strangers locked eyes, another pulse jolted Taylor’s hips, this time directly into her like a bolt of lightning.

An uncontrollable but soft moan escaped her lips for the first time, as the machine began to roar to life once again. “Ohhhhhh. Ohhhhhh my God…” the young girl muttered. Nikki’s hand reached up and softly touched the clinched muscles of Taylor’s middle back. Her long, sculpted fingernails gently grazed her back, as her other hand continued to pulsate the unforgiving machine.

“That’s it baby…just like that” She instructed. “Just like that…” As turned on as Taylor was riding the machine, Nikki was equally so. With one hand on the tethered controls, she carefully removed her light sweater, exposing a soft white top that hugged her perfect curves. Years on the pageant circuit and summers working as a personal trainer, resulted in a tan, toned and almost flawless body that drew attention to residents and co-workers alike. Her altered but perfectly round breasts protruded through her top; her erect nipple extending beyond her bra and into the mid afternoon heat.

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