The Club part 2

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Kyle watched as his best friend Josh drove off. He really liked Josh and his mother, as his own mother Heather, did. Kyle’s mother stood next to her big son, or ‘big man’ as she loved to call him – and he loved it too. He loved the way he was so much bigger then his mother; he felt like her protector and he always believed that while he was around, no one could hurt her. His mother Heather, for her part loved how it felt to have such a big, strong son who was totally devoted to her. Heather knew that Kyle’s love for her was unquestionable. As usual she had her arm linked in his and wondered at his expression as he watched his friend drive away. She wondered if he was sad because Josh was more like a brother to him, even if they were an odd pairing and they were going their separate ways home. But no… something told Heather it was more than that this time, there was something else going on in her son’s mind, and she wondered what. However, Heather had learnt from when Kyle was a small child, that she only had to wait and Kyle would tell her everything; so long ago she thought and tightened her arm in his as she snuggled into his powerful arm,. She knew there was no point in trying to get it out of him before he was ready, so she would wait. Now Kyle began to walk them to their car, and he tilted his head quite a way to rest on the top of hers as they walked. Heather loved it when her ‘big man’ did this.

Kyle had been thinking how hard the task before his best friend Josh, would be. He knew that within 1 hour of arriving home, his task would be complete; but poor Josh was so small and skinny and with such a small dick. Not much to offer his mother, thought Kyle. On the other hand Kyle knew that all it would take would be for himself to tell his mother his desire for her, and she would more than willingly submit. In fact Kyle was sure his mother would be a very enthusiastic partner. How did Kyle know this? That was easy.

He ran through the ‘hows’ one more time in his mind as his mother drove out of the camp car park. In fact as she did, one of the ‘hows’ was evident; she had her left hand resting on her son’s thigh. She had been doing this for as long as Kyle could remember, and it was resting very high up his thigh too – within an inch of his monster. Like the rest of him, Kyle’s dick was big. It must have been 8 inches when fully erect. He knew that some people boast of 10, 11 even 12 inches, but he also knew most of those claims were bullshit. Even the legendary John Holmes wasn’t as big as some men claim they are, and John Holmes couldn’t even obtain completely hard erection – Kyle had seen some of his movies. Jeremy could do anything; even get porno movies for The Clan to watch. Kyle, like the others, had learnt so much from them. He smiled to himself at the semi hard John Holmes, because that was all Holmes’ body was capable of – maybe he would collapse if he had a real hard erection, Kyle thought to himself and smiled again.

What else did Kyle know to make him think his mother would easily be his lover? Well, she loved to have him in her bed and found all sorts of excuses, such as fear of thunder storms, very cold nights that weren’t that cold, a bit of a scare at work or when driving home or anything else she could think of. Then there was there was way she insisted they sit together on the couch as they watched TV. Kyle had to sit in the corner of the couch with his right leg out straight down the length of the couch along the back, and his left foot on the floor. This opened his legs enough for his mother to snuggle into her son’s big, hard body between his legs. Heather would sit with her knees drawn up, no matter how short her dress, skirt or nighty was, and as her head rested on his big chest she would have her arms wrapped around her knees. Heather would always insist that Kyle cup the top of the back of her right thigh with his right hand – placing it inches from her panties, and his left arm she wanted across her chest above her breasts. Both mother and son were completely comfortable with this, as Kyle had been sitting with Heather like this for some years.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince Kyle his mother would jump at his proposal he was going to spring on her once they were home, then there was one final piece of Heather’s actions that alone would have convinced him of her enthusiastic compliance. Heather loved to touch her son. She was forever hugging him, kissing him, holding his hand or linking her arm in his. She would caress him absent mindedly, and not just the shoulders like some mothers, oh no. At home, behind closed doors and away from prying eyes, Heather would run her hands over his chest, tummy, butt, everywhere but his dick. In fact Kyle knew that once, his mother got herself so aroused by caressing of her son, she had to leave the room, quite flushed and a little breathless after a series of ‘ooos’ and ‘ahhs’ as her hands ran over his hard body. Kyle had quietly followed her to her bedroom, where he heard her moan to a buzzing noise. As he put all this together, for the thousandth bayan escort gaziantep time in his mind as they drove home, Kyle was convinced once again.

About half an hour from home, Kyle decided to put to the test his conclusion about his mother. Odd thing was that as Jeremy had laid out the research finding of that doctor, Kyle thought to himself, ‘that’s us’. This was exactly how his mother acted toward him. Heather could have been one of those mothers interviewed, except she live in Australia and not the USA. But as Jeremy had spoken about what to look out for, Kyle ticked each box for his mother. So he steeled himself and made his move. It was deliberate and controlled.

Kyle placed his hand on his mother’s knee, and she made a little gasp and smiled, but kept her eyes on the road ahead. Kyle slowly, but firmly slid his hand up her thigh to her short dress; Heather always wore skirts and dresses, she thought it was more feminine – and Kyle loved her in them, she had such fantastic legs… beautiful. Her intake of breath was slow and soft as he did, without a word of protest or look of rebuke, but her smile widened. Then she shot her big man a quick look, and he needed no more convincing in his mind. Kyle slid his hand under his mother’s dress to rest within an inch from her panties. As they drove the rest of the way home, mother and son caressed and rubbed each others’ upper thigh.

When Heather drove into the driveway, they took their hands away in unison, both aware someone might be watching. Then like a mother and son, Heather went to open the front door as Kyle retrieve his bags, and then stood behind her like a looming colossus – which Heather always loved. As they walked through the front door, Heather let her big man pass her and Kyle put his bags into his room. When he walked into the lounge room the TV was already on, and his mother stood in the middle of the room facing the door he had just walked through. Her head was tilted a little toward the floor, her feet were apart with her weight on her front foot and her back foot had its heal off the floor. She reminded Kyle of someone about to start a running race.

There was a look in her eye that Kyle had never seen before, but it had an immediate affect on him and his dick – which hardened into concrete. Heather nodded to the couch, and Kyle smiled as he took up his usual position. Like a flash, Heather sunk onto the couch and into her son, knees drawn up and her arms around them. Kyle’s arms found their usual place, as Heather snuggled into her son. Now was the acid test for not only Jeremy’s theory, by Kyle’s as well, he told himself as he was about to make his move; whatever mother wanted, even if it meant she didn’t want her son as her lover, Kyle would honour her feelings. Kyle did not wait long, and his right hand began to caress the back of his mother’s upper thigh. As usual Heather was wearing a short skirt that had fallen down to her hips, with her knees drawn up. Heather snuggled a little deeper into her son’s body, and Kyle took that as her ok to his caresses. He lightly brushed his finger tips up and down Heather’s thigh.

Now he knew he had to progress, and decided on a two fold move, using both hands. One would caress her breasts through her clothing, and the other hand would move to his mother’s panties. Kyle took a deep breath and then felt his mother do the same, and he realized she was waiting for him to act, to move forward, to cross that boundary of one of the greatest taboos. Without flinching Kyle’s right hand moved slowly up his mother’s thigh, and then he felt her panties. His hand stopped and felt the material, and as it did so Heather gave a little gasp.

Kyle’s fingers felt soft, thin satin, or so it seemed; and he slipped 2 fingers into her panties and felt her wetness, and Heather made no move to stop him. Now his left hand moved across and down his mother’s chest, and then over her breasts drawing another quiet gasp from Heather. There was no stopping Kyle now, and he could feel his monster stir, and apparently so did Heather and she pushed back on it a little. Kyle’s right hand now left its tentative exploration and moved inward, and on to its goal, his mother’s panty clad pussy. As his fingers touched Heather’s pussy, even though she knew what was coming, she couldn’t help but jump ever so slightly. The initial touch by Kyle and his mother’s little jump, made him pull his hand back – but only for a split second as his finger tips told his brain what they had felt. They said his mother’s pussy was soft, pliant and most of all smooth. Kyle’s hand returned and his mother sighed, a mixture of arousal and relief as her ‘big man’ had not been scared off.

His fingers told him the same story, and the monster stirred again as the message of the fingers was relayed to it. Heather began to feel the size of her son and smiled with joy to herself. Kyle now moved his fingers up and down his mother’s pussy, and an idea of its shape and size came to his mind. His left hand, although caressing his mother’s breasts, he could feel little by her layers of clothing, especially her bra. Without hesitation Heather moved her hands to her chest and Kyle waited to see what she was going to do – remove his hand, no, she began to undo her blouse. Kyle’s right hand kneaded his mother’s pussy with some real pressure for the first time, and Heather couldn’t help but pause at the second last button and moan loudly. The last button undone, she pulled her bra up releasing her two small breasts for her son to caress – properly. He needed no further encouragement and Kyle’s left hand went from one breast to the other, kneading like the enthusiastic teenager he was, and his right hand now wanted to feel bare flesh too. His fingers pushed their way under the crotch of his mother’s panties, and oh the feeling his fingers were telling his brain and his monster. Kyle’s dick sprung to full life and size, delighting his mother all the more.

Heather was in heaven as she lay in her son’s arms and his hands caressed her most intimate places. She couldn’t remember the last time someone caressed her tits and pussy, and her son wasn’t too bad, a little urgent, but not too bad. Kyle’s fingers confirmed his mother had a shaven pussy, and now his monster wanted some action of its own; why should the fingers have all the fun. Kyle shifted, trying to ease his monster into a more comfortable position, and his monster told him it would only be comfortable inside the pussy his fingers now kneaded. His left hand roughly squeezed the soft flesh of his mother’s breasts, and although it was a little too rough for Heather’s liking she still felt the arousal it brought.

It was her Kyle, her big man, her son, and there was no hint of concern about incest in her mind at all, this was her big man and he loved her. That’s all she had to know, Kyle loved her and was showing her in a way she had wanted for years. Heather began to spread her knees to allow Kyle’s fingers access to her love tunnel between her pussy lips. And that’s just what Kyle’s fingers did, two of them slipped straight into her very wet and waiting pussy. Past her swollen lips, and into her warm and flooded love tunnel. Now his monster became insistent on who should be in Heather’s pussy, and it pushed its claim until Kyle couldn’t think of anything else.

Kyle whispered into his mother’s ear,

“Mother, I want you as my lover, as my woman. Not just once or for a time, but forever.” He said it with conviction and love.

“Oh Kyle, my big man, you don’t know how happy that makes me feel. I’ve wanted you for so long, but was afraid to say anything because I didn’t want you to think I was a deviate,” she turned and sobbed into her son’s chest as he stroked her hair and softly ‘shhed’ her. Kyle withdrew his right hand from his mother’s pussy and caressed her butt through her panties, but his left held Heather’s right breast.

“Mother we’re deviates, but we will be deviates together. Does this mean you want me, your son as your lover?”

“Oh yes Kyle, yes with all my heart,” she continued to sob into her son.

“Well I hope there will be other parts of you, because I want more than your heart.” Heather giggled and turned to face her son. Kyle moved his face toward hers and mother and son kissed for the first time like lovers, as his right hand moved back to his mother’s panties. His fingers felt that her soft satin panties were soaked now. As if by some unheard signal, as soon as his fingers touched her pussy through her panties again, mother and son sprang off the couch and raced to her bedroom.

Heather merely reached under her dress and whipped her little panties off, as Kyle undid his jeans and in one motion pulled off his jeans and boxers. The monster, freed from its prison, shot up in all its arrogance. Heather flung herself on her bed and spread herself wide for her son. Holding his monster in one hand and supporting himself with the other Kyle lowered himself toward his mother’s body. Heather could see Kyle’s dick was big and she readied herself for him by opening her little shaved pussy lips. Kyle saw his mother’s pussy was smaller than his fingers had told him with little pussy lips and a tiny tuft of pubic hair on the very top of her pubic mound, and he wondered if he would fit, but fit her did. As he guided his monster toward the entrance to her love tunnel, Heather whispered encouragement to him, as she had longed for this moment.

“That’s it push him in, don’t worry my lovely big man, your big man will fit.”

The head of his dick slowly pushed into his mother’s entrance which was so wet, and it glided in easily.

“Uh, uuuuuh, oh yeah, oh yeah. My beautiful Kyle, that’s it feed me your big man, oh I love it, I love it. Oooo, ooo,” Heather purred and her eyes rolled back as her eye lids began to close. He gently continued to push inch by inch into his mother, who by now no longer held her pussy lips open, but tilted her head back and let out a long slow sigh type moan as her son filled her. The air seemed to be escaping from his mother, as she let out her breath slowly while Kyle filled her pussy with his monster.

Kyle was amazed as his dick finally hit the depth of his mother with virtually nothing of his length left over. Mother and son then stared into each others eyes as he began to slowly pump his dick back and forth in her love tunnel. It began slow, but Kyle quickly increased the pace as his monster urged him to go faster. For both Heather and Kyle this was absolute heaven. Neither spoke now, as if the moment was too sacred, and Kyle pumped for about two minutes, when his mother exploded into a loud, thrashing orgasm which sent Kyle over the edge and he pumped his seed into him mother. Then he realized.

“Oh sorry mother,” he tried to apologize as his climax shook him to his every depths.

“I should have pulled out, I’m so sorry.” Heather grabbed his face with both hands with the strength that comes from a great orgasm.

“Don’t you ever, ever pull out of me, you hear me, never,” she told him ferociously. Although his monster was becoming soft inside his mother’s welcoming love tunnel, hearing those words from her, spoken in that way brought new life to the monster and it raged into full erection almost instantly.

“Oh fuck,” was all Kyle could say, and as Heather felt the monster rise to its fullness again, she smiled lovingly at her son. Kyle began to slow pump his mother again, and he could see the absolute delight in her eyes as he did. Heather knew her big man would last much longer now, and with the monster she was in for one hell of ride. Kyle too knew he would last and the monster was not wanting him to hurry, so they both decided to take their time on Heather. She propped herself up a little to watch her son’s monster slid in and out of her, but her view was somewhat obscured because of her little tuff of pubic hair. ‘I’ll get rid of that’, she told herself. Yet, Heather could still see the monster slowly push in and then slowly pull back – but not all the way out. This felt and looked so nice, but then Kyle changed his movement.

Now he pulled the head of his monster to the very entrance of his mother’s love tunnel, so the widest part of the head pushed in and out quickly at the very entrance, and this pushed Heather to a greater level of arousal. Her whole body began to react, and she started to buck her hips. To prevent his monster being pulled out by his mother’s movements, Kyle pushed one side of his hips down on hers.

“Keep still mum, this feels too good for both of us for you to bugger it up.”

Heather couldn’t help but giggle, and then suddenly let out a long loud moan and tilted her head back as she submitted to this wonderful, wonderful feeling. And it was her son, her big man, her lover. Her lover! Even that aroused her yet higher still. Kyle looked from his mother’s face to his monster fucking his mother’s beautiful pussy. He marvelled at the beauty of his monster quickly thrusting into his mother’s pussy, as a mixture of her cum and his cum was being forced out between her pussy lips. As he watched and listened to his mother’s noises that expressed her coming orgasm grow louder, more intense and more like an animal then his gorgeous mother, he could see her clit peek out every time his monster thrust into her pussy.

Mother and son had been together like this for about five minutes now, and Kyle felt he could go forever. He could see his mother was sweating now, and realized he was too. He saw movement and looked up, Heather was bringing her hands to her breasts and she began to pinch and pull her own nipple. She needed just that little more to push her over the top of her orgasm, and her nipples didn’t let her down. Kyle was greatly aroused watching his mother play with her nipples. Now he could feel his own climax building to its inevitable conclusion, and he suddenly thrust the monster deep into his mother.

“AHHHH, YES, FUCK ME YOU BEAUTIFUL MAN, FUCK ME, FUCK ME,” his mother screamed and that was enough for Kyle and he felt his orgasm begin to rock him to his core, and Heather hit the top of hers and hung there in ecstasy and agony, wanting it never to finish and wanting it to end immediately. As she hung there she arched her back, and had a vague sense that her Kyle was climaxing in her, his cum was shooting in her and that pushed her over the top and her orgasm ended. Not all of a sudden, but slowly as her body convulsed every few seconds. As his convulsions began to subside, Kyle came down to earth. Then he collapsed into her arms, and she loved the weight of her son’s body; still when he quickly rolled off her it was much to her relief. ‘I wonder how poor old Josh is getting on’, Kyle though as he slowly regained his senses.

“And to think I haven’t even touched your clit and G spot yet,” Kyle said with a little laugh.

“Oh fuck,” his mother exclaimed as she panted, still trying to get her breath back. To hear his mother say ‘fuck’ so easily in front of him excited him, and the monster stirred. That night neither Heather nor Kyle slept, because they made love all night, as they both wanted each other all night. Josh wasn’t the first, Kyle was.

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