The Daughter Ch. 08

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The girls had left and I thought I would catch up on my paper work before leaving to eat lunch with June and spend the rest of the day and night with her. I thought I would have a cigarette on the back deck in the morning air before I got started. I lit up and lay back on the lounge chair and closed my eyes. I began reflecting on all the pussy I had recently gotten and I found myself rubbing my dick and getting horny. The girls hadn’t been gone thirty minutes and I was already horny.

The phone rang and interrupted my thoughts. It was Jane’s neighbor, Julie. Julie said that she had gotten into the shower and discovered there was no hot water and wondered if I knew what to do. I told her I would come right over and check it out. I had only talked to Julie a couple of times in the front yard when seeing her watering her flowers. She was a very pretty blonde with nice legs. She was very friendly and I enjoyed talking to her but was afraid Jane would get jealous so I never talked to her long. She appeared to have nice boobs but it was hard to tell in the loose clothing she wore. I found myself thinking about what she would look like naked on the way over.

She let me in and thanked me for coming right over. She had on a white house robe and it was tied around her waist. She showed me the door that led to the basement and I told her I would go down and look at it. The pilot light had gone out and I had it re-lit in about five minutes. I came back up and told her it was simple and it was running again but it would be at least thirty minutes before the water was hot enough to finish her shower. She thanked me and asked if I would like to sit and drink a cup of coffee while she waited. I told her that would be nice and she pulled out a chair for me at the breakfast table and got some coffee for both of us. She sat next to me and put one foot up on her chair and her robe slid down exposing a thigh and I could see her leg. It was a very sexy pose to me but I am sure she wasn’t thinking about it being so.

We drank our coffee and talked about what was going on in the neighborhood. I told her the women were out of town and I was left to guard the ship. She got up and got the coffee pot and poured us another cup and sat back down. The belt was working itself a little loose and when she bent over I could see the side of one of her breasts as her robe top buckled open. I kept looking at it hoping her movement would allow me to see more. I told her I thought she was very pretty and she thanked me. She said most men were too shy to come right out and say something like that. She noticed that I kept looking at her chest and looked down to see her titty about to fall out and pulled her robe back around it. She said, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be flashing you.

I told her that was quite alright, that she hadn’t made me cum in my pants but twice and we laughed. I touched her arm and said, from what I saw they are very nice and I hate for them to be smothered like that and winked at her. She took another sip of her coffee and then placed her hand on mine and said, well I guess I do owe you something for fixing my hot water and if you really want to see them I will let you look. I said, yes, yes, yes. She untied the belt and pulled her robe to each side and the most beautiful damn tits I had ever seen popped out. They seemed huge and their complexion was so smooth as if they had never been in the sun. I didn’t grab them like I wanted to and continued to sit back in my chair looking but I said, holy shit they are so gorgeous. She said do you really like them? I told her, no, and then paused and continued, I love them. I said I could look at them all day. She said, is that all? I looked at her and said I could eat those for breakfast and have enough left over for lunch and dinner and laughed.

She said, oh have you not had breakfast? I told her no I hadn’t and she offered to make me something to eat. I told her I would if she would be daring and take her robe off and let me look at her while she made something. She smiled at me and said, you know you bring out the devil in me. With that she pulled the robe back off her shoulders and draped it over the back of her chair. I said, holy shit, again and told her she was beautiful. I told her that I could not believe that she kept such a body covered up the way she dressed. She said she had been very modest all her life until she met me. She said, you are not the devil are you? I laughed and said, no, just a man that appreciates beauty and içerenköy escort wants women to share what they have. She came over and kissed me on the forward and said, I like you. She cooked us some eggs in the nude and let me watch her move around the kitchen. She had a true blonde haired pussy where most blondes have dark hair. It was very pretty and I wanted to kiss it but restrained myself. Her ass was what I call slightly healthy and full but it was very beautiful. It went from side to side when she walked and I never took my eyes off of her while she moved around. She sat and ate with me and her large tits were practically lying on top of the table. I told her the food was good and I couldn’t wait until we got to dessert and it was on the table already while looking at her tits. She looked down at them said you may be too full to eat dessert. I said, I don’t think so. She playfully asked me what she was going to eat for dessert. She said to take off my clothes and she was going to watch me clean up the table and put the dishes in the sink. I had a hard on just thinking about her body and how sexy she had turned.

I walked around with it sticking straight out and she said to bring her dessert to her that she was going to eat first. I walked over to her and she kissed the tip of my dick. She said, yummy, my dessert is good. She then took her hands and placed them on my butt cheeks and pulled me closer and my dick further into her mouth. She licked and teased putting it in and then pulling it out. I still had not touched her beautiful body and reached down to play with her tits. She said, not yet, I’m not through with mine yet. I said, damn you are a great tease and you have me going crazy wanting you with desire. She said that I wasn’t the only one and she was as ready as I was. She stood up and took me by the hand and led me back to her bedroom. The bed was not made up yet and she lay back on it and pulled me down and placed my head between her legs.

I was so glad she had not had her shower yet because I loved the scent of a pussy and it was a thousand times better than the taste of soap. It was juicy and I could sense the taste of cum in it. I just knew she had fucked her husband that morning probably just an hour ago right there in the same spot. I reached up and grabbed both hands full of hard mounds of tit. They were so firm and full that I could hardly find her nipples to pull. I rose up and smiled at her and said, best fucking breakfast I’ve ever had. She laughed and said, shut up and eat your breakfast so you will grow up to be big and strong. She pulled my head back down into her crack and rubbed her fingers through my hair. She started squirming and said, oh god, please don’t stop baby, I want to get mine. I ate her harder and pulled on her tits. She took my finger and told me to stick it in her pussy and give her a taste.

I did so and she sucked on it and then said, how about playing yellow pages and look up “ass hole.” I could not believe my good fortune. I put a finger in her very tight hole and started playing with it. She was fucking my head and holding me down tight and I was forced to breath pussy and not air. With ever squeeze of her pussy muscles I could taste more cum shooting into my mouth. She was about to cut the blood circulation off of my finger and then she yelled, ohhhhhhh! She bucked her ass clean off the bed and held it there for a few seconds and then collapsed onto the bed. I climbed up on top of her and kissed her. She whispered, are you going to goof around all day or are you going to fuck me? She spread her legs wide open and my dick found its way in all by itself. I slid in and she moaned and grabbed my ass to pull me in further. I squeezed her tits and chewed on her nipples. I finally got them to stand out and I enjoyed sucking them. They were just as hard and firm as the rest of her large tits. She said, come on honey, fuck me good.

I raised myself up on all fours and we could look down and watch my dick go in and out of her pussy. She raised her head and started biting my nipples and I went wild with frenzy and fucked without pause until I shot a load into her. She said, now that’s what I like. She said, did you like it? I laughed and said it wasn’t what I usually had for breakfast but I could get used to it. She spanked me on the butt and pulled me over next to her. She reached down and caught my cum just as it started to run out and took it and rubbed it all kadıköy escort over her tits. She said, this is good for your complexion. I straddled her and put my dick between her tits and we were able to squeezed the remaining cum out onto her chest. She bent over and licked it off her chest and said, I love it. She said, you taste so good.

She pulled me up to where I was sitting on her tits and took my dick in her mouth and she started sucking me again. My butt was sliding around on her slippery mounds. I didn’t have time to rest before my dick got hard again in her mouth and she said, I want you to fuck me in the ass. She turned over and reached back and got some cum from her pussy and started fingering her own ass right in front of me. She worked her fingers in until her butt hole was stretched and juicy. She said, take me baby, I want to feel your hard dick in my ass hole. She said, and you better not quit fucking it until you give me some more cum. I playfully started to spank her ass and she said, oh that’s good, don’t stop. I spanked her a little harder and it made my dick grow. She said, a little harder honey, make that dick hard. I spanked her harder and her ass was turning a beautiful pink and I just couldn’t take anymore. This woman knew how to turn me on and I grabbed her waist and fucked my cum way up into her ass hole. I was surprised at how soon and how much I could cum again so soon.

I flopped down next to her and she bent over and sucked my dick clean and then lie back down and put her arms around me. She said, please just hold me for a while. I did so and we talked about how great that was and she wanted me to come over and eat breakfast any time I could. I told her I would and I would eat anything she put in my mouth and she laughed. She jumped up and grabbed me by the hand and said, now, let’s take that shower. It was a huge shower with a clear glass door and a fogless mirror on the rear wall. She turned on the water and adjusted the temperature while I held her and kissed all over her. She got the soap and rubbed it all over me and soaped up my dick good and washed my ass. She said, now it’s your turn and handed me the soap. I washed her back and got her ass all soapy. I then rubbed my body all over her. I turned her around and washed her tits and she raised her arms so I could wash under them.

She lifted one leg at a time and let me wash them and then I soaped up her pussy good. We faced each other and kissed and rubbed bodies and I felt those big tits against my chest. She took the soap from me and squatted down with her legs spread out as far as they would go and inserted the soap into her pussy. She stood back up and lay against the side wall so we could see each other in the mirror and she told me to put my dick in. She took it and said, let me. I stuck my dick in her pussy and it was so tight as I was sharing her hole with the bar of soap. She said, oh that’s very good. She let me fuck her for a few minutes and then said now it’s your turn and she squatted and pushed the soap out with her muscles.

She bent me over and soaped up my ass hole and kept teasing it until the bar of soap began to go in. She said, relax baby, you are going to like it. She sat me down on the corner seat and started sucking my dick and jacking me off with her hand. I didn’t plan on cumming again but the soap was pushing against my prostate gland and it wasn’t long before I shot more cum into her mouth and she pulled it out and shot some on her face. She rubbed my dick all over her face and then stood up and bent over and kissed me. She asked, did you like that? I said, hell yes but I’m going to bite those tits off if you don’t leave my dick alone. She laughed and told me to squat down and push the soap out. She took it and washed it off and then washed her face in the shower. She turned it off and said, well I think we are clean inside and out.

She dried me off with a towel and handed it to me to dry her off. She said, come on baby, you can help me get dressed. She went to her bedroom drawer and pulled out some light blue thong panties and a thin see through bra and handed them to me and told me to put them on. I put them on and she snapped the bra for me. She said, damn you look pretty and laughed. She sat on the toilet and got a tube of lotion and told me to rub it into her body good. She kept me so excited and wearing her underwear and rubbing her made my dick jump again. She rubbed my dick with kartal escort her hands through the thin material and felt me grow harder. She kissed me through the panties and then said, ok, my turn, put them on me. I took them off and she lifted one leg at a time as I slipped the thongs over her legs and up around her ass. She said, take another look honey and kiss my nipples and then I’ve got to finish dressing, I have to go to my garden club meeting. I kissed them and bit them a little and then she put on her bra.

I followed her to the bedroom and she took a cute little sundress out of the closet and slipped it over her body. She bent over with her ass in my face and found some matching heels and put them on while holding onto me for support. Then I watched her put on her jewelry and lipstick. I had been looking at her body for a couple of hours and I couldn’t get enough. She said she really had a great time and she couldn’t wait till she saw me again. She put her arms around me and hugged me. She said, well, are you going home naked or are you gonna put your clothes back on? She said, wait a minute, I want to take your picture naked. She got out her camera and snapped a few shots of me and said; now I have something else to remember you with. I told her that the next time I would bring my good camera and shoot some pictures of her. She said that would be fun and would try on some of her sexy outfits for me. I started dressing and she said, wait, I want to see you run home naked and if you love me you will do it. I told her she was crazy but I kissed her and ran out the door with my clothes in my hand. She slapped me on the butt as I left and said, bye baby.

I got back home and lay on the couch naked. I was spent from all the fucking but I was still horny. It was only an hour before time to leave and go over to June’s house and I decided I would call Jessie’s mother and see how things were going with her husband. She answered and I asked her if she missed me. She said yes and she was still thinking about it. She said things were better at home but she wished she could fuck me right now. I told her I had an hour if she wanted to run by. She only lived a few minutes away and she said get naked I’m coming and I’m cumming.

I heard the door bell and I peaked and made sure it was her and then opened the door. I stood there naked and admired her nice black body. She came in and pulled off her dress over her head and she was naked beneath it. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I led her over to the carpeted stairwell and lay her back and she spread out her legs. I dove right in and started eating her pussy. She grabbed my hair and pulled and said, oh shit that’s good, I want to get fucked but make me cum on your face first. I slid a couple of fingers into her pussy and started fucking her while I sucked on her clit. She was squirming and wiggling her ass and fucking my face so hard. I stuck another finger up her ass hole and filled her up. She said, damn, damn, damn, I’m fixing to cum and she screamed out loud and then settled down. She hollered, give it to me now and I pulled up and she took my dick and rubbed it all over her pussy and then stuck it in her hole. She said, come on baby fuck this black pussy till it gets some of that good old white cum. I was fucking her hard and kissing her tits.

I started to nibble on her nipples and biting them a little. She said, come on baby, hurt my tits. I bit harder and she fucked me harder. She said, bite them baby, they want to know they got fucked today. I bit her very hard and she cried out, damn bite them off and give me that big white dick. I want my pussy fucked. She was bucking so hard it was like I was riding a wild bull. She then grabbed my nipples and started pulling them as hard as she could and I could feel my juice coming to the top. I told her to spread those fucking legs apart that I was fixing to shoot my cum up as far as it would go. She spread them out and stuck her legs up in the air and I let out a yell and all the cum I could muster into her hole. Her body relaxed and she said, I needed that so bad and you are so good. She took her fingers and caught my cum and placed them in my mouth to suck. Then she got more and put it in her mouth. Lucky for me she said she had to run back home but next time she wanted my dick in her ass. I told her to save it for me because it was going to get a good fucking and I was going to spank her ass for being such a bad little girl. She kissed me and pulled her dress back over her head and headed for the door. I stood in the doorway naked as she was leaving and then she turned back around and took my dick into her mouth and sucked it hard for a minute and then she left.

I told my dick he was one lucky bastard but he may not live through the day. I went and got dressed and left to go spend the day with June.

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