The days After My Wedding part 2

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The Days After My Wedding
By Britney Hoglund

(This is part 2 from The Days Before My Wedding. Please read that one first……….thank you:)

Two weeks went buy I have been on my honeymoon with my husband in St. Thomas. I have not thought about Todd a lot other than a lot of guilty feelings.

We got back from our honey moon and it was time to go back to work. I drove to work and arrived at the airport, and went in really nervous to see Todd. We took care of all the passengers and about 11:00 me and Todd were all alone again, behind the counter.

“So what’s up Britney” said Todd
“Not much Todd how you been.” I said

Another 20 minutes or so passed of just small talk, I told him about my honeymoon and he told me about the girl, that took my place the last two weeks, he said she was an old women and that he was really bored without me.

“So I enjoyed your wedding.” he said
“I bet you did Todd and you have put me through such guilt the last couple of weeks.” I said
“I know you enjoyed it Britney” he said
“Yes I enjoyed it, but I’m officially a married women now, so that’s the end of it.” I said
“Ok” he said

A few minutes later I got up and went to the ladies room. I knew Todd was looking at my ass on the way there but I just tried not to think of it. I came and sat down and worked on my computer.

“Your ass looks sooo hot today.” he said bluntly
“Todd stop it, if we are going to work together, we need to just be professional colleague’s for now on.” I said

Todd rolled his chair behind my chair and leaned and whispered in my ear.

“How am I supposed to not think of you in that classroom, and you in your pretty wedding dress sucking my cock.” he whispered.

I just sat there still and listened, I felt my pussy begin to get wet.

“And the thought of you bent over in your dress and my cock going in and out of your sexy little ass hole while you sat there moaning and licking my piss off the teachers desk.” he said again whispering.
“MMM I know that is pretty hard to forget.” I said as I grabbed his right hand and brought it down to my pussy and started rubbing my pussy with his fingers through my pants.

He pulled my hair aside and started kissing my neck, and he unbuttoned my dress pants and pulled down the zipper and worked his hand down to my bare pussy.

“you are so evil Todd.” I said rubbing his fingers in my cunt.

“Why don’t you let me come over to your house tonight, and fuck you on your husbands bed again.” he said still behind me rubbing my pussy. I just sat quite with my eyes closed. He slid my wedding ring off my finger, and he put it around my clit, and continued to rub my pussy.
“And I’ll wear your husbands underwear again as I fuck you, and you could put on your wedding dress again for me, and I could fuck you in your mouth, and your pussy, and your asshole. Then you can jerk me off on your wedding photo’s and I can watch you lick my cum off them.” he said

I pulled away and took my ring at put it back on my finger.

“Todd we can’t do this anymore.” I said as I re adjusted my panties and buttoned my pants back up.
“c’mon baby I want you.” he said with a puppy dog look on his face.
I took a big sigh and looked at him for a moment.

“well its almost time for our lunch break, why don’t we just skip lunch and go and lock ourselves in the maintenance room for a half hour.” I said.
“oh yea lets do It.” he said

We both clocked out and we both separately walked to a little room behind a hanger He got there first and when I walked in he was sitting on a bench waiting. I walked in and locked the door and turned the lights on. He rushed up to me kissing me, and quickly started taking off my shirt. He grabbed my tits and tore my bra off, as I was undoing his belt. I took off his pants till he was down in his boxers. He stepped back and slip off his boxers. I unbuttoned my pants till I was down to just my blue Victoria secret panties.

We started making out again slowly and then he turned me around, he got on his knees and looked at my ass through my panties. He slowly started pulling down my panties admiring my ass. He helped me step out of them, then he grabbed my cheeks and pulled them apart. I bent over slightly and he stuck his tongue on my asshole forcing his tongue in. I rubbed my ass up and down on his face just like he did me on my wedding day. Then he lifted me up on a table and I spread my legs and lifted my ass up. He ran his tongue up and down slowly from my asshole up inside the folds of my pussy and up to my clit. He repeated this several times, for several minutes.

I wanted to return the favor and I sat back up and put his cock in my mouth. I had him sit on the table and I ran my tongue from his asshole up his balls and all the way up his dick to the end. I took off my ring and put it on his asshole and stuck my tongue through the ring to his hole. Then I put the ring on the end of his cock and licked his dick hole through the ring. He looked at me moaning as I did this. We stood up kissing again. And he started to lay me down to put his cock in me. When I looked at my cell phone and our lunch break was up.

We both got dressed and went and clocked in and sat behind the counter again. We were both really frustrated by all the four play and we didn’t get to fuck.

We sat there for a while in silence
“You sure I can’t come over tonight?” he asked
I took a big sigh.
“Todd you don’t even know how guilty I been feeling about all this, can you try to understand.” I said. “I mean your married do you have the slightest bit of guilt for what we been doing.”

“yea I mean I feel a little guilty but not guilty enough for me wanting to stop this good thing we got going here.” he said

I put my head back. “Todd I don’t want to stop either its just…..” I said not knowing what else to say

“you make me so horny I can’t help it.” I said starting to rub my pussy through my pants. Todd saw this and started rubbing his hard on.

All of the sudden I stopped and straightened up. Todd looked at me curiously

“I have an idea.” I said in a kinky tone as I bit my lip.
“what?” he asked
“your wife works evenings, why don’t I come over to your house tonight.” I said

Todd looked down at the ground. “ahh we shouldn’t do that.” he said

I sat there and looked at him and then I started getting angry.

“so what Todd you can just come over to my house, and fuck me everyway from Sunday. Show up at my wedding and make me suck your cock and lick your ass in my wedding dress, and piss in my mouth and send me to the altar with your fucking cum in my ass. While you sit there and watch and play with your little peter. But I ask to come over to your wife’s house that’s going to far.”

“Well uhh.” he stuttered.
Then I got in his face.

“What’s a matter Todd you don’t want to fuck me on your little wife’s bed.” I said

He sat there sheepishly

“Oh but I want to rub all my pussy cum all over her pillow and stick her tooth brush up my ass.” I said mocking him

Todd just sat there and smiled. We sat there in silence for a moment.

“c’mon Todd lets go to your house tonight. Don’t you want to fuck me in the ass?” I said with a puppy dog look on my face.

Todd sat back in his chair and took a deep sigh

That night I drove up to Todd’s condo I called him prior to make sure his wife was gone. I told my husband that I was going out with some friends, he was out of town anyway. I knocked on the door. Todd answered.

“Hi, get in here” he said pulling me inside as he looked out to make sure no one was watching. He quickly closed the door and locked it.

“So nice, your wife decorates very good.” I said

Todd walked in nervously running his hand through his hair. And sat at the kitchen bar.

I walked around the kitchen with a closed mouth smile on my face.

I been thinking all day, I felt that I needed a little revenge from how Todd has degraded my husband, not that it didn’t turn me on.

“So is this your wife’s coffee cup.” I asked

Todd nodded his head.

“hmm that is a nice cup, I bet she drinks her coffee out of this every morning.” I said.

I was wearing a white tank top and tight blue jeans I had my Victoria secret underwear on and a matching bra. Todd wasn’t used to not seeing me in my work clothes. I was exited about finally getting to come over to Todd’s wife’s house tonight and I went to the gym, and tanned, and spent about an hour on my hair and makeup before I came over.

“yes this is a fine cup.” I said “a fine cup it is.” I said as I started undoing my jeans I pulled them down slightly and moved my panties aside letting my pussy stick out.

“yes it is true, this is a fine cup.” I said as slid the rim of the cup between my pussy lips. I turned the rim of the cup so that my pussy juice covered all the way around the cup where she drinks from.

“you like that baby.” I said Todd was starting to calm down and he laughed as he watch me do it. I finished porno izle and rubbed the handle in my pussy, and put it back where I found it.

“I hope she enjoys her coffee in the morning.” I said
“So Todd aren’t you gonna show me your bedroom.” I asked

He took me by the hand and led me down the hall, as we passed the bathroom I had a smile on my face. We walked in the bedroom, and Todd went and sat on his bed. There was a big closet and I walked in and saw all of Todd and his wife’s clothes, there were tons of shoes as you would expect from a closet of a women.

I looked and there was a dirty clothes hamper. I walked over and fumbled through and pulled out some very cute pink panties. I looked at them a second and they were about my size. Which surprised me a lot because I always pictured Todd’s wife for some reason to be overweight and unattractive, because he was so interested in me. I didn’t give it much thought and I went out. Todd was sitting on the bed with kind of a strange look on his face. I looked at him and brought the panties up to my nose and sniffed them.

“I can smell your wife’s pussy Todd.” I said

Todd kind of had a weird look on his face but it turned to a smile and he pulled his cock out and started playing with it as he watched me.

I turned them inside out and held and stuck the crotch part of the panties out to Todd, and I started licking the crotch of the panties. I ran my tongue up and down from where her pussy goes to where her asshole touches. Todd continued to stroke his cock. I went back into the closet and grabbed one of her bra’s and put her panties on the side of a chair. I started dancing and I gave Todd a strip show working all my clothes off slowly and finally throwing my panties at Todd and I dropped my bra on the floor.

Todd was using my panties to jerk off with, as he watched me put on his wife’s dirty panties and slipped on her bra. I continued to dance and I was rubbing my tits. And fingering my pussy through her panties. I walked up to Todd who was still jerking off and I jumped on the bed and started giving him a lap dance.

I turned around and stuck my ass up to his face and I moved my booty around. Then I parted her panties to where my asshole was right in his face. I continued moving my ass and I started rubbing my finger on my asshole. I jumped off the bed, and I kissed my finger that I was just using to finger my ass and blew him a kiss.

“are you ready to fuck me now baby?” I said

“oh yea.” he said

“Is your dick nice and hard, and ready to fuck me on your wife’s bed wearing her dirty panties?” I said

Todd nodded his head.

“Well first I need to go pee, you want to come watch.” I asked

Todd nodded again smiling

He followed me to the bathroom and I shook my hips on the way there like I did to him when I was going to the bathroom at work.

We got to the bathroom and I sat down still wearing her panties. I didn’t bother to take them off I just sat on the toilet and parted them aside and peed with Todd watching. He got on his knees in front of me and watched my warm piss flowing out into the toilet. The flow weakened and there was just now pee dripping off my pussy and I stood up really quick and the panties covered my pussy again, and her panties slowly stared absorbing my pee.

“Oops I forgot to wipe. Is said. Why don’t you get that for me
I grabbed the back of Todd’s head shoved it up to my pussy he licked my piss through his wife’s panties. Then he parted the panties and stuck his tongue in my pussy.

I got up and started walking around the bathroom I started going through the cabinets. I pulled out one of her tampons and stuck it in my pussy with the wrapper still on. Then I grabbed her tooth brush and rubbed it on my pussy. I put it back where it went and then looked back at it not being satisfied. I took it out again and I turned and put the Bristol part of the toothbrush worked it in my asshole.

I faced my ass towards Todd and fucked my asshole with his wife’s toothbrush while her panties were on me parted aside.

“I bet your wife will like tasting my asshole as she brushes her teeth.” I said “I bet she really would like my asshole to be on her towel.” as I grabbed her towel and wiped my ass with it. I put the towel neatly back on the rack and I looked around and I let out an evil laugh, as I looked around the bathroom.
“ohh and I know she would like it on her dental floss.” I reached for her floss and Todd grabbed it from me and put it back in the drawer.

“Ok Britney you made your point, lets go back in the bedroom.” said Todd

“ahh but I was just starting to have fun.” I said frowning

“Ok but lets go have fun in the bedroom.” he said. As he grabbed my hand kind of forcefully and led me down the hall. I felt a little angry, he was all for that stuff when we were over at my house, and at my wedding. My pussy was really wet and I was really horny so I just blew it off.

We went into the bedroom and he threw me on the bed and jumped behind me and pulled his wife’s panties aside. He started fucking me doggy style, while he was fingering my asshole. He loved putting his finger in my ass then making me suck his finger as he pumped his dick in and out of my pussy. He pulled his dick out and stuck his tongue in my ass and spit on it and worked his spit in my ass lubing it up.

He eased his cock in my pussy, and fucked it hard for a few minutes then he pulled out and I lied on my back and he brought his cock up to my mouth. Then he got on top of me and put his dick in between my tits. I mashed my tits over his cock, and as he started moving his dick between my boobs I massaged his balls and I reached around and worked my finger in his asshole.

“Take your finger out of my ass and suck on it.” he demanded

I took my finger out and put it up to my mouth and looked him in the eyes and I licked my finger up and down and then stuck it in my mouth.

“MMM does your husband know what a nasty slut he married.”he said as he continued to fuck my tits.

“I am a nasty fucking slut, I’m your own personal dirty whore.” I said

He stopped fucking my tits and he puckered up his lips and saliva started slowly coming out his mouth and landed between my eyes. He continued jacking off with my breasts.

“I figured since your such a dirty hoe, you needed me to spit on your face.” he said.

I smiled. “I bet your wife wouldn’t approve of you having your own personal hoe, that you fuck while on her bed while she’s gone.” I said

Todd didn’t respond and again I was disappointed that he didn’t play the game both ways. He just continued fucking my tits and watching his spit drip down my cheek.

Just then my cell phone started playing its tune in my jean pocket. I jumped up and dug it out.

“Todd its my husband, be quite ok.”

Todd gave the zip lip gesture.

“Hi baby” I said into the phone.
“Hey honey, what are you doing.” Jeff said.
“I’m just here at the mall with Jamie trying on shoes.” I said

The phone conversation continued and Todd came behind me and bent me over the bead and helped me spread my legs.
“Yea I got that in the mail I will pay it in the next few days.” I said into the phone

Jeff put his dick on my asshole and started slowly working it in.

“ah huh.” I stuttered into the phone as Todd’s cock worked its way in my ass.

Todd could hear my husbands voice on the phone.

“What are you doing baby.” said Jeff on the phone
“I’m trying on shoes” I said
“you sound like your working out or something.” he said

Todd’s cock continued working in and out of my asshole.

“no I’m just tired I’m ready to go home and go to bed.” I said again stuttering

“ok well get that bill in the mail, ok.” Jeff said

Todd just stood there letting his cock sit still in my ass. I started moving my ass up and down his cock, at a slow pace.

“I will honey, I told you I would.” I said
“ok I trust you.” Jeff said
“ok baby.” I said

Todd started fucking my ass faster.

“alright brit well I gotta run, I’ll see you in the morning ok.” he said
“ok baby.” I said as I started rubbing my pussy hard with two fingers.
“I love you lots.” he said
I could feel an orgasm coming and I swallowed hard.
“Love you too.” I stuttered
“bye sweetie.” I said
“bye bye.” I said flipping the phone shut

Todd still fucking my ass hard grabbed the phone quickly from me and started rubbing my cunt with it.

“You fucking slut, telling your husband you love him with my big cock up your ass.” he said

“You like me fucking your sweet asshole while, you talk to your husband.” he said
My orgasm was getting closer and I grabbed the phone and through it on the bed and rubbed my pussy really hard.


My pussy started gushing, and my cum squirted all over Todd’s bed. I continued screaming, as my body began to get weak.
“Now its my turn to fucking cum.” Todd said

Todd amatör porno grabbed my hair pulling it really hard, making my head go back against his chest. He released my hair and grabbed my hips, and then thrust really hard in and out of my ass. I felt his body tense up behind me, and I could feel cum start to build up from the bottom of his cock all the way to the tip. Then it finally started pumping his cum inside my asshole with each stroke more and more, till his balls finally drained.

I leaned over on the bed, and Todd slowly pulled his cock out of my ass which was making air sounds as he pulled out, we both laid on the bed and we were breathing hard. We laid there for several minutes catching our breath.

“Well I guess I better go.” I said
“Enjoyed it baby.” he said smiling

I got up and started looking around for my clothes still wearing Todd’s wife’s dirty panties, which are now a lot dirtier with my piss stain on them and Todd’s fresh cum that was starting to leak out of my asshole into his wife’s panties.

I walked around gathering my clothes and I passed by the dresser and noticed a framed picture sitting on the top. I picked up the picture, and looked at it my jaw dropped in surprise.

“Is this your wife?” I asked
“That’s my Lisa.” he said
“Wow she is really pretty.” I said

It was a picture of Lisa Todd’s wife. She was standing next to Todd leaning against a car, she had long icy blonde hair, down past her shoulders. Very deep blue eyes that just glowed. She had very smooth white pale skin, with a slight tan. She had very perky breasts and her nipples you could slightly see through her shirt. She was smiling in the picture and she had beautiful white straight teeth with cute dimples. Her face was very sweet looking like an angel. I have always been told I was pretty, and I always agreed with everyone that told me that. I think I have very good features, and I work hard to keep looking good I work out a lot and I try to eat right on most days. But compare to Todd’s wife I am not pretty at all I don’t even stand a chance against her. I put the picture down.

“Todd why in the world have you been doing this with me, your wife is stunningly beautiful, there is no way you think that I am as pretty as her.”

“I know your not.” he said coldly

I sat there in shock for a moment, I just tuned around and looked at the picture, I started getting a choked up feeling in my throat. I felt like I was gonna start crying then I started feeling extreme anger. I just then realized what he was doing, and what I was doing. Truth is this whole time I thought that Todd was in love with me. I of course love my husband and not Todd. Todd is a fucking asshole, he’s a womanizing, cold hearted, bastard. I guess I kind of liked him a little at work. I guess every girl deep down gets turned on by a bad boy. I started having sex with him and I got turned on by how kinky he is, and I was feeling incredibly guilty, but I was having a lot of fun sneaking around and having a secret.

My angry thoughts continued looking at Lisa’s picture. She looked like such a sweet nice girl and he just takes every opportunity to fuck around on her, and here I was helping him. I guess through all our kinky sex games I was starting to have feelings for Todd. But he didn’t care at all he was just using me to degrade both me and my husband, and I fell for his sick little game. I was furious at Todd and more so I was furious with myself.

I heard Todd get up from the bed behind me. My body was frozen, I wanted to slap him, and run out of the house, but I’ve never been one that like’s to show my emotions. My face was red and tears were starting to fill my eyes, and to top it off I was sitting there naked wearing his wife’s panties.

“Britney” he said.

I put down the picture, and I opened my mouth and nothing came out. I took a hard swallow and finally was able to get the word out.

“what.” I said

“I know your upset, and you know I just always tell things like they are. And you asked me and my wife used to be a model, and I was just telling the truth I mean she is a little bit prettier then……….

I turned around

“Britney.” Todd said in a soft voice

“FUCK YOU.” I said as I pushed him into the dresser I quickly took off his Lisa’s panties and threw them. I grabbed my panties and bra and threw them next to my jeans, intending too just pick them up and carry them with me after I put on my shirt and jeans. I quickly bent over and put one leg in my jeans lost my balance and slipped on my panties and fell face first and hit my head on the side of the door.

I sat there for a few seconds dazed holding my fore head, and came to my senses somewhat, I struggled to get back on my feet but my body was completely week from both my emotions and being fucked so hard. I just put my head on the carpet and began crying. I cried harder than I ever had in my whole life to where it was difficult to breath. I felt a huge feeling of guilt, and sadness, and anger, and I was completely humiliated lying on the floor totally naked with Todd’s semen leaking out my asshole.

I continued laying there crying.

“I’ll never forgive myself.” I cried “I’m just gonna have to tell him so he can go find someone else that deserves him.”
I kept on for several minutes, I don’t know what Todd’s reaction was yet. But in the middle of having my face in the carpet. I heard Todd putting his clothes on, and I heard the bed comforter slide off the bed.
Todd knelt down beside me and covered me with the bed comforter. I didn’t want Todd to even touch me but I accepted the comforter. It was a relief to be covered, the only time you really enjoy being naked is when you are happy and you are having sex. Not while you are on the ground crying like a little girl.

“Britney, please stop crying.” Todd said in a sweet voice “will you please calm down and let me explain a few things.”

I cried for another moment and I started to calm down and I scooted my butt over and leaned against the wall with my head down staring at the floor.

“I’m sorry Britney I don’t like to see you cry.” he said he grabbed my knee through the bed comforter.

I finally lifted my head and looked at him with my blood shot eyes.
“Todd we can’t do this anymore.” I said

Todd nodded his head

“I agree its over, to be honest I didn’t want you to come over here tonight. I wanted to tell you not to . I love Lisa so much, but I knew what I have been doing at your husbands house and at your wedding and everything, I knew it wouldn’t be right for me to say no. I didn’t actually enjoy at all watching you mess with my wife’s things, but I knew it was only fair.”

He paused for a second

“Well actually I kind of enjoyed watching you give me that lap dance in her panties.” he said with a smile

I just sat there I didn’t smile back I was in no mood for humor.

“but anyway I knew when I married her that I didn’t deserver her, and I knew that I would end up cheating on her. I am just always horny and I always want to try something knew. Then I started working with you at the airport and I really liked you, and I just ignored it for a while. But as I got to know you better, and found out how funny you were and what a good personality you had aside from being really attractive. I started fantasizing about you, every night. After a while I just didn’t care anymore, all I wanted was to have sex with you.”

I started wiping the tears off my face listening to him.

“But I’m really sorry Britney, I guess this was all a mistake.” he said

“Oh Todd its ok I wanted it too, and aside from all my guilt I was having a lot of fun, my life has always been pretty boring I’ve always been just a good girl and I was always worried about making everyone happy and then you came along and it felt good to be bad.”

We sat silent for another moment.

“But Jeff is the perfect guy I’ll never find another guy like him, and there is no way I can just continue on after all the stuff we’ve done I’m just going to have to tell him, and then I guess we’ll just move on one way or the other.”

I continued to try to straighten my face.

“And I’m sorry for what I said to you, I just been really stressed out, and I guess I just blew it out on you. But I didn’t mean what I said to you ok.” I said

Todd nodded.

“So what does Lisa do?” I asked
“She’s a flight attendant.” he said
“are you serious” I asked
“yea I’m serious.” he said
“Well what company does she work for?” I asked
“Southwest.” he said

My mouth dropped

“Oh my god my husband flies for Southwest.” I anal porno said

We both stared at each other.

“Do you think they know each other.” I asked

Jeff thought for a minute.

“Well she is not assigned to a specific crew, she works with different pilots all the time. I guess they would have had to work with each other at some point.” he said

I sat there and thought for a few moments.

“Todd I think the right thing for me to do now is just tell Jeff the truth, no more lies.” I said
“And maybe somehow this will all work itself out.” I said
“Your not going to tell him about me are you.” he said with an panicked look on his face
“well Todd, I just don’t want to lie anymore.” I said
“NO!! you can’t do that Britney, he’ll come after me, and worse if he does Lisa might find out.” he said.
“well Todd you should of thought about all this before you started having sex with me, and I should of thought about it too.” I said “If you are doing something you know is wrong, there is going to be consequences. Its going to come back to you some how. That’s just the way life is.”

Todd sat back and closed his eyes

“oh shit” he said he kept looking like he was going to say more but he was lost for words.

“Todd this will all work out somehow, its probably going to suck for a while. But all we can do now is just come clean and hope for the best.” I said

Todd just sat there quite. I got up found my stack of clothes I looked back at him still naked, he looked sad and worried, and I forgot about myself and started feeling bad for him.

“Hey Todd.” I said

He looked up. I put my hand on my hips, he looked at my naked body with a sad look still on his face. I smiled and I gave him a quick dance, and then reached for my clothes, and put them on. He gave me a half smile from my little dance.

“Get up Todd.” I said

He slowly got up he reminded me of a pathetic little boy after he just got caught doing something bad.

“It will work out ok.” I said looking in his eyes. “I’m not going to tell him yet lets just sleep on it a few nights ok. We will figure it out.”

Todd just stood there and looked at me

“Still friends.” I said as I put up my arms up inviting him for a hug.

He nodded his head and walked into my arms, and hugged me back. We sat there for a moment, and when I released Todd had a few tears in his eyes. I smiled at him again and walked out.

As I went home I started crying again, but at the same time I felt a little relief. I have felt incredibly guilty for over a mouth now. Its been sitting there like a stone wedged in my gut. At least I can finally end this with Todd, and I can confess what I’ve done, and move on with my life. At the same time many sad feelings came over me knowing he would probably leave me for sure, But I made a deep promise to myself that if I can some how convince him to stay with me, I will never ever hurt him again, and I will spend the rest of my life proving that to him.

I got home that night and Jeff was still out on his trip, and he would probably be home early in the morning. I called my boss and woke him up and said that something came up and I won’t be able to make it into work in the morning.

I lied awake all night thinking how I was going to tell Jeff, I came to no conclusion, but my plan was to think about it several days, as I told Todd. I fell asleep for about a half hour when I heard Jeff come in the door. I got up and made him breakfast. I told him that I was really tired and I needed a day off from work.

He finally went to sleep after being up all night, and I started cleaning the house up, with my mind never resting about how I should tell him.

I went and grabbed his overnight bag, and grabbed the rest of his laundry. I went into the laundry room and started throwing his clothes in and grabbed his dirty underwear and as I started throwing them in the washer when I noticed something.

I picked up his boxer briefs and I noticed there were a lot of cum stains on them. I thought that’s weird, Jeff always said that ever since he met me he never jerks off. He likes to save all his cum that way he has a huge load for me.

I just smiled throwing them back in. Well I guess I can’t get too mad at him after all the shit I’ve done. I picked up his pants and put my hand in the pocket to make sure that I wasn’t going to wash anything important. I reached in and pulled out a used condom.

My heart just seemed to stop, I didn’t know what to think. I examined the condom for what had to be at least five minutes. There was a good load of white semen in it. I smelled the outside and at first all I could smell was rubber. But as I kept doing it I could make out the smell of a vagina.

I took the clothes out and put them back into the clothes hamper. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I don’t want him to be suspicious that I found it quite yet. I walked quietly back into the room and put the hamper back where it was. When I got to the door, I turned around and watched him sleeping for a moment.

My thoughts did not move, I knew I would have several emotions soon but, I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions until I investigated this further.

I had the keys to his car and I opened the door and looked in the glove box, and everywhere I could think of where I could find evidence. I was getting really frustrated the car was really hot. I was just about to give up when I looked in the back seat where his flight bag sat.

I fumbled around in it, and I finally pulled out a letter. I grabbed it and went around the side of the house where no one can see me.

Dear Jeff.
How are you baby, I’m just sitting here in Houston on a layover and was really bored so I thought id write you a letter. I have had so much fun fucking you over the last few months. I love how secret and sneaky we’ve been. Remember that time when we snuck in the cargo area of the plane while the passengers were loading and we 69’d on one of the boxes. I loved rubbing your balls and sucking your cock, while you licked my pussy, and ohh it feels so good when you rub your tongue on my asshole.

And remember when we got that trip together and I snuck up to your hotel room, and I pretended I was a little girl on Halloween asking you for candy. And you made me suck your cock, and say trick or treat. And then we fucked like animals and you rubbed your wife’s picture all over my pussy. Then you pulled your wife’s panties out of your bag and we both sniffed them together. And you made me wear them on my head as you fucked me. And you jacked your cock off with my husbands tie. That really turned me on baby.

And remember the night of your wedding when you got back to your house and I was hiding outside, and you snuck out and fucked me up my tight little asshole and then shot your tasty cum in a little container. And I watched through the window, and fingered myself watching you and your wife in your bed room, and your wife was sucking your cock, after you just got done fucking my ass. Then I took the container of cum home and I pored your cum in my mouth and rubbed it on my pussy. Then I went and made out with my husband with your cum in my mouth. And he ate me out with you cum rubbed in my little cunt.

I could go on and on baby, we have had lots of fun times. We need to stop this soon because I don’t want your wife and my husband to find out about us. But lets keep it going for a little while longer sweetie cause I enjoy being your little dirty fuck toy.

Your secret lover
P.S. I been on the pill, so you can start fucking my sweet hairless pussy and stop wearing those annoying condoms.

I sat there and looked at the sky for several moments letting my thoughts and my emotions come to me. My first thought was I don’t have any more guilt left in me. Guilt is probably the worst emotion to feel. Six long weeks of incredible fear and guilt has just been lifted off my shoulders, it was like I had to carry 200 ibs on my back for six weeks and I finally got to drop it.

But I also felt three more emotions, and I started expressing those emotions. Three emotions that I never thought I could feel at the same time, and I felt them stronger than I have ever felt any of those emotions.

My hands trembled and my head was full of “ANGER” for being betrayed by my husband, and being lied to as he snuck around with his little whore.
Tears filled my eyes in “SADDNESS” knowing that our relationship will never be the same, if it even continues.

And my pussy was super wet from being “HORNY” from reading that kinky letter and knowing, that Jeff has been sneaking around doing the same stuff I have, and that I was the only one out of Me, Jeff, Todd, and Lisa. That knows the whole story, and I was completely in the drivers seat.

“hmm what should I do now?” I thought “ maybe I’ll just stick to my original plan and sleep on it for a few days, till I figure out what I’m going to do.”

To be continued………

(lol I just thought of, batman. Remember in the batman TV shows at the end when the narrator came on and asked “will batman and robin escape the jokers evil scheme, or will they plummish in the hot lava.”…….or something like thatJ )

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