The Decision of a Lifetime Pt. 04

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A quick thanks to Shadysweet for being a fresh set of eyes!

Dawn sits on the couch for a few minutes then puts on her sneakers and robe. She heads downstairs into the bedroom shutting the door behind her. She kicks off her sneakers and throws the robe on the bed. Dawn goes into the bathroom shutting the door behind her then leans up against it trying to figure out what just happened. The more she thought about it the more confused she got. She never thought about being with another woman but after what had just happened she was thinking more and more about Jacqueline and wishing she finished what she started.

Dawn goes to the sink and runs the cold water splashing it on her face. She then slips her arms out of the leotard exposing her breasts rolling it down just below the waistband of her pantyhose. She takes the washcloth and pats around her neck and chest then under her tits. She looks at herself in the mirror still in a daze as to what just happened. Dawn shuts the water off and walks out of the bathroom and is startled to see Jacqueline sitting on the edge of the bed still wearing her leotard and pantyhose.

Jacqueline had heard the water running and decided she wasn’t quite ready for their time to be up and was hoping Dawn felt the same way so she took off her sweatshirt and headed into the bedroom, waiting for Dawn to come out. She was a bit surprised to see Dawn half

-undressed with her tits hanging out but not disappointed.

“So by the look of things I guess you were expecting me.” Jacqueline says smiling.

Dawn instantly blushes and puts her arm across her chest trying to cover up.

“I know our time is up, your money and phone are sitting there on the nightstand. I was wondering if I could do one more move?” Jacqueline asks.

“I don’t see why not.” Dawn says.

“Great.” Jacqueline says.

Jacqueline gets off the bed and walks toward her. Dawn starts slipping her arms back into her leotard but Jacqueline stops her by grabbing her arm.

“No, it’s fine, leave it down.” Jacqueline says softly.

Jacqueline then slips her arms out of her leotard rolling it down as well. Dawn’s eyes look directly at Jacquelines tits and notices how firm and perfect they look.

Jacqueline and Dawn are now facing each other, Jacqueline takes Dawns’ left arm bending it behind her back then grabs that same arm’s wrist with her left hand keeping Dawns’ arm in place behind her back. Jacqueline then pulls her in close to her.

“What’s this hold called?” Dawn asks quietly..

“This is a reverse hammerlock Bostancı Escort I believe,.” Jacqueline whispers into her ear.

Jacqueline once again starts breathing on Dawns’ neck. She slowly works her way to her ear then wraps her other arm around Dawn’s waist. Jacqueline can feel Dawn’s heartbeat getting faster then she pulls on Dawn’s wrist making her wince in pain which gets Jacquelines’ heart beating fast as well. Jacqueline pulls Dawn’s hair making her look up and starts kissing under her chin and making her way to her chest.

Jacqueline pins her up against the wall as she kisses Dawns’ neck and even bites it a little. Jacqueline looks into Dawns’ eyes then pulls her wrist making her wince in pain once more. Jacqueline goes back to kissing her neck then to her cheek. She pulls back again to look at Dawns’ face and Dawn leans forward and finally gives in as she delivers a long hard kiss on Jacquelines’ lips.

“It’s about fucking time.” Jacqueline says.

Jacqueline moves Dawn from the wall and over to the side of the bed as they continue kissing. She lets go of her arm and pushes her back onto the bed. Dawns’ pantyhosed legs are hanging over the side, Jacqueline grabs the leotard pulling it down her legs and tosses it on the floor. She leaves the pantyhose on and runs her hands up and down Dawns’ thighs. Jacqueline then removes her leotard tossing it on the bed.

Jacqueline keeps Dawn’s legs hanging off the side of the bed then lifts her left leg and begins kissing her pantyhosed foot working her way to her ankle and calf then to her inner thigh. She gets to Dawn’s pussy and she can see where her pantyhosed crotch was wet already and begins rubbing it with her index and middle finger.

“I told you I thought you were enjoying yourself and from the looks of things I was right.” Jacqueline says.

Dawns’ heart is beating so fast she thinks it’s going to explode out of her chest as Jacqueline starts kissing her pantyhosed covered pussy then works her way up to her navel, licking from her stomach to her tits. Jacqueline begins sucking on her left nipple while pinching the other one. Dawn can’t take anymore as she grabs Jacqueline by her hair, pulls her up to her face and delivers a long wet kiss. Dawn feels Jacquelines’ tongue as it enters her mouth. Jacqueline pulls away and positions Dawn fully on the bed and goes back to kissing her and biting her bottom lip.

“I think this is where we left off.” Jacqueline whispers in Dawns’ ear as she straddles her and begins rubbing her leg up and down her Ümraniye Escort moist pussy.

Dawn begins to moan, she is no longer trying to hold it back like she was before.

Jacqueline continues moving her leg up and down Dawns’ crotch as Dawn can hardly contain her emotion. Jacqueline then stops and positions herself by Dawns’ legs, she lifts Dawns’ left leg up and positions her pussy over Dawn’s and begins grinding. She grinds back and forth as the pantyhose makes the glide nice and smooth. Dawn grabs the bedsheets as she moans. Both ladies are now moving in perfect time with each other and Dawn can’t get over how amazing this feels, she doesn’t want Jacqueline to stop. Jacqueline knows she is close to climax but isn’t ready for this to end so she stops and lays along side of Dawn as they kiss.

“What the fuck!.” Dawn thinks to herself as she was so close to cumming.

Jacqueline then takes her left index and middle finger and sticks them in her mouth getting them nice and wet. She puts her hand under Dawns’ pantyhose and begins rubbing her wet pussy and slowly inserts her fingers. She watches Dawn take a deep breath each time Jacqueline moves her fingers in and out of her slowly. Jacqueline speeds up a little going deeper into her as Dawn’s moans get louder. Dawn starts tensing up and Jacqueline thinks she is ready to cum but doesn’t want her to just yet so she removes her fingers bringing them up to her mouth and sucks all of Dawns’ juices off of them.

“Fuucckk..” Dawn says as she looks at Jacqueline.

Jacqueline then takes Dawn’s right hand and leads it down to her pantyhosed covered pussy and guides it as she rubs it until Dawn starts rubbing her pussy on her own. Jacqueline starts breathing heavier as Dawn begins rubbing harder over Jacquelines’ pantyhose. Jacqueline lets out a moan and Dawn gets nervous

and stops rubbing bringing her hand up to Jacqueline’s cheek as they kiss. Jacqueline grabs her hand once more and puts her index and middle fingers in her mouth wetting them. She guides Dawns’ hand down this time under her pantyhose. Dawn is a bit hesitant at first and pulls her hand out from under Jacquelines’ pantyhose but Jacqueline begins kissing and sucking on her neck then guides it back under once again. Dawn can feel Jacquelines warm moist pussy as Jacqueline moves her hand up and down. Dawn finally takes over and Jacqueline removes her hand putting it on the side of Dawns’ face. Dawn slowly penetrates Jacquelines’ pussy with her fingers and Jacqueline lets out a moan.

“Yes, Kartal Escort god yes finally..” Jacqueline says as Dawn continues fingering her.

Jacqueline has been waiting for this since she first laid eyes on Dawn.

“Faster…faster! Jacqueline yelled as Dawn did as she was told.

“Yes…yes..fuucckk me..yes!!” Jacqueline yells.

Dawn feels Jacquelines’ juices as she cums, getting a little bit more then she expected as Jacqueline holds her hand there while quite a bit comes out soaking her hand and Jacquelines crotch of her pantyhose.

Jacqueline gives Dawn a big sloppy kiss as Dawn slowly removes her hand from under Jacquelines now wet pantyhose.

Jacqueline then begins kissing Dawns chest then her breasts. She works her way down kissing her stomach. She removes Dawns’ left leg from her pantyhose but leaves her right leg in them. Jacqueline begins kissing Dawns’ inner left thigh and works her way to her pussy. Dawn feels Jacquelines’ tongue penetrate her as her back arches off the bed. Jacqueline continues licking and sucking on her clit like a woman possessed. Dawn begins to moan as she puts her hands on Jacquelines head pushing her face into her pussy.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” Dawn yells.

“If you want me to stop, just tap.” Jacqueline says smiling.

“N..No, No don’t stop.” Dawn struggles to say.

Jacqueline continues eating her out and inserts a finger inside of her ass as she continues licking her pussy. Dawn’s moans get even louder.

“Oh fuucckkk! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Dawn yells.

“Cum for me, tell me, I want to hear you say it.” Jacqueline says as she fingers her then continues eating her pussy.

“I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING!!!” Dawn yells.

Dawns body convulses as she moans. Jacqueline tries keeping her tounge in her pussy as best she can.

“OH MY GOD YES!!” Dawn yells.

Jacqueline gently kisses Dawns’ pussy as Dawn lays on the bed with her hands on her head.

“Holy shit, that was…that was amazing.” Dawn says.

Jacqueline sits up on her knees smiling.

“So, do you regret your decision?” Jacqueline asks.

Dawn slowly sits up and looks into Jacqueline’s eyes.

“No, not at all.” Dawn says with a smile.

She leans toward Jacqueline and she hugs her and they begin to kiss once more.

Dawn never forgot that day. Jacqueline lived up to the deal and Dawn became the main cleaner for all of her properties and others as well. Her business grew faster than she could have ever imagined. She eventually left her husband and moved out of the city closer to the shore. She would see Jacqueline quite a bit especially during the summer and each time they got together it was amazing.

Dawn even learned how to wrestle and surprised Jacqueline with a little wrestling match but that’s a story for another time.

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