The Defloration of King Aron

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Aron, born of King & Queen of the Kingdom of Clitorina, was neither loved nor hated by the people of his realm. King Aron had ascended to the throne at fourteen, when ill health had robbed the Kingdom of its most popular ruler to that point, and was expected to take a wife by eighteen, thereby producing an heir. A King without heirs makes everybody nervous, especially when the King is young, handsome and at the height of his sexual potency. Now nineteen, Aron remained wifeless and uneasy murmurings had begun in the mead houses and the markets.

His Chief Advisor, Bolman, reminded him daily that he would have to take a wife soon, and never mind waiting for a lady of noble birth to take his fancy. If he had to marry a commoner to silence the whispers, then so be it. Aron knew the wisdom of this and agreed, not knowing that Bolman had begun to suspect his deepest secret: that he had not yet met the lady of his desires because he did not (and never would) fancy women at all. And he certainly never anticipated the act that put babes into the bellies of women. The very thought of it repulsed him.

So, he spent his days attending to affairs of State, and his nights retreating to the royal bed alone. Bolman, sensing that the young King’s juices needed coaxing and encouraging one way or another, appointed His Majesty with a personal servant, Claude. Now Bolman was not in any way au fait with what one man might search for in another, but he knew the maidens of the palace fairly swooned when Claude passed by, and so was pretty confident in his assumption that the King may feel the same way. Bolman was not one to listen to idle gossip, but he had never heard the name of a maiden being spoken of in relation to Claude. However, there were many rumors that Claude was often seen in the company of various young men. He was happy to draw a conclusion from this fact for his purposes of deflowering the young King.

Claude was initially nervous when approached by Bolman, who was not explicit in his requirements of why Claude had been appointed in such a coveted position, other than to say to him, “if the time ever comes to do your Master a service, you must not hesitate.” However, he found that the King was particularly good company and they shared many similar interests. Over a brief period, he came to look upon the Monarch as more than just his Lord and Master, awakening feelings within him that he had, for so many years, hidden.

Like many young nobles of his time, Aron had become incredibly good with the sword and they practiced every day after his academic studies had been completed. King Aron’s interest in sword play extended beyond the cold steel weapons to a more strong and warmer one before too long. Claude was a large man with a well-muscled body and handsome in his own way, with a dark beard and a smooth closely-shaved head. In the warmer months, they often practiced without their shirts. King Aron could not help but admire the trail of hair that went down from his man servants’ chest to the top of his muslin pants. Bolman had witnessed these physical sessions from time-to-time and had a sense that the young King had developed Kurtköy Escort lustful feelings for his opponent and, knowing that his plan had been successful, he began to leave the two alone.

When the King retired, with Claude often sleeping in the very next room, he wondered what the man would look like naked. Would the hair surround a flesh weapon of great size and girth? Would the man’s legs be covered with the same dark hair as his face and chest? Would the balls between his legs be full and dropping low, or would they be tight against his body? It was thoughts like these that led to the King’s own impressively-sized tool to become like iron beneath his sheets and he would have to take himself in hand, until his muscular but youthfully smooth body was covered in his thick and glistening spend.

After hours of practice the two usually went to their separate quarters to change and bathe. One hot summer day they had decided to practice in the shade of a grove of trees not too far from the Palace. A clear stream ran through the grove and babbled over rocks worked smooth by years of passage. After an hour of practice in the hot sun, Claude called a halt to their tournament. He removed his leather gloves, then sat down to remove his boots. King Aron stood rooted to the spot as he watched the muscles twist on the shoulders of the larger man.

Claude looked up at the young Monarch, smiling. “Come, my young Master, join me in washing ourselves clean of our stink and sweat in the cool waters of the stream.”

As he spoke, Claude pulled at the string which held his pants up and Aron’s mouth fell open as the servant revealed his naked manhood to the Kaiser. It was bigger than he ever imagined, and he was instantly reminded of the statues he had seen for years at the Court. Only this live, real flesh was much bigger and, released from the confines of the pants, it swayed as if alive. Claude turned his back to the youth as he folded his garments and bent to place them on a nearby rock. Aron got a peek at the man’s hairy arse crack and a momentary look at his dark puckered hole. The Sovereign felt his own rod stiffen in his pants.

Claude stood and turned to the flustered youth. He walked slowly to the King, reaching out his hand. “Apologies, my Master, I forgot you are used to your servants helping you to undress. Let me assist you.”

King Aron nodded his head, his mouth dry and his heart pounding in his chest. The masculine minion loosened the sword belt around his waist. The young Ruler stood shirtless as Claude removed the leather strap holding up his pants. They fell to his booted feet and his Royal cock stood stiff in the cool breeze, a drop of clear juice quivering at the tip like morning dew on a blade of grass. Claude realized that to remove the pants the boots would also have to be removed. He knelt in front of the King to untie his boots and, in the process, King Aron’s erect penis touched his face as it swayed, leaving a glistening trail on his cheek.

Claude did his best to ignore the tempting thick rod and removed the King’s boots, then the pants which he carefully folded and added to Pendik Escort his own on the rock. He walked back toward the nervous youth and squatted in front of him, looking up into Aron’s eyes. There he saw a desire that he had often seen in the eyes of the youths and men in his barracks. He opened his mouth to speak but was silenced by Aron’s prick pushing on his upper lip. With a whisper, he asked, “Is this what you want, my Lord?”

The confused teen gave a slight nod of his head, then felt his erection being engulfed by the wet and warmth of Claude’s mouth. It lasted only a few moments but long enough for a shudder to flow through Aron’s body. Sensing the King’s arousal, Claude stood and placed his hands behind his back, wanting the monarch to see him as he was. His hard and swollen weapon was revealed to King Aron. It was much darker in colour than the young ruler expected. The skin covering the head was pulled back taut to reveal the dark pink head which glistened with a drop of his man semen on the end. The King tentatively reached out his hand to grasp the engorged rod in front of him. It felt both soft and hard in his hand. He gently pulled on it, feeling the soft skin in his palm. It was the first one he had seen except for his own.

He smiled at Claude, and whispered, “It’s so soft, yet hard, to reveal the strength of the man it is a part of.”

Claude put his strong hands on the King’s shoulders, pushing him down. As if by instinct Aron knew what he must do. He grasped at the base of the engorged pole and pulled Claude into his open mouth. The servant’s knees grew weak as the sensation overcame him and he held onto the young King for support. The Monarch was in no way experienced in this but showed an enthusiastic need to please, for once being the servant than the server. The moans escaping from the older man’s lips confirmed that the young King was doing well, and he found that he did not want to stop; did not want this feeling to end. He used his tongue to explore the underside of the mammoth prick, keeping pressure with his lips at the same time, savouring the taste of this handsome and masculine man.

Before he could spend his seed, Claude raised the King up and guided him to the stream. Aron was not happy. He wanted more, wanted to learn more of how to please a man’s body. The servant sensed the King’s needs but remembered his duty, first and foremost. In the cool stream, both washed their bodies. The older man walked up behind the young King to wash his back. Feeling the strong hands on his shoulders, Aron moved back into the hairy chest of the hireling. Doing this only managed to wedge the man’s rod between the soft and hairless cheeks of the King’s arse. Knowing that the assistant was now open to his suggestions, King Aron began to move his muscular backside up and down as Claude washed his shoulders, made broad from countless exercises.

This had the desired effect. The man servant’s pecker grew stiff with anticipation of finding a warm and wanting tunnel to bury itself in. The King stood on his tiptoes so that the head of the engorged organ rested against his puckered hole. He Mutlukent Escort eased himself down on the hard pole and, by now Claude had given up any pretence of washing the Monarch. He stood perfectly still and hard as the strong youth mounted his cock. With a small gentle thrust of his hips he gained access to the warm tunnel of the King. Aron cried out with both shock and satisfaction at the penetration. No words were needed as the two began the motion that comes naturally to men. The only witnesses to the King’s defloration were the birds in the trees and blue sky overhead.

The first pain of entry was soon replaced by a warm feeling of pleasure that washed over King Aron as they stood in the stream. Claude reached around his Master to grasp his hard, leaking tool and he moved his hand up and down the rigid shaft. The man’s other hand went to the youth’s chest, searching for those nubs he knew he could pleasure. He found them, hard and stiff to his touch. The King reacted with a deep moan of pleasure as his whole body took in the feelings of ecstasy that he had never known possible.

Claude withdrew from the King’s anus and moved them both to the soft grass. He gently placed the Kaiser on his back and lifted his toned legs to his shoulders. He looked down into the lust filled eyes of the smiling King. Leaning forward he gave those young untouched lips a soft kiss as he moved his cock back to its newfound home. Gently, he pushed inside as he kissed the young man’s neck. The King moaned as he felt the pleasure return to his body.

Knowing that the young monarch was a virgin only increased the pleasure the servant felt. He was taking his own pleasure in the body of the royalty he served. He increased the pumping into the youth as the King began pushing back to meet his thrusts.

In no time each felt their own end nearing. The King grasped the sinewy shoulders of the man pulling him in deeper into his body. A spot of unknown pleasure filled the King as Claude erupted deep into his willing body. The King’s legs came down to rest on the globes of the servant’s arse, pulling him in and to hold him in place to prolong the feelings of pleasure. His own climax followed shortly, the Royal seed exploding from his penis and spattering his chest and running down his toned stomach. Claude fell onto the King’s chest while both tried to regain breath and strength and they became glued together by the master’s semen.

The afternoon had been more than either one had expected. The King’s curious questions about the pleasures of the flesh had finally been answered. The strong warrior had finally given into a pleasure he had been seeking since getting to know the monarch on a more personal basis. Claude rolled from the King’s chest, laying in the soft grass. His hand grasped the King’s as they lay there, his other hand feeling the texture of the King’s spend that was drying on his chest. The King turned on his side so that his head rested on the older man’s chest.

“I sincerely hope that that meant more to you than simple duty,” the King muttered.

Claude smiled. “My Lord and Master, I am beyond words to express just how much you mean to me.”

The King sighed. “If the God’s would allow it, I would have you by my side for eternity.”

The world of King Aron had changed, if only for a short time, but his life had been touched by something that would live in his body forever.

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