The Devil’s Daughter

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*All characters are at least 18 years of age.

I studied myself in the mirror, quite pleased with the smoothness of my shave. It went nicely with my buzz cut. I fixed my glasses, and tucked my shirt into my pants. Checking my watch, there was still plenty of time. I liked to get to the church early and prepare my sermon. I grabbed my blazer and hat as I left.

“Handsome man!” my wife, said as she hung out of me.

I pecked her lips as she pressed up against me. She got a kick out of exciting me like that. Oblivious to us, Lucy and her brother darted from a bedroom; chasing each other down the hallway. They were probably used to our shows of affection by now. I was glad. Expressions of love shouldn’t be something to hide away I’d always preached. I sighed as Ellen winked at me before following the kids. It seemed every day another wrinkle etched at her beauty. Though it took longer, she didn’t seem to mind putting in the extra effort to get me hard. I removed from my mind any concerns about a brother chasing after his half-dressed sister. Harmless fun.

“Father, can you come in here?”

“Maria?” I said, arriving at the doorway. “Are you nearly ready, darling?”

Sitting on a stool, with her legs tucked under her makeup table, I could see she was. She wore heels, and a pair of tights under her pencil skirt. All in black except for the blouse. I could tell it was loosened from the way she rubbed her neck.

“I need your special touch, father,” she said, her eyes darting back at me in the mirror.

It was only a subtle line of mascara, but I was amazed at how it could alter a woman’s look.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’ve done something to my neck, I think. In the shower. Your healing hands are needed.”

I looked at my watch. I didn’t like being late, but there was still plenty of time. It was mostly gone now, so I carefully laid the shield that was my hat and jacket on her bed.

“Practicing your singing too vigorously?” I said. “I could hear you this morning.”

I lifted fiery red hair off her neck. Her shirt half open, I rolled the collar down and placed my hands on soft shoulders.

“God, that feels good,” she said with a sigh.

“Now, now. Don’t be taking his name in vain, Maria.”

“Sorry, father.”

I nodded to her repentant reflection as I ironed tender muscles. As I worked, she emitted the type of sound that only her mother made.

“Was my voice ok? I just want to be good for the choir. For you. And God of course.”

Some hair whipped my pants as she turned her head. I gently eased her back around by her chin.

“Keep still, honey. You’ll hurt yourself more. And don’t worry. He’s certainly blessed you, Maria – with the voice of an angel.”

Seeming pleased with my response, she closed her eyes and relaxed. I studied our image in the mirror. There was a mature sharpness to her face that cut away any link with the girl she used to be. Swaying back and forth, I would be lying if I said I didn’t catch a glimpse of what filled her black bra. A young women for sure. I averted my eyes to look at more innocent things. A bible rested on her bedside locker. Rosary beads hung from the corner of the mirror. Though I respected the traditional teachings of the church, I could never have followed them all in my own ministry. I knew my nature well enough to rule out a life as a celibate priest. Some hymn sheets lay şişli escort open before her. My daughter was a good, obedient girl. Even at 19, she never gave me or her mother a day of trouble. My eyes strayed back to dark places. I slid my finger under the thin bra strap and let it snap back down on her skin. Her eyes stayed closed as lips curled.

“Maria? Is this colour not a bit…obvious under such a light top?”

Shoulders shrugged in my hands.

“I saw it in a magazine. I’ll change to a white one instead, daddy.”

I kept working as she undid her blouse. I pretended not to notice, but did a terrible job. She had it half way down her back. I promptly pulled it back up on hearing footsteps. I noticed how she held the blouse over her chest, but let it fall loose again on seeing him enter.

“Hey, dad,” Mark called. “Mom’s wondering where you are. Nearly ready?”

“Hi Mark,” Maria innocently said from her stool.

I shook from my mind any absurd feelings of jealousy.

“You know what, I’m actually glad both of you are here. Son, come,” I said, pulling him by the arm. “Take a good look at your sister. Be honest, what would you say about her?”

Maria shared my smirk as we waited for his response.

“Go on. The first thing that comes to mind,” I said.

“I…uh…she’s nice…pretty, I guess.”

“Only pretty? Ah! You’re lying because she’s your sister. But that’s ok. She’s beautiful isn’t she? I mean, if you weren’t her brother…”

The poor boy went cherry red.

“Dad! Maria! I’m sorry, ok. I thought the bathroom door was locked. I…I’m sorry.”

“Relax, Mark. Take it easy,” she said.

I looked at both of them, a little confused. I pinched my forehead and returned to my impromptu lesson.

“The point is, both of you are changing. Growing. Lucy too of course. And we have to live with that. It’s a beautiful thing. But Maria, you see the effect you have on men now? And son, temptation is all around us. But we must rise above it.”

“Yes, father,” they echoed.

An awkward silence descended. I fished car keys out of my pocket and threw them to Mark. His face lit up as he looked at me.

“Go turn the car around. Tell your mother we’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Nice! Can I drive us?”

“I’ll see.”

He glanced back over his shoulder as he neared the door.

“See ya, bro,” Maria said with a wink.

I waited a moment before I returned my hands to her body. Using me as support, she casually rested the back of her head against me. She would have fallen straight onto her back had I not been behind her. I drew a sharp breath and peered down at her inverted, tranquil expression. On presenting me with puckered lips, I thought nothing of bending down to meet them.

“Did your brother walk in on you while you were in the shower?”

“I don’t think so. But I told you, I was singing. I wouldn’t have noticed. Maybe he was talking about Lucy? You know what they’re like.”

“Mmm,” I hummed as I rubbed.

Both girls were getting older. Blossoming. It was hard for the boy with temptation all around. I hoped he’d listened to my counsel. Perhaps my upcoming sermon would further strengthen his fortitude. I wondered if Maria’s bra was part of a matching set. Or perhaps she didn’t need to wear panties under her tights. I felt more of her delicate neck as she began rolling her head. There was no way she mecidiyeköy escort couldn’t feel what I could no longer hide. Our long, slow breaths were carelessly loud.

“Father? Is standing up there in front of all those people stressful?”

“No, honey. Not when preaching his word.”

“That’s good. I don’t want you to be stressed.”

Absent of any concern, she rolled her head directly over my stiffness. I found my fingers roaming down her chest. Her silky skin becoming smoother and fatter.

“So when you speak, it’s God’s voice? Isn’t it?”

My voice went deep.

“Yes, my child.”

Our fingers brushed as she cupped her breasts.

“I like it when you’re up there. Everyone with their eyes on you — hanging on your every word. Mom’s right. You are a handsome man.”

She pressed my hands against her chest.

“Weren’t we going to take this off, daddy?”

Demented fingers helped with her blouse. Standing right behind her, it was a no brainer that I’d unclip her bra. The tension of the straps vanished and she slid it off in one elegant move. Hardened nipples stood on the end of sensual breasts. Refusing to pause, I filled a selfish hand with one. I moaned as I squeezed — her head jerking to my rhythmical dry humps. Though I tried, skirt and tights blocked my frenzied touch. When I finally came out of my drunk lust, I met her gaze in the mirror. Dark, judging eyes that had just watched her father succumb, and use her for his own shameful pleasure. Was this the moment? I wondered. The moment where I lost her forever. She swivelled on the stool, her knees forcing themselves between mine. The skirt rode up her crossed thighs. Dreamy eyes glared up at me; her beautiful face only inches away. ‘Touch it,’ the voice in my head begged my mouth to say.

“If he’s in all of us, father; In my voice when I sing; The words that you preach…”

Her eyes drew level with my crotch. I could only gasp as she pushed black fabric around the outline of my desire.

“Then,” she continued. “I want to worship him.”

She planted a few gentle kisses around my weakness. Then she smiled at me. I nearly lost it when she fell onto the cock strained bulge. Cotton soaked as she sucked. Smooth, red hair flowed through my fingers. The devil’s colour. Perhaps my temptress was sent as some sort of test. I didn’t care as precum flooded my briefs. Hearing her moan, she slid her hand from under her skirt. She presented me with damp fingers. I sniffed deeply before licking them clean. I tucked back her hair as she unbuckled me. My heart pounded in my chest. I gasped as delicate fingers closed around my shaft, and groaned as her wrist worked.

“If he’s in you…then I want to please him,” she said, her voice fading to a whisper. “I want to please you.”

My head snapped up to the ceiling; not quite able to bring myself to the image of my cock spilling into my daughter’s mouth.

“Then give thanks, child!”

Clutching the back of her head, I watched the vigorous thrusts in the mirror. Always a gentle lover, why now did I feel the need to use her in the way one might use a common whore? Maybe it was like this for all fathers — the angry guilt ridden release. With not quite the seasoned skill of her mother, I knew her prettiness would make up for it. I bit the bullet and looked down. Strange sounds came from me as I felt her tongue. Strings of cum infused istanbul escort saliva stretched as I pulled out. I could see she needed to breathe. I didn’t give her much time as the heavy blows of my veiny meat rained down on her face.

“Repent! Repent!”

Her warmth too intoxicating, I slid back between wanton lips. Her nose buried in my pubes; I wondered what magazine she’d learned to do that in?

“Oh Maria!” I moaned, squeezing a succulent breast.

I scanned the room. The icons. The rosary beads. The bible. None of them could stop the natural processes of my body. And only natural they were; What was wrong with that? My gaze turned back to my mostly engulfed cock. How could it be that an hour ago, it was just a normal guy’s dick – being touched and teased by his wife – to now wearing a coat of his daughter’s saliva.

“Good girl.”

I pulled her hair as I reflected. Could I really give that sermon on temptation after this? I suppose I had to. It was too late to change theme now. I resumed the shoulder massage as tongue lashed testicles. The view was delightful. Maria’s bobbing head; her fat breasts; her sexy legs. The surge building, Maria’s sucking broke down the last of my resistance. The dam was ready to burst. I wondered if her lips could feel my twitching cock.

“Blessed is he who comes in the nam-….”

I heard gagging and gurgling. Her eyes widened and mouth filled. The poor girl wasn’t ready. Tracks of cum darted from her nostrils. Her head bobbed as I shoved and pumped the last of my love.

“Good girl. Drink it all,” I said as I gently held her chin.

The sound of her swallow was most satisfying.

“He is pleased.”


My mind was calm as I let go of her hair. Green, approval seeking eyes glared up at me. What a mess.

“Brush your hair, Maria.”

“Do as your Father says!” Ellen barked.

Covering her breasts, Maria scrambled to her dresser as her mother entered the room. After the initial shock, my pulse slowed. What was done was done.

“I wondered when this day would come,” Ellen said in a jaded voice. “Jesus Roger! Put it away, will you.”

I got to fastening my belt, while Maria cleaned up with brush and tissue. My wife sifted through drawers for the most conservative top she could find. I thought it best not to chastise her for using his name in vain.

“Stupid girl!” I heard my wife say. “Did you keep your legs closed at least?”

She seemed relieved at our daughter’s assurance.

I really should have excused myself as she helped Maria dress. Her mother wiping away the silky, spider webbed evidence from her clothes made me wish I had. Having said that, there was something mesmerising about watching her transform from ink-eyed whore to angelic choir girl.

“Right. Let’s go. I think we all need a good pray,” Ellen said.


The two women took my things from the bed and slid an arm either side of me. I nodded to Maria as some sort of apology. Or thanks. I angled my wrist and checked the time. Not bad, considering. The three of us headed for the car.

“Father,” she said, leaning into me. “Can I drive?”

“You cheeky little brat!” her mother hissed.

I was momentarily distracted as we neared the car. Mark’s serene, almost comatose expression turned to shock on spotting me. He looked down and uttered his silent command. Lucy rose up past the steering wheel. Using the rear view mirror, she cleaned her mouth and fixed her hair.

“Mark! Lucy!” I roared. “Get into the back seat!

No one could see my hand on Maria’s ass. I gave my wife a sullen look.

“You too, Ellen.”

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