The Doctor_(2)

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I have to go see the gynecologist – it’s that time of the year again. I wait anxiously in the office with a mixture of apprehension and excitement. I’ve decided to see a different gyno from my usual one for a change – I like the novelty of the unexpected.

I flip nervously through an outdated magazine and try not to stare at the gorgeous receptionist. Long, red hair cascades down the back of her crisp, starched white nurse’s uniform, and though there’s no adornment on her clothes, I can see the fabric straining over large, round breasts. I look back down and glance at an article about make-up tips. A sketch of a woman is designed to show you how to apply lipstick correctly. I start thinking about the receptionist’s full, red lips, imagining how wonderful they would feel on…

“Miss Anderson?” Her voice startles me and I’m sure my face is red as a beet. The doctor is a gorgeous, plump brunette.I swallow hard and manage a nod. I get up to follow her, too quickly, and her large titties rub against mine. I feel myself shudder and know my pussy is getting wet. She smiles encouragingly as I mumble an apology, trying hard not to notice her pert, hard nipples teasing me.

She leads me into the exam room. I barely glance at the chair with its stirrups because I know from the moment I’m strapped into it, she’ll know I LIKE IT. I’m wondering if she’ll think I’m a pervert. Maybe she’ll refer me to someone else. I undress completely, hoping she steals a look at my neatly trimmed pussy. I get into the chair and almost trip, but her hand is on my arm and helps me into the chair. She notices that I have goosebumps all over and asks me if I’d like her to turn the temperature up. I tell her it’s not a big deal. She tells me to go ahead and put my legs in the stirrups, and for a moment the cold metal is like a shock to my warm skin. Instantly, I feel a rush of excitement and my pussy spasms hard. She has her back turned towards me and doesn’t notice. I hope she’ll push the stirrups further apart – I want to be vulnerable and exposed for her and pray she’ll take her time. I need a long, deep exam. When I made the appointment the receptionist asked me whether I needed a rectal exam as well – and I fingered myself trying not to moan YESSSSSSS.

The doctor turns around to face me and I see that her beautiful chubby hands are snugly encased in rubber gloves. I sex izle have to fight the urge to beg her to finger my pussy and asshole. I try to steady my breathing, but I know it’s not going to happen. “Why don’t you relax, everything will be just fine”, she says to me. She bends over to feel my abdomen and I can see down her blouse. Her breasts are large, round and soft. I want to reach out and squeeze them but I don’t. She takes out a large, metal speculum and asks me if I want her to warm it up a little – it’s sterile and cold. I tell her she doesn’t need to, and she starts to slide it into my warm, juicy pussy, slowly, deeper and deeper the metal instrument goes and I almost pass out with pleasure.

“You’re very…lubricated”, she comments, and I think I see a smirk cross her lips. I feel my face flush and ask if that’s a bad thing. Now she smiles openly at me and tells me it’s a very, very bad thing – and that she’s going to have to punish me for being such a BAD little girl. I nod enthusiastically and say: ” Yes, please, punish me!” A wave of relief floods over me as I realize she is about to use me as her personal slut. She presses a button and within seconds, two nurses have come into the room. My eyes widen and I’m struck with fear. Both large, chubby women in their early 20s and clad in starched white uniforms, hands already gloved. Without a word, the first one steps towards me and starts to fuck me with the speculum, slowly at first, then harder, using the tool like a sadistic dildo.

I bite my lip to keep from screaming when I feel another hand fondling my tight puckered asshole. Someone is smearing a sticky substance on it that feels like Vaseline, but I can’t see anything. My face contorts with a sharp sensation as my asshole is violently penetrated with a large object – and when I open my eyes I realize that it’s a wine bottle. I whimper softly, trying not to be too loud but the doctor tells me not to worry – the exam room is sound proofed. I let out a long, loud moan as my holes are penetrated and violated continuously.

The nurses make way for the doctor who is now wearing a large studded strap-on. She tells me that this might hurt because I have a very tight pussy, but I only nod, eager for her to continue molesting me. She lines the brutal toy up with the wet entrance of my snatch and rams it in hard. I cry out, tears running alt yazılı porno down my eyes, but she knows I love every second of it as she starts to fuck me so hard the chair rattles.

After a couple of minutes she is obviously bored and I begin to get scared that she might stop. I plead with her and beg her to use me, she smiles almost cruelly and tells me that she will do whatever she wants with me. She orders me to get on the floor on all fours, and I do so, shivering on the cold tile. The nurses, both naked by now, start to fondle me, pulling and twisting my nipples and shoving their fat fingers into my violated holes. I moan and grunt loudly and with abandon. One of them gets in front of me and spreads her legs. The doctor orders me to lick her pussy, and I dive into the warm, flabby folds of her huge mound while the other nurses continues to poke my holes.

I continue to lick and suck the soggy wet pussy as the nurse in front of me squeals like a little piggy, pushing my head so deep into her cunt that my face is covered in her juices. At the same time, the second nurse is busy shoving more and more fingers into my swollen pussy in an effort to comply with the doctor’s orders to fist me. Finally, she pushes in hard and I feel her whole hand inside me, her fingers curling back towards her palm as she attemtps to make a fist inside my abused hole. She laughs and starts almost punching my pussy and I cry out in pain – but the sound is muffled in the delicious pussy I’m still eating. I feel her big fat fist pumping in and out of my pussy, filling me with delirious pleasure and pain.

The doctor seems bored again and yells at all of us to stop. She wants to reposition us and see something different. I feel disappointed to have to get out of those gorgeous fat folds but I do what she says. She tells me to lean back with my arms outstretched and spread my legs as far as I can. I do what she tells me, feeling my pussy now probably bruised from the repeated assaults. I’m panting, trying to catch my breath, cunt juice all over my face.

The doctor ties my wrists behind my back. She tells the nurses to grab one of my legs each and hold it wide open. I’m entirely at their mercy, unable to move or get out of the position they’ve put me in. I watch as the doctor sits on the floor across from me and wonder what she’s going altyazılı sex izle to do. She has no toys in her hand, no strange objects to abuse me with, no hard, metal tools to shove into my unyielding, tight holes. She smiles and tells me she likes girls with tight pussies, that she loves forcing them open and wider, stretching them. I thank her for picking me, tell her that I feel privileged to be able to serve her needs.

She smiles and slide her legs towards me. I have no idea what she’s doing. She pushes her feet on my thighs to open them wider. She starts rubbing her bare feet over my clit and I feel my whole body tremble. “You want me to make you cum, don’t you, you little whore?” she asks me. I can’t speak, I’m a slave to her torment. She stops abruptly and I cry out, begging her not to stop. She laughs and resumes rubbing my clit with her feet. Suddenly she pushes her foot hard against me and I feel her big toe pop into my pussy. She hold her hand to her mouth in mock surprise and forcefully continues to push her pointed foot into my unwilling snatch, twisting her foot, rotating it, until all five toes are firmly embedded in my juicy cunt. She leans back onto her arms and starts roughly forcing her foot further into my pussy, causing me to cry out again. She asks me if I want her to stop, and I beg her not to. She continues, pushing hard as I feel the sole of her foot sliding deeper into my folds.

Finally, the heel of her foot is all the way in and she laughs loudly. She tells one of the nurses to get the camcorder and before long, the nurse is recording everything as the doctor proceeds to violate my cunt in a way I had never experienced before. She gyrated and twisted her foot around hard and rough, obviously intent on hurting me, and arouses by the abundant juices that her foot was sliding into. Soon she was fucking me with her foot, hard and rough, deeper and deeper. The nurses were cheering her on, obviously filled with envy as I received this “special treatment”. I heard myself moaning and groaning like an animal, and she started fucking me faster and faster. I creamed myself and let out a scream, my chest heaving as she removed her foot.

The nurses took close-up pictures of my sadistically abused holes, giggling and commenting that they were going into their private collections. The doctor told me to get dressed and that she expected me to come in whenever she called from this moment onwards. My hands were shaking badly and I struggled back into my clothes, but I managed to nod eagerly in acceptance of my new role as her slave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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