The Dream is Reality

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I sit on my bed caressing my bare legs while staring out of my window into the darkness. It’s the evening right now and it’s a very quiet night. My sister is at her friend’s house for a sleepover. My mom and dad are going out for the night in a little while and my brother Jayce is out at a bar with some friends. This will leave my other brother and I alone in the house. I’m thinking to myself while my mom makes supper. I stand up and walk over to the washroom in the bedroom. I don’t close the door all the way, just a little crack in the door so my parents can say goodbye to me. I started running hot bath water and lift up the toilet seat. I sit on there and I take a pee and a dump. I flush the toilet and put my towel near the floor right next to the bathtub. I turn the knobs off and climb in. This water is hot, hotter than usual, I go down on my knees and gasp. I turned the right knob to release cold water into the bathtub. Eventually it cools off and I let the rest of my body into the water.

The water is warm, it feels amazing against my naked body. I put my hair under the water. My hair is black and it goes down to my shoulders. I get my shampoo and wash my hair. The water is nice and soapy. I wash my body. I close my eyes and I hear my mother telling me goodbye. I sit in the nice water for a couple more minutes. I drain the tub and dry my body off with the towel. I put on very tight gym shorts and a fairly loose tank top. I don’t bother putting on panties or a bra. I go out and eat a grilled cheese sandwich that my mom made. I sit in the kitchen chair and my brother walks into the kitchen. He has fairly long brown hair and has green eyes. He’s not wearing a shirt but he’s wearing long shorts. He’s 3 years older than me, I’m eighteen and he’s twenty-one.

“Hi, Eddie, how are you?” I asked.

“I’m doing pretty good, how are you doing, Melanie?” he asked back.

“I’m feeling pretty good, actually, can I watch a couple movies with you soon?”

“Of course, you can pick them if you like,”

He smiles at me and I smile back at him. He looks so amazing without a shirt on, I really think he’s one of the cutest boys I’ve ever seen even if he’s my brother. I want to kiss him but I am so scared to. We both eat and then we go downstairs to his room. I pick “Transformers” and “Rush Hour 3” for the two movies. He puts the movie “Transformers” in and climbs on the bed with me. We are both lying down, he is on the side in which the wall is. I move closer to him and he just stays there watching the movie. The movie is about five minutes in, I put my arm around him and cuddle right up to his smooth body. He put his arm around me and stroked my wet hair. I put my head near his chest as he continued caressing my hair. I can tell he is clean because the scent of his hair smelt like shampoo so he must’ve had a shower or something. We continue to watch the movie as I thought about what my next move should be.

I moved my head up to his and I rubbed my cheek up against his and gave him one of my sweet smiles. He kadıköy escort smiled back and pulled me a little closer to him. I am really getting turned on, my small breasts are pushed up against my tank top and my nipples erect right through it. My shorts are tight around my crotch, they are almost as small as my panties. I kiss Eddie on the lips and smile at him. He smiles back while blushing a little bit. We watch more of the movie and I want to roll over to the other side because I am getting a little sore. I move slowly so Eddie could get a glimpse of my small breasts down my tank top. I think he noticed. I rub my tiny bum against his leg as he puts his arm under me. I pull his hand towards my breast as he shows no resistance. I’m so anxious! I want to make out with him so much!

I hold it out until the end of the movie and I kiss his beautiful lips again. I do it again, and then again. It feels so cool and good to do that. I start kissing him long and passionately. His hair is so beautiful in my hand and I loved licking his smooth lips. I am the hyper one here. I’m making all of the movies, I’m not even sure if he even wants this. I really want to go right down to sex but I am really nervous. I took my top off and mounted him, I put my upper body on his upper body and kiss him more and more. I started to moan a little bit and I could tell he is getting very turned on. I could swear his shorts must be tight around his crotch. I lay next to him and I look at him with a very begging look.

“Eddie, will you have sex with me, please?”

He gives me a little nod and kisses me. I pull off my tight shorts and put them on the floor right next to my top. I pull off his long shorts/underwear and then mount him again. I rub my little bum against his cock as I kiss him over and over. My dream is coming true! His penis is about an average size, it looks at around six and a half inches or so…probably seven. I let him slide his beautiful cock inside of my vagina. It feels so good! I go all the way down on his cock and make a little whimper. I do that slowly and am I ever feeling a lot of pleasure! I am breathing heavy like a panting dog no more than a few minutes into the session. I start going a little faster and it felt so wonderful. I am starting to sweat even though the room is nice and cool. My vagina juices are spreading all around his cock and on the bed. He looked like he is enjoying it too, oh god this is so amazing.

“Eddie…can you play with my behind please?”

I kiss him again and then he put his hands around my little bum. I love the feeling of my bum being touched, it feels amazing. I go up and down a little bit faster to pleasure his sweet cock and he starts putting his fingers into my bum. I start moaning and I stop going up and down so he can continue to finger my bum. He did it slowly at first as I kiss him on the lips once again. He moved faster and faster as I moan very loud. I swear to god I could have had an orgasm right there as he fingered my behind. I put his smooth cock back pendik escort into my vagina and started going extremely fast. I have an orgasm right all over his cock, I collapse on top of his naked body while moaning loud. This is excellent! I loved having orgasms and I had one on my oldest brother! I breathe all over his face as he rubs my back. I kiss him again on the lips and then rub his chest.

“Eddie…can you stick your penis inside of my bum?” I asked him.

“If you want, Melanie.” He replied.

I go onto my knees and managed to fit his wonderful cock inside of my bum. I loved it! Oh god this feels so nice! He put it so deep inside of my little bum, I moaned and moaned. I start breathing extremely heavy and I start to rub my vagina as he does it. I want him to orgasm inside of my butt. He keeps on going and I keep moaning as my very tight bumhole is blessed with extreme pleasure. Eddie is breathing heavy as well, I figure he’s close to cumming. Soon enough, I feel the warm sprays of his cum all inside of my bum. I had another orgasm as this happens and did it ever feel good. He took his cock out of my gentle bum and lay beside me. I kiss him more and more at this moment. My dream has come true!

We put in the next move (Rush Hour 3) and went back on the bed. I lie right next to Eddie and let him put his arm around me. This is so comforting. About half way through, I have an urge to masturbate. I put my hand down to my vagina and put two of my fingers inside. I roughly moved my hand around and heard a wet noise. I love to masturbate, I love hearing the wet sound too, it turns me on even more. As every little wet sound hits my ears, I get closer to cumming. I started to moan and move around but Eddie kept me close and that’s what I love. I cummed all on my hand and were my juices ever warm. I lick my hand and the juices are nice and sweet, I smother my lips in the warm liquid. I lean over and kissed Eddie on the lips and make out with him for a couple of minutes.

We sit there and watch the rest of the movie cuddled together. He is nice and warm. His skin is wonderfully smooth. He rubs my breasts as I make a discreet smile. I love when he touches me because he’s so gentle with me. Next, I grab the remote and hit the power button. I put my wet fingers into my brother’s mouth. He seems to like it.

“Do you want to do me again, Eddie?” I asked gently, “Please?”

“Okay, Melanie,” he said back, “You mean an awful lot to me and I’ll do anything for my little sister,”

“You don’t think mum and dad will find out, do you?” I asked in a nervous voice, “I mean, I really, REALLY don’t want them to find out about this,”

“We shouldn’t worry about it, I mean like, what kind of proof will they have?” He said softly, “As long as we’re careful and don’t make it too obvious, we’ll be very fine, sweetie,”

He finishes his line and I kiss him long and hard on those soft moist lips. I taste my own female juices as I kiss him. I mount my crotch on his face. I am once again, very bostancı escort turned on. He goes wild in my vagina, this is what I want!

“Oh my god, Eddie, please! PLEASE! Don’t stop!” I start yelling, “Oh my god, oh my goodness!”

He doesn’t say a word back to me and he doesn’t stop. I am nearing my orgasm so I back away and slide my wet vagina onto his cute cock. He breathes in heavily as I do that. I think for a second that I might be hurting him but then again, I go hard and fast. I go up and down on his smooth cock, nearing my orgasm even more. I keep going but then I stop. I go on my back and I let him do me in the vagina. He goes at a very steady fast pace.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY FU—” I try to say as I get cut off by my orgasm, “Mm, uh, oh, ah, um, mm,”

He slows down his pace a little, his cock was smothered in my female juices. I blink a whole bunch of times from the intensity of the orgasm and breathe a little heavier. I let out a couple more moans of relief. Eddie then starts building back up his pace. I start back to moaning and moving along with his movements. I start to play with my bum once again, I finger it and play with it as my vagina gets its pleasure from my big brother’s cock.

“Eddie…uh, ah, mm…can you cum in my pussy, sweetheart?” I manage to say.

He doesn’t stop going at my vagina. He keeps on going and yet, I am reaching another orgasm. I let him continue doing me and I can tell he was ready to have his orgasm. I look at him in the eyes and give him a gentle nod. Next, I feel sprays of my brother’s cum all of inside of me as I squirt out my female juices. This is truly amazing, we came at the same moment! Things slowed down and we sat next to each other on the bed.

“You’re amazing, Eddie,” I say to him quietly, “We came at the same time, how cool is that?”

“Yes we did,” he says back, “You’re a very tight but perfect fit, Melanie, I love you my little sweetheart and I always will,”

I shed a couple tears, the tone of his voice is so beautiful and touching. I hug him and let my tears fall down onto his back.

“Thank you, Eddie, I love you very much too and I always will with all of my heart,”

I get up and kiss him on my lips again while looking into his soul by looking in his eyes. He loves me. I can’t believe this, my dream is very much real.

“Goodnight, Melanie,” he says to me, “have sweet dreams, little angel,”

“Goodnight, Eddie, love you!” I say back.

I shed more and more tears as I walk up the stairs. I feel so lucky. I feel like I am blessed with all of the happiness in the world. I walk to my room and run warm bath water. It’s very late right now. I lock my bedroom door and leave my washroom door open. I come to a realization that I left my shorts and tank top downstairs. I totally forgot them! I don’t bother going down to get them because it’s so late. I turn off the knobs and let myself into the tub. More and more tears spill from my wet eyes. These are my tears of happiness and joy. I get cleaned up and drain the tub. I dry myself off with a towel and go to my bed thinking to myself that this is the only place where dreams can happen…

Thank you for reading, this is a real life event, comments/feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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