The Drive

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The drive wasn’t to bad and I even got to relax and let some of the worries I’d been having go and let my mind drift as I drove to our weekend together. The leaves were just hinting at turning to the colors of fall and I hoped we’d have some time to take a drive into the local hills just to be alone and share some us time. So many things kept coming and going as I thought of the time we’d spent together so far and I smiled to myself with the knowledge of how relaxed and wanted you made me feel, something I’d been missing for so much of my life.

Telling you this in words is good and helps us bond but I want to show you in action and any other way I can think of. Maybe it’s the fact that so many others seem to forget the early days when they first started seeing one another or maybe it’s just taking things for granted or becoming lazy but I find myself knowingly not wanting this to happen with us. I never want to forget how excited and nervous I was the first time I actually saw you and how scared I was that my voice would skip and I’d say something so stupid you’d laugh at me. I want to keep the picture in my mind of how your hair looked and the way the light bounced off the highlights of the colors and just how beautiful you were then and are now. I see the colors of the leaves as I leave the main highway and start my twisting and turning of the country roads and my heart picks up as I think how soon I can take you into my arms again. The rest of the drive was a blur and before I even know it I find myself parked in the drive.

I can see you standing in the kitchen and by the fast movements I sense that maybe our plans might be about to change but when you see me standing there and I see that smile I forget the thought for a moment. Then as is now, that feeling I get overcome with as we hold one another, that’s something else I hope we never lose. Finally we let go and smile and I see something is wrong but you know how I am, I take things in stride and try not to get freaky over small things so when you tell me you got a last minute call and you had to go into work for part of the evening I just smiled and said no worries, I’d find something to do till you got off work. In fact, even as you spoke I had some ideas of how I could surprise you later on. A fast but sensual kiss and some slight stroking and off you went with a promise to be back in a few hours.

I almost laughed but held the thought and knowing the area some I knew how to get to the local mall and headed there. I walked around for a while looking more so than anything and wondering how it would feel to both of us when we could spend time doing this and things like it without the rush of only having a weekend. Was I upset that here I was, wanting you so badly and İstanbul Escort alone, somewhat but that’s what being together means, understanding and dealing with things as they came. I saw the candy store and went in and got a box of those chocolates you’d fell in love with and then the flower shop to get a little something just to make you smile and soon enough I saw it would be just a few more hours till you were done and I wanted to surprise you so back to your place I went and grabbed a shower. As I dry off I can see by the items left out that you’ve taken the time to trim yourself up and that in itself stirs things for me and I begin to wonder what your own surprises for me might be and that makes the plans I have even hotter.

I finish up and get dressed and seeing how it’s after midnight and the clients in the nursing home you work at should be fast asleep I drive down and ring the night buzzer. The look on your face when you see me tells me you might be glad I stopped to help break a boring night. I walk with you as you make your rounds and then we enter one of the private rooms, which to me looks more like an apartment. Being quiet so we don’t wake the old lady sleeping in the bedroom you do your thing while I settle down on the couch to wait. Looking around I get a kinky thought and wish your shift was done now so we could go back to your place and have some hot if not wild sex. By the time you’re done I’ve almost drifted off but feel the heat of your body as you settle down next to me. Talking low we catch up on what’s been happening with each other and I can’t help but stroke your hair and soft skin as I listen. Not a huge surprise but I soon find my fingertips dipping lower and lower till they brush the swell of your breast, and that funny little look you got just made me melt and desire you all the more. It wasn’t long before my fingers slipped under the edge of your bra and I was rubbing your nipple and feeling it stiffen, as well as my cock. When you eased down, allowing me more freedom to play I knew I had to have you, there and then.

The scene made me feel like a teenager again, being in someone else’s space, them sleeping not but a few feet away and the thought that they’d wake up or another member of the staff might walk in at any moment made it much more fun. Easing down beside you and pulling your knees apart and hearing your moans as I slid your pants down and then seeing the wet spot on your panties drove me wild. When I pulled it to the side and saw your moist shaved lips I had one thought, to get my tongue buried inside you as deep as possible. The chance of being caught was the only thing forcing me to no to take things slow even though I’d never hurried before and it wasn’t long till you Bayan Escort had your first climax, but I wanted more and kept running the tip of my tongue up and down each lip, slowing slapping each as I went then going down the other. I love the way your back arches when I do this but even more so when I stop and gently blow on your throbbing clit, right before I take it between my lips and suck gently as if it were a straw.

Seeing and feeling you try to muffle your moans aroused me like never before and when you covered my face completely with your cum and pushed me away, I think that was one of the happiest moments we’d shared so far. I cleaned up and sat down next to you and was about to say how I couldn’t wait till you got off, the clock I should add that we could go back home and truly make love, that you put your fingers against my mouth, smiled and lowered yourself between my legs. I’d never asked you to do oral on me and never took it for granted but this time I really wanted it. Whatever the reason, as I felt you unzip and lower my pants, and then take my cock on your hand, I wanted your mouth and wanted to let go for once and just enjoy it. The feeling of your fingers as they grasped the base of my shaft and with slight pressure began to pump it, letting the head of my cock brush across your lips over and over drove me wild and I tried to stay quiet but found it hard at best, but when you parted those soft lips and took my inside your hot wet mouth I couldn’t remain still. My only thought was to grab a handful of your hair and fuck that mouth, fuck it like I do your pussy and you gave it to me just that way. Sucking and stroking, a slight twist now and then as I pulled your mouth onto me over and over, feeling my balls slapping your chin dove me wild with desire. I’d usually pull away when I was about to cum and cover your face or tits, but not this time. No, I wanted it all and by the suction you had on my I could tell you did too, so I let go, and felt my cum gushing deep and long, felt your throat swallow again and again till I was drained. I Think I even got a little light headed. I still had your hair in my fist when I opened my eyes and saw you looking right into my eyes, smiling and licking your lips. As I pulled you up and held you close wanted this moment to last forever.

Just as we both got ourselves together it was perfect timing as we heard the other staff begin the next set of rounds, so waiting on them to pass so I could slip out was again like being a teenager.

Later when you walked into the house, I’d come back, showered again and fixed you a light snack and had run a bath for you. This was something I’d not done much of and it felt nice to care enough to do it for someone and afterwards Eskort laying in bed together, talking and being silly, it wasn’t long till I was stroking your thighs and feeling the warmth of your pussy once again. This was something I enjoyed doing and don’t like to rush. Soft slow gliding of a finger, then two between your lips, feeling your clit grow firm and bounce as a fingertip glides near always makes me smile. Gently this time, not being rushed I wanted to explore you and make you tingle. Slowly pulling your lips apart and using my middle finger to slap at your clit, feeling your hips begin to shake and your legs tremble before easing a finger inside you. With a slow motion thrusting it in and out, each time coming back to your clit and feeling you get wetter and wetter simply drives me wild to know my touch can do this for you, and to you.

Feeling you twist, pressing your lovely ass into me almost as if the pleasure is to much to handle but I stay with you, rolling as you turn and feeling your nails press into my arms, reaching a climax as I bite your neck and back slightly. It never seems long enough for me till you let me know you need some time to recover, so I let you. But only for as long ass it takes me to move down between your legs, slowly kissing and licking each thigh till I find your heat once again, but this time taking my time. Doing with my tongue what my fingers had just done. Spreading your puffy lips as wide as possible and slapping at your clit and then tiny circles, back and forth till you cum again and then starting over, always changing slightly but your orgasms always my goal, and my reward.

Sometimes it’s only a few times, but night like that one, when you have cum more times than some women do in a year makes me feel good and happy. Holding each other, recovering and just being makes it special. Feeling your hand stroking my chest, twisting the hair with your fingers and slowly moving down till they brush my cock, then feeling it jump and swell to your touch feels damn good too. Your laugh and giggles when you feel how wet I become with pre-cum and feeling you slick my cock up with it before moving to straddle me, taking my cock and gliding it inside you, feeling the cheeks of your ass settle against my balls and then as you glide up and down never gets boring. Enjoying the slow movements till you near another climax and then it’s as if you kick into high gear, thrusting yourself up and slamming down hard onto my cock and it’s like a fire hose that’s suddenly had pressure applied. Grabbing your arms or your hips I lift up to met your thrust, again and again till I begin to lift up and stay there as I blast the walls of your hot pussy with my cum, feeling stream after stream shoot inside you.

When you side down beside me and we hold each other, smiling and just enjoying the moment, I know that just like this trip, that I won’t mind the drive at all, only hope that one day it won’t be needed to be done and we can share every day together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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