The Early 1980s

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The early 1980s, a student dorm room at a University in the South East of England and my visiting girlfriend. The room is small and plain with a desk down one side and a single bed down the other.

I’m sitting at my desk studying and you walk back into the room after a shower in the corridor’s only bathroom. You sit on the room’s single bed with your back to me and your face to the wall. You take off the towel that’s wrapped around you and sit naked, cross legged, reading a book.

I look up to the mirror that’s in front of me and see the sheen of your wet hair. I can’t resist. Still sitting, I push my chair backward and turn it around until I’m only a foot or so from your bare back. You make no movement apart from a turn of the page. I reach out and touch the back of your head. I slowly run my fingers, like a comb, through your hair. My fingers meet little resistance through the brushed, damp strands. My fingers continue down your back. I repeat this three or four times and then as my fingers reach just above your buttocks on the last stroke I lighten my touch so that I’m barely in contact with your skin. I draw my hand horizontally across the small of your back, reaching round the side until I’m almost touching your stomach. My hand goes back to the other side and approaches your stomach again. My touch is feather light.

For the first time you acknowledge my presence with a quiet short intake of breath. You continue to read. I run the flat of my hand upward on your smooth back, well to the side of your spine. I reach your shoulder and run my hand down your arm. I bring my hand back and repeat the movement, this time using both my hands and touching both sides of your back and both your arms. Your are soft and moisturised. The heat of the shower and your body releases the perfume. You smell of flowers.

My hands hover for a moment just below your shoulder blades. I reach under your armpits up toward the front of your shoulders. sancaktepe escort I run my hands downward quite hard over your breasts, flattening them slightly. You give a very low, quiet moan. You continue to read. I put my hands under your breasts and lift them slightly, feeling their weight. My hands move forward and upward and I feel your nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. My hands drop to your stomach and I pull you toward me with my fingers interlocked. Your whole body moves a few inches, slipping on the sheets. This allows me just enough reach to run both hands, simultaneously, between your legs. Your cross legged position has opened your pussy slightly and you allow both my middle fingers to touch your lips.

I stand and push the chair backward. I’m only wearing a T shirt and shorts and both are off before I’m fully standing, one hand attending to each. My cock is as hard as it’s ever been and I step forward a few inches and it touches the back of your neck. You continue to read and turn a page with your left hand. Your right hand has travelled down toward your crotch and I know you are teasing the same lips I was touching a few moments before.

Suddenly you role forward. You have moved from a cross legged position to one when your bottom is in the air, the left side of your face on the bed and your ankles slightly crossed. The book is abandoned beneath you. Your left arm is under your head. Your right arm leads directly to your vagina. I step back slightly to look. You have your fore and middle fingers inside yourself. With the height of the bed, and the height given by your sticking your backside in the air my cock is level with your pussy. I move forward and enter you. Your fingers move aside, your ankles uncross and I find myself all the way inside you to the point where I can feel your pubic hair against my balls. We both gasp. I try to regain ümraniye escort some composure although the temptation is to come instantly. You feel this as well and settle into stillness. I stand behind you, buried to the hilt and we start to rock very slowly, very slightly back and forth, side to side. We stay like this for some time. The pleasure of it is close to perfect. I can feel all of myself inside of you. Every square millimetre of me is near ecstasy.

I look down. I put my hands on the top of your rump and press downward . The pressure on the head of my cock increases slightly, almost tipping me into orgasm. You wriggle and press back into me and then move forward again. I can see my penis withdraw from you. I pull out further until I’m almost completely withdrawn and I’m shiny, almost dripping with your lubrication. My hands pull your cheeks apart very slightly and I can see you anus. Tight and little like a miniature starfish. What we didn’t anticipate then is the pleasure both of our small holes would give us in the years to come with plugs, vibrators & fingers. I position my head over your anus and let a little spit drop from my mouth directly onto it. Still holding your buttock my right forefinger moves across and draws over the surface. I push gently and the tip of my finger disappears no more than halfway down to the first knuckle. I’m slightly surprised that instead of telling me off you squeal and wriggle more but with pleasure rather than protest. Tempting as it is I sense this is not the time to pursue this new route too vigorously. I take my right finger tip out, replace it briefly with my left finger and then move both hands back to your buttocks pressing and kneading them gently, feeling their softness.

A picture forms. I can see my penis inside you. I push forward and as I do so I can see the skin on my circumcised cock being drawn backward. My tuzla escort glans is shiny and swollen and dark in colour. I feel your pussy contract and give a slight ripple in return. I also feel a surge of moisture and I know that I’m leaking fluid, adding to the glorious mixture already inside you. The combination of more movement, slickness and your increasing tightness is too much. I know I’m coming. I push harder and your head bumps gently off the wall. You laugh and I know that you too are on your way to climax. Often in recent months we’ve come together weeping with laughter and pleasure. You grunt. You push hard back towards me and we have a rhythm for a short time. I watch my abdomen slap against your buttocks and the slight rippling waves that result on the cheeks of your bottom wash upward toward the small of your back. The soft sensuousness of this is too much and I join in your grunting with my own. I push into you hard, fast and often. I feel my sac tighten, empty and my come spews into you. I can feel every liquid pulse through my penis. My hands move up your back, I grasp your shoulders and pull your whole body toward me, heightening both our pleasures. You’re almost wheezing now as your pussy clamps me.

We are like one rigid being and hold this position for a minute or so, trying to regain our breath. My legs feel weak and I’m just about to withdraw from you and move backward to sit down when you roll onto your side and lie down on the bed, curled, with your face toward me. The book is under you now with one page folded in a perfect diagonal as though deliberately marked. You smile. I see the sweat on your face and feel my own running down my chest toward my stomach. I’ve softened and got smaller and my penis forms a downward pointing arc. You move forward and before I know it I’m in your mouth. You’ve taken all of my cock into your mouth. You move up and down using your tongue to clean it, all the while being contained in your mouth. Given the combination of your own fluids and mine this seems to be the most gloriously filthy, sexy, intimate and loving of things. You move back and lie on the bed resting on your elbows. I move forward and for the first time since you came in from your shower I kiss you and then speak. “I love you.”

I loved you then and I always will.

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