The ED Chronicles Ch. 03

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This is part three in my ED Chronicles series. I recommend that you read parts one and two to fully enjoy the backstory. All characters are over the age of 50.


The experience that Sue and I had with Marge on our sun porch was totally out of the ordinary for us. As I had mentioned before, Susan and I had shared fantasies during our lovemaking. I know that Susan was a bit more sexually adventurous before we were married than what I believe your average woman was, but in our many years of marriage Susan and I were definitely monogamous.

Since Marge was a widow and good friends with Susan, I almost felt as if Susan was doing her a favor by letting her watch us make love. Although I did not know the extent of their conversations during their many hours of having coffee, cooking, or going for long walks, I do not think the occurrence on the porch was intentionally planned, it just happened. However, some nagging questions kept popping into my mind.

Our sex life in our 50’s had definitely blossomed. The freedom of having the house and property to ourselves most of the time, the level of comfort of our marriage, and the addition of my ED treatments, had all combined for a wonderful mix of increased sexuality.

We definitely tried to vary our sexual repertoire. I did not like using the ED injections all of the time and Susan was perfectly fine with that. I also had a penis pump, plus we used a combination of oral, toys, home-made videos, etc… to enhance our lovemaking. However the experience with Marge had taken it to a whole new level. A level that I felt Susan and I should talk about.

“We need to talk Sue,” I said as I walked into our kitchen on a sunny Wednesday morning.

Several days had gone by since the voyeuristic episode on our sun porch. We had not had a chance to voice our feelings about it and I had made some assumptions that Susan was okay with what had transpired or she would have stopped it. Truth be known, in the back of my mind, I had some nagging questions that she was probably the instigator of the incident. These thoughts made for an array of confused emotions that needed to be aired.

“I think I know what you want to talk about honey,” replied Susan.

“Sue, I thought you were totally against anyone, I mean anyone, seeing us naked, let alone engaged in a sex act. The fact that you seemed to want it to happen has me a bit confused?” I explained.

“I think the reason ‘why’ it happened is complex,” Sue responded. “First, I was not planning on it at all. Marge and I during some of our conversations talked about how our sex life has bloomed nicely and honestly I was sort of bragging about the size of your penis after using the injections. In addition, I feel so comfortable with Marge and I feel sort of sad for her. You know she has become like a sister to me. Although she is very attractive, she has not been intimate with anyone in years and I think she misses the intimacy with other people yet she does not want the hassle of dating or hooking up.”

Susan continued “I know you think that it seemed to go against my personality, but it just felt right at the time. Also, to be brutally honest, there was a part of me that really enjoyed putting on a show for her. That part excited me greatly! Be honest, you seemed to enjoy showing off for her as well.”

“I have to admit that I had a flurry of mixed emotions when it started, then I sort of figured out that you kind of wanted it to continue, so I just went with the moment,” I said. “And yes, it ended up being very erotic and exciting.”

“I also have something to tell you that you did not know,” Susan said looking at me sheepishly in the eye.

“What?” I asked, feeling some apprehension.

Susan walked across the room and placed her hand on my arm, “This is not the first time that Marge has seen us making love,” Susan said with a quiet tone.

“When?” I asked, shocked by this new revelation.

“It has been a while, but she confided in me that she had seen us when we were making love out behind the barn two summers ago. You and I were fooling around on the old downed tree behind the barn.” Susan related.

“How the hell did that happen? We are out in the middle of nowhere and on our own land! You would think that we would have some privacy out in the country wouldn’t you?” I responded, not angrily but surprised that someone had actually seen us.

“Well, if you recall dear, the fields were down at the time and Marge was walking by our house. She stopped on a whim and knocked on the door and got no answer. She knew we were home because the vehicles were here. She looked around the property thinking that maybe we were working in the garden or something.”

“Or something!” I said. “I am sure were gave her quite an eyeful!”

“Yes, we did. She told me she watched us from around the corner of the barn.”

“Well that ole vixen,” I responded. “Do you think she masturbated while watching us?” I amusingly queried.

“I don’t know, poker oyna maybe, but it’s not really like that,” Susan retorted. “It is not so much about lust as it is about Marge being lonely, she enjoyed watching our intimacy. That is why it was so natural for her the other day to watch us make love. We are friends with her first and foremost and I think she enjoys seeing our love. It reminds her of experiences from years past.”

“So are you comfortable with it happening again in the future?” I had to ask.

“I suppose if the situation is right, just like it was the other day, I would be okay with that,” Sue said. Then with a smirk on her face she looked at me and said, “Not that this is going to be a regular occurrence you naughty boy, but I know that you enjoyed it.”

“Well, um, err, yes, it was rather exhilarating knowing that someone was watching us and getting sexually turned on by it! It is one of those things that comes out of left field that you never imagine in a million years would involve you, you know what I mean?”

Sue looked at me intently and said, “I know exactly what you mean. Despite the whole emotional connection I have to Marge, there was this whole animalistic sexual desire that stirred deep down inside. Not that I am sexually attracted to Marge, but that fact that she was watching us screw like a couple of teenagers made me very excited indeed. And truth be known, and I would only tell you this, I think I have a bit of a voyeuristic side.”

“I guess I can see that. I think there is a part of you that likes to be watched,” I responded with an attitude that ‘I knew’ my wife of several decades. “You have always liked dressing up sexy and having me take pictures of you.”

“You do you remember when we double dated with Alan and his girlfriend?” Sue asked with a raised eyebrow and a little smirk.

“Wow Sue, that was thirty five years ago and we were in high school. I almost had forgotten.” Sue was referring to a time when we double dated with my best friend Alan and his girlfriend back in High School. We had double dated several times, but there was one time that was different from the rest.

Like normal teenagers growing up in the 70’s we would go ‘parking’ in the country with our girls. We would usually have a couple beers and engage in ‘make out’ sessions with the girls. On occasion these sessions would go farther than just heavy petting. On particular night after a few beers we were all feeling rather horny, as teenagers go. We were on a double date and Alan was driving. It was cold out and Sue and I were in the backseat. One thing led to another and before long all of us were naked. Alan was fucking his girlfriend on the front bench seat and Sue and I were fucking in the backseat. There was no swapping or cross touching but there was plenty of ogling and all of us being naked and screwing in such close confines was definitely exhilarating. You never really forget the sights, smells, and sounds. I stood their staring off in the distance and remembering that night. Sue then pushed me on the shoulder with a smile on her face as she turned toward the counter and busied herself with kitchen chores.

“I need to run to the farm store and get a filter and oil, you want to come along?” I asked.

“No honey, you run along. I have a lot on my plate today. This house is a mess and I have to get some things cooking for supper. I love you and be careful.”

Nothing else was said about the subject, although it did take me a while to get my thoughts back on the tasks at hand, but soon life went on at its normal fast pace for several weeks. Marge, as usual, was a regular visitor to our house, as well as Sue visiting her. We had several occasions where just the three of us were alone and nothing out of the ordinary or sexual was brought up. However little did I know, that was about to change.

It was a cool Thursday evening about three weeks after the conversation that Sue and I had about voyeurism in the kitchen. Sue and I were sitting on our enclosed porch enjoying that last rays of sun as it set in the Western sky with a glass of post dinner wine. We heard a light knock on the porch door. Sue got up and returned within a few seconds with Marge.

“Hey sailor!” Marge exclaimed as she entered the porch. I detected a fresh light scent upon the breeze with her entrance. She was dressed elegantly causal, with a black and white striped shirt, white capris, and brown sandals. Sue and I were both dressed casually, with Sue wearing a characteristic yellow sundress and I had khaki shorts and t-shirt.

“Hi Marge,” I answered. “Would you care for a glass of wine? We were just enjoying one of the last few beautiful evenings that we are going to see before it starts getting too cool.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” said Marge as Sue quickly ran into the kitchen and retrieved another wineglass. Sue re-entered the porch and handed me the glass, which I promptly filled about half-way with the red sweet wine we were sipping.

I handed Marge canlı poker oyna her glass of wine. Marge was seated on a loveseat with a small coffee table in front of her. I was seated in a high back wicker chair and Sue was standing facing both Marge and I, leaning against an antique waist high cabinet that sat against a wall.

The small talk seemed to trail on for hours and the three of us finished the bottle of wine and opened a second. I could tell Sue was getting a bit tipsy. She would enjoy a glass of wine with me on the porch or the occasional strawberry daiquiri when we went out to eat, but for the most part she was a light drinker.

In the middle of our ongoing conversations Sue was starting to get a bit silly and she blurted out, “Do you think I am starting to look fat?” directing her question to the open room. “I have been eating too much ice cream lately.”

Now my wife was 5’2″ and tipped the scales at 108 lbs. Being overweight was one thing that she wasn’t. But I understood how women would concern themselves with such things, and Sue was no exception.

“Honey,” I retorted. “You have one of the best figures there is, with a flat tummy and not an ounce of flab. And I should know.”

Marge chimed in, “Sue, you’ve got to be kidding. For 50 you are a knockout! You are the only gal I know that actually lost weight after having kids instead of blowing up like a balloon and you kept the weight off, truly amazing.”

“I wish my tummy was a flat as yours Marge,” said sue lifting her dress to expose her tummy and much to our surprise. Sue was wearing yellow colored shorts under the dress. Her actions however, clearly demonstrated that the alcohol was taking its toll, as I could tell her inhibitions had dropped a little.

“Oh poppycock!” Marge said, lifting her black and white striped shirt to expose a tan, flat tummy that would have looked more appropriately on a twenty something female. For 60 Marge was in excellent shape and you could make out the definition of her abs.

I smirked as the two held their clothing up looking at each other’s tummy.

“Your tummy is still flatter that mine!” said Sue.

“I am also much taller that you are hun,” Replied Marge.

With a swift motion Sue lifted her sundress over her head and let it fall to her side. She then pushed herself up and sat on the edge of the cabinet that she had been leaning against. She was still dressed in a pair of shorts and a white lacey bra-lette.

Sue had small but perky tits. There were great for 50. They had a bit of sag, but as she often said, “These were working breasts”, having nursed all of our children.

The room went silent for an awkward moment, and then all three of us started laughing.

“I know someone who has had too much to drink, whada ya think Jack?” Marge asked me jokingly.

“Yea, she won’t be so friendly about it, come morning,” I replied.

“I think it’s getting hot in here, don’t you think it’s hot in here?” Sue said.

“Famous last words,” I replied in a smart-ass tone.

“I will be right back, I have to freshen up,” Sue said as she left the porch. Marge and I engaged in some small talk about how we thought Sue was getting a bit more than tipsy and that we had better cut off her wine supply when she gets back. Little did we know that Sue, feeling tipsy from the wine, had some erotically mischievous ideas in her head and had left the room to hatch a plan.

The sun had set and the porch was lit with a dim yellow glow of a single lamp that was in the far corner of the room. The room got quiet and Marge and I sat there listening to the sounds of the country in the early evening. The crickets could be clearly heard along with the faint, yet distinctive, sound of a locust in the distance.

I was wondering what was taking Sue so long.

I was the first to look up and see Sue standing in the doorway of the porch. My jaw dropped. Marge, who was looking down, looked my way, and then turned to look at the object of my gaze. Marge got a smirk on her face.

There stood Sue in the doorway to the porch in a negligée. Her black hair had been let down. The negligée was peach colored and very see through. Clearly she was wearing nothing underneath as her naked body could be dimly seen through the sheer material.

She was holding something that I could not quite make out in her left hand as she moved across the room and resumed her previous position on the edge of the antique cabinet. She placed the mystery objects behind her and out of sight when she sat down.

I cleared my throat, clearly impressed by what I saw, and Marge muttered, “My sentiments exactly.”

Sue looked at both of us and said, “Oh stop it! You too are behaving like a couple of shocked teenagers. We are all adults here. I told you I was getting warm and now I feel much better.”

“Don’t you think the wine is influencing your actions just a little bit?” I said to my wife.

“Oh, maybe it gave me the nudge I needed. After internet casino all you were the one who said I had a voyeuristic side,” Sue said to me with a naughty look on her face.

In a moment of clarity Sue spoke up, “Listen the three of us has already experienced something special. We are at a special time in our lives where we are comfortable with our relationships and we know our boundaries.”

“But Sue,” I said, “You may have talked about certain things with Marge, but ‘we’ have not talked about certain things with Marge.”

“Well clearly Marge was comfortable with what happened before, so knowing what I know about her, I know that my actions are fine,” Sue said in a more authoritative tone.

“Besides, I feel like having a little fun,” said Sue.

“And to get this fun started…,” Sue exclaimed as she lifted her negligée up and over her head and laid it neatly beside herself.

“Holt shit!” I thought to myself. There was my beautiful wife, sitting on the edge of the cabinet stark naked. She was clearly excited as her small nipples were very erect and I could just make out what appeared to be her pussy lips glistening.

I looked my wife up and down, as I have hundreds of times before. However there was something different. Besides being a little tipsy and acting uncharacteristically frisky something in her physical appearance had changed.

Within a few seconds it dawned on me what the change was and I couldn’t have been more pleased. She had completely shaved her pussy! The reason I could see her pussy lips glistening from excitement was because there was no hair, none, nada. We had talked about it before, but she had never shaved up completely. Admittedly I found her hot either way, but this definitely added to the excitement.

“Now, I am not going to be the only completely naked person on this porch, so both of you stand and strip!” Sue’s voice barked out orders to the both Marge and myself.

“No Wait!” Sue stammered. “I changed my mind. I want you two stand and strip one at a time. Jack you first,” ordered Sue.

“Sue, really?” I was completed surprised by her bravado, however in the back of my mind it also turned me on greatly.

“Yes Jack, stand and drop your trousers now!” she humorously said.

Taking my time I slowly stood. Although I suffer from erectile dysfunction I definitely had a semi rigid hard on by now. I reached down and slipped off each one of my sandals. I then went to lift my tank top over my head when Sue said, “Stop Jack! I said drop your pants first. As a matter of fact drop your pants then your underwear first, before you take off your top. I want to see that cock!” again smiling.

I was shocked by Sue’s boldness. Marge had a look of surprise on her face as well.

I obeyed. I unfastened my Khakis, which were loose fitting to begin with, and they fell to the floor, my semi rigid cock filling up my underwear nicely. Before my erectile dysfunction I had a fairly large cock measuring in at about 8 ½ inches when fully erect. So even though I now needed medical help to achieve a hard enough erection for penetration, I can easily get to solid half-mast when excited and I also still have normal orgasms without any problems, and right now I was starting to get pretty excited.

“Ok now the underwear,” demanded Sue. I started taking down my underwear as Sue said, “Slowly, slowly, let that chubby cock spring free.” I slowly pulled them down my underwear and right on queue my half-rigid cock sprung free when the elastic band released its grip.

“Very nice,” said Sue as she looked at my semi rigid cock. “Now remove your shirt.”

I lifted my tank top over my head and laid it down on the floor. I now stood completely naked in front of my naked wife and our clothed neighbor. I was always under the impression that women were not as visually stimulated as men. However, my wife’s actions as of late had me changing my mind and at this moment she and Marge were both staring at my body. I was a bit conscientious about my cock only being at half-mast, but I have to admit, that it still looked pretty good. Sue started rubbing her tits with her left hand.

“Nice,” Sue said again, “Spin around once for us Jack.” Then Sue looked at Marge and said, “Not too bad for an old man, wadda ya think?”

I will be the first to admit that I am definitely no Greek Adonis, but I am not in too bad a shape for being in my mid-fifties. I had a pretty good tan and a fairly flat abdomen. My tan lines were clearly visible as I stood there naked.

I looked over at Marge who was smiling. I could see that her nipples were erect and poking through her top. Although she was acting pretty reserved she was giving off nuances of being quite excited.

“Ok Marge honey, stand up and strip,” said Sue, who was clearly getting into her new role as being boss.

“Oh Sue…,” Marge falsely rebuffed.

I was beginning to think that I should add femdom, besides voyeurism, to my wife’s list of growing fantasies since she was clearly getting off ordering us to perform for her.

“C’mon Marge, it’s only fair. After all you have seen Jack and I naked much more than we have seen you,” Sue said using guilt as a bargaining chip.

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