The Education of Jeremy Blake Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: Travels with Aunt Bea

– Jeremy’s Exciting Discovery

Jeremy was getting more and more frustrated. He was no longer the naïve newbie of a few months ago who was content with sniffing and sucking his mom’s undies; or collecting strands of her pubic hair; or spying on her when she was in the bath. He needed to have his mother suck him off at least three to four times a day in addition to playing mutual masturbation games whenever the opportunity presented itself. He was getting dangerously reckless as he put his hands up his mother’s skirt or fondled her breasts through her dress whenever he thought his dad was not looking.

Mother and son’s daily baths had turned into sexual marathons that lasted hours with Jeremy pleasuring Jane with the hand shower and his mouth; this was usually followed by golden shower sessions where she reclined in the bath-tub as he straddled her and pissed all over her. They would then change places and the depraved mother would kneel over her son’s eager face, positioning her open cunt strategically so that her sprays of yellow piss poured into his open mouth, and overflowed onto his face and chest.

Jane realized that her son’s sexual needs were growing fast and were now starting to rival her own insatiable desires. Mother and son’s incest spree was rapidly spiraling out of control – but both were so caught up in the forbidden pleasure that neither wanted to apply any brakes. Jane knew that she would have to allow her son to fuck her very soon or else he would forcibly violate her. Not that that was an unappealing thought, she smiled.

A few nights earlier, Jeremy was feeling particularly horny because his parents had retired early to bed, most probably to sleep, because no ‘fuck-watch’ was planned for him.

Late into the night, the boy was surfing his favorite MILF and incest sites when he came across the web page of a woman called ‘baby-bitch’. Listed among her fetishes were anal sex and ‘family love’. There were pictures of her doing threesomes with a fat prick in her clean shaved pussy and another one up her ass; she was also pictured in doggy style poses as well as riding her lover as he drilled up her ass-hole. The faces were blurred but ‘baby-bitch’ was a honey blonde with a slim, athletic body and perky, pink puffy-nippled breasts. Her lover in most of the pictures was a tanned and flabby bodied man with a receding hairline – he appeared to be in his 60’s or older. Jeremy had a nagging feeling that there was something very familiar about him.

Then he noticed the white hair which was pulled back into a pony-tail – and he knew!

It was Grandpa Harry. And ‘baby-bitch’ had to be Aunt Bea – his mom and everyone in the family called her ‘Baby Bea’.

Jeremy’s heart was pounding at the discovery. ‘Baby-bitch’ wrote in her blog about acts of incest in which she had engaged with her father, mother, sister and other members of the family. And in the section on ‘Sex I am MOST Looking Forward to’ she wrote: ‘Fucking my virgin nephew’.

The boy could hardly contain his excitement. He had to talk to someone about this and he knew just who that someone was.

He pulled down his shorts to free his massive erection and massaged the leaking pre-cum into the shiny purple cock head as he padded towards his bed-side phone and dialed Aunt Bea’s number.

In the meanwhile, Jeremy’s mother was sitting up in bed with a European porn magazine called ‘Family Love’ featuring pictures and stories of true life incest groups. There was a very hot piece on how one mother’s family – husband, son and daughter – had turned her into a sex slave to serve their every need.

Jane’s other hand was playing with her pussy which was wet with excitement. Her fingers strummed an urgent rhythm on the dripping labia. The ‘Grizz’ was snoring loudly as the phone started tinkling with the sound of someone dialing on the extension. The masturbating woman was startled – wondering who Jeremy was calling so late at night.

She quietly picked up the phone to eavesdrop.

“Hello, Aunt Bea, this is Jeremy.”

Bea was watching a porn movie and was about to insert a massive black dildo into her eager cunt.

“Hi, Jeremy, I hope everything is all right at home – how come you’re calling me so late at night?”

“Sorry, Aunt Bea. Everything’s fine – but I just had to talk to you …”

Bea could sense her nephew’s agitation.

“Is there something you want to tell your aunt, Jer?”

“Errr… yes, Aunt Bea, but I am a little ashamed … promise you won’t get mad at me?”

Jane was intrigued – wondering what it was that her son would rather confide in his aunt than his mother.

“Well, Aunt Bea, I was having trouble sleeping tonight so I was surfing the net and I visited those sites… you know …”

“Hmm, I understand … the sex sites. You are a normal, growing young man, so it is natural that you will want to explore. And now, with your mom giving you personal sex education, you will want to know more and more about escort gaziantep sexual pleasures. Even your mom and I enjoy some of the porn sites. Which ones did you visit? I can give you a list of some of the really hot sites.”

“Wow, Aunt Bea – that would be great! I love visiting the MILF and incest sites and what I saw today knocked my socks off and gave me such a hard-on that I am still erect.”

Bea had an inkling of what was coming next.

“Tell me, Jeremy, why do you visit MILF sites? They have older women there – do you prefer older women?”

“Actually, I do. The women there remind me of the two people I would love to fuck the most – Mom and you!”

Jane’s heart overflowed with love for her son. Her hungry cunt ached even more for his virgin cock.

Jeremy continued, “And today, I visited the web-site of this woman called ‘baby-bitch’.”

There it was. A strange mix of emotions like relief and longing overtook Bea as she knew that her nephew had recognized her pictures, “And…?”

“I know you are ‘baby-bitch’ aren’t you, Aunt Bea, and that was Grandpa Harry fucking you in the ass?”

“Yes, Jer. That was Gramps ass-fucking me. Grannie Kate and your mom are also in some of the pictures sucking my cunt and dildo fucking me. Did you like our pictures, Jeremy?”

“I loved them, Aunt Bea. So, is it true that you most look forward to fucking me?”

“Yes, honey, I do.”

“Aunt Bea, when can I fuck you? I am going crazy with all this hot juice building up inside my balls.”

“Baby, we will fuck – and very soon. If I had my way, we would be doing it non-stop now and they would have to get the fire engines to hose us down to pull us apart. But, your mom has to have you first, you know that! Tell me, honey, who would you rather fuck – me or your mom?”

Bea was slyly testing her nephew. Jane could not stop herself from gasping at her sister’s shameless ploy.

Bea was startled to hear the sound; she immediately knew that her sister was listening to her conversation with Jeremy.

Jane’s fingers stopped masturbating as she froze momentarily– waiting with bated breath for her son’s reply.

Jeremy retorted, “That’s a no-brainer, Aunt Bea, there’s no one hotter than Mom. You are close, Aunt Bea, but no one turns me on quite like Mom. Her boobs, her ass, her hairy cunny and even her hairy armpits – I am so erect now just thinking of her offering her sexy ass-hole to my cock. I hope you don’t mind being second choice, Aunt Bea.”

Jane smiled and her fingers resumed plunging themselves into her cunt with greater vigor. She said a silent prayer for her son, “Bless you, my dear boy. Mommy will always keep you happy!”

“I don’t mind at all, sweetie. What are you doing about your erection?” Bea retorted.

“My balls are really hurting. I am stroking my cock with the oils Mom gave me and thinking of your suckable breasts and sweet, smooth pussy. I wish you were between my legs right now, gobbling my dick with your soft lips.”

“Honey, why don’t you ask your mom to suck you off – she is listening to our conversation right now. Jane, be a good mother and relieve your son’s hard-on right this minute.”

The eavesdropping mother’s face turned red at being discovered and she whispered something like “just hold on” as she quickly put on a nightie, glanced at her sleeping husband then quietly made her way towards her son’s bedroom.

“Jeremy, sis is coming to help you, OK? Put the phone on speaker so we can still communicate as you two get busy.”

“Aunt Bea, can you tell me what you are wearing?”

“Nothing, hun, I’m just wearing my skin – naked as a jaybird. I like to sleep in the nude – it’s sexier and also easier for playing. And, you know something, baby boy? Our chat has made Aunt Bea very, very horny too – I am playing with my hot, wet cunt right now. Can you hear me finger-fucking my wet hole?”

Jeremy could hear the squishy sounds of his aunt masturbating herself.

“Aunt Bea, how many fingers do you have in your cunt?”

“One …the middle finger … the longest!” Bea giggled.

“Baby-bitch, I want you to fuck your cunny with two fingers.”

“Hmmm … OK… hold on… ahhhh… two fingers in now. Any other requests, smart-ass?”

The door opened and his mother rushed in. Her transparent white nightie, which ended just above her full hips, showed off her dark bushy, triangle. The neck was unbuttoned down the front to display her swaying boobs with the dark areolas prominently poking out the front.

“Oh, sweetie, Mommy is here for you. Come, let Mommy suck Baby’s cock and relieve the pressure.”

The loving mother dropped down on her haunches between her son’s legs and applied her lips to his tumescent organ.

“Here, Mommy, suck your Baby’s boy cock.”

Jeremy removed his hands from his penis and pulled his mother’s head into his groin.

Every time Jane took her son’s penis into her mouth, it was like the first escort gaziantep bayan time – rolling the meaty flesh on her tongue, savoring the salty taste of his boy juices, gently grazing the veined, muscular stalk with her teeth and reveling in the pleasure she was giving him.

Whenever the lusty mother performed oral sex on her son, she did it with a sense of religious duty, passionate love and overwhelming pride at birthing such a perfect instrument of pleasure. Her flicking tongue lapped up the oozing pre-cum and then proceeded to lave the sensitive underside with rapid up and down strokes.

Her flushed pink cheeks hollowed as she sucked the upper stem, her hands skillfully working the lower half which was slippery with her spit. Her fingers tickled his scrotum, cupping the balls and gently squeezing them.

Jeremy loved the way his mother sucked his cock. She always started with small nibbles of the cock-head followed by tongue-washing of the entire length of his tool. She would then take more and more of his length into her mouth, swallowing and deep-throating until the entire 12 inches were inside her. He could feel his thickness rubbing against the walls of her throat suffocating her – and yet the passionate mother would not stop pleasuring her son.

Her hands were as adroit as her mouth in exciting him; her fingers skimmed over his balls, scraped the sensitive underside of his scrotum and probed his tight, virgin ass-hole.

“Ohhh… Aunt Bea … Slut Mom here is indulging in her favorite pastime – sucking her son’s fat virgin dick..mmmm… its sheer heaven!”

“Mmmm… Jeremy it sounds lovely… can you log onto your computer and get on the web-cam so that we can all get in on the action?”

“Good idea, Baby-bitch…” the boy laughed and reached across to switch on his computer.

Mother and son both enjoyed the thrill of their sister/aunt watching them so much that they put on an exceptional performance.

Jeremy’s head was thrown back and his eyes squeezed shut with pleasure as he lifted his hips back and forth off the bed fucking his mother’s hungry mouth with fevered passion.

“Ahhh…yes…take my mother-fucking cock, you cock sucking slut mother of mine … …harder, Mom, harder… you know you like it all the way down your throat… swallow your son’s dick….yes… yes!”

Bea had also turned on her own web-cam so that Jane and Jeremy could see her masturbating. The lithe girl was now standing up on her chair in a half crouching position as she fucked her cunt with an ugly black dildo which looked very much like Jane’s Black Beauty.

“Ahhh…Jer-honey, I love the way you are drilling slut-sis’s mouth … stuff it into her harder … the greedy bitch loves taking the whole dick, specially her son’s…ahhhh…

You know something, Jer? This mother-fucking dildo is called Black Bastard. It is the twin of Black Beauty – your mom and I had bought them together. And it sure does a great job! Even though, I would rather have my nephew’s prick in me.”

“Yayyy… way to go Baby-bitch, … let the mother-fucking Black Bastard rip your cunt apart as I rape Mommy’s deep throat with my slut mother-fucking dick …. ahhhh…eat it up, Mom!”

The lascivious mother felt full as she gazed at her son’s expression of joy. She also looked into her sister’s eyes, moaning as she took in larger gulps of her son’s monster prick. She had withdrawn it briefly to catch her breath but it was now almost fully down her throat again. Her insatiable craving for her son’s amazing tool pushed her on – she had to have more.

As Jeremy’s climax approached, he felt his mother withdrawing his prick from her oral cavity. Her mouth had barely managed to gulp a few breaths of air, when the lust-obsessed boy roughly shoved his throbbing dick deep inside again – fucking his mother’s mouth relentlessly, imagining that he was plundering her cunt.

The indulgent mother let her teeth graze the veined flesh of her son’s formidable instrument and her throat tightly constricted, caressing its length.

“Slut Mom, suck your mother-fucking son’s cock harder … you know you love my taste … harder! Bitch! And show me your titties, you know your son wants to see you naked all the time.”

Jeremy reached down and ripped open the front of his mother’s flimsy garment. Her large breasts tumbled out in all their ripe glory. The boy grasped the stiff brown nipples between thumb and forefinger in a painful pincer grip – first the nearer breast and then the farther one.

“Yes, Jer. Pinch my slut sis’s nipples and fuck her cum-sucking mouth harder. That’s how she likes it – hard and rough!” Bea encouraged her nephew, her breathing labored as her own climax approached.

Suddenly, the panting boy groaned loudly. “Mom, Mom-meee …. I’m cumming… cock-sucking Mom … drink my juice … swallow your son’s hot seed!”

“Jer… Jer… baby … give her a facial … that’s what she loves the most … escort gaziantep kızlar now…. ohhhhh …. honey-buns, here cums your baby-bitch… oh my god!”

Bea collapsed onto her chair but plunged the dildo deep into her cunt and kept twisting it inside her as she rocked with the waves of pleasure.

Mother and son acted in unison to Bea’s advice as they withdrew the erupting cock and sprayed ropes of white cum all over Jane’s sweaty and excited face. She tried to catch most of it on her tongue but the hot splatters deluged her eyes, cheeks and dripped down to her neck and breasts.

“Yes, sweet Baby … cum for Mommy … give your slutty mother all your hot, virgin seed … mmmm…”

The persistent mother kept squeezing her son’s dripping penis very much like she was trying to squeeze out the last gob of toothpaste; licking off the final dribs and drabs of the boy’s sweet elixir.

Jeremy noted with delight as his mother, by force of habit, scooped up the extra cum on her face with her fingers and swallowed it, massaging the remaining juice into the glowing skin of her cheeks and breasts.

Once he had caught his caught his breath, the boy was eager to finish his labor of love as he pushed his mother on her back and buried his face between her legs. He pleasured her with his mouth and hands – licking and sucking her dripping snatch noisily and greedily until she erupted.

Jane looked down at the tousled head of hair bobbing between her legs – sometimes presenting a funny sight as the boy appeared to have grown a curly black mustache thanks to her tangled thatch of pubic hair.

Was it humanly possible to feel so much love and desire for someone? Jane had never felt this way about anyone before, not even her husband. This state of giving and selflessness that pervaded her being – and this was what separated human beings from the lower order of God’s creations?

If that was so, how could something so beautiful, be so wrong?

The blissful mother asked herself soul-searching questions as she lay in a haze of rapture while her son nibbled on her swollen clitoris and fingered her ass-hole.

Shuddering with release, Jane whimpered and tightly wrapped her slippery thighs around her son’s ears that rang with his mother’s and aunt’s screams of ecstasy deep into the sweet but forbidden, incest-drenched night.

So uplifting and intoxicating were the pleasures that the sensuous trio knew that they had to do it again and again and again until the warmth of the golden dawn washed over their tired, sweat-slicked bodies.

-Bea Cums on the Bus

If there was something that Bea hated more than hitching a ride, it was flying. So whenever she visited Jane, she preferred to travel by Greyhound rather than fly or drive herself because it was Bea’s belief that you met the most interesting people on a bus.

Honey blonde hair tied back and wearing a beige halter top over a very, very short, fitted olive colored skirt, Bea presented an attractive sight. As usual, she wore no bras so the points of her nipples poked up against the light fabric of her shirt.

Traveling with her was a boys’ football team who were fighting amongst themselves as to who should sit opposite the hot blonde in the short skirt.

Bea laughed at the attention she was getting and delighted in giving the kids a generous up-skirt display throughout the journey.

At their initial rest-stop, Bea was the first one off the bus and headed for the ladies’ restroom. As she entered, she could hear rapid foot-steps behind her and turned around to see that the boys had followed her in and locked the door behind them.

Like a caged animal, Bea began pacing the room as the kids formed a circle around her – all ten of them. Tall and gangly, heavy and short, dark and fair, they were a motley group in their red and white jerseys with the Brampton Bulls motif.

“Boys, don’t you know you’re in the wrong place – this is the Ladies’ Room?” she asked, with a sarcastic smile.

“We know, and we think you’re in the wrong room too, coz you’re no lady. You’re a slut flashing your titties and nekkid pussy. My buddies and I want to have taste of your goodies!” Tall and gangly, obviously their leader, was doing the talking.

Bea was delighted – gang bang! This was not going to be a wasted trip after all.

The boys were smiling and stroking their bulging trouser fronts.

“OK – if you guys want a real good time, we have to play this game my way. Is that a deal?”

“Sure, baby, anything you say,” it was the dark one now – his prick was rudely pointing at the hot blonde.

“Fellas, pull your pants down and begin stroking the cock of the guy on your right. I want to test your staying power – the last one to cum gets to fuck me first; followed by the second last cummer and so on. I trust each one of you will remember his own ranking.”

Soon, the football team was showing off their balls as they pumped each other’s pricks.

To move things along, Bea had shed her clothes and was squatting naked in the center of the shaggers’ circle as she assisted them by lubricating their cocks with her pussy juice and spit. She would lick the head of each erect cock and give a few quick sucks to help them along. As she sucked each stiff prick, the boy would pinch and pull her pointy nipples while masturbating his partner.

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