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(A big special thanks to the most awesome Victoria for showing me how to make this become an inspiring visual in my head.)

She made it home from work and quietly crept into the house so as not to wake up her slumbering roommates.. Placing her things down quietly, she eased out of her shoes, wiggled her tired toes into the hallway carpet, and then headed to the kitchen to warm up some dinner. It had been a long night at work and Gillian had begun to wonder if she were ever going to make it home from the hospital.

As she warmed up the plate left for her, she noticed the computer was displaying the revolving “e”… the indicator that she had mail. Gillian already knew what the mail was, and felt a smile lift her lips, and she knew she was going to enjoy reading it after she’d eaten.

While waiting for the microwave signal, she walked into her bedroom. Not bothering with the lights, she changed into her long white shirt with nothing underneath, and then walked back into the kitchen just as the microwave gave its signal. Reaching in, she withdrew the plate, put it on a tray and proceeded to the living room where her computer was.

Pulling out her comfy chair, she opened the top drawer and set down her tray as she sat down. Gillian clicked the icon and began eating as she waited for the attachment to open and then became casino şirketleri text on her screen. She felt the front of her nightshirt begin to stick to her as she read the opening lines. As she read the words on her screen, her fingers began to rub her nipples through the material of the shirt.

She could feel her nipples hardening as she read line after line, and she imagined herself in the scene that unfolded inside her head as the two lovers romanced each other. The idea of the man in the story taking his cock and penetrating the young lady’s body was almost bringing her over the edge, and she felt her pussy dampen at the thought.

As she continued to read about how the lady was taking her man’s huge cock from behind, she felt the wetness on her clit as she raised the hem just enough so she could feel the wetness unencumbered by the shirt’s material. Gillian’s body was filled with an aching need as she let one finger slowly trace the outer edge of her vagina as her eyes devoured the words and she uttered the moans and whimpers, as she felt that hard cock penetrating deep inside her, and filling her completely.

The desire to be filled in the manner she was reading, completely consumed her as she inserted two fingers deep inside her warm and wet box. She let one of her fingers trail off and tease her anal opening casino firmaları as she fucked herself with three fingers. He had known his words would do this as she read about the climax. He knew she would be near her own climax by now, as she felt her juices coat her fingers in a slick glaze.

Feeling unsatisfied, she then pulled the red vibrator out of her desk drawer and turned it on, hoping that no one would hear her as she started rubbing the plastic toy over her pussy lips as she continued reading. The woman in the story then took her lover’s cock deeper inside her pussy, and Gillian’s mind filled with the image and she imagined how it would feel to have that huge member inside her own quivering box.

She needed more. She had noted that there was an audio version sent also, and she reached inside the drawer. Pulling out her headphones, she plugged them in and put them on. Soon the breathy voice of the sender began to recount the story in a different way.

Gillian now could hear how the person behind the voice was stroking his member as he read the words he had written, and she imagined herself sucking his stiff cock as the vibrator entered into her sodden interior and began to buzz inside her.

Another few more words and Gillian was in the throes of a second massive climax. This time, she felt the flow of wetness güvenilir casino coat the chair she sat in and she released a soft moan as a way to release the tension created by this mysterious author.

Slowly she spiraled back down to earth from the dizzying heights, and as her mind cleared of the entwined bodies, she began to save the story and audio to disk so she could share it with her buddies later. She could not suppress the grin that lit her face; for she knew her friends would practically cream their panties if they heard what she had done. This thought filled her mind with more dirty thoughts.

Gillian then instant messaged her semi-mysterious author, letting him know he had succeeded yet again. She knew, as she wrote, that this would cause him to write yet another installment to keep her satiated on lonely nights like this and she breathed a quiet thank you as she sent it on its way.

She then placed the vibrator into the hidden pocket of her nightshirt, picked up the tray that held her forgotten, and now cold, dinner and took it back into the kitchen. Rinsing off her plate and fork, she stacked them in the sink, and then she quietly headed for the downstairs shower where she could finish herself off properly.

Across the Internet, the author smiled, as he read her message. His cock now softened, he was encouraged by the words Gillian had sent him from across the way and he finished the outline of her next story.

He thought, and planned, how the day would evolve when he would get the chance to make his fantasy come true for the two of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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