The Enforcer Ch. 03

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Well I can say I have had better days than today. But things are starting to look up. I am currently waiting for my bail to be set. I am still waiting for the final words from my lawyer, but the sergeant has said it should not be much more than a few hours. But before I explain what’s going on, let me give you a quick recap.

It’s been almost two weeks since I first met Candy. I met in her in the Rusted Nail, a nice bar if you like dives. It has since closed down; I am paying for the remodel. It should be done sometime tomorrow, at the latest. Hell it may be done right now, I have not been able to call them in over 24 hours, they were almost done last we spoke.

I won Candy by beating Snake, her former master, and the former leader of the local Outcasts. At the moment the Outcasts are no more, Snake is out of the hospital, but he ain’t happy. I know for certain that he is currently in the hands of my boys. Max is hanging on to him till I get back. Candy is currently also in Max’s care. And the Enforcers are now the only biker gang in town.

Most of the former Outlaws have joined the Enforcers, but not all, hence why I am rotting in a cell at the moment. Max in now my right hand, he is in charge of the Enforcers till I get back.

This part resumes from the day after the last part. Candy and I are sleeping in my loft. We have a meeting with the new gang later tonight; I have a class to attend before then. I was awoken by a knock at my door. Candy and I were both naked. I got up, making certain to cover her body with a sheet. She was still sleeping. I quickly slipped on a pair of boxers and headed for the door. The door to my loft slides to open; it is fairly heavy steel, with a track at the top and bottom. I have had a view hole added. I approached it and looked through it.

I was a little startled by what I saw. Just on the other side of the door I could make out at least five Outlaws holding bats, not exactly amused. There is only one way into my loft, and this is it. I realize that this may not seem very wise, but I chose to open the door while only wearing my boxers. I grabbed the door solidly, violently sliding it open, making certain to not leave myself prone.

With the door wide open, I could make out a dozen men. I firmly said: “What do you want?” The just stared at me, I backed up a few feet and in a more casual voice said: “You have chosen to wake me, what is the reason for your visit?”

One of them moved forward a few steps, sized me up then in a weak voice said: “Are you Vinny?” I nodded. His buddies’ faces filled with fear. “Would you happen to be the guy who fucked up Snake?” I nodded again. He sized me up again then said weakly: “Snake sent us to teach you a lesson.” I got into a fighting stance.

The speaker saw this and fear filled his face. None of them moved to attack me, I sized them up; they were just a rabble. I said casually: “You guys weren’t told much about me.” They all shook their heads, “And I take it Snake sent you.” They nodded yes. “You don’t really want to fight me now that you have seen me.” They shook their heads again.

I relaxed my stance; their attention seemed to have moved from me to something behind me; I turned my head, Candy in all her naked glory was walking up to me. By her expression I could tell she did not know any of these men. I casually said: “Morning Candy, it seems we have a little unexpected company.”

Candy smiled and continued walking to me, obviously not minding being naked in front of these men. I turned back to them and said sternly: “This is Candy, she is my girl, you can look, but if you touch her I will put you in the hospital like Snake.”

All of them in chorus said: “Yep, understood Vinny.”

Candy was now by my side, smiling at me, I turned to face her. I placed a soft kiss on her lips, hugging her close. She stroked my cheek lightly then lovingly said: “Good morning love, are your friends coming in?”

I looked at the boys and said: “So what will it be?”

The spokesmen looked at his boys and said: “We have to go; Snake has a lot of explaining to do.” They began to turn to leave, I motioned them to stop.

I casually said: “If you guys want to join me, or find out why I did this, there will be a meeting tomorrow night at six in front of the Rusted Nail, well the former Rusted Nail.”

The spokesman said: “We will be there, see you then.” They waved as they left. I closed the door and locked it. Candy was still standing beside me; I hugged her close and kissed her again.

Candy smiled: “Maybe we should move up the meeting.”

I held her close and said: “Yep looks like we may have a few extra factors to deal with. I will call Max; he’ll be able to arrange it.” I looked at Candy, she was sexy. “We can spend a little time alone while he calls everybody else.” Candy smiled. I looked at my watch: “It’s nine now, I’ll have him get the group together for two, which should give us enough time.” Candy walked away sexily weaving her ass.

I poker oyna watched her intently, realizing I should hurry. I picked up the phone and called Max. I gave him a quick update on the situation, and asked him to get his boys together, as well as all the guys that we had already recruited; he told me everything would be ready for two. I hung up the phone and headed to where Candy had vanished.

Candy had climbed the stairs up to the upper level of the loft. That’s where our bed was currently located. It also acted as a bedroom; there were a few dressers and other useful things. Candy was still naked, spread eagle on the bed. She had her eyes closed and was fondling her breasts. A look of joy filled her face; she looked so sexy that I moved closer to her and softly stroked her lower leg.

Her eyes opened softly as she said: “Nice to see you have chosen to join me.” I smiled broadly “So what would you like to do?” Her hands were now moving slower.

I replied softly: “You look so happy all alone, do you mind if I watch you?”

Candy looked at me a little puzzled, then smiled and said: “Ok, but I want to feel you cum on my body after.”

I smiled: “Do you want me to masturbate on to you, or did you have something else in mind?”

Candy had a wicked grin as she said: “You’ll see after, but you have to agree to do anything I want.” I nodded my agreement. Candy smiled and said: “Now have a seat and you can watch me get off.” I dropped my boxers, then sat down at the end of the bed, I made certain not to touch her and also to be just out of reach.

Candy’s slit was visibly wet. She noticed me looking at her pussy and slowly lowered her left hand; when it reached the top of her folds she parted her fingers in a V, spreading her lips in the process. I was captivated by the beauty of her exposed sex. The soft pink outer lips, the delicate reddish inner lips, even the subtle hint of her deep pink clit not yet fully exposed. I loved to look at women’s pussies, and Candy’s was the best, not because of how it looked, well not only, it was because I was madly in love with the owner. Candy is the first women I have ever truly loved, I thought I had loved before, but with Candy it was deeper.

I looked lovingly at Candy’s face, her eyes met mine; she knew how much she meant to me and softly said: “I love you too Vinny; meeting you has been the highest point in my life.”

I lovingly replied: “You are the high point of my life, Candy.”

She smiled, licked her lips then said: “Let me put on a little show for you love.”

My eyes moved back down to her exposed sex, her right hand had joined her left. She was teasing her now completely exposed clit; it stood out quite prominently now. Slowly she moved her right index finger from her clit into her vagina; she soon had it in to the second knuckle. She slowly pistoned it back and forth a few times, her finger was now glistening with her juices, she moved it back to her clit, covering it with her nectar.

After a few seconds of teasing Candy moved her hands down, she gently grasped each of her outer lips, between thumb and index, and softly spread them apart. Causing her inner lips to open like a blossoming rose, she kept going until her lips were stretched and her vagina spread open. For the first time in my life I could see into Candy’s body, her love canal was glistening with her juices, I was severely tempted to touch her.

Candy’s middle fingers extended towards her core; slowly she pivoted her hands till her two extended fingers touched, mere millimetres from her opening. Gently she moved her hands back, her fingers entering her body. A moan escaped her lips as her finger disappeared into her excited body.

It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I moved my eyes to Candy’s face, it was covered with a soft lustful, yet loving grin; her eyes were closed. Her chest was heaving, her breathing growing shallower by the second. I noticed that I was also now quite aroused myself. Candy’s eyes opened slowly, meeting mine.

She licked her lips seductively, her back arched mildly, my gaze moved back to her active fingers, her thumbs now pinched her clit, her index fingers had joined her middle fingers, letting her clit slip from her thumbs her finger started pistoning into her body. Her body now glistening with sweat, her breath ragged, her back arched once again, and with a loud cry Candy came. Her body convulsed as her orgasm surged through her. I could not help myself and started stroking my engorged member.

As Candy’s orgasm finally subsided she noticed what I was doing and weakly said in a stern voice: “Stop that, I have plans for it.”

Her strength just beginning to return she sat up. I left my hand on my hard cock, but it lay still. Candy smiled and said in a loving tone: “I want you to cum all over my tits.”

I smiled as I got up, resuming my stroking, I was pretty close to coming. I moved over to Candy, and placed myself correctly to be able to canlı poker oyna hit her chest as I came. Candy giggled as I increased my tempo, my ball tightened and I started to cum. My aim was true and I hit Candy right between her breasts. I aimed myself to get each of her nipples and soon enough I had covered Candy with a dozen ropes of my semen. It dripped slowly down her breasts.

Candy giggled as she worked my cum into her bosom, her face filled with joy, she got up and placed a quick kiss on my lips. She had kept her chest away from mine, to avoid covering me in my own semen. I hugged her close, prolonging the kiss. Candy ended the kiss and asked me softly: “You’re covered in your own cum, doesn’t it bother you?”

I smiled and said: “It’s not the first time, and I’m certain it won’t be the last. After all, it happens to me when I jerk off, why should I care?”

Candy looked puzzled, then said: “I never thought of it that way.” She paused then in a questioning tone said: “But then why did Snake and his friends fear it so much?”

I hugged her close, smearing more cum into my chest and said: “That’s easy. They’re limp dicked losers, and they can’t fight either.” Candy laughed uncontrollably.

After she was done she looked at us, covered in my cum, she lovingly said: “I think we best take a shower,” she paused and with a sly grin said: “maybe we should also clean up, after we have to be in a meeting later on.” I laughed lightly. We walked to the bathroom. Candy had her hand on my ass, and I had my on hers.

We reached the bathroom fairly quickly; I turned on the water and set the temperature as Candy found a couple of towels for us to dry with after. I held her hand and gallantly showed her into the shower. Candy just laughed at the cute, but pointless gesture. I hopped in behind her. Grabbing the soap, I began washing her and, when she turned to kiss me, I moved my soapy hands to her tight butt letting my hands soap up her cheeks. Candy’s hands firmly cupped my ass. I moved my hands up her back soaping it up also. Candy’s slick body smothered mine. She hugged me close, our kiss still unbroken.

Candy finally broke the passionate embrace, I softly said: “Let me clean you up a little, and then we can have a little more fun.” Candy nodded her agreement. I quickly soaped up her body from head to toe being gentle yet quick, Candy repeated the process on me; we were quickly both clean. I moved my hand to Candy’s pussy as she moved hers to my engorged cock. An idea quickly struck me: “Candy,” she looked directly into my eyes “I have an idea,” she waited eagerly “how about we get each other off?”

Candy smiled at the concept and teasingly said: “That’s sounds deliciously naughty.” Candy’s hand on my penis started to jack me off; the water and soap made a great lube. I slid one of my hands to her engorged clit, while the other attacked her ass. She moaned softly as I ran my fingers across her anus. I let one of my fingers poke at her asshole, it let it in easily; Candy smiled in thanks. I started to roll her clit between my fingers, she shivered ever so slightly. I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching.

When I pulled my finger slowly out of her ass, she looked at me with a frown, but as I slowly entered her ass with two fingers, he face filled with surprise, and just as quickly returned to a lustful smile. I had to use all of my self control to stave off my orgasm, but I felt my resolve fading quickly. Candy placed a soft kiss on my lips; I felt her shiver, her anus tightened around my fingers, she was cumming, then I let loose spraying my cum all over Candy’s firm tummy. We both started to probe each other’s mouth, enjoying the high.

I was a little weak after cumming, but that passed very quickly; Candy was however not faring as well and was now slumped against me, barely able to stand. I hugged her close in a effort to support her. Her soft skin against mine reminded me of the great joy we had experienced together, I looked deep into Candy’s eyes and said in a loving tone: “That was nice, do you want me to help you out of the shower.” She nodded weakly, I picked Candy up; cradling her in my arms I walked out of the shower and sat her on the toilet.

She smiled weakly as I wiped my body. After quickly drying myself off I helped Candy to her feet and dried her lovely body, her strength had returned, but she just let me continue my ministrations. She was soon dry, I cradled her in my arms again and carried her to our bed; she laid her face against my chest as I carried her. I could feel her love.

When we arrived at the bed I sat her down softly, she smiled and said: “Thanks Vinny that was the nicest thing I have ever experienced.” She took a quick look at the clock and said: “It’s getting late, let’s get dressed, we have to meet with Max and the boys.”

I looked at the clock, we only had an hour before the meeting, I quickly got dressed, Candy took a little while longer, I took the opportunity to check up on the preparations internet casino and called Max. He told me everything was a go, I thanked him.

Candy was now ready and we headed out. We got onto my Harley and headed to Max’s. Max lived in a pretty rural area and had a large property, I was still a little surprised when his house came into view, there were at least fifty motorcycles and even a few vans, I knew we had a few extra recruits, but there were more than I expected. I came up quick on the front, nobody was in sight, but we had already agreed to meet behind Max’s house.

Candy and I got off the bike and headed to the house, the roar of a large crowd could now be heard, we headed around the house, what I saw next really floored me, there were well over a hundred people in the back, women and men, they were all just standing there. Max noticed me and walked up to me, the crowd followed him, and grew silent the second they recognized us. Candy was a little surprised and stood close to me.

Max said loudly: “Vinny, the man of the hour, we welcome you.” The crowd started to cheer, since everybody was now facing me I motioned for their silence. A hush fell over the crowd again.

Working up my confidence I spoke: “I am happy to see all of you, I am amazed at the high turnout.” Max had reached me and now stood by my side, “I am certain that you all know that the local Outlaws are no more.” The crowd cheered “I also assume you all know my new general Max.” Max was a little surprised and shook my hand. “And for any of you who have not met Candy, she is my love, and my partner in this little endeavour.” The crowd cheered again.

I looked at Max; he turned to the crowd and said: “You have all chosen to join us, to join the Enforcers.” The crowd cheered. “Vinny is the boss, and tomorrow we officially inform the remaining Outlaws that we are taking over this town.” The crowd went wild.

I motioned for silence, the crowd went silent again: “After seeing all the new members I don’t see a need for it, but tomorrow we are going to go on a recruitment run, and we are going to make Snake understand he is no longer welcome here.” The crowd cheered me on, “Max and I will answer your questions, and then you can all spend a few hours here. Consider this part one of the party, Max has arranged for food for all of you.”

The crowd cheered loudly, and then we went through a quick question period. Everybody relaxed and had fun, there were hotdogs for all and soon enough games were set up. A few four man tug of wars, arm wrestling, fighting pits, motorcycle chicken, races and the other fun stuff they could think up. The party carried on well into the night. Max, Candy and I retired to the house to talk.

I started: “Max I want Candy to stay here for a while, a posse visited us this morning and I know the next few days are going to dangerous, I heard that Snake has asked the Outlaws to send a pack to teach me a lesson.” Candy’s face filled with fear.

Max looked a little concerned: “You may want to lay low also, after all the Outlaws play for keeps and you just took over one of their towns.”

I smiled and said: “I am taking precautions, four of my best men are coming to back me up; I have also pulled out my bullet-proofed leather jacket; I am ready for them.”

Candy and Max still looked worried. I replied assuringly: “I will be ok, I have to do this.”

They knew I was right but still did not want to see me hurt. Candy in a loving tone said: “Vinny, please be careful, I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”

Max added: “Vinny, watch your back, and best of luck.”

I hugged them both and said: “Max, grab some guys and let’s go and pick up Candy’s stuff, I will have to stay alone at home tonight.” Candy looked a little fearful. I hugged her close: “I will be back tomorrow afternoon, or at least will give you news.”

Candy held me close and cried into my shirt. I gently stroked her hair as I tenderly said: “This is not goodbye; it’s just see you later. I will be back as soon as possible.”

We headed to my loft, Candy and Max gathered up her stuff while ten of Max’s boys guarded the place. We had taken eight motorcycles and a van. Candy and Max wished me luck and headed out. I was left alone; it was almost midnight so I went to bed after solidly bolting the door shut. I fell asleep quickly.

I didn’t get much sleep, a few hours later I was awoken by a loud knock on my door, I had gone to bed fully dressed so I just got up and headed to the door, I looked through the hole, two of my Wheeler friends were there. I noticed their attention was focused on something further down the hall. I rapidly unlocked the door and opened it slowly. They heard the door and Frank whispered to Paul: “Go and get Ed and Allen.” Paul headed down the hall. Frank’s attention turned to me and he quickly said: “Don’t mean to wake you, but we have a little situation and figured you might be able to help us.”

I motioned for him to come in, Paul, Ed and Allen were soon back and also hurried in, I closed and locked the door as Frank said: “Vinny, there’s twenty Outlaws waiting outside, looks like there are going to be a few more, and they’re all armed to the teeth.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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