The English Twins 01

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Aidra Fox

This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language and incest, DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction about incest! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!

This story may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author.

For the Leyland twins Richard and Rowena, life was good. Very, very good.

Father was seen in the City as a financial wizard and ran ‘Gilt Edge’, one of the largest investment companies in the ‘square mile’. His success brought the family mansion in the rolling countryside of Richmond, a penthouse suite in Monte Carlo and a yacht in the marina below. Money had never been an issue, although never spoiled, neither of the twins had ever wanted for anything.

Mother was the Tory Member of Parliament for Richmond East and had held a number of Cabinet posts, being tipped as a possible future leader of the party. The current Secretary of State for Commerce, she was affectionately known as the ‘Darling of the House’ due to her undoubted beauty which she carried well. Her looks and body belied her age of forty five years, her wit and intelligence that of someone much older. She had a razor sharp mind and was a tough and difficult negotiator; this was a beauty with brains and balls.

Hardly a day passed without either Mummy or Daddy appearing in the broadsheets and tabloids, they were without doubt, the most high profile couple in the land.

Had it not been for their different gender, the 23 year old fraternal twins could well have been identical. Both were blonde with flawless impossibly blue eyes, and at 6′ 4″ and 6′ 1″ respectively, Richard and Rowena were tall, tanned and well proportioned physically as well as being blessed with their parents good looks. Two of life’s ‘beautiful people’.

After attending Eton, Richard moved on to Oxford University where he shared a large apartment on the periphery of the town with his sister. He was studying Politics. He had achieved ‘Blues’ representing the University at both Rugby and Athletics and had been selected for the England team in the European Championships. He was extremely popular with the girls, and although he had had a number of affairs with fellow students, they were not as many as one would suppose. He had little time for any such dalliances between his studying and his self imposed fitness regime. His aim was gold, 10,000 metre Olympic gold. Almost all of his free time was spent in the gym, pool, or pounding the local lanes of Oxford with his running companion, Rowena.

After Rodean, Rowena had also moved on to Oxford where she studied Math. She represented the University at Hockey, and like Richard, athletics. She had also represented England, running the Marathon at the European Championships where she chased the world champion to a very close second. Naturally, she was the target of every blue blooded male on the campus, one or two of which had managed to bed her. Not that Rowena had a low sex drive, the previous night’s sexual marathon with one of her trainers being the proof of that. But currently, all of her energies were directed to achieving the peak of physical fitness. Not unlike her brother, Rowena’s aim was also Olympic gold and she intended to beat her brother to it.

The twins loved each other as all siblings do. They supported each other in all of their endeavours and appeared to all intents and purposes, a normal everyday set of twins. However, there was a field where the rivalry between the twins was white hot, the matter of fitness. It was no coincidence that they chose each other to exercise with, the other’s ‘times’ were closely studied and every exercise was a race between the two. It didn’t matter whether it was swimming; gym reps or pounding the road, each was out to beat the other. Pound for pound, the twins were extremely well matched with extraordinary levels of fitness and huge reserves of stamina achieved by each trying to outdo the other with one more length of the pool, ten more reps and just one more mile of Oxfordshire lane.

The twins were home awaiting the return of their parents from their trip to the USA. Mother had gone with a trade representation and Father, never one to miss a business opportunity had accompanied her. Soon the whole family would be skiing the slopes of the Swiss Alps and a chance for Richard to even the score with his sister who had comprehensively beaten him on their last ‘off piste’ run. There was never going to be any holiday for the twin’s competitive natures.

The garden swing arced lazily in the sun, the twins slowly propelling it with their feet as they sat back drinking iced water. Richard glanced towards the house and saw David, one of his mother’s armed police officers, approaching across the lower lawn. He wondered if the guard was ill as he looked quite pale and did not appear to be his normal self.

“Sir, Ma’am, I’m sorry to bother you, but there is göztepe escort someone in the house who wishes to speak with you”.

Richard eased himself from the garden swing and indicated that Rowena should stay and he would deal with it.

“I’m sorry sir, but your visitors wish to speak to you both”.

Rowena gave a shrug and joined Richard as they ambled across the lawn to the house. The air felt cool on their skin as they stepped through the French doors into the darker interior of the dining room, the officer ushering them towards the main reception room at the front of the house.

On entering the room, Richard recognized his mother’s private secretary standing with a senior Police officer. Both approached the siblings. “I’m sorry sir, I have some bad news”. Said the secretary.

“But, but what?” Said Richard.

“There has been a plane crash, I’m so sorry, there are no survivors”.

Both of the siblings felt as they had been punched. “It can’t be!” screamed Rowena whilst reaching for Richard.

“It’s true sir”. The Secretary went on to tell them that the plane had gone down into the sea off the West Coast of Ireland and that a mechanical fault was most likely the cause.

Neither of the twins could take it in, both parents lost in a moment. Richard held Rowena as she sobbed against his chest.

“May I suggest you move to your apartment in Oxford Sir?” The secretary explained that before long, the house would be surrounded by the media and it therefore made more sense to temporarily move to the lesser known apartment.

There was no need to pack, both siblings had more than sufficient clothing at their apartment. Both climbed into the unmarked Police car and were immediately whisked away through the rear of the grounds.

“What are we going to do?” wept Rowena.

“I can’t think”. Said Richard, rising and walking to his bathroom, he returned with a large bag of ‘Columbian marching Powder’ and laid two long fat lengths along the coffee table. Rolling a £20.00 note, he snorted a line and passed the tube to his sister, saying, “Here, take some, it will help us think”. Rowena had never been a big user of Coke but nevertheless snorted the whole line. Both siblings felt the immediate buzz of the fine grade coke and Richard immediately laid two further lines, which were quickly despatched.

“I need a shower”, said Richard. “I suggest you do the same, clear the head”. Both stood and went to their own bedrooms where Richard turned the shower to full power and let the rushing water pummel his body. Stepping into his robe, Richard returned to the shared living room and sat on the settee where he was joined by his sister.

“I can’t deal with this at the moment”, he said. “I just want to blank it out, maybe tomorrow.” Reaching for the ornate box sitting on the coffee table he slid the catch on the hidden drawer and pulled out a joint. Having lit it, he pulled two large tokes and passed it to his sister who followed suit.

The late afternoon and evening slid past with the twins wallowing in a sea of drugs, a thick fog of smoke hung in the room with almost a dozen roaches lying in the ash tray. The large bag of coke was two thirds empty and the twins were fuelled up to their eyeballs. “We need to sleep”, Richard said. “I will call the family Solicitor tomorrow he will know what to do”. He staggered to his feet and made his stumbling way to his bed room, before collapsing onto his bed.

It seemed only moments had passed before he heard his sister’s agonised scream. She ran into his room with her loose gown billowing behind her. Richard had hardly time to notice that his sister was absolutely naked under the gown, before she threw herself onto his bed screaming, “The T.V! The T.V! Put the television on”. Richard reached for the remote and pushed the buttons. Within seconds, the Sky News reader’s face filled the screen.

“And now for the latest update on the ‘Gilt Edge’ fiasco, we pass you to our city reporter, Jim Heyshall”. The screen switched to a smart suited reporter stood in front of the iconic Stock Exchange building. “George, this is a bloodbath down here in the city. The death of the CEO of ‘Gilt Edge’ has not only rocked the market, but it is now becoming clear that the stock of the company is worthless paper. This is already shaping up to be the greatest ‘Pyramid Selling’ fraud this century. By the end of today, the company will be worthless. The word is that the banks have already applied for, and been granted, injunctions on all of the properties both company and personal.

Richard hit the off button and the screen plunged into darkness. Neither sibling could really grasp the situation. Not only had they been orphaned, but they were now completely ruined. Their heads were a mess, buzzing with too much coke and dope and in denial of the whole situation.

A sobbing Rowena reached out for him and Richard took her in his arms, not even noticing that Rowena’s robe had slipped from her shoulders and she was now naked. Wrapped in his arms, Rowena opened Richards robe, desperately searching for the comfort of skin on skin contact, a return to the womb where both had been safe kartal escort and warm. The now naked pair lay without moving. The only sound that of Rowena’s low sobs and a long moan of despair issuing from Richard’s throat. Both twins clasped in each other’s arms, desperate to hide from all that had taken place.

As the sobs and moans died away, the siblings lay stroking and hugging each other. Richard kissing the tears from his sister’s eyes, unaware of her naked breasts crushed against his bare chest. There was nothing sexual here, just a reaching out to each other for the comfort only they could give. Neither of the naked twins was aware that there was one final, truly devastating act, about to take place.

In their frantic search for comfort from each other, neither of the siblings had noticed that their genitals were in the act of betraying them both. Richard’s penis had engorged in the primal response to the presence of naked female genitals rubbing against it, his gland weeping the lubricating fluid necessary for penetration. In response, the lips and clitoris of his sister’s vagina had themselves engorged, her body generating a flood of lubricating oil to her passage, the entrance to which was now dilating in accommodating readiness for the expected penetration. It seemed as though their genitals had detached themselves from their owners bodies, all the siblings sought was the comfort of each other’s arms, neither had even considered the act of making love.

The twins continued to caress each other, all their senses were sharpened by the large amount of drugs each had consumed, all that is except the ability to make rational decisions. There was no urgency in their gently kissing lips and soft touch of the tips of their fingers as they stroked each other’s bodies, each drawing comfort from the soft naked skin of the other lying against their own. Lying face to face, their eyes looked deep into the others, he gently kissing away her tears and feeling the soft, warm breath of her sighs against his cheek.

Slowly Rowena slid her right leg over Richard’s hip, using it to pull him closer, seeking as much comfort as possible from his warm muscular body. Neither noticed that his engorged penis was now in a perfect position to complete a coupling. As Rowena pulled him closer, his penis found the now fully dilated entrance to her hot moist vagina. Slowly the enlarged head pushed apart the entrance to the welcoming passage, sliding slowly down the tight wet tunnel, until the swollen head met the mouth of her cervix and her clitoris came to rest gently against the root of his hot throbbing penis.

Still suffering the shock of the accumulated horrific news and the disjointed signals the drugs were sending to their brain receptors, neither twin realised what had taken place. Both certainly felt a heightening of the comfort each was receiving from the other, but such was their pain and confusion, neither realised from where it came.

Having plumbed the depths of his sibling’s tight passage, Richard instinctively started to withdraw. The bulbous head of his penis slowly dragged along the gently contracting tunnel of her womanhood, until reaching her swollen entrance. The pause was short before he seamlessly pushed into her again, but on this occasion, her vagina was ready, and Rowena’s hips moved forward to meet Richard’s. The coming together of their loins was gentle enough, being cushioned by the mass of tight blonde curls surrounding each of their genitalia.

Instantly, nature took over, directing the slow withdrawal and insertion of his throbbing, swollen tool and the gentle rocking of her hips as she slowly pushed her pussy onto him, relaxing and opening to greet his invading member then gently constricting around him as he slipped away. Unconsciously, a deep and regular rhythm developed, and the twins slowly became aware that something other than seeking comfort was taking place. Still the nature of their incestuous coupling had not sunk in, both siblings had the feeling that something was not quite right, but the wonderful feelings generated by their slow sexual dance masked any doubts.

It seemed an age before the sensory input from their gently thrusting loins overtook the feelings of needed comfort. Almost simultaneously, the twins became aware of what was actually taking place, aware that their bodies had become joined as one, their hips gently buffeting as pubic bone met pubic bone. Although both of their brains had not yet grasped the incestuous nature of their coupling, both had a feeling that for some reason, they should stop immediately. However, a shared reasoning convinced them that a few more minutes of their gentle rocking could do no harm.

Richard no longer directed his kisses to Rowena’s damp, tearful eyes, his lips gently traced a warm wet path across her face and neck, slowly climbing the swell of her right breast. Both held their breath for what seemed an age before he slowly opened his mouth and drew in her nipple. The feeling of her breast being drawn into his hot wet mouth sent a shock wave of sensation throughout her body, and as he gently started to suck the nipple her body gave its response. maltepe escort He heard the soft mewling coming from her throat and felt her nipple grow to fill his mouth as her hand slid down his body to his hip, gently pulling him to her.

Softly he whispered her name as he returned to her warm accepting lips, their eyes meeting again and suddenly widening as the enormity of what they were doing struck them both. Their bodies froze as the realization set in, this should not be happening, it was never meant, it must stop now. Panic was reflected in both of their eyes as they realized that their loins had once more betrayed them, and had renewed the slow, purposeful, primal act of copulation. In one last desperate effort, Rowena placed her hands on Richard’s chest and attempted to push him away from her, then cried out in frustrated acceptance as she realized that whilst she tried to push him away, her leg continued to pull his hot throbbing pole into the centre of her being and her loins rushed to meet his in a deep, pulsating coupling.

Both now knew that this coupling was not going to stop until their lovemaking had ended in the only way that nature demanded, with a flooding of her womb with his seed and the unknowing fertilization of the two ovum waiting patiently in her fallopian tubes.

Once acceptance of the act had set in, it seemed as if a door had been thrown open as their bodies were now flooded with the tingling thrill of their lovemaking. Hungry lips met demanding acceptance, tongues battling each other, swirling and exploring each other’s mouths. She gasped as Richard’s mouth once more found her swollen nipple, kneading it between tight lips before sucking the whole across his teeth and into his mouth. It set up an overwhelming craving of love and need, creating an urgency inside her as she pushed her left breast to him in an unspoken demand for attention. Slowly Richard released the nipple in his mouth taking the same between his finger and thumb as he slowly transferred his attention to her already swollen left nipple. Greedily he drew the nipple into his mouth, drawing it to the back of his throat as he slowly rolled the other nipple between thumb and finger. Rowena convulsed as the twin stimulation punched into her sensory system, causing her vagina to spasm around his pulsating member.

Richard was swamped with stimulus never felt before. Her swollen breasts were the sweetest he had ever tasted, the nipples swelling to fill his mouth, he could feel the blood pounding through her veins and the indescribable feeling of her tight, hot wet passage gently stimulating his invading pole, it was almost unbearable.

To this point, their coupling had consisted of slow and gentle receptive thrusts, each to the other, she feeling his hot engorged head pushing apart her swollen lips before plummeting to her depths and him feeling her warm slippery channel closing around him in a gentle grip as he slowly invaded her inner sanctum.

Suddenly, he felt her spasm around his buried cock as he caressed and mouthed her swollen breasts, the spasm sending a jolt of electricity throughout his body throwing the switch that would now turn a gentle sharing to more urgent lovemaking.

Without withdrawing, Richard rolled Rowena onto her back and raised himself on his arms. Instantly he felt her legs slide around his thighs and her heels hook in behind his calves, her arms wrapped around him, her hands sliding to his hips and pulling him towards her in pursuit of an even deeper penetration.

Gently he raised his hips, dragging the engorged head of his penis along her clinging passage until the cool of the air greeted his almost total withdrawal. He poised as a soft sigh left her lips, and he noted a look of urgency form in her eyes. He glanced down at the mass of blonde curls surrounding her pubis, the dark red swollen lips of her Mons gently clasping the very end of his rigid tool. With a shudder, he watched as his twitching length slowly sank into her welcoming, grasping depths, bringing forth a grunt from them both as his head scraped past the entrance to her cervix and bottomed out, totally immersed inside her. He felt her arms and legs cling to him for a second before he detected a relaxing in her vaginal muscles allowing him to withdraw once more.

Although awash with a myriad of input from her hyper sensitive nipples, Rowena’s body demanded more. The constant pleasurable abrading of Richard’s penis slowly pushing into her excited core set off a sudden involuntary spasm which clutched at the invader in her depths, eliciting a feral grunt from her throat and a gasp from his. She felt the push of his hips against hers, and her body automatically rolled onto her back, her legs swiftly parting before just as quickly wrapping themselves around his thighs, her heels locking behind his calves. Her arms wrapped around him, her hands urgently seeking his buttocks, her hands and legs pulling him to her, locking his embedded pole inside her. A small groan left her lips as she felt his slow withdrawal from her depths and the swollen lips of her entrance caressing his departing head. It seemed an age before she saw the fire in his eyes and felt his even more engorged penis slowly slide into her, forcing an even greater passage through her tingling cunt. She felt the light twitching of her vaginal muscles clasping the intruder before relaxing and allowing its retreat, before repeating the whole cycle again.

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