The F Company Ch. 04: Goan Affairs

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“Welcome aboard Mr Khan,” The flight’s captain greeted with a smile. This was the Company’s private jet. Lavishly designed to impress their guests and offer comforts on the journey. It had a dedicated crew as well.

Feroz nodded and acknowledged, “Good morning Captain!” And then she shifted his gaze towards the sexy air hostess in the aisle, “Hello Shirley, I thought your sister was going to be here today.”

“She had a fever last night, so I’m filling in for her,” Shirley wasn’t exceptional in terms of beauty. But this 22-year-old body was extremely sexy with enough curves to go any man wild, “I hope that’s not a problem Mr Khan.”

“No, not at all! I like both of you.” Feroz smiled, “as long as I get good service, I have nothing to complain about.”

“You won’t get a chance to complain, I promise.”

“That’s like my girl.” Feroz smiled and spanked softly on her butt before heading towards his seat.

As the flight got stabilized in the clouds, Shirley walked towards him.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“No. I’m not thirsty,” said Feroz and looked directly deep into her eyes. With a naughty smile on his face, he asked, “Are you thirsty Shirley?”

She got the clue, “Yes Mr Khan, I’m very thirsty,” She sat next to him. He unbuckled his belt, unchained his jeans and took out his cock.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want, Sir.”

“Good. Go on then” She bent down and took his cock in her mouth. It was already hard.

Feroz’s father, Farooq took a bold step of expansion in Goa and built this empire. Back in the 90s, when Bombay’s rival gangs like D Company were troubling Farooq, he decided that he need some backup base. The D company had its base in Dubai, Shetty gang had its connections in the Karnatak region. Farooq was looking for something, that will keep the money flow intact irrespective of what happens in the Bombay gang war.

Farooq knew a young guy called Abbas who owned a pub and a hotel in Goa. Soon, Abbas became Farooq’s main operative in Goa and by the mid-90s, Farooq, with the help of Abbas had established several hotels, casinos and illegal strip clubs. One of the dancers in the strip club was Sarah Alvarez. She was hardly 19 when Farooq saw her. The dusky complexion, very fit body with perfectly round shaped boobs and over 5’8″ tall. She had long, thick curly hair and piercing black eyes. Sarah was the most popular dancer in the club and Farooq immediately fell for her. Sarah agreed to marry him only on the condition that she would not leave Goa. That worked for Farooq. Anyway, he already had his two wives Fatima and Ameera in Bombay. It would be better to keep this third one in Goa. At the turn of the century, Farooq, who was 40 back then, and Sarah, 19, got married in a church in Goa. She stopped dancing in the strip club and instead became the owner of it now.

These turns of the events made Abbas very insecure, at least that’s what Farooq thought. So he divided Goan affairs into two parts where all the legal businesses were handled by Sarah and illegal business were given to Abbas. Farooq valued Abbas. So in addition to appointing him head of the illegal operations in Goa, he asked him to marry his eldest daughter Kashmira who was just 18. Abbas was not going to miss the opportunity of becoming a son in law of one of the most powerful men in the country. And that’s how Abbas became Feroz’s brother in law.

“Welcome to Goa Feroz!” Abbas spread his arms to hug his brother in law, “How have you been?”

“I’m good. How are you? How’s didi(elder sister)?” Feroz enquired about Kashmira.

“She’ll be delighted to meet her younger brother. You should come here often.” Abbas said, “We have made some special lunch plans today.”

“Oh. that’s nice.”

“We will have one of the best whiskeys tonight. I had it smuggled from Europe last week, ” There was a reason why Abbas was making so much effort to please Feroz. Feroz’s elder brother Faizal didn’t like him much. With boss Farooq out of the country hiding from Police and Faizal in police custody, Feroz had become de facto head of the F Company. And Abbas didn’t want any trouble. Also, Abbas was weighing his options whether he could sideline Feroz and make a way for himself to the top.

“Feroz!” Kashmira ran towards Feroz as she saw him at the door. She hugged and kissed his forehead.

“Good afternoon Didi,” Feroz said with a smile.

“Are you okay? Is Faizal okay? Have you spoken to Abba (dad)?” she bombarded him with questions.

“Oh my god Kashmira, let him freshen up a bit. We’ll have all the discussions over lunch.” Abbas interrupted. And then called his daughter, “Farah, come out. Look who’s here.”

“Oh, yes, I’m sorry. We have made arrangements for you in the guest room.” Kashmira told Feroz.

“Feroz uncle!” Farah came out in the living room and hugged Feroz.

“It has been so long Farah since we met. You didn’t even come to Bombay last Eid.” Feroz hugged his 18-years-old niece tightly.

“I had my exams. But now that you are here, we’ll catch up. I have so demetevler escort much to tell you.” Farah said with a bright smile. She had a very special bond with her uncle Feroz. He was always fun and very caring.

“Yes, we will! I’ll be a little busy today. But tomorrow, we will spend a day together. Promise!” Feroz smiled before retiring to the guest room to refresh.

After a delicious food cooked by Kashmira, her husband Abbas and her younger brother Feroz went to Abbas’ workroom.

“This is a fine Moroccan cigar” Abbas offered. Feroz took it and lit it up. The room filled with smoke. Feroz calmly sipped the finest whiskey.

“How’s work going on Abbas?”

“Good. Better than ever!” Abbas assured Feroz.

“I wanted to show you something.” Feroz pulled out a mobile phone and played a video on it. It looked like a video was shot on a spy camera.

It was a back room of a pub, lavishly designed with a red leather sofa. There was a wooden victorian table in the corner with an executive leather chair. Soon a guy entered the room and followed by a lady. They spent not much time before removing each other’s clothes. The guy caressed and squeezed the lady’s big boobs and dark nipples. Loud moans were audible.

“Stop the video Feroz,” Feroz ignored Abbas’ request. The video continued.

The guy in the video sat on the leather sofa and the lady went on all her fours to suck his hard cock. He returned the favour by licking all the juices flowing from her pussy. Soon he fucked her on the sofa. He fucked her in a missionary position, then she started riding him.

Then stood up and bent on the wooden table. He started drilling her from behind and pulled her thick long curly hair. With every thrust, she moaned loudly.

“Yes, Abbas…yes… fuck me like I’m a whore…” the lady in the video could be heard screaming. After a few minutes, the video ended with the guy spraying all his cum on the lady’s tits and face.

“What the fuck is this Feroz?” Abbas was outraged and scared at the same time.

“What do you think it is?” Feroz was extremely calm. He just smoked another puff of his cigar.

“This looks like a video trick,” Abbas said in a very unconvincing defensive tone.

“Is it Abbas?” Feroz’s face had a grin now. “Is it not you?”

“You, motherfucker.” Abbas pulled out a gun in rage and pointed it at Feroz.

“Sit down Abbas.” Feroz was still very calm, “I have told my trusted men that if they don’t hear from me within next hour, the video shall be sent to your wife, my father and also to various media houses in Goa.”

“You, son of a bitch.” Abbas collapsed in his chair holding his head.

“Better put down that gun Abbas.”

“What do you want?” Abbas kept the gun aside and asked in a defeated tone, “are you going to kill me?”

“Kill? No, no, no.” Feroz smiled, “You are my brother in law. I’m not going to make my sister a widow”

“So, what does this all mean?”

“Abbas, you have made a mistake. And you will have to pay for it. You will be punished.”

“How?” Abbas was now scared to death. He knew how Farooq had treated disloyal members of his gang. Will Feroz be different from his father? He started begging, “I beg you Feroz, please forgive me.”

“Because you are a part of the family, I won’t kill you.” Feroz stood up and put a hand on Abbas’ shoulder, “But I’ll be sending you to Panama.”


“Yes. We have a couple of hotels as our base and we need someone to look after our operations there.” Feroz said, “Originally I was supposed to go there, but now with father not here and Faizal in jail I can’t go. But I want someone trustworthy there. Someone from the family.”

“Okay.” struggling to process what’s happening.

“Are you worthy of my trust Abbas?” Feroz looked directly into his eyes, “will I have your unquestionable loyalty?”

“Y…yes…yes, of course, Feroz,” Abbas said with relief.

“Good,” Feroz smoked another puff, “If you do it, this video will not be disclosed to anyone.

“I’ll go… I’ll go to wherever you want.”

“And one more thing, I don’t want to intimate her about the video. I’ll be confronting her myself.” Feroz’s voice became very cold. He was bloody serious.

“Y…yes… I won’t tell a soul.”

“Perfect!” Feroz exclaimed in a delighted tone, “Now that the things are settled between us, let’s have a drink together.” he raised his whiskey glass. Abbas didn’t respond, still processing everything.

“Come on Abbas! Just drink it. We won’t be doing it anytime soon. You are leaving tonight.”

“Tonight?” Another shock for Abbas.

“Yes, tonight. Come on, have a drink. To Panama!” Abbas raised his glass reluctantly. And then drank the alcohol in one go. He needed that.

A private plane to Panama was ready for Abbas on the airstrip.

“Good luck Abbas!” Feroz hugged his brother in law, “have a safe flight” Abbas just nodded and boarded the flight.

As the flight took off, Feroz got into his car.

“To Morjim” he ordered dikmen escort the chauffeur. That’s where Sarah Alvarez’s bungalow was.

“Feroz! I wasn’t expecting you!” Sarah exclaimed as she saw Feroz at her doorstep at 10 at night, “Come on in.”

Sarah Alvarez. Feroz’s second stepmother. She was 40, a little plump. She had thick waist-length curly hair. Sarah wasn’t beautiful in a conventional sense, but she was charming and graceful in her actions. She was wearing a beautiful semi-transparent nightgown. It showed her bosom and other curves perfectly.

“What brought you here Feroz, at this hour?” She asked gently. Sarah never got along with Farooq’s family. She was younger than Farooq’s other wives, so there was some part of jealousy for Fatima and Ameera which trickled into their families as well. Sarah didn’t come from a so-called good family either, so she was looked down upon. And lastly, she was a Christian. It was quite obvious for the Khan family to not like her. Besides, she was an independent phenomenal businesswoman, something that no other woman in the family could achieve. But, despite all this, Sarah was always warm to everyone.

“Is everything alright?” she asked with concern. Things had been quite unstable in Bombay.

“Sarah, I wanted to show you something.” Feroz showed the video to Sarah. The lady in the video was none other than Sarah.

“Yes, Abbas…yes… fuck me like I’m a whore…” she was screaming in the video. Sarah sat there in total silence.

“Do you have any explanation for this?” Feroz asked, “Why would you betray my father like this? Why would you lure my sister’s husband into infidelity?”

“Lure?” Sarah laughed. She poured a drink for herself, “Would you like some?” She asked. But when he didn’t answer she just took her glass and came back to her chair.

“You know Feroz, you privileged people have no idea about what people like us have to go through to just survive.” Sarah lit a cigarette and continued her story, “My mother was a whore. On my 18th birthday, one of my mother’s customers raped me and made her watch it. We were helpless. A few months later I joined college only to find that the customer was none other than the college’s principal. He threatened me of telling everyone about my mother’s profession and offered to keep mum only if I give him what he wants. He fucked me every day in his cabin. Soon, other teachers joined him and they used to take turns. Imagine an 18-years-old student getting abused by her own teachers.” Sarah finished her drink only to pour another,

“My mother was shot dead because some drunk Russian mafia wasn’t happy with her service. I had to take a job as a dancer in the strip club, which landed to me only after getting fucked by the manager. And then came Abbas, like a saviour. When he heard about the daily rapes by the manager, he shot him. Abbas and I fell in love with each other and had decided to get married.”


“Yes, Oh!” Sarah smiled, “And before we could go ahead, it was your father who came into my life and asked me to marry him. You can understand my position. Denying your father’s proposal would have meant an end for me and Abbas too. We had to do what is right, for the sake of survival.”

“But why didn’t you stop after marriage?”

“Your father is a good man. He treated me well, gave me two beautiful daughters. But he was always busy. He had very little time left for me after his business and two families. It’s been some time now since he has stopped visiting me completely,” she stopped briefly and continued, “I’m not blaming him. But it’s just that women have needs.”

“Well, from now on, you will have to take care of your needs,” Feroz said plainly.

“What do you mean? What have you done to Abbas?” Sarah asked with fear in her voice.

“Relax, he’s on his plane to Panama right now. And will stay there now forever.”


“Yes, I need someone to look after the business there.”

“What about his wife and daughter?”

“I’m afraid he won’t be seeing them unless they want to visit him. But he’ll have a new life there. He has moved on and so should you.”

“Have you told this to Farooq?”


“Are you going to?”



“He is already stuck out of India. Why trouble him more?”

“So what now?” she started untied her nightgown and showed her black nipples.

“What?” he was calm and had not moved from his chair.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?”

“What? No! Why would you even think that?” Feroz was surprised by her straightforward question and actions.

“I’m at your mercy. And I have never seen a man not taking advantage of this position. You guys think only with your dicks.” Sarah said bitterly. Feroz laughed. She was intimidated by his laugh, “Why? Haven’t you ever fantasized about fucking your stepmom?”

“I think Sarah, you should get some rest now,” Feroz diverted the subject, “henceforth, you are going to take charge of the entire Goa operations- legal and illegal.”

“What?” ankara escort Sarah was surprised, “Instead of punishing me for my disloyalty, you are promoting me?”



“Because you are family. You have learnt your lesson and I’m hoping that you will not be disloyal to me ever. And you are good at handling the business.” Feroz said calmly. He had thought it through. Sarah was still in disbelief. He stood up to go.



“Thank you!” she stepped forward and hugged him, “I’m sorry for what I have done. But I’ll be a good girl henceforth.” He could feel her huge voluptuous body.

“Good night Sarah.” He left the house with a smile.

“Are you coming back from Sarah’s house?” Kashmira asked her younger brother the moment he stepped into her house.

“I am. What’s the matter? Why aren’t you asleep?”

“Did that whore fuck you as well?” Another pointed question hit Feroz.

“No! And what do you mean by as well?”

“I’m not stupid Feroz. I know about Abbas and Sarah?”

“You knew??” This time, it was Feroz’s turn to get surprised.

“Yes. For many years now.”

“And why didn’t you do anything about it?”

“Don’t you think I tried?”

“You did?”

“Yes. I went to the most powerful person I know.”

“Abba (dad)?”

“Yes. And do you know what he told me? He said Abbas and Sarah were good for business. Don’t mess with them. Just let it be. Try to make your man happy!”

“That sounds like Abba.” Feroz hanged his head in shame and embarrassment.

“When he didn’t care about his own wife fucking someone else, why would he have cared about his daughter’s marital happiness?” Kashmira’s eyes were filled with tears.

“Come here.” Feroz hugged and consoled her.

“I was just a ladder for Abbas and a useful tool for our father to keep his key man.” she started weeping, “Nobody loved me, I was just used by everyone.”

“Didi… don’t think like that. We all love you. I love you.”

“You do?”

“Yes, I do.” He said firmly. She looked into his eyes and suddenly she leaned and kissed him.

“Didi?” He was surprised. But she wasn’t ashamed or embarrassed. It looked like she was doing this thoughtfully.

“You know, Feroz, Abbas has not touched me in the past ten years. It’s like I have forgotten how love feels.” She held his head and pulled it towards hers, “Love me like a man Feroz,” It had become almost impossible for him to stop. He leaned a bit and their lips met. Feroz kissed his elder sister. The gentler kiss turned into a passionate one and then it went wilder.

At the age of 37, Kashmira had a captivating body. Thin waist, perfectly rounded butt and medium-sized firm boobs. She inherited tail bone length wavy silky hair from her mother Fatima. Her pale and whitish skin was lovely and soft. Her pink lips were alluring.

It was just a matter of a few seconds before they were in her bedroom kissing. He put his hand under her short cotton top to squeeze her breasts.

“Yes, touch them, feel them, lick them.” she moaned. He removed her top. Then her bra. Her pink nipples were hard.

“I had never thought that I would be doing this with my younger brother… but this feels so hot! Oh god!” Kashmira continued expressing her pleasure as he cupped her breasts and took them in his mouth one by one. Sucked her nipples. He slowly moved downwards. Untied her pyjama and then removed her panties.

“Yes baby brother, do you enjoy seeing your sister naked?” she asked seductively.

“You are so beautiful and hot Didi” Feroz said and spread her legs to dig his head between them. The moment his tongue touched the opening of her vagina, she had her first orgasm in years.

“Ahhh..” she screamed with pleasure. His tongue darted into her vagina and he licked and sucked it. His saliva and her natural sexual fluids flooded the entire area. She had held his head tightly with one hand and another one was on her boobs, squeezing, pinching herself.

“Feroz! What have you done to me? I think I’m going crazy. Abbas never did this to me.” Kashmira was panting, “I want to please you now Feroz. Let me taste my baby brother.”

“At once!” Feroz said with a smile. She was expecting him to stand and let her go on her knees. That’s what her husband used to do. But instead of doing that, Abbas just turned his body without moving his head from her vagina. They just switched the position. She came over him. The 69 position! Getting pleasure while giving pleasure. His hard cock was there now, right in front of her lips and it was irresistible. She took it whole in her mouth. She sucked it hard and he sucked her clitoris. Her long silky hair would fall on his legs as she moved her head up down. He put his finger inside her while licking and sucking the clit.

It was now time to take it to the next level.

“Abbas always fucked me from behind like I was some kind of animal.” Kashmira said with moans, “But I want to be loved Feroz. I want to see your face while fucking. I want to ride you.”

“Sure!” she sat on his hard cock and slowly took it all inside her.

“Ahhh!” the pleasure was heavenly. Slowly she increased her pace. The movement of her abdomen created waves of pleasure inside her body. He helped by thrusting from below, which would hit her clit perfectly.

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