The Family Vacation

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21 year old niece longs to seduce her married Uncle.

It’s a hot and humid, summer morning here on the east coast. I am just waking up from a good night’s rest and remembering that I am supposed to be headed to The Hamptons this weekend with my dad’s family. My grandparents have a huge estate in Southampton, where we usually go to but this time it was only going to be myself, my dad and his girlfriend, and my uncle with his two daughters. My aunt is away on business in San Francisco. She is a privacy lawyer for this huge firm, and travels quite frequently.

I was particularly dreading this “family bonding time” as my dad called it but I really knew it was because he wanted to nail his attractive 35-year-old busty blonde of a girlfriend. I live here in the Washington D.C. area, and so does most of my dad’s family so we all had to be at Reagan International in 3 hours. I was starting to have travel anxiety as I usually do, but realized that the flight is going to be initially only an hour long so I knew that it was not going to be too bad. I quickly hopped out of bed, put on a black t-shirt, matching red lace thong and bra, tight skinny jeans and sandals immediately grabbed my luggage and called a cab to take me to the airport.

Its now 10 am and I am standing here at the JetBlue line giving my luggage to the attendant and receiving my boarding pass for the flight. We’re taking off in an hour, and I needed to find the rest of the family before its too late. I finally reached the gate, and noticed that only my uncle was there with his kids, and wondered to myself where my dad was. Now here is a deep dark secret of mine that I never told anyone about I have always had a huge crush on my Uncle, Ken.

This huge crush, started when I was about 10 years old when my aunt and uncle let me stay at their place for a week during the summer since both of my parents were away on business and since both of them specialize in corporate business, they get to travel often than they would like. My cousins, Dawn and Ida were also staying with them as well. I was almost certain that my cousin Ida and my uncle were screwing each other because they often spent almost too much time together. She would often say that she would want to go see the new speedboat that he had purchased for the lake house or the latest and new gadgets that he would buy for her.

I was certainly jealous, because since my aunt is Iranian like me she was always attracted to white American men just like myself. Now, I saw where I got it from and clearly Ken knew that he is attractive and I was always certain that he was/is cheating on my aunt, Margaret. Ken stands at 5’10 broad shoulders, nice toned body and lean muscular legs, mostly pepper than salt colored hair and blue eyes. I knew my aunt scored the home run when she married him because it most definitely must have been for his devilish good looks.

Now my crush has turned into more of a lustful, and extreme longing for him. He’s much older now but to me 42 is not old at all. He actually looks more like 35 or 36, since he takes care of himself so well. He’s a top real estate agent for a big company and makes a six-figure income alongside my aunt, Margaret.

Waking up from my daydream, my uncle smiled at me warmly and said “Hey Erin! Come take a seat with us, your dad and Kimberly just went to grab something to eat and should be back shortly.” He said, invitingly “Thanks, Uncle Ken.” I said nervously. My red lace thong was starting to get slightly wet, and I could feel my pussy throbbing each time I crossed and uncrossed my legs.

I was staring over at Ken, and admiring the excellent bond that he shared between his daughters and I was slightly envious since my own dad never showed me that much affection. Ken is wearing a light blue cotton t-shirt, black Nike shorts and black Nike running shoes. He is also donning his tag heuer watch, and Washington national’s baseball cap. Moment’s later; my father arrives with his new girlfriend Kimberly.

She’s a 5’9 beach blonde, super model type body, long lean tanned legs and complexion. She has piercing green eyes, and a dazzling white smile and not to mention her huge 40D fake tits. Sometimes, I wondered what she saw in my dad I mean he’s attractive and all but no way as good-looking as she was. I solely think she’s after his wealth, but it’s only a rumor within our family.

We finally began to head towards the line to be boarded for our flight to JFK. My dad had purchased the seats very awkwardly since, I was supposed to be sitting beside him but he had switched my seat with Ken’s so that now I was sitting with Ken. I was not complaining of course, since it was refreshing to talk to him throughout the course of the short flight but it was also extremely difficult to ignore the fact that my thong is practically soiled with my cunt juices since I am having lewd thoughts about joining the mile high club with Ken.

Each and every time he made eye contact with me, I was dying to have his huge escort numaraları cock lodged perfectly in between my freshly shaven cunt lips and how nice it would be to have him throat fuck me with his married manhood. We finally took off, and we were en route to JFK it must have been around 10:30 or so, and the captain told us that we were going to arrive in New York City, earlier than expected. Throughout the duration of the short flight, I could see Ken staring at my legs even though they we’re covered by my tight denim jeans. Secretly, I knew he wanted to fuck my brains out and the hard on that was poking through his shorts, was all I needed.

I thought to myself that the second we land safely and get to my grandparent’s estate, I needed to relieve myself immediately. I quickly remembered that I packed my GiGi 2 light blue vibrator, which is my favorite one that I use in times like this and I was already eager to have it inside of me. My Uncle Ken was completely infatuated with his book, but I saw from time to time that he was discreetly looking at my fit and toned body with those beautiful blue eyes of his and I even saw him checking out my ass when I bent over to grab my laptop.

We are now about to ascend into JFK, and I am immensely thrilled since it meant that I was going to fucking my aching and needy cunt very soon. I could only imagine how skillful of a tongue Ken has because I needed it to be all over and inside of my pussy. My family and I are now leaving the plane, and heading to the carousel to pick up our luggage and wait for the Taxi to take us to Southampton. It is about a 3-hour drive, and the space is limited inside the enclosed area of the taxi.

Since we are a large party, we agreed on taking two taxis to get their residence. I was in one with my Uncle and his kids, and my dad and his girlfriend are in the other. I could practically smell my pheromones through my tight jeans, each and every time I fiddled into the seat and tried to mask the smell of my sex. It was incredibly arousing, and I am certain that Ken could smell me as well.

He was staring at me, hard and I could tell that he wanted to ravish me right there.

The taxi pulled into my Grandparents 6-acre estate. I had missed this place, since we didn’t come here too often but it was always nice to visit them every now and then. The weather is absolutely beautiful, and unlike D.C. weather it was not humid or muggy at all it was about 70 degrees with mild humidity and bountiful sunshine. I greeted my grandparents at the door, as Ken, my dad, and Kimberly began to head inside.

I walked through the beautiful French country styled mansion, and began to make my way into the spacious living room area where my dad and Kimberly were already making themselves at home. I signaled my dad to keep it in his pants for just a few minutes, until I was out of plain sight and as far away as possible from the two fornicators. My grandparents offered me some water and a small snack, in which I quickly finished since I have some unfinished business to attend to upstairs.

Kimberly quickly ran to me, since I had to show her where her and my dad were going to be sleeping, and well because she was new to place and didn’t where it was. I walked upstairs with her, and showed her the room and she quickly giggled with excitement. Perhaps she had never seen a room this luxurious or elegantly designed. Kimberly hugged me and I was super uncomfortable as I told her that I really need to get some “rest” since I was groggy from earlier.

Needless to say she believed me, and I quickly hopped downstairs to grab my suitcase and proceeded to head upstairs. The little kids had their own room, and Ken had his own as well. As I was heading to my room, Ken had left his door slightly open and I could see him undressing until he was only his black Calvin Klein briefs. I was in absolute shock, since I had never seen him almost completely naked before.

I quickly hurried to my room, closed the door ever so gently and began to open my suitcase to find my favorite GiGi 2 vibe. I undressed, and nearly ripped off all my clothes began to climb into bed and made sure that my door was locked. Relieved, and much to my luck there was a huge fan that was in the room so I decided to turn it on to the highest setting in order for my relatives to not hear my moans.

The sun was streaming into the room, and cascading beautifully over my naked tanned body. I usually loved to tan absolutely naked back home, but I knew that wouldn’t be a possibility since it was going to be a full house for the next 5 days. I grabbed my light blue vibrator in my left hand and began to gently grind it against my pussy. The vibrations were sending waves of pleasure throughout my entire body and I felt myself approaching orgasm faster than usual.

This time I wanted to hold off, and really focus on my special spot to make sure I increase the speed accordingly as I was imagining Ken gaziantep escort bayan numaraları slowly licking and sucking on my freshly shaven cunt lips, and tongue fucking me skillfully to an orgasm. I love to be pleasured orally as much as I love to be fucked, but sometimes I just love to have my pussy eaten out for hours on end. I turned up the speed of my vibrator, to medium and began to dart it in and out of my soaking wet pussy and it felt so great to finally get it inside of me after almost half a day of being immensely teased by my uncle. My orgasm was beginning to stir up inside of me, each time I thrusted the vibe into me.

Good thing the fan was on the maximum setting, because my body was covered in perspiration and in a few moments it will be covered in sex juices as well. I began to grip hard onto the bed sheets as I screamed semi-loudly and collapsed into an explosive orgasm on the now drenched bed sheets. My breathing was heavy as I wiped away the sweat, and I am filled with immense satisfaction. Well, to be honest I would be utterly satisfied if Ken was sitting across the room watching me pleasure myself for him.

I got up and decided to put on some cotton gray shorts, a bandeau, and my black tank top. Unlocking my bedroom door, I quickly remembered that I forgot to put on my thong so I went back and picked out a baby doll pink lace thong and slipped it on. Then a devious idea overcame me, when I decided to grab my soiled red lace thong and wanted to “accidentally” place it in Ken’s bathroom. Each of the rooms, have their own bathroom in them so there was no way it could be discovered by anyone else.

Much to my luck, Ken was gone from his bedroom as I heard his sexy laugh from downstairs. Not wanting to get caught by anyone, I quickly scurried into his bedroom and immediately could smell his sex as it permeated the entire room. Opening the door of his bathroom, he had already placed out most of his toiletries so I thought what better than to place my soiled panties on the sink for him to discover, then he will come into my room asking me if they are mine. I screamed internally “Brilliant!” and I knew that I am going to seduce him, no matter what it takes.

As I hurried out of the bathroom, I absolutely made sure that I left everything like the way it was, well everything besides my lace thong. My stomach filled with butterflies, as I was a huge mix of emotions as to how Ken would react when he sees the slinky piece of fabric. Will he completely lose his shit, or will he fall into my trap? Making my way downstairs, I noticed Ken’s eyes widening, since I am in slightly revealing clothing and because it’s scorching hot upstairs.

I smiled almost devilishly back at him, since I was purposely teasing him with my scandalous outfit choice.

I sat down right next to him, and I felt his eyes hovering over my body from the corner of my eyes as I tried to join in on the irrelevant conversation my Dad and Kimberly were having. Apparently, there is a huge cocktail party that is going to happen tonight at the Miller’s residence a few houses down from here and well since it is going to be an “adult” environment my Father told me to stay behind and since I couldn’t be alone, Ken immediately offered to stay behind to keep me company.

Ken’s children were going to be staying at a sitter’s for the evening so it meant that he and I were going to be uninterrupted and all alone until almost about 2 in the morning. Jumping for joy internally, I thought about all the places in the house that Ken and I could have marathon sex in that is of course, after he discovers my panties on the bathroom sink. Much to my luck, Ken did not go into his bathroom just yet.

It is now 6:00 and my relatives are getting ready to head over to the Miller’s residence for the cocktail party. The sitter is due to be here any minute now to pick up my cousins, and Ken and I are sitting across from one another on the barstools in the kitchen. He is staring at me with a wicked gaze, and it is making me soaking wet with delight. A few seconds later, my entire family came downstairs, dressed like they were going to an Oscar party.

My jaw dropped in unison with Ken’s as we stared down each and every one of them in awe. It had looked like all of stepped out a magazine, since they looked so stunning. Even my dad, cleaned up pretty well but I think Kimberly made him look the way he did. I got up from the barstool, and kissed each of them goodbye as they proceeded to head towards the door.

The second the front door closed, Ken made his way upstairs and I began to pretend like I was “busy”. I had a feeling that he was definitely going to head into his bathroom and see what I left there for him, and I can practically feel my pussy throbbing through my shorts. Ever so gently I began caressing it once again, through the thin fabric feeling the delicate lace material on my fingers. Wondering what he was up to, he quickly gaziantep escort numaraları caught me off guard by walking right into the living room area and saw my legs gently parted aside.

Honestly, I did not even hear him come down the stairs since his footsteps are so silent. He looked at me, wide eyed and fully focused on what my fingers are doing. I noticed his cock starting to twitch slightly in his gym shorts as I smirked wickedly back at him, and began to peel off my cotton shorts very slowly, teasing him to the brink. If he thought he could tease me the way he did on the plane, then he hasn’t seen anything yet.

“Do you like what you see, Uncle Ken?” I bit my lip, almost instinctively as I stared deep into his lustful green eyes that made me dripping wet with ecstasy. His wicked grin intensified as Ken slowly approached me, and scooped up my body in his deliciously strong arms and carried me over to the kitchen island. He propped me up against it, and began to part my legs ever so gently and hovered his hot breath over my inner thighs. I cooed with lust, wanting every part of him to be ravishing me in the darkest, most twisted way possible.

Ken slowly began to peel off my baby doll pink thong with his teeth, and I saw him reach back and noticed that he had my slinky red lace thong in his left hand. He placed it up to his nose and deeply inhaled my musky sex juices. I was at a loss for words, because I thought he would toss it in my face, for being such a naughty niece. Instead I was even more incredibly aroused, that I could feel my wetness trickling down my inner thighs.

He grinned at me with a sensual, wicked desire and his eyes were pools of lust and hunger for my body. Stripped almost completely naked, he laid me back on the ice cold marble countertop as he began to spread open my silky freshly shaven cunt lips apart with his slightly thick index and middle fingers and licked me ever so imperceptibly from my super tight asshole, all the way up to my drenched pussy. In addition to his immense teasing, I started to grip onto his hair gently as he slowly started to tongue fuck my dripping wet pussy.

I softly whimpered as he somehow managed to skillfully remove my bandeau and tank top all while still tongue fucking me, but Ken began to pick up the speed each and every time I gripped on his hair driving his tongue further and further into my cunt. I dug my nails into his back, and groaned in pleasure as he plunged his tongue deeper and harder into me. I can feel myself on the brink of my second orgasm today.

Ken then stuck two fingers deep inside of my cunt, while his experienced tongue was darting in and out of me. My orgasm began to engulf my body, as I began to violently shake and quiver uncontrollably. I screamed out “Kennnnnn… I’mmmm cummmminngggggg oh fuckkkkkk, I’m cummminnngggggg” as I spewed my hot sex juice all of his mouth. He lapped up my juices, as my pussy ached with sensitivity.

He picked me up and my legs felt like Jell-O. I seriously thought I was going to faint, but I had to keep calm since this was finally happening because I am going to finally fuck my Uncle. Ken carried me into “their” bedroom, and threw me onto it like a ragdoll. He tore off his clothes, and within seconds jumped into bed with me.

Ken pinned my arms down, and reached over to grab his silk blue necktie and began to blindfold me with it. I felt completely subdued as he has me spread wide open for him with my glistening pink snatch waiting to be fucked viciously by his married meat. Being that Ken is an older man, he wanted to fuck me raw and since I’m on “the pill” he can shoot his married seed deep in my cunt. He leaned forward and began to slide his pulsating shaft alongside and in between my wide open freshly shaven cunt lips, allowing the glistening head of his cock to rub against my hardened clit.

He began to masturbate me with his rock hard shaft, pressing down firmly on hard button. I groaned with ecstasy and gripped onto the bed sheets hard, until after finally teasing me to the brink of insanity and with one hard, powerful thrust he sank his pulsating manhood balls deep into my cunt. I squealed with pleasure, as Ken started to screw my brains out with his delicious cock. He grunted hard, as he slapped my ass sending waves of pleasure undeviatingly to drenched pussy.

I looked up and noticed that there are 4 large mirrored tiles, facing directly above the bed. Ken had purposely picked this room, in which he could not only see his stunning reflection in the mirror when he was pleasuring himself but also if he was fucking another woman they could see themselves in it too. He roared “Look at yourself, look at your reflection in the mirror you fucking slut, show me how much of a naughty niece you are wanting to fuck me.” Just hearing him say those words to me, filled my body with euphoria and desire.

Ken pounded my cunt harder and faster, and groped my tits from behind. He bent down and began circling my drenched snatch rapidly, until finally I began to quickly spasm on his cock. He gyrated his hips faster and deeper and began to shoot thick jets of hot creamy spunk deep into the tight confines of my aching pussy. We both came down from our euphoric and explosive orgasm, and Ken untied my hands and grasped my hair hard, kissed me passionately and quickly disappeared into the bathroom to rinse off.

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