The First Time

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Sara was dating Eric’s roommate when they met their freshman year of college. In fact, she had been dating him for a few years before that. Freshman year Eric and Sara didn’t get along so well. Sara could carry drama with her. Eric had his own women issues, and wasn’t as tolerant as he should be. As a result, Sara spent more time in the room than Eric.

All of this changed in their sophomore year though. Eric changed roommates. He was now living with a friend of Sara’s, Steve, who wanted to be more than friends. She was no longer dating his old roommate, Scott, but had moved across campus to the same dorm as Eric.

This arrangement created a new set of interactions between Eric and Sara. Sara would regularly pop in to say hi or chat with Eric’s new roommate. Eric was a little more relaxed around her, his women issues had run their course for the most part. Sara was depressed over her breakup with Eric’s old roommate, or rather she was depressed that he was with someone new. Not that Sara wanted him, but she didn’t want him with someone else either.

All of this lead to Sara getting drunk several nights a week during the first month of the school year. Which then often resulted in Sara stopping by Eric’s room to cry on someone’s shoulder. A couple of weeks into the school year, on one particularly bad night Sara stopped in. Instead of the usual stay and talk though, she wanted Eric to go for a walk.

They walked around campus in the dark. They talked about Scott and his new girlfriend and how she was a “bitch”. They talked about how was she going to make it through the semester with the struggles she was already having. They stopped so she could pee behind a bush. And they stopped at the Campanile while another couple was kissing under it at twelve bells.

Sara hinted that she wanted to be kissed too. Eric played it off to her being drunk, and wanting to get back at Scott. After this he walked her back to her room and returned to his own.

What Eric found in his own room wasn’t any better. His roommate was sitting there in the dark, drinking and listening to Pink Floyd The Wall at a sufficiently loud level. Eric asked what was up, but he could guess. Steve wasn’t happy that Sara was crying on Eric’s shoulder instead of his own.

For the next week and half things were pretty normal. Sara stopped by a couple of times. She gave most of her attention to Steve when she did. Steve seemed happy with the arrangement. Eric was trying to determine if maybe Sara was upset him. She wasn’t and their relationship would change forever on Friday night of that next week.

Eric had gone to the lab to work on an project for one of his engineering classes. He returned to his room about 9pm. He turned on the stereo, relaxed and thought about the success he had had with the project that night. About 45 minutes later there was a knock at the door. He opened the door and in walked Sara. Walk wasn’t the correct description though. It was more like she bounced in. When she entered a room, and was in a good mode, you knew it. She had been drinking as was typical, but she left the party across campus looking for Eric. She was happy she found him in his room.

Sara had long, curly, sandy colored hair. It was the late 80’s and she could make it big if she wanted to. She wasn’t over weight, but she was full figured. That figure looked even better with her above average height. She was dressed to party. The loose black skirt that she wore came down above her knees. The green sweater she wore wasn’t exactly tight, but it did show off her breasts.

Sara chatted up Eric, teased him about spending his Friday night in the lab, and then sitting alone in his room. Eric didn’t care, he was feeling good about the project, in a light mood and bantered back and forth with her. It didn’t take long and that banter turned to flirting.

“You wanted to kiss last week, I guess now you have another chance,” Eric told Sara.

Sara looked at him for second with a suddenly exhausted look on her face. She stood up from the couch and walked over to the door.

“I don’t believe I am doing this,” Sara said as she reached the door. She reached over and flipped off the light switch, and walked back to couch.

Eric was in disbelief himself. It was darker in the room, but he could still see her with the light from the courtyard coming into the room.

Sara sat down on the couch next to Eric. Both of them were ready and didn’t have to wait for the other to make a move. They leaned into each other and their lips met. This moment had been building between them for a while and with that kiss it released everything both had been holding back.

Eric’s hand was in Sara’s hair and her tongue was in his mouth. She leaned back against the arm of the couch and he was partially on top of her. His hand quickly found her large breasts and he groped them through her sweater. Not completely satisfied with that, his hand slid underneath her sweater and found her breast again. Sara was more than happy to allow him the pleasure.

Eric Tuzla Escort had never done more than make out with a girl before, and maybe cop a feel through a shirt and bra. This was very different. He could feel Sara’s bare breast poking out above her bra, and he was confident he would feel the rest. He reached around her back for the clasp to her bra. He fumble with the strap, but couldn’t seem to undue it.

“Hang on,” Sara said as she pushed Eric off of her and sat up. “It’s in the front,” lifting her sweater exposing her bra.

Eric’s mouth gaped. He stared straight at her breasts, and his mind was void of any other thoughts.

“I can’t believe I am doing this,” Sara said for the second time that night and with a tone that seemed to really express her disbelief in Eric’s sexual experience. With that she unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the sides, her breasts fully exposed.

No time was wasted. Eric was back on her again, his mouth on hers and his hands on her breasts. He found a nipple and toyed with it until it was hard. His mouth slipped from hers, found the erect nipple and sucked it.

Eric couldn’t believe his good fortune, what else would she allow. He moved his had from Sara’s breast and slid it between her bare thighs. They parted allowing him accesses up to her panties. She raised her hips at the touch of Eric’s fingers against her cotton panties. The excitement of feeling her wetness and her response caused Eric to be a little too rough with the nipple. She took his head in her hands and pulled his face back to hers, finding his mouth once again.

Eric’s hand slipped over Sara’s thigh and under her panties. He was surprised by the feel of her pubic hair. It was long dense, and rough. He wondered if this was how all girls felt. His hand grazed over her mound a few times before exploring her slit. When he did, she was completely soaked. One finger slid in effortlessly. Soon a second finger followed and entered her almost as easily.

Eric’s night of firsts was not going to end here though. He felt a hand slide inside the front of his jeans. It didn’t stop there though, it slid alongside his growing erection and found his balls. Sara was squeezing his balls, he couldn’t believe this was happening.

The mutual fondling of each others most sensitive areas continued for a couple of minutes more before each withdrew. Eric was now firmly between Sara’s legs. Her hips would rise up periodically, as if dry humping him, trying to achieve something Eric probably didn’t know how to give her.

Unsure of what to do next, and a little self-conscious too, Eric picked something in between. He undid the button fly of his jeans and pushed them down, but left his boxers in place.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t going to make love,” Eric said as he repositioned himself on top of Sara. This time with his jeans around his knees.

“We’re not!?” Sara said with obvious surprise and disappointment.

They laid there for a while longer, kissing and holding each other, but it was obvious the moment was gone. They got up from the couch, the lights went back one, clothes were put back in place, Sara combed the mess from her hair. They laughed both with satisfaction and surprise at what they had just done. The thought of heading back to the party and talking with their friends made what they had done that more exciting. It was their secret.

But it wouldn’t stay that way for long. The next day Carly, a close friend, and Chelle, Sara’s roommate, were sharing stories of their conquests from Friday night. Finally, Sara couldn’t hold back anymore she had to share what happened. Carly and Chelle weren’t put off by her escapade, but were shocked that she would choose to have it with a friend.

A few days later Sara stopped by Eric’s when Steve was at class. They sat on the couch and talked. Sara curled up against Eric almost as if they were dating. She told him of telling her friend Carly and roommate Chelle what had happened. Eric didn’t mind, but didn’t want it getting back to his current roommate, or his old roommate whom Sara had dated the previous year.

They talked about what did and didn’t happen. They were both still surprised by what had happened. Then Sara thanked Eric for stopping it and not letting it go further. While she liked him and was glad something happened between them, she knew that anything more would have only complicated their relationship which was already awkward at times. The drinking had left her in poor judgment that night, and she was happy he had not taken advantage of that. She asked him if he was still a virgin, even though she strongly suspected it. It was hard for him to admit to her, but he acknowledged that he was indeed. She thanked him for being so open.

In another week, everything was pretty much forgotten. Interactions between Sara and Eric were more or less normal. When she stopped by, most of her attention was given to Steve. Eric went back to picking on her, sometimes more than he should have. Everything was normal.

Well almost. Gebze Escort Over the next couple of months there were times at parties that Sara would surprised Eric. Once while he was sitting on a couch, she came over and sat down in his lap and curled up to him. It was more or less innocent, she was drunk and wanted comforting, but it raised a few eyebrows. Then there were some parties where she pulled him into an unoccupied bedroom for a quick but very passionate kiss. The kiss was incredible for both of them, and the excitement of doing it without being caught only added to it.

Then about two months after the episode on Eric’s couch, he began dating a girl he was working with in his home town. This was big for him, he had struggled to get over another girl, who he never really even dated. This was the first time he had dated anyone in almost two years. He failed to realize the impact on Sara though.

After a few weeks of dating, Eric was on the phone with the girl one night and he heard the call waiting click. He ignored it as he was talking long distance. (You had to pay for long distance in those days.) A few minutes later he heard it again. Then a third and fourth time. When he hung up from the call, the phone rang again almost instantly. It was Sara and she was obviously drunk.

“I told Steve,” Sara blurted out.

“You told him what?” Eric asked, trying to hide the urgency in his voice.

“I told him everything,” it was almost a slur. She was obviously upset.

“Why did you do that?”

“Why didn’t you pick up the call waiting?”

“I was on the phone with Sheila”

“Why do you have to be with her?”

That’s when it hit Eric. Sara didn’t really want to date him, but she didn’t want him to be with anyone else either. She wanted to know that she could have him if she wanted to.

When Steve arrived back in their room, nothing was said. Whether or not Steve told anyone else, Eric never knew. It was also the end of Sara stopping by the room for the remainder of the semester.

The relationship with Sheila didn’t last through winter break, and come January Eric was fully single again. Sara had her own relationship on the side, but it was mostly when she needed a hookup.

The new year, being single again, and the break from each other brought Sara and Eric some much needed comfort with each other again. She would stop by the room again, and a couple of times pulled him into a bedroom at parties for a quick kiss.

By the time spring hit Eric had decided he really had no desire to date. The relationship with Sheila had failed mostly because of lingering issues with another girl from his freshman year. He never really got over her. Like any other 20 year though, he wanted to have sex.

Shortly after spring break Sara stopped by the room one night. She had been drinking, but not a lot. She talked with Steve for a while, then decided to head back to her room. Eric said he was headed down to another friends at the other end of the dorm and would walk with her. They headed out into the hallway, down the stairs and into the small courtyard by the mail boxes.

“Can I come to your room?” Eric asked.

Sara looked at him with a puzzled face. “I wasn’t really planning on going to Kevin’s,” Eric confessed.

“Sure, come on,” Sara said with a smile.

When they reached her room Sara’s roommate Chelle was gone, probably some where down the hall. Sara turned on a couple of lights, but the room was always kept relatively dark. Eric sat down on the floor and leaned up against the couch. Sara turned on the radio and joined him on the floor. Eric didn’t really say anything, just leaned in and kissed her. Sara broke it off and smiled, then put her arms around his neck and kissed him again.

Before long they had moved away from the couch and were out in the middle of the floor. Eric was on top of Sara but they were fully clothed. He had a handful of her breast through her sweat shirt, and she wasn’t complaining as he kissed her neck.

Before things could go any further, they heard a key in the door. They sat up, straightened themselves and waited for Chelle to come in. Chelle had been down the hall drinking with a few other girls on the dorm floor.

Eric knew Chelle fairly well. They shared a class and often walked together from the dorm to the lecture hall on the other side of central campus. It was her freshman year, and she had started with a boyfriend from home, but it didn’t last very long. She was one of those people who once they got to college just completely let loose. It was like she had been caged up at home and once she had the freedom she took full advantage. She was experimenting with different men, and from the sound of it there had been more than a couple this year.

Chelle was jacked up when she came in the room and chattering away. Mostly about the other girls down the hall. Who was dating who, who the guys thought was sexy, but really had poor hygiene. It was a side of girl talk Eric hadn’t really heard before.

Chelle Aydınlı Escort decided she was going to change and get into something more comfortable. She asked Eric to turn around.

“Why, its not like there’s anything to see,” Eric said.

Sara laughed, Chelle was sensitive about her small breasts and Sara assumed that was what he was referring to.

“No, sorry,” Eric backed up. “I meant its not like I haven’t seen boobs before.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Chelle said as she made a stirring motion with her finger.

When Chelle gave him the OK to turn back around, he saw her standing in the middle of the room wearing just a t-shirt which came down to mid-thigh. Physically she was very different from Sara. Only a little shorter, but much smaller breasts and not much for curves. Still, she was very attractive.

Chelle may not have been willing to share what her breasts looked like, but she was willing to share her sexual escapades from the night before.

“I can’t believe I did everything with Jason last night,” Chelle confessed to Sara and Eric. “I mean everything,” she added with emphasis.

Eric looked at Sara with a confused look and asked, “The guy from home who plays football?”

“Yes,” Chelle responded. “God, I have rug burns on my knees and elbows from it,” she added.

Eric and Sara laughed as Chelle inspected an elbow.

“It was great though, I came twice!” Chelle added with obvious satisfaction.

“Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?” Sara asked as she smiled at Eric, fully knowing the answer.

“Yeah, but she’s no good for him, she doesn’t put out for him,” Chelle was justifying the encounter to herself as well as Sara.

Sara and Eric laughed some more as Chelle went on for a few more minutes about why her encounter from the night before was acceptable. When she finished she headed out the door and down the hall to the bathroom.

“Gosh, I almost kissed you,” Sara told Eric once Chelle was out the door.

Eric laughed, “You should have.”

“Maybe, but I think it would have surprised her.”

Eric leaned in and kissed Sara quickly before Chelle came back.

“With the rug burns, do you think she was doing him doggy style?” Eric asked.

“No, I know what she means. She was probably just on top,” Sara answered.

Eric nodded, and was trying to imagine. “What did she mean by doing everything?” he asked.

“Everything you could imagine,” Sara said with a smile.

“I can imagine a lot.”

Sara laughed, “She gave him a blow job I would guess.”

Eric got quiet and was trying to imagine this too.

Chelle quickly returned and was still full of energy and wanting to talk about sex. Sara and Eric sat on the couch together and periodically interjected comments as Chelle talked about past conquests.

“I didn’t really lose my virginity to Rod,” she confessed. Referring to the boyfriend she started college with.

“It was another guy I went to high school with. We were swimming at my parents house one day and I told him, ‘I have a problem. I am 18 and still a virgin. Do you want to help me with that?'” she added.

“Ha,” Eric interjected, “that’s not a problem. I am 20 and still a virgin. THAT’s a problem.”

Eric was trying to be funny, but at the same time serious.

Chelle was serious too, “Sara, you have to do something about that.”

Sara turned and looked at Chelle with a surprised face. Chelle’s face said it all, “Here’s your chance.”

Sara turned back to Eric, and looked him in the eye and then reached down for his belt. She pulled back on the loose end and released it from its buckle.

“Hey!” Eric exclaimed, surprised. Sara let go of it and Eric quickly put it back into place.

Everyone was quiet for a moment. Eric and Sara sat on the couch not looking at each out. Chelle stood on the other side of the room surprised and waiting to see what happened next.

Eric collected his thoughts as they sat there in silence. “What did I do?” he thought to himself. With that he took a deep breath, and still not looking at the girls he unbuckled his belt. More quickly now, he unbuttoned the fly on his jeans, lifted his hips off the couch, and pushed his jeans and boxers down to his knees.

Turning to Sara. “Is that what you were looking for?” Eric asked.

“Whoa!” Chelle said excitedly.

Sara gave Eric a quick wide eyed looked. Then took his cock in her hand. He was already semi-hard, and she quickly stroked him to a fully erect state.

Chelle was mesmerized by what she was watching. One, that Eric had exposed himself with both of them there, and two that Sara was stroking him like the two of them were alone. Chelle found the entire scene very erotic. At the same time she felt like she shouldn’t be there and started to head for the door.

“Wait,” Eric called to Chelle. “You don’t have to leave.”

Chelle and Sara both stared at Eric. Eric was surprised by what came out of his mouth, he had just done two things that were out of character. Eric gauged Chelle for a reaction. When seeing nothing other than surprise, he looked at Sara, wondering if she was done with him. His look of hope must have triggered something in Sara. She gave an indifferent look and shrugged her shoulders. Then she looked back at Chelle.

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