The Fourth Rendezvous

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Kat and I have been planning our next rendezvous for a couple weeks now. This time we planned to meet at a beautiful beach resort off the Emerald Coast. I had to leave on a business trip the week before and the separation heightened our desire for each other. We have been in love now for over three months and have never woken up in each other’s arms. This rendezvous would be different. This time we planned to escape from our daily life and totally immerse ourselves into our passion. As the days came closer we would tease each other on the phone. If I could have jumped through that phone I would have been in her arms that very moment. The thought of sharing this moment in time with the one I love and waking up in each other’s arms was so vivid I could taste her lips through the phone.

The day of our special weekend was just a few hours away. I had already sent flowers to her work to surprise her with an expression of my love. I made a special purchase of some rose peddles on my way the beach resort and was able to set the mood of our honeymoon suite. I gently spread the rode peddles on the generous king size bed and laced a small trail on the hallway that led to the balcony that overlooked the white sand beach below. Kat called me and let me know she was close. My heart was pounding and I could not wait to embrace my love. Kat is a beautiful woman with sensuous curves that drives me crazy. The soft curve of her waist leads to a perfectly shaped ass that begs to be caressed. Her breast are soft with the most exquisite brown nipples, with a piercing that my tongue loves to play with.

As her car approaches I smile escort şişli in anticipation of our warm embrace. She parks next to where I am standing and smiles at me with the knowledge of what this weekend means to us. As she exits the car nothing could have come between our compassionate embrace. I helped Kat gather her belongings, including a dozen roses that she received earlier that day to her surprise. As we rode the elevator to the penthouse our tongues dances a passionate tango only adding to the fire of our love. I escorted Kat to our room and held her hand as I guided her into the room as she closed her eyes allowing me to surprise her with the rose peddles. The timing was perfect. The sun was setting on the warm waters below. Kat and I embraced each other as we watched the sun slowly kiss the warm gulf water and settle into a display of pink and red rays of light that pierced the clouds above. I lifted Kat into my arms and slowly walked back into the room as our lips shared the heat of passion. I gently laid Kat on the bed of rose peddles and looked deep into her eyes, telling her how very much I love her and kissing her lips and sucking on her soft neck. Kat always had a special spot on her neck that drove her crazy and I was softly encircling it with my tongue as her breath quickened.

I opened her blouse exposing her generous tits beneath her sexy black bra. I worked my tongue down her breast and left a warm wet trail to her belly button piecing. I had bought her a gift the previous week, a golden belly button ring so that she could caress her soft skin and think of the time when I would be licking her there. I teased her belly button and worked my tongue toward her sweet honey pot. Kat was wearing a sexy pair of black laced boy shorts that enhanced the soft curve of her hips. I gently pulled then down exposing her freshly shaved pussy. There it was, just inches from my lips, the soft wet folds of her hot pussy. I was drawn like a moth to a flame, her pussy was honey to my tongue and her sweet nectar was something I could not resist. I softly stroked her pussy lips slightly parting her lips so that my tongue could find its way to her love bud. I could spend hours just licking Kat’s pussy and have done so in the past. I slowly encircled her clit with my tongue and caressed her breast with one hand as I used my fingers of my other hand to slowly enter her pussy. Kat’s breath quickened and I increased the movement of my fingers. As she came closer to a climax I sucked ever so slightly on her clit, teasing it with my tongue. I could feels the walls of her pussy tighten as the first of many orgasms ripped through her body. Kat’s pussy pulsed and shot hot streams of love juice over my lips and cheeks. Kat could fill a small glass with her love juice and was not holding back now as the hot liquid ran down my chin, soaking the sheets below. Kat’s climax eased into a smile of pleasure and her breath quickly escaped. I slowly made my way back up to kiss Kat’s lips and share the taste of her sweet juices.

Kat’s gentle soul purred in my embrace. She begged to feel my skin of my tanned body and slowly removed my shirt and pants. I in turn removed her blouse and gently released her beautiful breast from the constraints of her lace bra. I could feel the heat of her body as she radiated beneath me. Kat rolled me over onto my back and slid down the bed rubbing her soft tits on my blood filled penis. Kat knew how to please me and teased me with the soft touch of her fingers and artfully slid her fingers down my shaft as her lips encircled the head of my dick. I could barely keep from exploding my hot juice as Kat slide her lips down my shaft, gently massaging my firm balls. Kat has always wanted to feel my hot juices on her tits and this evening was meant to fulfill her fantasies.

Kat motioned for me to lay at her side. I moved to her side and watched to my total excitement as she began to play with her clit as she stoked my dick. I had remembers one of Kat’s desires to watch me stroke my shaft as she was playing with herself, so I grabbed a hold of my shaft and helped Kat with her hand. I was mesmerized as Kat was playing with herself while she was still stoking me. I could feel the juices in my balls begin to boil and told Kat I was going to explode. She started to scream “oh shit, cum on my tits Clyde, I want to feel your hot juices.” I could not hold off any longer and exploded my hot juices all over her soft tits. The moment my first juices struck her tits, Kat exploded in orgasm and squirted her hot juices all over her firm thighs. We laid there for a few more minutes to catch our breath, only to look into each other’s eyes and see the pure love and raw passion we felt for each other.

The remainder of the weekend escape was fantastic. Kat has made me feel alive and I showed her that true loves kiss does exist. We are now planning our next rendezvous and I can only imagine what the next encounter will unfold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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