The Fuck of a Lifetime 03: Revelations

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Stacy Bandersnatch sat on her bed with her head in her hands, wondering just how to handle her current dilemma. She was pregnant. Being unmarried, and the pregnancy coming by way of casual sex, that was bad. Her being impregnated by a relative? That was worse. Not knowing if the father of her child was her own father or her brother? Worst by far. She had known for three weeks now, and still she was yet to say anything to either of them. She needed to, though. They both deserved to know. She decided she’d tell them tomorrow. She stood and made her way to the door where she was met by her brother, Chuck, who scooped her into his arms and planted a big kiss on her mouth as he made his way to her bed. “What do you think you’re doing, little mister?” she asked with a laugh as he tossed her onto the bed.

“I need some of my sister’s sweet pussy,” Chuck said as he scrambled out of his clothes. Stacy hadn’t moved to take hers off, which didn’t bother Chuck in the least. He bent over and pulled her shorts from her and spent all of thirty seconds eating her pussy before sinking his cock deep into her.

“Oh, shit,” Stacy moaned. She cocked her legs as wide as they’d go, giving Chuck complete access to her. “Oh, yes, Chuck. Just like that. Fuck me hard, baby.” Chuck obeyed her, ramming himself into her as hard as he could. In anticipation of this, Stacy was thrusting her hips upward to meet his downward thrusts and reveled in the way her clit rubbed against his pubis each time they met. “Oh, Chuck. I’m almost there, baby. Don’t stop.”

“I’m coming with you,” he said, and held out as long as he could before finally blowing a nut inside of her for about the hundredth time since they first began fucking almost six months ago.

“Fuck, yeah!” Stacy screamed as she had an orgasm of her own. She pulled Chuck’s mouth to her own and they kissed as they each went through the dying throes of their respective orgasms.

“I love you,” Chuck whispered. “Honestly, I do.”

“I love you, too,” Stacy said in all truthfulness. She looked into his eyes. “We need to talk.”

“Okay, so talk,” Chuck responded. His cock was still hard and still inside of her and he was in no rush to remove it.

“Tomorrow morning, nine a.m.,” she told him.

Chuck began moving his cock in and out of her again, slowly at first, but gaining in speed and depth. Stacy smiled at him, then lay back and closed her eyes as she allowed her brother to give her the fuck of a lifetime. Every fuck with Chuck was the fuck of a lifetime, so far as she was concerned.

When Chuck left to hang out with his friends, it was coming up on two-thirty. Stacy didn’t bother getting dressed, not even in a bathing suit. She just went to the back patio naked as the day she was born, not caring if Mrs. Terwilliger, her nosy neighbor, had anything to say about it or not. She fitted herself into a chaise lounge and looked at the ankle monitor that had been such a big part of her life for the past six months. Well, it was coming off next week. She had been a good girl and not gotten into any trouble—well, pregnancy aside, but the judge didn’t need to know about that. Biggest thrill was that she would finally be able to go swimming. And drink beer. And smoke a little weed, if the desire struck her. But … No. No weed, and no alcohol. Not with a baby on the way.

As she lay there, she enjoyed the feeling of the sun heating her nipples while the intermittent wind cooled them, making them hard. She lightly pinched one, reminding herself of her insatiable desire. It was three o’clock. She called her father. “I’m laying poolside, completely nude.” That’s all she said before hanging up. Twenty-five minutes later the sliding glass doors that led from the house to the patio opened with a woosh and Karl Bandersnatch, already completely nude with exception to his socks, hurriedly made his way to his daughter.

Stacy grabbed his cock as he neared and guided it to her mouth. “UNNNHHHH!” Karl loudly moaned as his knees buckled. Stacy took every inch of it into her throat; her pussy was already soaked as she anticipated moving her father’s cockmeat from her mouth to her pussy. She cocked her legs wide and began diddling her clit, then pulled back and said, “Come on, Daddy. I can’t wait any longer.”

Karl had other ideas, though. Instead of filling her pussy with his cock, he slid down and began eating her. After a few seconds he stopped and said, “You taste a bit … earthy today.”

She didn’t want to say, “Well, that’s because you’re eating your son’s cum from my pussy,” so she offered, “I’ve been horny all day, Daddy. Just fuck me.”

“In a minute,” Karl answered, then began eating her pussy again, and soon the earthiness of it gave way to Stacy’s own natural sweetness.

“Oh, fuck!” Stacy exclaimed as her father worked her clit over like no one else ever had. Then, he grabbed her by the hips and pushed her legs back, exposing her tender butthole to the open air. He looked at it, escort ilanları admired it, then settled his mouth upon it. As Stacy squirmed and squealed, Karl thought back to a little more than a month ago when Stacy gave him her anal cherry, and he took advantage of it ever since. Yes, he would fuck her sweet pussy, but he would fuck her even sweeter ass as well. In the meantime, though, he was content to just slowly lick and suck her asshole, giving her the rim job that always made cum ooze from her like syrup from a maple tree.

“Oh God, Daddy. I need you to fuck me,” Stacy almost cried. “Please. I need to feel your cock inside of me.” Karl pushed himself into his daughter’s tight pussy, but unlike Chuck, who seemed intent on destroying it every time he entered it, Karl took his time and made sure all her needs were met before seeking to meet his own. After her fifth orgasm, Stacy said, “You can fuck my ass now if you want to, Daddy.” Karl did, and five minutes later he was emptying a massive load of sperm into his daughter’s ass.

Just as she had with Chuck, Stacy pulled her father down and kissed him, then she told him she loved him, then she told him that he needed to call in late tomorrow because she had to talk to him. He tried to get whatever it was out of her now, but she told him it would just have to wait.

That night, Karl, his wife, Maranda, and Stacy went to Little China Buffet for dinner. Maranda was sure to buy a carry-out order for Chuck since he wasn’t with the family this evening, as was the case with increasing regularity.

One a.m. Maranda Bandersnatch turned to her left while asleep, and that little intuitive something that married couples have told her that her husband was not where he should have been. Maranda arose a bit sleepily and made her way downstairs, thinking he may be watching TV or getting a late-night snack, but neither proved to be true. She checked the garage to ensure the car was there, thinking that maybe he had gone out for a pack of cigarettes. He had quit smoking several months ago, and to her knowledge he hadn’t started back, but she thought maybe he would. Also noticeable was that Chuck’s car was not there, meaning he was still out with friends.

Maranda made her way back upstairs, and that’s when she heard it. It was the tiniest of giggles, and it came from Stacy’s room. Maranda stealthily made her way over, then placed her ear to the door. It opened slightly, enough for her to stick her head in, and she was aghast at what she saw. Stacy was lying on her back, her legs spread wide. Between her legs was Karl’s face.

“Why do you love eating my pussy so much, Daddy?” Stacy whispered.

“Because it’s the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted,” Karl replied.

“I love the way you eat it,” Stacy said, then ran her fingers through her father’s hair before holding his head in place. “OHHHH!” She loudly whispered as she came.

“Shhhh,” Karl said. “You don’t want to wake your mother.”

“Then give me something to shut me up,” Stacy said, and Karl lay down, allowing his daughter to take his cock into her mouth.

Maranda was in shock, completely dumbfounded. She backed away as silently as she approached and went back to bed. In the morning, she would attempt to convince herself that this was all just a dream.

Karl called in to work, like it really mattered anyway seeing as to how he was half-owner of the marketing firm. At 8:45 a.m. he was waiting downstairs in the living room after seeing his wife off (she swore she could taste pussy even though she had seen him brush his teeth and use mouth wash), and a few moments later Chuck walked in. A bit startled, he said, “Oh, hi Dad. Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“I called in,” Karl answered truthfully. “Stacy said something about needing to talk.”

The look of cold fear could be seen on Chuck’s face as he reckoned Stacy was going to tell their father about their affair these past five months, thus it was this prejudiced rationalization that prompted him to try and do so himself. Very nervously, he stammered, “Look, man, sometimes things happen for no reason at all, okay? You need to understand that as wild as some things may sound, they’re perfectly sane when you get to thinking about them.”

“Chuck.” It was Stacy.

“It just happened, man,” Chuck said to his father, completely disregarding his sister.

“Chuck! Stop it,” Stacy told him. “Now sit down, the both of you. I have something I need to say, and you both need to hear it.” The fact that they both needed to hear it put Chuck’s mind at ease to some degree, so he sat and prompted his sister to continue. Stacy looked at her father, who nodded his readiness. “Good. Okay … So …” She really didn’t know where to begin, so she just threw it out for the two of them to hear. “I’m pregnant.”

“What!?” Karl and Chuck almost screamed in unison.

“I’m pregnant,” Stacy repeated, “and I don’t know who gaziantep escort ilanları the father is.”

The first part of this declaration had brought the tiniest of smiles to Chuck’s face, but when his sister said she could not readily identify the father, it immediately faltered. “What do you mean you don’t know who the father is?”

“Chuck, this isn’t going to be easy for you to hear, but Daddy and I have been having sex about as much as you and I have.”


“It started when you were away doing that Habitat for Humanity thing,” Stacy told him. “I was so horny … You know how crazy I get when I’m horny. Anyway, Daddy was here, you weren’t, and we’ve been doing it ever since.”

“And you knew about me and her?” Chuck asked his father.

“Yes. She told me.”

“Oh, fuck,” Chuck said as he stood and began to pace. “So … What? How do we find out who the father is? DNA testing? Do we go on Maury Povich?” He laughed at that. “Ha, more like Jerry Springer.”

“We can have a DNA test done once I give birth,” Stacy said.

“Didn’t you think to use birth control?” Karl asked.

“To be honest, Daddy, no,” Stacy answered. “I just love the way my pussy feels when its being filled with a man’s cum. Birth control never entered my mind.”

“So, what now?” Chuck asked. “Do we stop having sex altogether, do you choose who you want to be with? What?”

“Actually,” Stacy said as she slid her top off, revealing her naked breasts to her father and brother, “I was hoping we could make this a bit more intimate with each other.” She slid her shorts off, revealing her shaved pussy and voluptuous ass.

“A threesome?” Chuck asked. “With Dad?”

“Oh, Chuck,” Stacy began as she made her way to him. “Just the idea of having one of you in my mouth while the other fucks me, or one of you in my ass while the other is in my pussy …” She kissed him long and passionately. “You wouldn’t deny me that, would you?” She freed his cock from his pants and began rubbing it.

“Uh … No, of course not.”

“Daddy?” she asked as she looked toward him. “Any qualms?”

Karl stood and undressed as he said, “Let me eat your pussy while you suck your brother’s dick.”

Stacy didn’t ever attempt to muffle her squeal of delight as she pulled Chuck to the couch and pushed him down. She then comforted herself in the best position possible so as to give her father the best access to her pussy while giving herself the best access to Chuck’s cock. In wild anticipation, she came immediately when she wrapped her lips around her brother’s cockhead, then came again when her father’s tongue slithered across her clit. Her moans were loud and deep, guttural, and she was on a pace of an orgasm about every ninety seconds.

“Come up here and give me some of that pussy,” Karl said after about five minutes, and as he sat up and slid down on the couch, Stacy pulled herself free from Chuck’s dick and mounted him. Karl’s dick slid into his daughter’s pussy easily, so lubricated had it become with her cum and his saliva. Speaking to his son, he said, “Go ahead, Chuck. Slide your dick into her ass,” but Chuck just stared at it, for he and Stacy had never done anal before. “It’s okay,” Karl said in way of assuring his son. “I’ve stretched that asshole out good over the past month.

Chuck really didn’t like the sound of that. He really didn’t like the idea that his father had been fucking Stacy at all, but as was apparently the case with Karl, Chuck was addicted to his sister’s sexuality. He rubbed spit on his dick and entered Stacy’s ass and was surprised at how much hotter and tighter it was than her pussy. He moaned with pleasure as he found a nice rhythm and began fucking her like he never had before.

Stacy was moaning as well. She kissed her father full on the mouth, and whether Karl was just not aware or just didn’t care, the fact that she had been sucking her brother’s cock less than a minute ago seemed of no importance. Her pussy was drenched, and it, along with her asshole, tightened and convulsed with regularity as she came again and again and again.

A good ten minutes in and Chuck said, “Oh, shit. I’m going to cum.”

Stacy jumped from her father’s cock, knelt before her brother, and said, “I want it in my mouth.” Thirty seconds later and Chuck was skeeting his cum as directed.

Meanwhile, Karl had been jerking his cock, and once Chuck finished, he said, “Over here, baby.” He unloaded in her mouth as well.

Stacy swallowed the mixture of her father’s and brother’s semen, then took turns sucking their cocks some more before finally collapsing backward on the couch. She laughed. “That was great, you two. I look forward to doing it again.”

“Just not too often,” Chuck said. “It’s kind of weird doing this with my father.”

“The more you do it, the less weird it will seem,” Karl promised his son, but that was the thing, gaziantep escort bayan ilanları wasn’t it? Chuck didn’t want to do it. He wanted things to go back to the way they were, when it was just he and Stacy.

Chuck got dressed and went to hang out with his friends while Karl readied himself for work. As he was leaving, Stacy said, “Don’t forget court tomorrow. I am so ready to get this damned ankle monitor removed.”

“No worries, baby,” Karl said, and as he made to leave once again, Stacy pulled him close and said, “I love you, Daddy, and I hope this baby is yours.” Karl just stared at her, then slowly took her in his arms, led her to the couch, and made love to her once again.

Midnight. Maranda Bandersnatch arose from her bed to once again search out her husband, only this time she grabbed her phone. She initiated the video app as she made her way to Stacy’s room, and once there she opened the door, eased the camera in, and filmed her daughter and husband having sex.

The following morning, the family was on hand to witness Judge Reinhold release Stacy from her house arrest. The ankle monitor was removed, and he assured her that her record would be expunged per his given word at her sentencing. She was now a free woman to do as she wished, with a word of advice from the judge: “Be very careful with whom you choose to associate yourself in the future.” Stacy would have no problem there. Her newfound freedom would open many doors for her, but in the end, the only door she was concerned with was her own, and depending on the time of day, whether it was Chuck or her father walking through it to fuck her.

The family went to lunch to celebrate, at which time Stacy announced that she would like to remain living at home, if that was okay with everyone. She had been living on her own at the time of her sentencing. Her moving back in with her parents was one of the conditions of house arrest vs. actual jail time. Now that she was pregnant, though, coupled with the fact that she could fuck herself silly all day, every day, she felt she had everything she needed by remaining there. Chuck answered first with, “Yeah, sure, fine by me.” He hoped he sounded nonchalant enough that his mother didn’t pick up on anything.

“You know you are welcome to stay as long as you wish,” Karl said in speaking for himself and Maranda. She cut her eyes at him, though, knowing full well the reason he really wanted her to remain, and it was all she could do to not say anything. She was still processing everything insofar as the affair was concerned. How did it happen? Why did it happen? How long had it been going on? How would Chuck react if he knew? It was distressing her greatly, and she really didn’t know how much longer she could go without saying anything. She did know that she needed more proof. Yes, she had walked in on it once and recorded them once, but she felt she needed more. Why, she didn’t know.

That night, same as before, she awoke. This time close to two a.m. Chuck was in his bed asleep, and Karl was in their daughter’s room. She opened the door, thankful in so many ways that it did not squeak as she did so. She recorded Stacy lying on her back, Karl fucking her in the ass. “Oh, shit, baby. Daddy loves this ass so much. It’s so soft and tight.”

“It’s all yours, Daddy. It always has been.” Stacy said this while masturbating, and about thirty seconds later she seized as an orgasm rocked her body.

“Oh, shit. Daddy’s going to cum!” And he did. He was quiet, but even his quiet grunts were filled with passion. He pulled out of her and kissed her belly. “Hope I didn’t disturb our little one too much tonight.”

A look of sheer horror crept along Maranda’s face. She silently backed out and returned to her bed. When Karl returned, she felt him climb in, and it was all she could do to not cringe as he wrapped an arm around her. She silently wept herself to sleep.

Maranda did as she always had on a workday. She arose, got ready, ate breakfast, kissed Karl good-bye, and left for her job at the local Coca-Cola plant to return around five-thirty, only today, Friday, when she left, she did not go to work. Neither Karl, Stacy, nor Chuck would have been privy to this if Bob McCallister, Maranda’s secretary, had not phoned the house at ten-thirty. Karl was at work, and Stacy and Chuck had just finished another wild round of sex when the phone rang. Not many people had the number to the landline, so Stacy figured the call must carry some importance.

When Bob told her that Maranda never showed for work, Stacy thanked him and said she would notify her father immediately, which she did. After about ten minutes, Karl called back on the landline to tell Stacy, “I tried calling her cell, but she never answered. You and Chuck try calling her. I’ll call some of our friends and see if they know anything.”

Stacy apprised Chuck of things, and his attitude was more or less indifferent. “No sense in all of us trying to call her if she’s not answering. Maybe she just doesn’t want to talk.”

“And maybe something terrible has happened to her,” Stacy spat.

“In which case she wouldn’t be able to talk,” Chuck retorted. “I’m going for a swim. Want to join me?”

Stacy shook her head in derision as she continued to press redial every time the call ended and went to voicemail.

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