The Furry Convention

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This story is inspired by true events.

Names, locations, etc. have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.


Brandon had never been particularly popular. His interests had always been very unique and not something shared by many of his peers. Sure he liked video games as much as any other junior in college, but it was his other interests that he was truly passionate about. He also kept them a secret. This was the main reason he was deciding to load up his car on a Thursday night, rather than sometime during the day.

He popped open the trunk of his hand-me-down Corolla and set his handmade fursuit carefully inside. The furry costume was bit like a onesie, modeled like a dog covered in splotches of white and black fur. The headpiece had been carefully crafted to fit entirely over his own head. It may not have been as fancy as some of the suits that could be purchased, but those were upwards of $5,000 for something quality, money that no college student had to throw around. Besides, what mattered was that when he put on his fursuit, he transformed into his fursona, Dugger, a black and white lab that he identified more with sometimes than his own human self. It was the ultimate escape; when he was Dugger, he felt like he could finally be himself. The anonymity provided by the fursuit was freeing.

Brandon finished loading his costume and dufflebag into the trunk of the car before shutting it. He dusted off his hands and headed back to his dorm. He was all packed and ready for this weekend’s FurCon in Atlanta, GA. He had only ever attended one furry convention in the past, two years ago during his freshman year of college. However, at that time he hadn’t made a suit yet and he felt he wasn’t able to get the full enjoyment of the experience.

The next day Brandon made the four hour drive over to Atlanta and checked into his hotel room at the Marriott. The convention was to be held on the main floor of the hotel, using a combination of open areas and conference rooms to house the attendees as well as the many booths and stalls. As he walked down the hall to his room after checking in, he could already see a couple other convention-goers, wearing the distinctive plastic name badge on lanyards around their necks as they walked around the hotel. Some were even already in fursuits of their own. He waved to a group who waved back welcomingly.

That was another one of the things he loved about the furry community: everybody was so friendly and open.

Once in his room, Brandon donned his own suit, putting Dugger’s large puppy head over his own last. He pulled the official convention badge out of his backpack – no easy feat when wearing furry paw gloves – and put it around his neck. Once transformed, he was ready to head out for the starting ceremonies of the convention.

He wandered around the convention floor, checking out the various booths and stalls. Artists from all over had come to display and sell their works. Other convention goers milled about, some in suits, some not, enjoying themselves – expressing themselves. As he wandered around, another fursuiter wearing a full German Shepard costume came up to him and discreetly handed him a leaflet. Brandon accepted it, not quite sure what it was, but before he had a chance to ask, the person had already moved on.

Brandon peered through the mesh opening of his costume’s head that allowed him to see out without others seeing in. He held up the leaflet and read it.

“Room Party – 205. 11:00pm. 18+ only.”

Below the some what cryptic text were a series of hand-drawn symbols: a male “Mars” symbol going through the opening of a female “Venus” symbol, a male symbol going through another male symbol, two female symbols linked together, and a little rainbow flag in the corner.

“Holy shit,” Brandon said quietly to himself, “I’ve heard about these ‘room parties’!”

On Internet forums, he had read about “Adult Themed Room Parties” at some of these furry conventions. They were typically thrown after-hours in someone’s hotel room and provided an opportunity for random furries to hook up with each other and yiff (a furry word for “fuck”). The symbols on the invitation made it pretty clear that they accepted all types. However, not everyone went to them to fuck, some just liked to watch.

“I mean, I guess it would hurt to check it out…” Brandon thought to himself, feeling rather excited that he had been invited.

For the rest of the day it was all he could think about. He kept imagining what it might be like. Normally there wouldn’t be a chance in hell that he’d have enough courage to attend such a thing. But as Dugger, he felt like he could do anything. Besides, it’s not like anybody would know it was him or anything.

That evening, he sat in his hotel room, sitting on the edge of the bed, watching the TV. He couldn’t help but eye the clock every few minutes as the time ticked closer and closer to eleven.

Finally, after what felt like forever, cebeci escort the digital display on the clock flickered to display 11:00. Brandon stood up and put his costume back on and headed for the door. He made his way to the elevators and down to the second floor of the hotel. There wasn’t a single soul in sight this late in the hallways. Most of the convention attendees were probably already fast asleep in their rooms.

Brandon could feel his heart beating faster as he walked down the hallway, counting off the room numbers to himself.


He stood in front of the door for a moment, wondering if he should really go in or not. Then he remembered that it wasn’t “Brandon” going into the room, it was Dugger, and Dugger wasn’t afraid.

He lifted his hand and knocked softly on the door. After a few moments it was opened up by the same German Shepard fursuiter that had handed him the leaflet.

“Hey! C’mon on in!” he welcomed, his voice muffled by his own costume headpiece.

Brandon entered the room. The air was stuffy, even more so than it was inside of his costume. He could hear the pleasured moans of a guy and some quiet techno music playing from a stereo. As he moved further into the room he could see a pair of furries in full suits fucking doggystyle on the far bed. He wasn’t quite sure what their genders were, other than it seemed obvious the one mounting the other was a male.

Brandon took a place standing against the wall and watched. Next to him was a girl in a partial fursuit; instead of wearing a head-to-toe suit covering all her skin, she just had on a headpiece, furry paw mitts, and furry paw slippers. The mouth of her fox head was open, but impossibly dark to see inside of. Besides her partial suit, she was wearing a frilly maid costume of blue and white, with a flirtatiously short dress. Her ample bosom was barely contained by the costume which bared an attractive amount of cleavage.

The girl’s fursona was evidently a cute pink and white fox with a bushy pink tail and matching paws. At the moment, she had one of her furry pink paws shoved between her legs, frantically rubbing herself as she watched the pair yiffing.

“Holy shit,” Brandon thought to himself, “There’s a girl masturbating right next to me. This is so hot!”

He could feel himself getting hard inside of his fursuit. As a virgin, this was as close as Brandon had come to doing anything sexual with a girl and it was exciting. And he was just standing next to her!

He found himself watching her more than the couple fucking. He tried not to make it obvious, stealing a glance here and there.

However, it didn’t take long before she had picked up on his glances.

The fox girl stopped pawing herself for a moment.

“Aw fuck, she caught me-” Brandon woefully thought to himself, but before he could even finish the thought, the fox girl had grabbed his arm and shoved his paw between her legs.

Brandon swallowed and his heart started to race.

“She wants me…to…masturbate her?” he pondered to himself in disbelief. He couldn’t believe his luck.

The horny pink fox had already started to grind herself on his furry paw.

He didn’t wait long before he started to rub her the same way she had been rubbing herself. His paw dipping in between her legs over and over.

The pink fox let out a sweet, dulcet, yet muffled moan as she was pawed vigorously. She took hold of Brandon’s arm with her pink paws and braced herself. Her knees bent slightly, putting more of her weight on his paw. She rocked her hips in time with his movements, grinding herself against his gloved hand.

Before long, the girl in the pink fox costume was moaning again. Her quivering legs clasped tightly around Brandon’s paw. She braced herself against the wall as she climaxed.

“I just made a girl cum!” Brandon thought excitedly to himself. He withdrew his arm from between the girl’s legs once she finally relaxed them.

However, the pink vixen was not yet satisfied.

She crawled onto the nearest bed, directly in front of Brandon. The girl stayed there on her hands and knees, her backside pointed in Brandon’s direction. Her furry pink paw slippers hanging just off the edge of the bed, exposing their rubberized soles. She reached back and flipped her fluffy tail and dress up and onto her back.

The girl’s pink underwear closely matched the color of her fox fur, with a noticeable dark spot in the middle where her excitement had soaked into the fabric. Her skin was pale, her thighs deliciously plump.

For Brandon, this night just kept getting better and better. Not only had he just experienced his first time bringing a girl to orgasm, but now that very same girl was presenting herself to him on all fours. It really was like she was a fox in heat; proudly displaying her aroused backside to a potential mate.

He hadn’t even noticed that the other couple had finished and were now cleaning themselves up, and that the cebeci escort bayan cameraman who had been filming them had moved over to him and the pink fox. He was too fixated on the damp spot on her underwear. He wanted so badly to know what lay behind that thin layer of cotton.

“This girl is so fucking horny,” he reasoned with himself, “plus she’ll stop me if I do something she doesn’t like, right?”

The reasoning was sound enough in his mind and her vulnerable position was too good an invitation to pass up. Besides, wasn’t that the kind of thing these room parties were meant for?

Brandon climbed up onto the bed behind her. He nervously pulled down her underwear, exposing her bare backside. He let her panties come to a rest just above her knees. The pink vixen didn’t protest and let him admire.

He took a minute to appreciate all of her features: her round, pale ass – delicately soft skin. The darker flesh around her tightly puckered asshole. Her plump pussy lips, peeking out from in between her thighs, were completely shaved. Her glistening slit, wet with excitement.

Brandon gripped her cheeks, spreading her open with his furry paws. The fox girl’s lower lips parted, blossoming into a teardrop shape as he revealed the tender pink flesh concealed within. With her spread, he could see her entrance clearly, eagerly awaiting him. He could detect a faint hint of her delightful feminine musk drifting from between her pussy lips.

He couldn’t wait any longer.

Brandon quickly fumbled with the crotch of his own suit, trying to get a hold of the zipper he had built in for going to the bathroom. The task proved frustratingly difficult, especially with his furry paw mitts reducing his dexterity. He removed one and finally managed to find the little metal tab and tugged it down. With his bare hand he reached inside and pulled out his cock through the slit in his fursuit. He was rock hard and his tip glistened with precome.

Nervous, but excited, Brandon quickly put his furry paw back on his exposed hand. For some reason he just felt safer the more of himself he had covered. Even though, ironically, it was only his most intimate body part that was exposed at the moment.

“Holyshitholyshitholyshit-I’m about to have sex with a girl!,” he excitedly thought to himself, trying to maintain his composure.

His mate eagerly awaited him, swaying her hips back and forth slightly as if to further entice him.

Brandon scooted forward, taking his cock in his furry paw and guiding it towards the fox girl’s slit. He rubbed himself up and down the length of her lips before finally aligning himself with her entrance. With both paws he held onto her hips and began to slowly push himself forward.

The feeling as he sank into her depths was nothing short of incredible. With how turned on she was, her body provided little resistance. He closed his eyes and relished the intense warmth inside of her. Brandon continued to push forward, inching more and more of his cock inside the horny vixen, until at last his hips pressed firmly against her bare butt.

“Holy fuck, it feels soooo good inside of her,” Brandon thought to himself, taking a second to appreciate the feeling. “That’s a girl’s actual vagina wrapped around my bare cock! It’s so warm!”

The pink fox was becoming impatient and started bumping her hips against Brandon’s, moving him in and out of her slightly. Brandon got the hint and came back to reality. He tightened his grip on her hips and started to slowly and powerfully fuck the pink vixen.

His hips slammed against hers, bumping her forward each time. The world around him faded away as he slammed into her; all that mattered was the feeling. However, the pink fox girl kept trying to match his thrusts, moving her hips back and forth. It finally frustrated Brandon enough and a sudden rush of dominance swept through him.

He gave into his animal instincts.

“Oh no you don’t. You’re my little bitch to breed,” Brandon muttered to himself in response to her attempts at controlling the pace.

He mounted her properly, moving up on her, laying against her back and matching her form. He supported himself with his arms on either side of her body. Once atop his prey, Brandon started to rock his hips quickly, keeping the rest of his body relatively still. The submissive position and rapid thrusts appeared to be just what the vixen was hoping for; she let out a long moan as he humped away at her.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you?” he asked her in his own head, “You like being mounted and fucked raw, don’t you?”

In the new position, it really did feel like he was Dugger, mounting a willing fox out in the wild. He loved the confidence and dominance he felt atop his mate; something he could only feel as Dugger. He reached under and pulled down the front of her dress, exposing her large breasts. They swung freely in time with his thrusts until he took one up in each of his paws, massaging them.

The pink vixen moaned escort cebeci again, reaching her second climax. He felt her shudder underneath him as she came. It only encouraged him more and his rapid hip thrusting continued. Even through his furry gloves he could feel her erect nipples as he continued to grope her.

Brandon was too caught up in his fantasy to notice that he was nearing his own climax. He pounded away relentlessly until he suddenly passed the point of no return. In that split second, where he realized he was about to come, a series of panicked thoughts rushed through his mind: “Oh fuck, I’m about to make a huge mess and get cum everywhere!” being used to jacking off into tissues. “Wait, no, it’s okay because it’s just all going to go inside of her. Wait, but that-“

There wasn’t enough time to finish the thought as his orgasm caught him off guard. The familiar, pleasurable pulsing had already begun as he pumped his cum inside of the pink fox girl. His hips gave a few last erratic thrusts as his climax trailed off.

The facade of his fantasy fell away and reality came crashing back.

“Did…did you just cum inside me?” the pink fox girl asked from underneath him, her voice muffled by her costume.

Brandon quickly dismounted her, feelings of guilt and embarrassment overwhelming him.

“I-I…” he stuttered in a barely audible voice.

The fox girl quickly pulled up her underwear and got up, rushing off into the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

Brandon stood stunned, looking around the room and remembering he had an audience. He quickly tucked his cock back into his suit and somehow managed to pull up the zipper. He saw the cameraman fiddling with his camera in the corner. Brandon hurried over to him.

“Hey, could I uh…get a copy of that?” he asked in a hushed voice. The cameraman replied affirmatively and Brandon gave him his e-mail address before hurrying out of the room. He was too embarrassed, too ashamed to wait around for the fox girl to come out of the bathroom.

“Shit!” he chastised himself in the elevator back up to his room. “How could I be so stupid?”

He was burning up inside of his fursuit from all the exertion. Once back in his room, he quickly removed it and laid it out on the bed he wasn’t using. As he did, he noted that the fur around the crotch of his suit was matted from repeatedly slamming into the fox girl’s wet pussy.

Brandon leaned down and sniffed the matted fur; that same heavenly, feminine musk from the fox girl’s arousal filled his nose. He checked his furry glove that he had been rubbing her with; the same intoxicating scent was there too, albeit less so. He could feel himself already getting hard again.

That night, he hardly slept. He tossed and turned, had fitful dreams about mating with a stranger.

The following morning, he checked his phone to see he had a new, untitled e-mail sitting in his inbox with a single attachment: the video from last night.

After showering and donning his fursuit again, doing his best to ruffle the matted fur near the crotch so it looked normal, he headed out back down to the convention floor.

That day as he walked around, he found it hard to concentrate on the actual convention itself. He kept thinking about the pink fox girl from last night. Would he run into her? Was she mad?

As he was checking out a hand-drawn comic book at one of the artist booths, someone suddenly grabbed his arm and started pulling him along.

It was the pink fox.

She was wearing the same partial fursuit and maid costume that she had been wearing last night. She led him away from the convention floor and back towards the hotel lobby, leading him by his arm.

“You owe me for last night,” she said sternly, her voice still muffled from her fox head, not to mention his own costume. “For coming inside of me without permission,” she concluded.

Something about her voice sounded so familiar.

They stood in silence in the elevator as it traveled up to the top floor of the hotel. Brandon was too nervous to speak. Panicked thoughts rushed through his head, wondering what she was going to do to him.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Still holding onto his arm, she led him down the hallway, stopping in front of room 811. She pulled a room keycard out of a pocket on her dress and just as she was about to insert it into the door a loud laugh could be heard coming from inside the room. She stopped.

“Shit. My friends are in there,” she said, a hint of disappointment in her voice.

After a second she spoke again.

“C’mon, I know somewhere we can go.”

Brandon followed, still not sure exactly what she wanted from him.

She led them to the emergency staircase at the far end of the hall. The metal door creaked open as she pushed on it, slamming loudly behind them.

“This should work. Nobody uses the stairs anyway,” she stated matter-of-factually.

Brandon was confused.

The pink fox girl finally released him and turned away, facing the railing on the landing. Since they were on the top floor, there were only stairs heading down.

“Try not to cum in me this time?” she instructed, flipping up her dress and placing her furry paws on the railing, leaning forward as she did.

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