The Gift Ch. 01

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It had been nearly 10 years since she had seen him. Even longer since she had fucked him. As she stood there waiting for him to arrive in the hotel lobby, she wondered how much he had changed.

Sarah had met Jacob in college. When she had been a freshman, he was one of the first people she met. She had attended a floor meeting the RA of her dorm had planned during the first week of school, and she had seen him there. He had been perched on the window ledge that ran the length of the picture window along the side wall in the lobby. It was a coed floor. Men lived down one hall, women down the other. The group of students from all classes played silly games with lollipops and got to know each other. They would be living together for a year, so a sense of community would be important.

He had seemed “scary” in her opinion. Some older student who sat perched there on that ledge not saying much, but seeming wise and not willing to waste his time on some young thing fresh out of high school. Sarah’s nervousness at being in such a new place didn’t allow her to focus much on him at the time, but she always remembered that first meeting. How he sat there, quiet and strong, with his foot up on the wall heater under the ledge, his elbow perched on his knee.

Sarah brought herself back from her trip down memory lane by checking her watch. She rose from the over-stuffed chair she had been sitting on just inside the lobby and went to the glass front doors to peer out and see if she could see him or his car. She had no idea what kind of car he drove now. In college he had driven a few different cars, one of which was a convertible. She had loved riding around campus with him in that car with the top down, feeling the wind blow through her hair as they crept along the winding roads of their campus. She smiled to herself as she recalled another time they had taken the convertible to the lake and watched a storm roll across the water, eventually reaching them and nearly drowning them as the thunder crashed above them. Of course the top was down and the car got soaked!

Sarah and Jacob had become good friends during that first year. After she got to know him, he wasn’t so “scary” after all. They spent late nights together watching movies, listening to music, hanging out in the lounge, and just generally having a good time. Sarah would tell him all about her boyfriend back home, and he would tell her about the girls he was dating. Their friendship developed into something that was important enough for her to search for him and find him after all these years.

Not seeing him anywhere in the parking lot, Sarah went to the bathroom to freshen up. She wasn’t sure why she was expecting him already. She had gotten there an hour early, and he still had 30 minutes until he was expected. She went into the bathroom and entered a stall to try and pee quickly before he got there. Whenever she was nervous she felt like she had to pee all the time.

As she sat there on the toilet in the ladies room listening to the quiet hum of the overhead bostancı escort bayan florescent lights she thought back to the last few weeks. She had been trying to track Jacob down for years, and never had any luck until about three weeks ago. She had always tried her favorite search engine to attempt to track down a phone number or email, but nothing ever came up in the search results. On an off chance she tried a search engine she didn’t normally use, and there at the top of the search results was a link to a high school faculty page with not only a picture of her long lost friend, but also an email address. She had hurriedly typed an email message to him, hit send and then went to bed. She awoke to find an enthusiastic response from Jacob in her inbox, and the following three weeks were full of emails back and forth, late night online chats and eventually a few phone calls.

Sitting there all nervous and wishing she could pee, Sarah thought about all the things they had discussed in those chats and phone calls. They had talked about how Jacob had gotten married right after he graduated. Sarah shared her own experiences with dating. Sadly, Jacob also disclosed he was now a widower, and shared the loneliness he often felt now that he was single. Sarah could relate. She had gone from man to man over the last decade, trying to find herself and understand her own sexuality. She disclosed her journey to Jacob, tentatively at first and then boldly once she realized he would not judge her. She told him all about how she discovered the world of BDSM and how she finally understood her sexual desires within a context she had searched nearly her whole life to identify. She told him long stories about how she was trained under a former Master, being made to serve and to please him at his whim.

In turn, Jacob shared the details of his marriage while his wife was alive. He had loved his wife, truly loved her, but there had been many differences between them. None of the differences were enough to actually separate, but they were differences that had always haunted Jacob. They were differences that had mattered a great deal to him, and to most men. His wife used sex as a weapon, not allowing certain things, dictating how and where and when. He was unfulfilled, but his love for his wife in every other area kept him faithful. Sarah listened to all these stories with sadness. She had remembered Jacob’s sexual appetite and the things that he liked. It made her sad to think that he had lived all these years without really experiencing his inner most desires, and then the loss of his wife on top of that broke her heart even more.

Sarah and Jacob had only slept together a handful of times when they were in college. It was during her second year that their friendship budded into something more. She had been very tentative each time, and he had been completely patient and gentle. He had wanted some of the things from her that he mentioned his wife had never given him, and Sarah was again saddened that she had denied him ümraniye escort those acts at the time. She did, however, have fond memories of how his cock felt inside of her.

As she wiped and then stood up in the stall of the ladies room letting her mind wander farther back into the past, Sarah realized she was getting excited. She let her mind wander to the first time her and Jacob had explored each other. The first kiss had come nervously as his lips brushed hers. The lights had been off with only the outside lights from the parking lot and some candles to light the way for their tender touches and lustful groping. As Sarah sat there feeling her pussy getting wetter in the stall, she remembered the first time she touched his cock. She had reached down to feel his hardening member and nearly pulled back in fear when she felt how big it was in her hand. She had stroked it while her mind raced, wondering if she would be able to take him inside of her. As she kissed him, feeling his tongue probing at her mouth, she grew more nervous. He was only the third person she had ever been to bed with, and he had by far the biggest cock she had ever touched.

Realizing that her pussy was getting wetter and that she wasn’t making an effort to leave the stall, Sarah leaned back against the cold metal wall that surrounded the rectangular area of the bathroom. She lifted one leg and let her shoe rest on the seat of the toilet, her beautiful high heeled shoe contrasting sharply against the white fixtures of the toilet. The hotel seemed quiet, and the bathroom was completely deserted. She let her mind continue wandering back in time as she let her fingers wander in the present, pulling up the edge of her skirt and slipping underneath the waistband of the slinky black panties she had worn that night. When her fingers touched her shaved cunt she drew in her breath sharply, closing her eyes and letting herself surrender once again to that night so long ago in Jacob’s dorm room.

The first night between them had been clumsy and awkward because of Sarah’s fear and Jacob’s tenderness, but Sarah had loved the way he had laid her back on his bed and moved to position himself over her. She had spread her legs, watching him and then reached down to take his massive cock and place it against her wet slit. She remembered trembling as she felt him pushing against her and honestly did not think she would be able to take him without much pain. As he slid into her, she had closed her eyes and drew in her breath. The pain was non existent, the pleasure amazing. As Jacob’s cock pushed its way deep into her tight pussy she moaned loudly, not caring who heard her. She felt her hole being stretched wider than it had ever been and as he slid his full length into her she only winced slightly as the head of his cock probed deep, pushing up against her cervix.

In the bathroom stall of the hotel, Sarah pushed her neatly manicured fingers deep into her sopping pussy. Just remembering how full Jacob’s cock had made her feel that first time he penetrated escort kartal her all those years ago had made her juices run sweet and sticky. She used her left hand to spread her now puffy lips apart, and withdrew the wet fingers of her right hand and began rubbing her clit hard and fast, feeling her body tense and her legs begin to tremble. Again her mind wandered back to that night when Jacob became her first college fuck.

He had pushed into her slowly, feeling how her wetness enveloped him. He had withdrawn even more slowly, feeling the essence of her womanhood coating his cock. He pushed back in again, this time stopping short of burying himself in her and then began to slowly saw his way back and forth into her. Sarah had touched his face, kissing him, letting her moans out with no care for how thin those dorm walls were. She loved how his cock felt each time he pulled it out and pushed it back into her. She wasn’t experienced enough to know to reach down and rub her clit as she was doing in the bathroom stall more than a decade later, but she knew at the time that she loved the huge, thick cock that was picking up speed as Jacob began pounding into her faster.

As he leaned closer to her and began to kiss her harder, his hips began to pump faster, and his cock was pushing into her clenching pussy with increasing urgency. Not only was her cunt getting tighter around his cock, which made Sarah feel like he was going to rip her apart, but he was pounding deeper and deeper into her at the same time, pushing his cock all the way in until his balls were slapping her ass with each thrust. Sarah could feel him pummeling the depths of her body as he fucked her harder and harder, nearing his orgasm.

Just remembering how feverishly Jacob had pounded away at her inexperienced body all those years ago pushed Sarah over the edge as she rubbed her hard clit in the hotel bathroom. She felt a wave of pleasure work its way from the center of her being and spread down her legs, pulsing in the throbbing flesh of her pussy as she remembered how she had screamed out that night when Jacob pounded into her, depositing his cum deep within her. He had slowed his rhythm and eventually pulled his massive prick from her tender pussy and kissed her.

As Sarah brought herself back to reality by looking at her watch, she panicked realizing that he was due to the hotel lobby at any moment. She grabbed at the toilet paper on the roll, pulling a big strip off and cleaned herself up. She felt herself blushing deeply as she came to the conclusion that she had just gotten off by herself in the bathroom of some hotel just off the highway. She adjusted her panties, lowered her skirt and exited the stall to finish freshening up. She washed her hands, reapplied her lip gloss and checked to make sure everything was in order. As she finished she once again blushed hoping he wouldn’t be able to smell the scent of her cunt when he hugged her.

Sarah pushed open the door and walked toward the lobby just in time to see Jacob standing at the hotel counter checking in with the concierge. His back was to her, so she paused for a moment to steady herself and then approached him, hoping that he was ready for the gift she was going to give him that night.

A decade was definitely too long to go without feeling that cock.

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