The Girls Next Door – 13

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“Daddy can we taste you and your Kitty?” I pulled Kitty’s legs up to her chest as my dick slipped from her cummy pussy. I let her slide down my lap until they both could lick at her pussy. I watched as they slurped noisily at our cum that was dribbling out. When they finished she sat next to me nuzzling my chest as CJ and Anna took turns sucking on my dick and licking it clean. Soon I had a Kitty in my lap with Anna and CJ cuddling at my sides. Amanda walked by and reminded me it was 8pm already and I needed to leave pretty soon to go help Kat move in College Station.

I finally got Anna and CJ to let me up. When Destiny Kitty stood up she handed me the leash that was still attached to the collar around her neck. “I’m yours for the weekend, Master.” Then she looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes. “I will do anything you want.” This could get interesting.

The Girls Next Door – 13

I handed Destiny Kitty the leash and told her to have my ladies help her find a skirt and top shorter and tighter than she had worn to dinner with us with a pair of 6” and bring them to me. I got dressed and went out to hook up the trailer to my truck and wait for her. When they brought her out she had two stretch bands of cloth. Amanda said the tube top was so small it would barely hide her nipples and if she pulled the skirt down to far, the top of her slit would be exposed. Destiny looked at me and said “Kitty will wear less if you want her to.” I had her throw the skirt and top in the back seat before putting on the heels and sitting up front with me.

We pulled out and started our two hour drive to Katrina’s apartment. Half way there I pulled into a small mom and pop convenience store/gas station. I handed her my debit card and told her to go pay. She looked at me a moment and I said she could put on her clothes. She looked around and we didn’t see any cameras. The next thing I knew she had hopped out and was walking across the lot with her shoulders back, her breasts sticking out proudly and the leash in one hand. She walked up to the counter handed over the card and a moment later waved at me to start. As I waited for the tank to fill I watched her walking casually around the store. When I was done and hung up the nozzle I saw her walk back to the counter and sign the receipt. Then she waved at me to come in.

When I got there she was talking with a woman about her age standing behind the counter. Destiny Kitty handed me the leash and turned back to the lady. “This is Kitty’s owner.” The lady looked at me.

“How do you make her do this?”

I don’t make her do anything. She is here because she wants to be. She is a free woman and makes her own decisions. She is fee to go anytime she wants, Right Kitty?”

She hugged my arm between her caramel breasts and looked up at me. “Puurrr, Meeooooww, Kitty loves her owner and would never want to leave. He loves Kitty so much and treats her so good.” I led her out the door by the leash and she turned as we left to throw a kiss at the woman. As she climbed into the truck, a car with two girls pulled in next to us. One of the girls rolled down a window to talk to me.

“Is she really naked?”

Destiny Kitty stepped back out of the truck still wearing only her 6” heels and the cat ears on her head. “Meow, Yes Kitty is wearing what her owner likes.” One of the girls asked if they could take a picture. “Meow, only if my owner can take a picture of all three of us together naked, meow.” The girls looked at each other whispering and giggling.

“Ok but not here and only if you’re ‘Owner’ gets naked with us. If he gets to see us we want to see him.” Kitty snuggled up to my side and whispered in my ear.

“Meow, Kitty thinks she can get them to play. Is that what you would like Master.” When I nodded she turned back to the girls. “Meow, my owner agrees but wants to know where you want to go.” They said they were on their way home to their apartment just down the road and invited us to join them for a drink. We followed them there and after we found parking for the truck and trailer walked to their apartment with Kitty still nude clinging to my arm, whispering. “Purr, Kitty is so wet and hot. She needs her owners cock in her pussy soon, Please?”

Inside the girl’s apartment they thru their purses on a table and brought out cold beers before standing side by side facing us. “Who gets to un-wrap who?” Destiny Kitty purred as she stepped up to the brunette, gave her a quick kiss and began unbuttoning her blouse. The blonde stepped towards me, pulling her tank top over her head as she did. That exposed her braless 36B breasts. “Well you can see mine. Now let’s see yours.” She unbuttoned my shirt, pulling it off before unfastening my shorts and letting them drop to the floor. She took my dick in her hand and turned to the other girls. “Damn Diane I know why she does whatever he wants.” Diane looked over the head of Kitty, who was unfastening her skirt while she kissed a nipple, and smiled as the blonde stroked my dick smearing pre-cum over the head. “You better save some of that for me.” Just then Kitty dropped her skirt and slid her fingers in Diane’s pussy causing her to roll her eyes back and lean heavily against her.

As Kitty eased Diane to the floor, the blonde helped me step out of my shorts before stepping back and dropping her little skirt. The only thing she had left was a tiny black mini G-string. She turned her back to me as she hooked her thumbs in the sides then bent at the waist as she slid them to her ankles. Before she stood up she reached between her legs with one hand and slid a finger thru her slit before slipping it into her pussy. She pulled it out, stood up and walked towards the bedrooms using her finger to indicate I should follow. When I entered the bedroom she was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at me. “What do I call you? I can’t keep calling you Kitty’s owner.”

“Just call me Bill. And what do I call the girl that’s about to suck my cock?”

She said “Lisa” just before I put the head to her mouth and she stretched her lips over it. She was bobbing on my cock getting about half in and hitting the back of her mouth when she pulled off and looked up. “Just so you know I don’t deep throat.” Then she went to alternating between sucking and stroking. She was doing an excellent job but I wanted to find out if that tight little pussy tasted as good as it looked. I took my cock out of her mouth, crawled up on the bed with my head on the pillows and pulled her on top of me. I slid her up until I could suckle on her breast then moved her higher kissing across her stomach to hers Mons. As soon as I could I slipped my hands between her legs, cupping her ass with my hands and guiding her pussy to my lips.

She was holding on to the headboard and as soon as my tongue touched her hole she shivered then started rubbing her pussy against my mouth like she was being fucked. It was only a minute before my tongue slickened with her juices and she was moaning with pleasure. As I did my best to take in all of her nectar while she rubbed her clit across my nose I felt a tight pussy descend on my cock. I was too busy with the tasty morsel on my lips to worry who it was. I just enjoyed the feeling of it being tight enough to stretch the skin on my cock as it rode up and down. Suddenly Lisa forced her pussy against my face and shook as her nectar flowed into my mouth. When she stopped shaking she lifted herself off of me and I saw it was Diane riding my cock while Kitty was kissing and playing with her breasts. Diane’s head was back with her eyes closed. I could tell she was enjoying the double treatment. When Kitty realized Lisa had moved she looked spoke to me. “Kitty and Lisa did not want to miss out on the fun.

Diane moved next to Lisa opposite Kitty. “Oh sister you have to take a ride on his tongue. It’s like a magic wand.” Lisa leaned down and kissed my lips before licking Diane’s juices from my chin.

“She tastes good on you but I think I taste better.” With that she slid up my body pulling my still hard cock from her tight pussy. She stopped long enough to let me lick and suck each nipple then moved into the position Diane had left. Straddling my head, rubbing her pussy slit on my tongue and lips. Her pussy was hotter and she was right. It tasted as sweet as honey. As I tongued her hole and drank her nectar I felt another pussy slide down my shaft. Kitty was good but not this tight so it had to be Diane. She was already excited from her pussy licking and was moving faster and harder as she rode me. Lisa’s pussy was throbbing on my tongue from having ridden my 8” cock. My crotch and mouth were suddenly deluged with girl come as Diane and Lisa yelled and came at the same time.

Both were gasping for air and Diane’s pussy was milking my cock with each deep breath she drew. When they rolled off to one side Kitty snuggled up to me and whispered in my ear. “Has Kitty’s owner had enough or is he ready to fill his Kitty with his cum.” My balls were aching from having two tight little pussies ride my cock and get off before I could. I rolled on top of Kitty, spread her legs with my knees and drove my cock in as deep as it would go. “MEEEEOOOOOWWWW FUCK ME. FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU WANT, FILL KITTY WITH CUM.”

Her yell drew Diane and Lisa to us. As I raised Kitty’s legs to my shoulders and drove deeper into her, they began sucking on her nipples and taking turns rubbing her clit. My groin tightened and just as my cum boiled out to fill Kitty, her legs shook and her chocolate pussy flooded me with her cum. “MEEEEOOOOOOW, KITTY IS CUMMING.” She pulled Diane and Lisa tight to her breasts as her body shook and I continued pounding her pussy as I pumped cum into it. When her orgasm subsided I pulled my dick out and spread her legs wide.

“Which of you ladies wants to clean up Kitty’s chocolate pussy?” Lisa looked at Diane and smiled.

Was it good sister?” When Diane nodded yes Lisa moved down Kitty’s body and took a slow lick at her clit. “Mmmmm, Kitty pussy and Bill cum is delicious.” While I watched her sucking and gobbling cum from Kitty’s pussy, Lisa crawled next to me, took my cock in one hand and licked the head like a lollipop. “Bill cock and Kitty cum is good to.” 5 minutes later, after they finished licking us clean and licking their lips, I was laying with Diane on top, resting her head on my shoulder and Kitty, pressed against me, had Lisa lying with her head between her breasts. “Lisa aren’t you glad we decided to stop for a fill up on the way home?” Yeah, but it didn’t know it meant getting filled with cock to.” We lay there together for a few minutes until I said Kitty and I had to get to College Station tonight. “Can’t you stay tonight and go in the morning?”

“Sorry, no. We were supposed to be there already. But we still need to take some pictures for you.” We got off the bed and went out to the living room and started taking pictures with our phones. The first few were ordinary naked pics. Diane and Lisa. Diane, Lisa and Kitty. Then Diane, Lisa and me then they wanted more. There was Diane with her face in Kitty’s pussy, Diane and Kitty in a sixty nine, and the same picks with Lisa and Kitty. Then they took turns kissing and sucking each other’s breasts as I kept clicking away. It got more interesting when Lisa and Diane wanted picture with my cock. More specifically with it stuck in them. Kitty was more than willing to take the picks. So I found my cock in both pussies and both throats, Lisa even tried a deep throat for her picture.

When all the pictures were complete we crowded into their shower to cleanup. After a lot of rubbing and groping we finally got out and dried off. Lisa and Diane did their best to convince us to stay, but eventually gave up. I got dressed and Kitty had her collar, leash and ears back on. Diane drew her new whiskers and we were ready to leave. Instead of hugs and kisses in the apartment they walked out to the truck with us, naked as Kitty. They stood next to the truck naked as the day they were born hugging us and asking again if we could spend the night. I looked back as I drove away and saw them skipping back to their apartment arm in arm.

As I pulled onto the highway Kitty handed me a piece of paper. “Purr, they gave Kitty their phone numbers and asked if Kitty and maybe her owner would visit again.” I handed back the paper and told her that she could visit them anytime she wanted but I already had enough women in my life. “Meow, Kitty loves her owner. Can he drive with Kitty in his lap?” I slid the seat back a little more and patted my lap. Kitty moved into my lap with her back to the door, snuggled into my lap and put her head on my shoulder. She took my right hand and pressed it to her left breast, purred and sat that way until we got to Katrina’s place. When I pulled in and stopped she put her arms around my neck and hugged me as she whispered, “Promise Kitty she can sleep curled up next to owner tonight, Please?” When I told it was not a problem she hugged me again and said, “Let’s get inside and go to bed. Kitty is really tired.”

Katrina lived in a duplex and when I walked up with Naked Kitty clutching my arm I saw a sliver of light thru the neighbors curtains that quickly disappeared when I looked that way. I knocked on her door and a minute or so later she cracked it open peeked out then opened the door all the way. “It’s after 1am. I thought you were going to be here earlier.”

Kitty giggled and I said, “We kind of got delayed. We’ll tell you all about it in the morning.” Kat was still half asleep so Kitty and I headed back to one of the bedrooms but Kat dragged me to hers.

You’re here now and I’m not sleeping alone.” Soon I was in the middle of her queen sized bed with Kat laying half on me on my right side and Kitty laying the same way on my left. Life was good and I was tired.

I woke up with the morning sun shining thru the window. Both women were lying exactly where they were when I fell asleep except they both had a hand holding my shaft. I thought about waking them but damn, it felt nice with nothing going on just lying here with all this girl flesh and breasts pressing against me. I was going to just lay here a while but my dick gave me away. I was thinking about their hands on my shaft and it started growing. Kat must have felt it because her grip tightened and she kissed my chest. “Looks like my dream is coming true, I was dreaming I was getting ready to give my favorite man a fabulous morning blow job.”

Kat kissed and licked her way down across my stomach to my dick. She was licking around the head and when she tried to move Kitty’s hand it woke her up. She looked around and saw Kat licking on my dick and smiled. “Kitty likes cream. Can she have some to?” Kat just nodded as she kept licking. Soon I had two tongues sliding up and down my shaft. When Kat sucked the head between her lips and continued down my shaft Kitty moved down to my balls and was rubbing them with one hand as she ran her tongue around them. They were doing one fine job of bring me close when they stopped and were giving each other wet sloppy kisses. Then they switched positions and again worked over my dick and balls. I warned them when I was about to cum and both of them pressed their lips on the head. When my cum spurted out they tried to catch it all but still ended up getting gobs on their cheeks and noses. Laughing, they sat up and used their fingers to wipe it off each other and lick it up.

When they were done I sat up against the headboard and they crawled up next to me. Katrina told us it was already 10 am. When I said we needed to start packing she told me everything was almost done. All we needed to do was stack it on the trailer and she had help rokettube coming at noon. I told Destiny that Kitty needed to go away until we were ready to go home. “Yes Master.” That got Kat’s attention.

With her best evil grin she said, “Is that how you like your women, submissive?”

“You know better than that. You been in my house and the last thing you ladies are, is submissive. If anything I’m the slave.” She laughed at that

“So true, But how do you explain this?” Pointing at Destiny?

“She was brought to me on a lease and I was told this was her role play for the weekend so I’m doing my part.”

“Anything huh, prove it.” I thought about it for a minute then asked Kat to bend over the arm of the couch. “Why?”

“You want proof, I’ll give you proof.” Kat went to the end of her couch and bent over resting on her hands on the cushions. “Destiny lick and kiss her ass and make sure her asshole is clean and wet.” Destiny moved behind Kat, got to her knees and spread her cheeks. Kat smiled as Destiny’s kisses circled her butt cheeks and jumped when she touched her anal ring with the tip of her tongue. When I had watched enough I told destiny to go lay on her back on the couch where Kat could lick her pussy and I took her place behind Kat. When she asked what was going on I said, “You didn’t think you were getting your ass kissed for free did you?” I put my dick between her legs and slid it thru her lips making it slick with her juices. When it was wet and slick I put the tip at the entrance to her pussy and slipped the head in.

“Mmmmm, Don’t stop darling. I want all of your cock and I want you to fill me with your seed.” As she lowered her face to Destiny’s pussy I slid the rest of my cock into her pussy. Mmmfffhhhtt is the only sound that came from her. I slid my cock faster and harder as I watched Destiny playing with her own breasts as Kat sucked on Destiny’s clit and pussy. I had my hands on Kat’s hips driving into her when there was a knock on the door and it opened. Four women about Kats age walked in and one of them hollered.

“Oh shit what have we walked into?” Kat raised her smiling face shining with Destiny’s cum on it.

“Have a seat girl’s. We’ll be done in a minute or two.” She went back to working over Destiny’s pussy. Watching them and being watch by four other women brought me to a peak and I drove into Kat as deep and hard as I could. She yelled out as my cum sprayed into her hopefully giving her what she craved, a baby of her own.

I pulled my cock from her tight, cum slicked pussy and when she stopped shaking, helped her standup. Stark naked she took my hand and introduced Kitty and me to her friends, Nina, Kimber, Lili and Ginny. “So this is the guy you’ve been raving about. I can see why you like him so much.” She was looking at Kats hand that was on my half hard shaft. “We know we weren’t supposed to be here until noon but we thought we’d get a head start. So if you don’t mind letting your boyfriend get dressed we can get started.” I asked Kat to find something Destiny could wear. She found her a skirt that was decent as long as she was careful bending over and a halter top that covered her 36C’s enough to keep her out of trouble. Pretty much everything was already in boxes and between the six of us it only took about two hours to get everything including the furniture on my trailer. The only problem I had was that whenever I got to a door way at the same time as one of the ladies, they made a point of rubbing against me, even grabbing the growing bulge in my shorts.

When we had the trailer loaded we took Kats four friends to an early dinner as thanks. When we walked out to leave and Kat was saying goodbye the one called Lili whispered kind of loud to me, “If Kat doesn’t keep you happy come on back I’ll see what I can do.” Everyone laughed and the four girls left to go home. Kat asked Destiny if she wanted to ride with her but she already knew the answer. She wasn’t leaving my side. Kat said she’d see us at home and drove off. When we got in the truck Destiny sat quietly until we were on the highway.

“May I play now, Master?”

“Sure why not just don’t get us arrested.” She took off her clothes and I thought she was going to play with herself until she reached in to my lap and unzipped my shorts. “What are you doing?”

“You said I could play Master. You didn’t ask how.” She had me rise up so she could slide my shorts off then lay down on the seat with her head on my legs facing me. She put my balls in her mouth and laid there slowly rolling them around as she gently stroked my cock. She rode like that for almost an hour, until I couldn’t take much more and pulled into a small roadside picnic area. She took the hint and got on her knees and began seriously sucking on my dick. It was only moments until I gushed more cum into her mouth than she could swallow and some leaked out onto my balls. When my dick stopped pumping cum, she looked up and said, “Is Master happy? Can I play some more?” All I could do was nod and she lay back down and licked the come off my balls. “Mmmmm I like my Masters cum and want more.” She took my balls back in her mouth and was again gently stroking my dick.

40 miles from home there was a small rest area set back from the road with shelters that were open on all four sides. I pulled up to one of the shelters opened the door and told Destiny to get out. “Master?”

“Get out and go to the shelter.” She sat up opened her door and walked to the shelter looking back at me with a puzzled look. I sat in the truck for several minutes watching my Nubian slave. She was making no attempt to cover herself but kept looking anxiously my way. When I stepped out of the truck a started towards her a big smile broke out on her face.

“Master I thought you were unhappy with me. Does this mean I get to suck your cock out here and have some more of you delicious cum, Master?”

“No it means I’m going to bent you over that table and fuck your pussy and ass for anyone to see.” I watched her tits bounce as she jumped up and down clapping her hands.

“Oh thank you Master, thank you. I was hoping for one more good fucking before I had to leave.” I think she forgot it was only Saturday and I had her for another day but that was ok. All that mattered was right now.

“Bend over the end of the table and spread your cheeks.” She was still giggling and smiling as she bent over, Until her breasts met the cold concrete top. She yelped and tried to rise up but I pushed her back down.

“Maasstteeerr, it’s cold.”

“I guess I’ll have to warm you up” I spread her feet wide before I rubbed my dick across her dripping lips. When it was slick I put the head at the entrance to her dark cocoa pussy and drove it in.

“Oooohhhh Maasstteerrr, I love the way your cock fills my pussy. Fuck me good and fuck me hard but please don’t cum in me. I want to taste it all.” She didn’t need to worry about me cumming in her pussy. She had been teasing so long I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Spread your cheeks wider.” I slapped both cheeks 5 times each. “Do you like that?” she moaned as I continued my assault in her pussy. “Do you want more?”

“Master it’s your ass to do with as you want.” I’m glad she felt that way. I pulled my cock from her pussy and without warning drove the full length of my meat into her ass.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, Master my ass is so full. Fuck me, fuck me hard.” I was driving into her when her legs started shaking. “Master, Kitty is cccuummmiiinng.” I kept fucking her ass and she shook more. She was gasping for breath when I pulled my cock out and told her to lie on her back on the table. Her legs were wobbling making her slow. As soon as she lay down I pulled her to me until her head was over the end and put the head to her lips. When she started to kiss it I slid the head between her lips and kept going until I hit the back of her mouth and held it there until she swallowed the head. Her knuckles were white from her grip on the table as she took all 8” into her mouth and throat. When I pulled it out she took a deep breath and started to say something as I slit my cock back down her throat and held it.

“You don’t need to talk. Just swallow my cock and make me cum.” She was trying to swallow around my cock and my groin was getting tighter. After 5 or six trips down her throat instead of pushing down again I put the head between her lips and told her not to swallow as I stroked my cock until I came. I made her show me the puddle of cum in her mouth then told her if she didn’t have it still when we got in the house I would spank her until she couldn’t sit down. She just closed her mouth and smiled. I just knew she was going to bed tonight with a sore ass.

When she got back in the truck she sat on her side with her back against the door and her left foot up on the back of my seat. The rest of the way home she sat rubbing her clit with one hand and slowly fingering her pussy with the other. I had to get a towel from the back for her to sit on because of all the juices coming from her pussy. She kept her mouth closed the rest of the way home except when she opened it to show me she still had her mouthful of my cum. When I pulled in and parked I went around to her side just as she jumped out. I heard a swallowing sound and she smiled at me as she licked her lips. She put one finger to her lips in a fake pout. “Oh Master, I swallowed. Does this mean you’re going to spank me?” Then she turned and stuck her cocoa ass out and wiggled it.

“You can bet on it.” Just then my four women came out to greet us and give hugs. They said Kat, Marisa and Carly were at their house next door waiting for us. I looked at Destiny. “Looks like you get a reprieve.” I got back in the truck, now with 5 naked ladies and drove the three hundred yards to the other house. It didn’t take long for the nine of us to get everything inside, then I told Destiny to stay and help them so I could go home with my family and have a couple of hours with them.

We ended up like usual, on the couch in the family room, with the four of them sitting around me. Amanda said they had just got home from their motorcycle class before I arrived they laughed about Alissa forgetting to put her feet down and falling over. CJ said Amanda and Anna almost ran into each other. When they finished laughing they said they had enjoyed the class and reminded me they had to be back for the rest of it at 8am tomorrow. So tonight we were going to bed early. It was already getting late so I had Amanda call Kat and send Destiny home then asked Alissa if she knew where the ping pong paddles were. When she nodded I told her to get me two of them.

When Destiny came in I asked where her collar and leash were. She ran out to the truck and came back in buckling the collar on. She clipped on the leash and handed it to me. “Sorry Master.” I had her get on her knees, sit back on her heels, her knees spread wide, with her arms crossed behind her back holding her elbows and her head down.

From now on when you have this leash on, unless I have you doing something else, this is the position you will be in, do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Did I tell you not to swallow my cum?”

“Yes Master.”

“Did you swallow it?”

“Yes Master.”

“Do you want me to spank your ass?”

“It’s Masters Ass to do with as he pleases.” I had her bring me an armless chair from the dining room and sat down. My ladies were standing quietly as I had Destiny lay across my legs.

“You are going to count each swat and say, “1 Master, thank you very much, may I please have another.” If you say it wrong or miscount the swat will not count. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“How many swats Master.”

“Until I think you have learned your lesson.”

“Thank you Master.” She was still smiling until Alissa brought me the paddles then she started to worry.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes Master.” As the words left her mouth the first swat landed. “OOOWWWW, OH SHIT.” Then she remembered, “1 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.”

“That one doesn’t count.”

“I’m sorry Master.” SMACK. “1 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” She was struggling not to say something. SMACK. “2 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” She was squirming on my lap. SMACK. “3 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” SMACK. “4 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” I moved back and forth across her cheeks and watched them turn a bright shade of red. SMACK. “30 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” Tears were forming in her eyes but she was rubbing her mound on my leg. SMACK. “35 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” I felt her wetness on my leg. SMACK. “40 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” Tears were flowing and her ass and I could feel the heat of her ass cheeks without touching them. SMACK. “45 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” She reached up between my legs and started stroking my dick with a shaking hand.

SMACK. “50 Master, thank you very much, but please stop I don’t think I can take another.” She was shaking and my legs felt like warm water was being poured on it.

“I’m going to give you five more and I want you to start over with the count.” SMACK. “1 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” Her voice and her body were shaking. SMACK. “2 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” SMACK. “3 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” SMACK. “4 Master, thank you very much may I please have another.” Her body was shuddering. SMACK. “5 MASTER, THANK YOU VERY MUCH MAY I PLEASE HAVE ANOTHER.” “OH GOD I’M CUMMING.” She was gasping for breath and her body was shaking hard.

When she calmed down I had her standup, bend at the waist and hold her ankles. “Stay in that position until I say you can move.” I had Amanda fold a couple of blankets and make a pallet next to the bed. When it was ready I went back to Destiny and rubbed her ass causing her to jump. I took the leash and led her to the pallet. “Kneel.” She went to her knees and sat down like I had told her. “This is where good pets sleep. Close to their Master. Now lie down and go to sleep.”

“Yes Master.” I crawled up to lay in the middle of the bed and was relieved when Amanda, CJ, Alissa and my Baby Slut Anna all said they were tired and just wanted to snuggle and sleep. When I closed my eyes Amanda was snuggled up to my right side with CJ spooned behind her and Anna was on my left, a death grip on my cock, with Alissa spooned behind her.

When the alarm went off in the morning CJ and Alissa were laying holding each other on one side of the bed I was laying with my head on Baby Sluts arm, one hand holding a breast and a nipple in my lips. Amanda was lying behind me with an arm across me, her hand on my chest. I had been so tired I never knew when everyone had moved. I squeezed Anna’s breast and nibbled on her nipple causing her to jerk and open her eyes. When she saw me she rubbed my cheek with her hand. “Daddy you know just how to wake your Baby Slut.” Our moving wakened Amanda and she started rubbing her hand on my side and hip.

“I hate to break this up but there’s no time for this. We need to wake up Alissa and CJ so we can get to the class and finish it.” We woke them up and headed for the shower. When I got out of bed I shook Destiny and told her it was time to be up and I would be back to get her. I joined my women in the shower for what was probably the quickest shower we ever took together. They were in a hurry to get dressed and leave for their motorcycle class so asyalı porno they could get their licenses and ride the bikes I had bought them. They dressed in their tight leather pants and vest, put on their leather jackets and started for the car. I turned the tables on them. I walked out nude with them and had each of them kiss my dick like they make me kiss their breasts when I left.

“Drive safe and hurry home ladies. You have a lot to come home for.” They saw the humor and were laughing and waving as they drove away. I went back inside and found Destiny sitting on her heels with her arms behind her and her head down as I had instructed. “Did you sleep ok?”

“I was cold Master.”

“Get up on the bed with me.” She moved up and lay in the middle of the bed. “I’ll let you sleep here and get warm but if you do, I’m going to tie you up and spank and fuck you until my ladies come home.”

“Will you lay here with Kitty Master, please?”

“Can I choke you with my cock?”

“It’s your throat Master. You can do anything you want with it.” I got under the covers with her and she pushed her cocoa ass back against me trapping my cock in her crack. “Mmmmm Master your cock feels like it needs someplace warm while you sleep. Next thing I knew she had raised her top leg and was holding the head of my cock at her asshole. “Put it in Kitty’s ass and she will take care of it for you Master” As I pushed to her she pushed back hard and the head popped in. “Oooohhh that feels good, now give Kitty the rest, Master” I slid the rest in and she took my arm and pulled it around her holding my hand on her breast as she wiggled her hot, tight ass on my cock. “Wake Kitty when you’re ready to use her Master.” I fell asleep again holding my Nubian Slave and feeling her ass clenching my cock.

I don’t know how long I slept but I woke to Destiny rocking on her side, sliding my cock in and out of her ass. When I squeezed her breast to let her know I was awake she held my arm tight and rolled to her stomach pulling me on top of her. “Fuck Kitty’s ass Master. Fuck it hard. Pound it with your cock and fill it with your cum.” I pulled her to her knees with her head pushed down on the bed and began fucking her ass as hard as I could and she was yelling “fuck Kitty, fuck Kitty, fuck Kitty’s ass, fill her with your cum Master, make her yours.” I pounded her ass until my balls were ready to explode and just as my cum blasted her bowels she shook violently and her juices sprayed my balls.

She collapsed on the bed gasping for breath. After I rested a moment I told her not to move and went outside to my shop. I came back with some cotton cord, a piece of broom handle about 4” long and some rags. I pulled her to her knees again with her head down then pulled her arms back alongside her legs until her elbows were next to her knees and tied them that way with her wrists tied to her ankles. I rolled her onto her back with her arms and legs sticking up and tied the boom stick to her ankles to keep them spread wide. I went to the living room and retrieved one of the paddles from yesterday and went back to the bedroom. She wasn’t prepared when I gave her five swats on each but cheek and she screamed.

I took one of the rags, stuffed it in her mouth and tied it with a piece the cord. “Your mine to do with as I please and it pleases me not to hear you yelling.” I turned her ass bright red again with 20 more swats on each cheek before I tossed the paddle aside, pulled her to the edge of the bed and drove my dick deep into her pussy. She jumped each time my thighs hit her tender ass but at the same time was moaning from having 8” of dick being repeatedly driven into her pussy. Just as her orgasm hit and her toes curled I pulled out and drove it into the ass that I had just filled with my cum and shot another load in it.

I pulled my cum coated dick from her ass and turned her around so her head was over the edge. I took the gag from her mouth and replaced it with my dick. I pushed until I hit her throat and kept pushing until she swallowed and I slid all the way in. As I held it down her throat she started to try moving her head to force me out but I pushed in harder, pinning her head against the bed. She was trying to move her bound arms and legs and was opening and closing her hands. When I pulled out and let her breath she gasped for breath. When I tried to put my dick back in her mouth she held it closed. I picked up the paddle and spanked her inner thighs with it. When she opened her mouth to yell I pushed my dick between her lips.

“You’re my slave and cannot refuse me.” As I slid my dick back in her throat I pulled the stick keeping her legs spread towards me. As I held my dick deep again I used the paddle on her ass making her try to yell around my shaft. All that did was make her run out of air sooner. I held her longer this time. When I finally came in her throat and pulled my dick from her, she was coughing and sucking in deep breaths. I turned around and stood straddling her head with my balls over her lips. She opened her mouth and I pulled her head up until she could lick her juices off. Then raised her higher, making her suck both balls in her mouth and use her tongue to roll them around. When I lowered her head she was smiling.

“Are you happy to be my slave now?”

“Oh god yes Master. I have never felt so alive.”

“Will you mind without question and do whatever I tell you?”

“Yes Master. I apologize for not being a better slave and for refusing you.” I untied the broom handle and her legs then let her sit up to get circulation back into her limbs.

“Go take a shower then we will talk.”

“Will you join Kitty Master? Please let her clean you.” I relented and joined her in the shower. She scrubbed me from the top of my head down, scrubbing my dick until it was hard again. She moved behind me, scrubbing down my back until she got to my ass. She gently spread my legs and asked me to bend forward. She reached between my legs with one hand and stroked my dick as I felt her tongue lick across my anus. She was holding my hip with one hand so she could plunge her tongue in my ass as she stroked my dick. When I was close to cumming she stopped and asked me to stand up. She took the head of my dick between her lips and held it as she stroked the shaft until I came. When she stood up I told her we needed to sit down and talk. We dried and went into the living room.

“Master can I sit in your lap with your cock in my pussy while we talk?”

“You can but if you don’t sit still I will have to punish you again and I can guarantee you won’t like this one.” She frowned a minute then answered.

“I will be still Master.” We dried off and went to the family room. I put some news on the big screen and sat on one end of the couch. Destiny sat on my lap then rose up, put my dick to her pussy and slid down on it. “Can I have just a minute Master?” When I nodded she rode my dick for several strokes then sat all the way down with a moan. “I…Just….Wanted….To make sure…it was all the way in Master.” She was sitting with her head back and her eyes closed when I started talking.

“Your weekend is almost over. Are you alright?”

“Oh yes. You have been a wonderful Master….but…..I don’t…uuhhh….want it to end. I want to stay our slave as long as you will have me.”

“Are you sure you know what you are asking for? You will lose your free will and I will make every decision for you. What you do, where you live and who you will be with. If I tell you to strip naked in front of a crowd of people you will not have the choice of saying no. You will have to sign a contract witnessed by two people and memorize all of my rules.”

She rose up off my lap pulling my dick from her pussy. She got on her knees in front of me, sat back on her heels with her arms crossed behind her. She lowered her head and in a soft voice said. “Please be my Master. name me, train me and help me be the best slave I can be. Teach me how to please you and punish me if I do wrong.”

“I’m going to give you one more chance to change your mind. Are you invited to next weekend’s party?”

“Yes Master.”

“Do you have a car?’

“Yes Master.”

“If this is what you truly want, pack what you will need for a week. You already know my rules on clothes. I want you at my front door Friday at 7pm. You will be nude except for your cat ears, whiskers and a pair of heels at least 6” high. You will have your collar and leash on with the leash handle in your teeth and your hands cuffed behind your back. One more thing Kitty’s need tails. You are to buy a butt plug with a cat tail and have it in when you arrive. If you don’t show up or come in your regular clothes I will know you changed your mind and nothing further will be said but you will still be welcome here. Something else to think about, you will have to tell all of the girls here what you are doing and why. So be prepared. Beginning now, do not call me Master again until you have signed the contract. Just call me Mr. Bill.”

“Yes Mr. Bill” I had her stand up and sat her on the couch next to me.

“Do your parents know about any of this?” She shook her head no. “You didn’t bring any clothes so how were you planning on getting home without them finding out.”

“I didn’t think that far ahead. I just wanted to get here so I could spend the weekend with you, but they’re not supposed to be home until tonight late.”

“So what happens when your mom and dad find an old white guy is going to be their black daughter’s Master?”

“My mother will have a fit and my father will probably tell me to move out.”

“Well you might want to hold off telling them until you make your decision. Then we have to get you enrolled in school and find you an apartment.”

“I can’t stay her with you?”

“You don’t want your own place where we can play undisturbed every now and then? Besides you need a place to study while you go to school which is something else we need to discuss. What are you going to do about school? College, Community college? Have you thought about it?”

“I wanted to go to nursing school but my folks can’t help me pay for it and so far I haven’t gotten a loan approval.”

“Ok, if you still want to after next weekend I will make it happen. But you can’t miss classes or get any grade below a B or you will be punished, but you will be rewarded for A’s.” She jumped in my lap and threw her arms around me.

“You’ll do that for me?”

“If you sign the contract you become my responsibility and getting you an education becomes part of it. I don’t want a dumb slave. Besides who’ll take care of me when I’m old.” When we quit laughing I told her I was going to take her home and asked her if she wanted to borrow something to wear.

“I have everything I need.” And she ran off to the bedroom. When she came back she had on her cat ears, her collar, leash and heels. She knelt between my legs and handed me the leash. As soon as she had her arms behind her and lowered her head she said, “I’m ready Mr. Bill, but may I have one last favor before we leave? Will you feed me your cum one more time?”

“No hands.” She looked up and smiled before she put her lips on the head of my dick and sucked it all in. it was only a moment before it was fully engorged and hard again. She was taking it all in and holding it in her throat as it clenched, milking my shaft. She continued bobbing on my shaft until I was close to cumming and I grabbed her hair to stop her. I held her so just the head was between her lips as I stroked my cock. Soon I shot ropes of cum into her mouth until she had to swallow so as not to lose any. When I finished and pulled her off my dick she looked up and showed me her mouth full of cum then swallowed twice and kicked her lips.

“Meow, Pussy’s luv fresh cream.” I got up and gave a tug on the leash. Destiny followed me to the bedroom and sat on her heels watching me get dressed. When I pulled my shorts on she slipped her hands up the legs, rubbing my cock and balls as I pulled on my shirt. “Mmmmm I love the feel of my hands on you.” I let her rub her hands on me for a minute as she nuzzled her face into my groin. As much as I liked it I had to stand her up so we could leave. I followed her directions and drove her home. I pulled in the empty drive and Destiny moved into my lap. She held me tight and gave me a long passionate kiss. It was broken by knocking on the window. When we looked it was Keisha.

“It’s about time you brought her home. I was beginning to think you were going to keep her forever.” Destiny just grinned at her, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and got out.

“I will be there Friday just like you asked. Count on it.” I watched her walk to her house admiring the extra wiggle she was putting in her ass for me. She stopped at the front door and blew me a kiss before stepping inside and closing it behind her. I drove back home and got there at the same time my four ladies were getting back from their class.

They piled out of their car and were in the truck with me laughing and waving papers at me. “We all passed. Let’s go celebrate.” I backed out of the drive and asked where we were going. “Anywhere with steaks and drinks.” We went to our favorite steak house in Bastrop, Tx and the girls pigged out. Normally I would have said something to Amanda about her baby mama diet but the four of them were on a happy high and I wasn’t going to be the grouch. When they had finished their meals and several bottles of wine we left with the girls giggling and hugging each other all the way to the truck. They joked and carried on all the way home. We I opened the front door they started shedding clothes, leaving a trail thru the house to the back door. When I caught up they were all in the pool, splashing, laughing and trying to dunk each other.

I shed my clothes to join them and was quickly surrounded by happy, half-drunk ladies all trying to talk at once. “Tomorrow we get our licenses and we want to go riding.” Husband we want to fuck your brains out just because we have had such a great weekend.” “Daddy, can I suck on your cock tonight. It’s been so long.” I was happy to just be where I was with Amanda next to me and one hand rubbing her baby bump thinking about finding out in just a couple more weeks if we had a boy or a girl. Alissa broke my reverie. “Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights I get you all to myself. It’s my time to get pregnant.” They were serious about wanting babies and it looked like they had me scheduled for a while.

They calmed down as the alcohol wore off and tired set in. Soon they were ready for bed and half asleep when we got there. Anna was half a sleep but insisted on sucking her daddy’s dick hard and then sliding it in her pussy before falling asleep on my chest. Amanda was cuddled to our side with an arm across both of us. Once again CJ and Alissa were spooned together next to us and it sounded like CJ was snoring. When the alarm went off I was assaulted with hugs and kisses for my four once again excited women. Three of them jumped off the bed and headed for the kitchen. Anna stayed behind and crawled up straddling me then laid down on me again. “Daddy, please fuck me before you leave. I really want to feel your dick pounding my little pussy. Alissa gets you for the next three day and your Baby Slut has an itch that needs your scratching really bad.”

My little 16 year old brunette was rubbing her mound on my shaft with a dreamy look in her eyes, “Please daddy, it’s been days since I’ve had you alone and I want to feel your dick shooting hot cum in me.” I had never been able to resist her. She was the kinkiest of my four ladies. She loved sex and exhibitionism. I hadn’t found anything she wouldn’t azeri porno try and then ask for more. If she was asking for sex, she would get what she wanted. I raised her up and took a nipple between my lips. “Daddy, why do you wait so long to play with me? I miss having you next to me at night so much. I know you love me but sometimes it feels like you want other, older girls more.”

“I’m sorry sweetness. I guess I just haven’t paid enough attention to how you were feeling. Will you let me make it up to you?”

“Well you could start by just sliding that big dick in my pussy and letting me ride you until it blasts me with cum.” I held her waist and raised her up as she reached between us and put the tip of my shaft to her pussy. As I lowered her down and my shaft buried its self in her cervix she closed her eyes and chewed on her lip as she moaned softly. When it was all the way in she just sat there with a little grin on her face. “Daddy I could just sit on your dick forever and be the happiest girl around.” She rocked back and forth sliding my cock thru what was the tightest and hottest of the four pussy’s that lived with me. It pulled at the skin on my cock like it didn’t want to let go and when I was deep in her, it clenched my shaft like a tight velvet glove. The only feeling that came close to what I experienced when she rode me slowly had been the deep throat blow job she gave me in front of the open window of our hotel room in San Antonio weeks ago.

5 minutes of her massaging my shaft with her tight pussy and I was ready to spray her cervix with my seed. She yelled, “OOOOHHHHH DDDAAADDDDYYYY” as she drove down on my shaft one last time. My balls let go and I filled her with my cum until it was leaking out around my shaft. She laid down on me again with her hot tunnel still grasping at my shaft. “Daddy, promise me, your wives and I will always come first. Promise me?”

I realized how much I had neglected my family. “I promise and of my family you will always be my favorite.” It was going to make me a little late but I had to talk to my ladies. We ate a quick breakfast and I called a family meeting. We gathered in the family room with everyone in there usual positions but I asked Anna to move up and sit in my lap. “I was talking with Anna before breakfast.”

CJ said “Yeah we heard to talking all the way in the kitchen.” When they stopped laughing, I continued.

“I was talking with Anna before breakfast and she made me realize how much I was neglecting my wives and my Baby Slut. Starting today I promise there will be only one other besides this family and she will be a toy we can all enjoy. So I’m asking your help to keep me on the straight and narrow. No bring others to tease me. No games with other women. Do you all agree?” I got a chorus of ‘YES, Hell YES’ then I was smothered in warm girl flesh as they all tried to hug and kiss me at the same time.

Amanda spoke up. “We didn’t know how to bring it up but it looks like Daughter found just the right stroke.” They were all laughing again and finally let me up to get ready for work. They all wanted to join me in the shower but I told them I thought they should let Anna and I have the shower to ourselves. As the others left to go clean up after breakfast I turned on the shower and pulled Anna to me under the warm water. She hugged me tight then moved back to look at me.

“I know you did that for all of us. I love having you make love to me and calling you my daddy. I wish you had been my real daddy and I can’t wait until I turn 18 and stop the pill so I can have your baby’s. Until then I’ll be your Baby Slut and do anything you ask just don’t forget your promise.” She grabbed a couple of washcloths and soap so we could scrub each other clean. She knew I was late so she just gave me a hug before we got out and dried off. I slipped on my work clothes and as usual was met outside for the ritual hugs and nipple kisses before I was allowed to leave.

I got in about an hour late so after lunch I sent the girls a text saying I would be leaving about 6. I got a text back saying they wanted to meet me at work and go out to eat somewhere. I sent back that’s was fine and forgot about it until one of my 2nd shift guys came in my office and said there were a bunch of women on motorcycles looking for me. I went to the warehouse entrance and found all of 2nd shift looking out the door. When I looked out, all four of my women were standing next to their motorcycles in their low rise leather pants, tight leather vests and heels. Their helmets were on the backrests and they had their hair in ponytails wearing blue doo rags that said Bill’s Chicks. When I walked out to them they started waving papers at me when I looked close I saw that they were their temporary licenses. When they handed them to me to read I saw that each one had Robertson as the last name. We had talked about being a family and now we shared the same last name.

The girls were happier than they had been when they came home from the school. They were ready to ride. I went back in to get my jacket and helmet. When I came out they were ready to go and told me to follow them. We took off with Amanda in the lead and me bringing up the rear with Anna in front of me. Anna was a little over cautious as she got used to her bike that was bigger than what they had taken the class on. Soon she was riding like an old pro. We rode until it started getting dark and Amanda led us to a place not too far from home that was kind of an upscale biker bar/icehouse/grill. They even had the lot set up with a bikes only area. There were a lot of looks when we walked in and sat together.

As soon as we had ordered, Amanda, Alissa and CJ took off to where the pool tables were. Anna slid her chair close to me and hugged my arm as she leaned he head on my shoulder. “Daddy, you made all of us happy this morning. We talked about what you said after you left and you forgot about Kat, Marisa and Carly. They are a part of the family now to.”

“Their part of the family because they want babies, they’re not part of the family that I love like you. Their more like a very close, sister love. I will do everything I can for them but you, Amanda, Alissa and CJ will always come 1st.” She gave me a big hug.

“You should tell them the same thing. I know they want to hear it.”

“Why don’t you go get them and I’ll tell them now.” Anna got up and worked her way over to where the other three had drawn a small crowd while the played pool. I wondered what the guy staring at Anna’s butt would do, if he knew she was only 16. They all came back hugging and kissing me before they sat down around the table. “You wouldn’t believe what just happened. Anna came up and said ‘Your husband wants you. When we started to leave one of the guys asked who was married and we said all of us. That’s why that group over there is staring at us.” I looked over to see about a dozen guys staring at our table.

“Well, right now my smarter than I give her credit for daughter/Baby Slut has brought to my attention some things I left out this morning. Kat, Marisa and Carly are a part of the family now to. Their part of the family because they want babies, they’re not part of the family that I love like you four. I will do everything I can for them but Anna, Amanda, Alissa and CJ will always come 1st.” Just then the waitress showed up with our food and drinks. While she was serving she commented that I had 4 beautiful daughters. The girls started laughing as she walked away.

Amanda said, “Wonder what she would think if she knew you was going to take them home and fuck them.”

“Well she’ll never know because no one is going to invite her to go with us, right?”

All at once they laughed and said, “Yes daddy.” We laughed and joked thru dinner. As we were leaving, two of the guys that had been playing pool at the same time as my ladies were standing outside the front doors smoking.

One of them kind of snidely said, “Do you little ladies ride or just dress that way?”

Amanda walked up to him and pointed out our 5 bikes. “Those are our cruisers. What are you riding.” When he pointed at a pickup truck she laughed in his face. “And you wanted to make fun of us.” She took my arm and we walked off to the bikes. As Anna walked by him she snapped her fingers at him and said, “Poser.”

When we had the bikes parked under the carport Alissa grabbed my arm and made sure the other three heard her say, “Tonight our husband is my baby maker. You ladies can do anything you want but his swimmers all go in my pussy.” That night and the next two nights my bed belonged to Alissa. The ladies had worked out a fertility schedule that gave three nights to each of them when they were most likely to conceive. Each night I did my best to fill their hot, young pussy’s with sperm. On Thursday all four wanted to play and it was a great evening. With Anna and CJ sucking or rubbing my cock and balls and Amanda or Alissa rubbing their wet pussy’s on my face all I had to do was lay there and enjoy. After Anna and CJ shared my 1st load of cum, Amanda slid down and buried my shaft in her hot hole

“You know husband the house is going to be full of teenage girls this weekend. Some of them are thinking they might get to play with you.” As she talked she was slowly rocking her hip, sliding my dick in and out of her tight tunnel. “Are you going to be able to keep your promise?” She was all the way down on my shaft and squeezing it with her muscles.

“As long as I have this to look forward to the answer will always be yes.” Her muscles gripped me tight a she rose, her pussy pulling on my shaft like a tight fist. When she got to the head her muscles relaxed and she drove back down on my shaft. “God woman you have fabulous muscle control for an old pregnant woman.” I put my hand on her swelling belly and gently rubbed her baby bump. Without stopping her strokes on my shaft she bent down and kissed me.

“Thank you. You have a pretty nice cock for an old man about to be a daddy.” I felt a squeeze on my ball sack as Anna looked around Amanda.

“How about you two do some serious fucking and get mushy on your own time. Baby Slut needs some cock time with her daddy tonight.” Amanda sat up and began making long fast strokes, rising up until the head was just inside the dropping back down.

“Why doesn’t Baby Slut bring her hot pussy up here and let her daddy see if he can make it better?” She squealed with delight and in flash was straddling my head facing Amanda. Moisture was already dripping from her lips when she lowered her slit to my mouth. As my tongue touched her lips, her pussy flooded my mouth with her girl juices.

“Oh daddy, eat my pussy and suck my cum out.” She was grinding her slit on my face cutting off my air as Amanda was pounding my cock into her. My balls couldn’t take anymore and I sprayed Amanda’s pussy with cum. That’s must have been what she was waiting for as she slammed down one last time.

“Oh God fill me with your hot seed.” Anna leaned forward to hug Amanda letting me breath once again. They rolled off to one side and I saw Alissa and CJ snuggled together smiling and watching us.

“You two seem to have gotten pretty cozy.”

Alissa kissed CJ then turned back to me. “Dear husband if we didn’t have you, we would probably be living together anyway. But we both love you and your cock too much to give it up. You will always be our number one, but when you’re busy we can have our own fun.” Amanda had moved to lay snuggled to my side as Anna got between my legs, stroking my half hard dick.

“Daddy, do you have one more for your Baby Slut.” When my dick pulsed and started swelling she smiled and stroked some more. “I guess that means yes.” She stopped stoking my cock as soon as it was rock hard again and stretched her lips over the head. She was tickling the sensitive triangle under the head with her tongue as she was trying to suck precum from the head. After a minute of this she started working her way down my shaft until her nose was in my pubes and I could feel her throat trying to pull the head down farther. When told her I was about to cum she said, “No daddy, I want your hard dick to cum in my pussy.” She straddled my waist and reached between us to put the tip at the entrance to her little pussy opening and drove it in. “Oh daddy it just keeps getting better. Now fill me with cum.”

Amanda was lying with her head on my shoulder and when Anna started bouncing on my cock she laughed and said, “She’s only 16, do you think you can keep up with her another ten years?”

“I don’t know sweetie but I be here as long as she wants me.” I pulled Anna down and locked my lips on one breast, nibbling on the nipple. Amanda put her mouth over the other one and Anna started moaning.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck suck on my breasts. Cum with me daddy fill me with your cum.” She pushed down hard and dug her fingers into my chest as her body shook. I shot two big ropes of cum in her pussy as I continued nibbling on her nipple. Suddenly Anna just collapsed onto Amanda and me. Amanda moved so her head was on my arm and I lowered Anna so her head was on my shoulder. Soon Anna and Amanda were both breathing softly as they slept covering me in girl flesh.

I woke in the middle of the night to movement on the bed. When I opened my eyes I saw Anna had turned around and was just reaching for my cock. “What are you doing sweetie?”

“Daddy you know how I like to sleep sucking on your cock and you fucked me so good I didn’t get to finish. So now I am.” She lay down next to me with her head on my thigh, put one leg over my torso with her puffy lips just inches from my face and licked my shaft from top to bottom. I was just about to plunge my tongue into her inviting pussy when she looked back at me and said, “I love you daddy. Goodnight.” She put my dick in her mouth and was still sucking on it as she went to sleep.

When the alarm went off Amanda turned it off and snuggled next to me. “Morning sweetheart, are you ready for a crazy weekend? Remember, when you get home the house I going to be full of the girls friends and you promised to be good.” I tried to sneak out of bed with Amanda but when I pulled my dick away from Anna she woke up.

“Where are you going daddy?”

“I’m off to work baby girl go back to sleep.”

“Can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Anytime baby girl, just say the word.”

“Thank you daddy,” then she moved next to CJ and Alissa and snuggled up to them. Amanda and I stood under the warm shower with her leaning back against me as I cupped a breast with one hand and rubbed the her swelling belly with the other. It still fascinated me that a child, our child, was growing inside this beautiful young woman and she was as happy as I was. As much as Anna loved sex Amanda loved just being close, being held and touching. When we got out and dried off I got dressed and walked out to my bike with Amanda’s arms around me holding me tight.

“We need another date night husband. Dinner, a movie and maybe a long walk somewhere. I love time alone with you.” I promised her we would have a date whenever she wanted and reminded her that she was the mama wife to the others and would always be my number one. I got on my bike and Amanda gave me one more hug. “Remember the house is going to be crowded when you get home and you promised to be on your best behavior.”

“You remember what I said about helping.” She smiled and gave me a quick kiss before steeping back so I could leave. It was a slow Friday at work and I got caught up on some projects and even managed to get out an hour early. I used the time to hit a couple of stores and pick up some things I was going to need over the weekend. I put all the packages in my saddle bags and headed home. When I pulled in the driveway there were cars filling the side yard and a lot of laughing and hollering coming from behind the house. Yes this was going to be an interesting weekend.

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