The Great Equalizer

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( Rough Draft


Top of the day to you.

Me name, is Shamus, Shamus Flint.

Me own dear sweet Mum used to call me Shameless. Eye, there was little I could say or do that I felt any shame over. A lot of people have called me worse, from ass hole to crud fucking ass hole. Their name callen never did bother me, I figure that they was just repeatin things they heard other people say.

Mum also used to say my sir name fit as well, Flint, because I was always the cause of sparks flying.

I am an investigative reporter for “The Rodeo Rattler” , No, I am actually the Top, scratch that, I’m the Chief Executive Investigative Reporter

(Ah Crap. I can’t keep this up. It’s to difficult. My publisher thought if I wrote in a Irish brogue, my profanity would be better accepted. All I can say is fuck that.)


1. I am, Shamus Flint.

2. My Mother did call me shameless at times.

3. I really am Irish, 4th generation. I was brought up in South Boston and everyone knows if your Irish, you either live in Ireland or Southie.

4. I am the only investigative reporter on payroll at the Rattler.

5. I chose to work in the San Francisco Bay area because of all the “Fags” I figured the pussy here would be on the search for any stiff prick.

6. Most likely, I am a crude ass hole.

7. I like being an ass hole.

8. My boss hates me, cause he’s a “Fag”

9. I have a girl friend, Carmine. She comes from the muddy side of the gene pool but, she loves to fuck. She is most definitely my kind of girl.


10. I have the story of the century.


Full documentation, of FP-469 and the experimental program that “Wanker Labs” is calling “The Great Equalizer” has come to me through a securities rout.

Basically, when my girlfriend got fired from her cleaning job at “Wanker”, she got pissed and stole a bunch of removable hard drives that she knew I could use.

Before I cleaned them up I figured I’d see what was on them.

There were over a dozen file folders on the first drive but my attention was drawn to the one marked VID-Phase-3. I opened it and there were 4 video files.

I clicked on the last entry, because I like to see how things end before I see how they begin. I always do that, no matter if I’m watching a DVD or reading a book.

The media player came up, loaded and I pressed play.

My laptop screen filled with a woman fucking another woman. No Shit.

They were both naked.

The woman with black hair, had a small silver navel ring and tits that were rolling back and forth from the pounding she was taking. She lay on what must be a doctors table, cause it had metal stirrups that her feet were in. Her eyes were closed and her ass was squirming all over the table.

The sound quality was terrible, there was an echo and it sounded as bad as the cheapest porn movie I ever bought.

Anyway, the broad who was getting fucked was squirming and crying, “I can’t cum any more, oh God, I can’t.” She stopped, but only for a moment before she began, in a mournful shallow cry, “oh fuck, ooh fuck, oooh fuck,” followed by a wild contorted look, not just on her face, but her entire body. Every muscle in her seemed to bulge and stretch, contorting her skin and her cry was more of a forced exhale and scream mixed together in a sound, I couldn’t put letters together to form.

The cry didn’t stop until she collapsed on the table, all her muscles now limp.

The collapse of her partner (the fuckee) didn’t stop Ms. Big Tits. (the fuckor)

She was probably in her late twenties, a good 5 foot 6 or 7 with short dark brown hair, probably 140 pounds, soaking wet, with a real bouncy pair of 34 Ds’ and did I mention she had a prick.

She kept fucking the now almost corps like body, with a savage brutal force and started yelling, at what was probably the top of her lungs, “FUCK ME,” over and over as she drove her cock into Ms. Comatose.

Not unlike the other woman, her muscles were contorting her body. She was up on her toes, pumping away, when she froze as she said, “Ieee Cummmmmmmm”, and as the word stretched on the pitch of the M got higher, until she was forced to take in a raspy breath.

As Ms. Big Tits did, she stumbled back pulling her still spurting cock out of Ms. Comatose, whose pussy was now oozing cum like a dam had been breached.

Ms. Big Tits collapsed on a cheep cushioned arm chair behind her and closed her eyes.

Her still erect cock was throbbing as cum dribbled down her heavily veined prick.

The video ended.

“Holy Fuck”, I said out loud.

I don’t know if I was more shock because I saw a woman with a prick bigger than mine, or if it was the animal brutality that I saw in these women.

I gathered my wits about me.

Ok, I told my self, this was probably a clip about a trans-sexual that they put some big tits on and were testing, — I don’t know, — maybe hormones, to see how they worked.

I poker oyna was definitely confused, the bone structure of the woman with the prick most certainly looked like that of a female.

The one getting fucked, most certainly was a woman, wasn’t she? Shit, I’m getting more confused by the second.

Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have seen the last clip first.

So I opened the folder again and picked the first clip.

The media player came up, I pressed play and for about 8 seconds there was a black haired pussy. Then the clip was over.

So, I moved on to clip


In this one, there was no sound. The very same woman with the dick bigger than mine and tits, way bigger than Carmines’, was jerking herself off. She started by playing with her balls. Honest to God, she had balls and was squeezing them. (Ooooh, that sent shivers up my spine.)

She went from a limp dick to a boner that looked like it had a steel rod in it.

She must have half emptied a tube of KY into the palm of her hand and then spread it over the head of her prick, while pulling the foreskin back and used the rest of it on her shaft.

Hard, this woman’s prick was probably more than 8 inches long, quite possibly 9. Judging by her hands, I guess the circumference of her shaft was at least 2 and a half inches and you could see the veins bulge out on it. The head, looked like a mushroom shaped spear point, with the bottom edge actually bigger around than the shaft.

She started sliding her hand over the head and soon began to slide it up and down the entire shaft very slowly. When her hand got to the base of her dick, I noticed her pubic bone stuck up higher than any mans would have.

I was beginning to believe, that this was a woman who had been surgically altered. I was also wondering if they left her cunt in place, just behind her balls. (how perverted is that.)

My dick was hard and I was getting hotter and more horny as I watched the clip, so I called out. “Carmine, come in here and scoot under my desk and give me a blow job.”

Not two minutes later, Carmine had my dick in her mouth and was doing one of the things she did best, as I watched the woman on screen, start jerking off with both hands.

You know, that’s hard to do, a two handed jerk off.

I know, I’ve tried.

It takes lots of coordination. This girl was good.

After a couple of minutes, she went back to the one hand method, probably opting for more speed.

Now she was jerking off for real, her small hand was flying up and down her prick and I could see she was thrusting her abdomen forward, just like I was doing, as I felt Carmine take me all the way into her throat.

As I began shooting spurts of cum, so did the woman on the monitor. Only she was shooting them out in bigger gushes and they were landing a good 3 feet away.

Carmine was sucking the last few drips out of my fully softened dick, while the woman’s dick would throb and then go down a little and throb again and go down a little more. It took over 2 minutes more for her dick to soften to its original size.

Hell, I thought, I want a dick like that.

After Carmine was done, finger fucking herself and scooted out from under my desk, I asked her if she knew about any experimental surgery at the Labs, where she cleaned. Her reply was exactly what I should have expected. “I don’t know what the fuck they do there, it’s all kinds of weird shit. I just empty the trash and wipe the phones with a spray and vacuum.”

Alright, that was a productive fact finding mission.

So, I guess it’s on to clip 3.

The same big tittied woman. Only this time she was kneeling on a bed, with a man in front of her. His ass was stuck up in the air and you could tell, she was going to fuck this guy.

(Like that’s hard to find here in San Francisco, a guy who wants to take it up the ass. They must have been lined up for this job.)

I wasn’t to keen on watching a woman fuck a guy, but I figured, perhaps I’d see or learn something about how she came by a dick that I was beginning to wish I had.

Any way, she sticks her dick in the guys ass. Even with lubricant it was a while getting it all the way in. You could tell he was stretched out pretty good as she began to fuck him, sliding in and out, only a little and very slowly.

He now had a hard on and she had reached around to play with it.

I was getting bored, when she suddenly, in a startled voice shouted, “I can feel it”, and she stopped playing with him and straightened her back and began to really fuck.

She was pulling her dick out further and shoving it all the way back in, hard, you could hear the slapping, as her tempo increased and her tits were bouncing as she was shouting, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”, but she never stopped ramming her prick into the guy. Who, by the way, was jacking off as fast as he could, while trying to support himself with one hand as he was being rammed in the ass.

My point here is, when I’m cumming in Carmine, I can’t just keep canlı poker oyna ramming away, I want to shove my dick deep into her and hold it there while I pump as much cum into her as I can.

This broad, never stopped fucking.

The guy finally was shooting his load, as she kept up a fast pounding.

She was yelling again. “Come on, squeeze my new prick harder, yes, I’m going to cum in your ass again.”

Then, with both of them yelling together, it was hard to tell who said what, but when he finished and his dick started to shrivel, she kept on going.

This woman was a fucking dynamo.

She was pulling her prick all the way out of him now, and shoving it back in. The cum she shot in him was leaking out. You could see his ass hole wasn’t even trying to closing as her dick came all the way out. It looked like a gaping hole and she was still going strong.

You could hear him, in a crying voice, “No more, I cant take any more, God no more.”

This woman was fucking hart less, she didn’t stop. She just yelled at him, “More, I need more, I need to cum, I’m so close, I need to fucking cum”, she kept saying as she fucked his ass raw.

Finally, he could take no more and I believe with the last of his strength, he lunged forward, dislodging her prick as he collapsed on the bed.

“Noooo, NO, No, No”, was all she could yell, as she, in wild frenzy started to jack off.

Her whole body was trembling. I was looking at a woman gone mad or possessed.

Then, in a horse demanding voice she said, “I’m Going To Cum”. And with that she stopped jacking off, reached down with both hands, spread the guys ass cheeks and slammed her body into him, impaling him with her cock. As he screamed and tried to toss her off, she screamed and clung on to him.

The clip ended.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was some brutal, weird and wild shit.

Is it possible, their testing a new drug.

No one could act like this woman, unless there are on something.


I figured, perhaps now would be a good time to read some of the text files to see if there was any explanation for a woman having a prick and for her brutal behavior.

There was a lot, and I mean a lot of technical crap, most of which I couldn’t understand. (Yea, that’s sounds a lot better than saying, I hadn’t a fucking clue as to what they were talking about.)

I was up until 1 AM going over the files and hadn’t looked at half of them.

I finally went to bed and had restless dreams of that big busted broad, fucking the other woman. I woke at 4AM with a cum oozing hard on, so I reached into my night stand, got the Vaseline and spread a glob of it on the head of my dick.

Carmine was sleeping on her side, with her back turned to me. I slid myself down, so that I could put my dick in the crack of her ass and it would line up with her ass hole. ( I love doing this, and most of the time, she never wakes up.)

As soon as the head touched it, Carmine started to push back. Little by little she would push and ever so slowly my dick would slide in, without me moving a muscle.

Carmine was asleep while she was doing this. As she had been numerous other times that I placed my greased dick up against her ass hole. It must be a normal body reaction for her, to push back like that.

I loved to make myself lay perfectly still as she would push her ass back into me until she was pushing against my crotch. Once I was buried in her, I would make only the smallest moves, until I’d finally cum in her ass, usually after a half hour or more of exquisite torture.

Tonight however was different. I was so turned on by my dreams that no sooner had she gotten the head of my prick in, I started a very strong climax. My dick was throbbing and I couldn’t suppress a loud groan. That was enough to wake Carmine up.

It only took seconds for her to figure out what was going on and in less than 3 more, she shoved her ass back sliding my entire prick in, as she rolled us both over. Me on my back as she raised her ass just enough so she could slide her legs back on each side of me and assume a kneeling position.

I saw her look back over shoulder at me and smile while she said, “Now it’s my turn. “I’m not going to let that prick of yours get soft yet, at least not until I get to cum.”

She was squeezing my prick as she raised her ass and then slid back hard against me. I felt her put several fingers in her cunt, working them in and out. I could feel her start throbbing as she quickened her thrusts.

I was so horny from those video clips it didn’t take much to keep me hard as I felt her fingers pushing against my dick through that thin separating wall.

When I felt her spasm and heard a short groan, I new she had cum and for her, that was it.

She did kept her fingers in her cunt, but raised her ass to where the head of my prick just slipped out and then she pushed down until just the head went back in. It only took 4 of 5 strokes like that and I started to cum. internet casino One second I was spurting in her ass the next I was spurting on her ass hole.

Oh Yea, it’s no wonder I’m in love with Carmine.

Seeing as how Carmine is in this article, I should probably give you a little information about her and a brief description of her important features.

Despite Carmines’ ability to talk non stop about nothing and everything, when it comes to an orgasm, she keeps those feelings to her self. Also she is not one of those multi-orgasmic women you hear about. However, give her ten minutes and she is ready for another quiet release.

Carmine is a redhead, with black roots most of the time.

She has a girlfriend who is a beautician, so I never know what her hair style will be from one day to the next, but I do know that when she comes out of the shower and dries it, no matter the length, it is so soft and always smells like coconut. That’s when I like to just sit on the sofa with her and inhaling the clean fragrance as I run my fingers through her hair.

Her eyes are dark brown unless she is mad at me and then they’re just tiny slits.

She has high cheek bones, that make her look like she is always happy, unless I piss her off that is.

She has a fairly wide mouth with full lips, that she can make vibrate when she gives me a blow job.

Her ears are far form small, but I love them, when I suck on her lobes she gets really turned on.

There are times when Carmine stands 5 foot 9 until she takes off her 4 inch heals, that should be registered as a lethal weapon. Most of Carmines’ height comes from her legs, they are fairly long, but with the exception of a star shaped scar on the inside of her calf, I’d have to rate her legs as average in looks and sex appeal.

Carmines’ tits are one of my favorite spots. Her tits are so sensitive, that if I suck on them for more than a couple of minutes, her pussy gets so wet it drips. Her size isn’t that big, she fills out a 34C.

As for her pussy, she keeps it clean and smooth, just the way I like it.

If it means anything to anyone, she is Brazilian and gets pissed when people try and speak Spanish to her. She usually looks at them oddly and begins to rattle off in Portuguese.


The next morning found me camped in front of my lap top. I had called into work and told them I may be on to an important news story and I’d be out for at least one more day doing my research.

I completed browsing the folders and files on my first removable drive and all I came away with was words like Faux phallus, Tephylon polyvinyl impregnated lamb intestine, osculating stimulators, modular variation stimulators, clitoral vacuum tube, micro hydro pumps, electro impulse transfer contacts. It sounded like a fucking shopping list for Radio Shack.

It was beginning to look like “Wanker Labs” was doing human experimentation, in the area of , ( note to self, try and find some nice journalistic way to say, “their sticking dicks on women.”)

I don’t really get it. Why would a company, piss money away on the idea that women would want to grow a prick.

I have never heard Carmine complain or any other woman for that matter.

Never, have I heard, ” I’m just plain tired of this old cunt of mine. “I just wish I could afford to run out and buy me a nice new cock and maybe a pocket book to match.”

Lets get real here. With a pussy, you can get a many cocks as you want.

Time to move on to the next memory stick.

This one was loaded with video recorded interviews of women.

It was confusing, because every one of the files was listed in some type of code and there was no order to the interviews.

Here’s an example.

-mf26/542teacher and in a different folder I found an interview with the same woman under code

Any way, after hours of watching interviews, this is what it amounted to.

They were interviewing candidates to see which would be the best subjects. They asked them questions like, “Have you ever had a dream where you had a penis? Do you enjoy hand masturbating a male partner? Would you be open to taking additional tests on female sexuality of a more physical and personal nature? Do you like the look of a penis?” and the list went on.

Then there were some interviews with women who, evidently, just got their very own 17 jewel, Swiss movement, DICK.

One woman, obviously, a business executive, Was saying, “I let those limp dick assholes on the board know exactly how I felt. I was tempted to pull my dress up and lay my dick on the table and yell, now it’s my turn to fuck all of you.” To say this broad got excited during her interview, wouldn’t be half of it.

The common thread among all the woman that just got their pricks, was a feeling of superiority, not just over men but everyone.

“Oh, I just love the feel of it.” – “It empowers me” – “I feel like I am stronger; like a superman”

Not once, did I hear, “Well, I got a boner and when it went down, some of my pubic hair got caught in the fore skin and when I got my next woody, it hurt like hell because the hair was stuck in it.”

Nor, did I hear, “Shit, were my balls ever itchy today.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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