The Great Erotic Outdoors Pt. 02

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Water Nymphs

Kyle had a lot of ground to cover over the next few days. He was going to have to travel at least 15 miles for the next three days to reach the end of the trail in the time he had given himself. As he hiked, it got hotter and Kyle put a bandana around his head to keep his sweaty shaggy brown hair out of his face. The ground was flat and Kyle was making good time. He was seeing fewer and fewer other hikers as he moved deeper into the woods.

The first long day of hiking moved pretty fast. Kyle stopped every few hours to snack on jerky and dried fruit. He paused every few times he came to a stream and refilled his filtered water pouch. Every now and then he would think about the night before and how much fun it had been fucking the hotwife, Nadine. The thought alone made blood rush to his groin.

As the day got hotter, he removed more clothing. First, he removed his shirt and then his pants. He was hiking in just his boxer briefs. It felt a lot better to feel the breeze against the skin of his toned body, and he could probably benefit from some sun, he thought. He was a little apprehensive at first, but almost all the other backpacker he saw were in similar states of undress.

He was hiking through a more heavily wooded part of the trail and his mind began to wander. He started thinking about fucking Nadine’s large tan tits and cumming deep inside of her. He could feel his cock getting extra hard. Kyle considered stopping and jacking off. Just as he was about to start, he heard a female voice coming out of the dark woods.

“Hey big dick, come over here,” the female voice called. He couldn’t see where it came from in the thick forest, but he instinctively covered his erect cock. He heard giggling coming from the same darkness.

Kyle cautiously walked into the darkness towards the giggling.

Looking around he say two female figures sitting on a large rock under an oak tree. One of the women was pale with short pixie cut dark brown hair. She was wearing a black sports bra, that covered moderately sized breasts, and a pair of green boy-short panties. The other girl had similarly short red hair. She was covered in freckles and had colorful tattoos covering both arms. She had piercing green eyes. She was wearing a pair of short blue running shorts and had no shirt or top on. Her small freckled tits were covered by one of her arms as Kyle approached.

Both women appeared to be in their early to mid-twenties. They both continued giggling as Kyle approached. Their backpacks were sitting next to the rock they sat on, and both were holding water, obviously taking a break from hiking in the heat.

“Hello, ladies,” Kyle nodded at them smirking. He continued to cover his brief covered cock.

“Hey there fella,” said the redhead. Kyle realized that it was her that had called out. “You got a name.”

“Yes, I’m Kyle.”

“My name is Rhonda and this is my friend Betty,” the red-haired Rhonda said motioning to her friend, momentarily exposing her small perky tits, then quickly covering them back up. Kyle felt his cock getting harder. “Where are you headed Kyle?”

“I’m hiking all the way. Only 485 miles or so left to go,” Kyle laughed.

“No way,” Said Betty the brunette. “We are head almost done coming from the other direction. We only have one more night to go”

“That’s awesome!” Said Kyle. “Any advice for me along the way?”

“Of course,” answered Rhonda, the redhead. “You really just got to let the trail take you where it takes you. Don’t try and fight it. Also, there are some exciting places along the way.”

“Really like what?” Asked Kyle.

“There is a waterfall a day ahead of here. If you’re lucky the nymphs will still be there,” said Rhonda.

“The nymphs?” Kyle inquired.

“You’ll see,” said Betty. “Also take advantage of the nudist canyon.” She rubbed her hands over her bra covered tits as she did.

“Thanks for the advice,” Said Kyle with a smirk.

“Put down your pack for a while and take a break with us,” Rhonda said convincingly.

Kyle began take his pack off. His cock was straining obviously against the fabric of his briefs. He set his pack down and looked up to see both girls staring at his cock.

“Kyle, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression, but Betty and I want to see your cock,” Rhonda started. “We primarily only like the company of women. So, you won’t get to fuck us, but we do enjoy a show. We will put one on for you in return.”

Kyle nodded thinking about it and not seeing any down side.

“So, Kyle,” smirked Betty. “Let’s see it.”

Kyle pushed his boxer briefs down and let them fall to the ground. He stepped out of them and was just wearing his hiking boots. His large wide cock stood straight out like a flag pole. Betty bit her lip and pulled up her sports bra revealing her large pale tits. She rubbed them while her eyes fixated on his cock.

“Why don’t you stroke it for us,” said Rhonda seductively as she slipped out of her shorts now naked except for trail running gaziantep escort ilanları shoes.

“I think I can arrange that,” Kyle said looking up and down Rhonda’s tight freckled body. He grasped around his thick cock with his hand. Rhonda spread her legs open showing Kyle her wet slit and a mound of fiery read pubic hair.

Rhonda licked the finger of one of her hands and then started rubbing around her pussy. She then started rubbing her clit and moaned a little bit. With her other hand she started rubbing the hard pink nipples of her perky small tits.

Kyle’s cock was getting harder and more engorged as he stroked. Betty had a hand down her panties and Kyle could see fingers sliding in and out of her through the fabric. After a while she started pulling her panties down but was struggling to get them over her boots. Kyle moved towards her and she put her feet up in the air. He pulled the panties over her boots.

“Thanks,” she smirked at Kyle and grabbed his cock that was now just inches from her face. She took it in her mouth for a second. Kyle groaned as her tongue swirled around it. Surprised, Kyle felt a wave of pleasure move over him. Betty pulled away.

“Just looked like you needed lube,” Betty giggled. “Don’t get your hopes up.”

Kyle went back to slowly stroking his cock. Rhonda grabbed his wrist and pulled him down to the rock so he was now sitting between the two women. Both of the women placed a leg over his, spreading their legs, and rubbing their clits. Both girls leaned over towards him and kissed him at the same time. All three of their tongues pushed against one another at they continued to touch themselves. Kyle wasn’t expecting to be touching either girl, but he figured he should just go with the flow of the trail.

Both girls pulled away from his mouth and began licking and kissing his ears. Both women also started moaning into his ears. Kyle could feel precum dripping from the head of his cock, and he couldn’t help but stroke it faster. He looked down and saw that both women had two fingers inside of their drenched slits and were pumping them quickly in and out.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum,” Betty whispered in his ear and grabbed his free hand and pulled it to one of her breasts. Kyle squeezed her large pale tit and felt her body start to convulse against him as she orgasmed screaming out as she did.

After orgasming for several moments, Betty collapsed next to Kyle. Kyle continued to stroke his cock and felt Betty’s hand move across his leg and grab his balls. Kyle groaned and stroked harder. He looked down on his other side and saw that Rhonda had all four fingers inside of herself now. Her legs were spread so wide that her leg overlapping his was almost touching his cock. Kyle ran his free hand up her thigh cautiously at first.

“Yes,” Rhonda moaned in his ear. “Rub my clit.”

Kyle let his hand trace her leg all the way to her clit and started to rub it lightly. Rhonda’s mouth moved to his and she kissed him on the mouth. She then repositioned herself and mounted him.

“I thought you said no fucking?” said Kyle questioningly.

“I’m just rubbing against you.” Rhonda smirked at him and rubbed her tight wet pussy against his cock.

Betty giggled and continued rubbing Kyle’s balls and nuzzled against his neck. Kyle held Rhonda’s thin hips as her tight body pushed against his and her pussy stroked him. He thought a few times his cock would slide into her, but she always pulled away when his tip brushed the lips of her pussy.

“Kyle, I think Rhonda will like this,” Betty whispered in his ear. “I’m going to help you fuck her.”

This time when Rhonda’s pussy got to the engorged head of Kyle’s cock, he felt Betty’s hand move from his balls to his shaft and point his cock upwards so it slid into Rhonda’s tight pussy. Rhonda gasped and looked over at Betty.

“You bitch,” She said smiling and pushed herself as deep as she could onto Kyles cock. “Well now that you’re in there, might as well make it worth it.” She started slowly pumping up and down on Kyle and leaned forward her small perky tits pushing against him as she kissed him on the mouth. Kyle brought his hands to her face and ran his fingers through her short red hair as she began bouncing faster and faster on his cock.

Betty went back to squeezing Kyle’s balls and turned towards him nuzzling and kissing his neck while rubbing her warm big-titted body against him. Rhonda moved faster, breaking off the kiss between her and Kyle and moaning. Kyle felt his cock harden and swell even more and knew he was about to cum.

“Oh fuck,” Kyle moaned. “I’m about to cum.”

“Mmmm yes Kyle me too,” Rhonda answered. “Fuck me Kyle. Give me your cum.”

Kyle felt himself erupt inside of Rhonda and held her hips as he pumped into her. Rhonda’s body convulsed and after a few second fell to the side. Kyle was surprised his cock was still spurting as it slipped out Rhonda’s pussy. He was even more surprised when Betty quickly moved from his neck to sucking his cock pumping up and down on it as he sprayed his remaining seed. He then laid back and closed his eyes. He was spent and in a temporary bliss coma.

By the time he was ready to move again, the girls had already gotten dressed and put their packs on. Rhonda still had no top on, but the straps of her pack more or less covered her tits. Kyle got dressed. Rhonda and Betty showed him some points of interest on his map before they head south.

Kyle noticed they held hands as they walked and could still hear them talking as they walked away.

“Why did you put his cock inside me?” Rhonda asked.

“You know we’ve been talking about having kids and I figured his seed was as good as any sperm bank so why not go a bit further,” Betty said half-teasingly.

“Well what if I get addicted to cock now,” Rhonda laughed.

“As long as its just that one, I’m ok with it,” joked Betty and then turned around and winked at Kyle.

They got too far away for Kyle to hear at that point. He got dressed and started heading north. He still had a lot of mileage to cover for the day.


Kyle hiked about 8 more miles that day before stopping and setting up camp for the night. The deeper he got into the trail the fewer and fewer people he encountered. In fact, after meeting Betty and Rhonda he only saw one other couples for the rest of the day. The wilderness was growing on him and he felt more and more like himself.

Kyle slept like a log that night, and he was happy for it. Kyle had another 15-mile day ahead of him and he needed the rest. He ached a little from the long hike on the previous day, but was excited to get back on the trail. He ate a quick breakfast of oatmeal and was on his way. If all went as planned, he should be able to make it to the waterfall Betty and Rhonda had shown him on the map. It would add a mile to his trip, but he figured it would be worth it to bathe in a nice refreshing waterfall. He was also curious about the nymphs. Rhonda and Betty had been so cryptic when they talked about it.

He started his day fully clothed, but it was another hot day and soon he was shedding clothing again. He considered hiking naked, but in the end decided he should at least keep his briefs on. He trekked through the woods and saw no one before he stopped to eat a small lunch.

After eating Kyle started hiking north on the trail once more. He figured he was about a mile from the cut off to the waterfall when he encountered a pair of male hikers.

“Hey there,” he called out to them. He would have probably been self-conscious about meeting two male strangers in his boxer briefs, but the other men were both stripped down to their boxers as well.

“Hi,” both men waved at him.

“Do you know if there is a trail to a waterfall nearby?” Kyle asked.

“Hmm,” one of the men said stroking his chin. “I don’t know about any waterfall, but there was a cut off trail about 3/4s of a mile back that might be it.”

“Thanks,” answered Kyle. “I’ll check it out.”

“Good luck,” said the other man and the two men continued heading south.

About 30 mins later, Kyle found the cutoff trail the men were talking about. It wasn’t marked but it looked like the right location based on where Rhonda had pointed it out on his map and it went the right direction. He was a pretty good orienteer and figured he could find his way back if he got lost.

After ten or so minutes, Kyle began to wonder if he had made a mistake. The trail was hard to follow and the brush and trees were so thick, he couldn’t really tell what direction he was headed in. He kept going for another 15 minute and was about to turn back when he heard the rushing water. He slowly approached the waterfall. Finally, he could peek through the brush and see it.

The waterfall was beautiful. The river fell a good 25 feet and a large shaded pool had formed at the bottom of it. As Kyle got closer, he heard some splashing and giggling. He saw three women all around the age of 25 swimming in the pool. There was a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. They all had long hair that flowed down their backs and were wearing the smallest white bikinis that Kyle had ever seen. All three girls had medium sized breasts and just their nipples were really covered in fabric. They were all of a toned build, but not overly muscular. They were tanned like they spent every hour outside in their bikinis.

These must be the nymphs, Kyle thought and moved closer to the pool. He tried to make enough noise so they wouldn’t be surprised when he came into view. As he broke through the last bit of brush, he saw the women were all watching and waiting for him.

“Hello,” Kyle blurted out waving at the women as he came into view.

“Hey there,” the Blonde greeted him. “Welcome to our paradise, not a lot of travelers make it this far. Most get scared and turn back even if they’ve heard of it.”

“I nearly did myself until I heard the water,” said Kyle pointing to waterfall.

“Got a name stranger?” said the redhead raising an eyebrow at Kyle.

“I’m Kyle,” he answered. “What are your names?”

“I am Melody,” replied the redhaired woman. “This is Theresa and April.” She added pointed first to the brunette and then to the blonde.

“Pleasure to meet all of you,” said Kyle enthusiastically. “Mind if I clean off in your pool.”

The girls all huddled together and whispered for a few moments.

“You can come in, but first you have to strip naked,” suggested Theresa the brunette.

Kyle took off his pack and set it against a nearby tree. He then took off his shoes and socks, placing them next to his pack. He then slowly pulled down his trunks teasing the women, that were all watching closely with smiles on their faces. He was half erect and the girls seemed to be impressed.

Kyle walked to the edge of the crystal-clear pool and seeing that it was quite deep, dived in. He then splashed up and swam to a shallower spot where he could touch the bottom. He splashed water in his face and hair washing off the sweat and dirt of the day’s hike. He didn’t notice the girls were all swimming towards him. When he opened his eyes, they were lined up right in front of him. He almost jumped, they moved so silently through the water.

April, the blonde, took his hand and started leading him to another part of the pool.

“Where are we going?” Asked Kyle.

“To what we like to call our hot tub,” answered April.

Theresa, the brunette, took his other hand as they moved through the water and Melody, the redhead, jumped on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck. He could feel Melody’s warm body and tits press against his back. His cock was getting harder with every step and the water seemed to be getting warmer.

After a few moments, they were at what seemed to be natural stone benches. The water was quite warm. Kyle guessed that a hot spring must feed into this part of the pool and mix with the cool water of the river. It was the furthest part of the pool from the waterfall. They all sat down on the bench-like stones. Theresa sat on one side of him and April the other. Melody sat across from them on another stone.

“So Kyle,” Theresa said. “What are you doing out here? How far are you hiking?”

Kyle started explaining his hiking, the reason why, and his plans. Theresa and April both started rubbing his thighs under the water. Kyle slid his hand slowly up their thighs in reply. Across from him Melody slowly took off her tiny bikini top while biting her lip and locking eyes with him. Her almost perfect tits were partially covered by her long red hair, but Kyle could see her hard nipples poking out. He then felt Melody’s foot rubbing against his balls.

Kyle groaned and almost intuitively his hands moved up between the legs of both girls sitting next to him. He slid his hands under the small material triangles of their bikini bottoms and started rubbing their clits. Both girls moaned and took their hands off his thighs undoing and removing their bikini tops. Kyle was rock hard now. He was grateful Betty and Rhonda had told him about this place.

Melody waded up between his legs and then disappeared underwater. Kyle felt her grab his hard rod and then felt her mouth wrap around his cock. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes as a wave of pleasure wafted over him. Theresa and April both rubbed against him and started kissing his neck on either side. Melody had a smooth and gentle style that kept the pleasure on his hard cock constant. He was completely spellbound by all of the women.

After just over a minute, Melody resurfaced and switched places with Theresa. They kissed each other lightly on the lips, tagging each other out. Theresa was a bit more aggressive as she went under the surface. She gripped his balls tight in one hand while bobbing quickly on his dick. Kyle felt like he was about to cum when she finally resurfaced and traded spots with April.

April was a happy medium of the women. She gently stoked his balls while switching between licking the tip of his cock and deep throating it it. Kyle’s body tensed. He knew he was about to cum.

“Oh god,” he moaned. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum Kyle, cum in her mouth,” Melody and Theresa whispered in his ears in either side of him.

Kyle felt himself exploding into the blonde’s mouth. She seemed to take his whole cock into her throat as he came. He wondered how any of them could hold their breath so long while sucking cock.

He finished and April popped up through the surface of the water. She was smiling and wiping a drop of semen with the back of her hand. She then licked it off.

“That was fucking amazing,” said Kyle. “How was that even possible?”

“Practice!” Exclaimed April. She came closer to him and pecked him on the lips giggling.

“Now that were all introduced, we can show you where we live,” said Melody as she swam off into the deeper water. Kyle noticed that she was completely nude now and he admired her tight ass as she swam away, her red hair floating on the top of the water. Theresa and April followed her, both of them also nude. Kyle shook his head amazed with his own luck.

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