The Hero and the Naked Girl

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Car Sex

This is the first story I have written in a narrative style as opposed to in the first person. It is fictional with some small incidents biographical. I did not write it for a category so I had a difficult time picking one. It does have a lot of first, some sexual, so I am putting it in that category. It is self-edited and proofed with the help of software, and being a person who only had one English class it may not meet some reader’s standards. So if you are a nit-picker and admit it, you might want to move on to one written more eloquently. Love to hear comments on the storyline, as that is what amateur writing is all about. All fictional characters are over 18.


Ronald was a fireman, something he had wanted to be ever since he was a child of 5 on his grandpa’s shoulders watching a parade. He told his grandpa when he saw a big red fire truck with its lights flashing approaching them, “Grandpa, someday I will be riding, no, I will be driving a big red truck like that. I will be going to fires to rescue people from flames and smoke.”

His grandpa told him that it was a noble profession, but told him how important it was to get good grades when he goes to school.

Most kids that pick a profession as children tend to pick the safety services, police, or fire, few pursue one. Few even remember what they decided back then by the time they reach grade school. That was not the case with Ronald, he had read every book in his school’s library about firemen and famous fires and rescues. Whenever he was asked, he maintained that it was his chosen profession. In the 7th grade, he wrote a 500-word essay on what he was going to be when he grew up, a fireman. He used every bit of information he had gathered from his reading every book available in not just the small school library, but the public one as well.

In High School, he was shy, especially with girls, he did little dating. He was pretty thin and a little ashamed of his ribs showing instead of abs. In his sophomore year he started swimming and was pretty good, the coach helped him adjust his diet. He turned into quite a hunk, but displayed it in few places other than practice and swim meets. He also became more aware of his manhood and what being around girls did to it, he was 16 then and had discovered that masturbating helped keep surprise erections in school to a minimum. Truth was, he was one hung male, and could not help but show it in his team Speedo. Some girls on the school’s team showed some interest, not just because of his looks, body, and the bulge in his suit, but a lot of girls like a quiet type of guy like him. Like most shy guys, he did not always recognize their interest, and even when he did, he didn’t return any of their flirting. His shyness and focus on his goal of becoming a fireman prevented that.

He never stopped making the claim of becoming a firefighter and took some kidding for it. Even friends and family that loved him would tell him, “It is not an easy job to get, you have to take some tests as well.” They usually followed that kind of statement with, “Its good to have a backup plan.” They were right, he already knew that in some departments you have to take a civil service exam in addition to the safety service test. You also had to be at least 18 to be accepted for even training, and in some departments would be put on reserves until you were 21. It did not deter him, once he was 18 he filled out all the applications, signed up for the test. He was pumped, past all the safety services firefighters’ tests, but he failed the civil service test, he was never good at testing, it was only his wealth of knowledge from reading that helped him nearly ace some of the fire service tests.

He was crushed, but not broken. He found out that if he changed his address to his grandfathers he could join the local volunteer fire department at 18. Then after some training, he could legally start responding to fires at 18, he was already old enough.

His grandfather was not totally surprised when he told him what he was going to do. Then he told him, “Ron my boy, you told me that is what you were going to do when you were just 5, I am proud of you for making such a steadfast effort to fulfill a childhood dream.”

Grandpa signed the paperwork and he put some things in the guest bedroom so he could stay there when he was on call.

The guys at the station did little as an initiation, they mostly just gave the new guys the dirty jobs. He did everything from cleaning the toilets and showers to scrubbing floors. He received little on-the-job training, most of what he knew was from his reading and studying.

Ron was at the station when its biggest call ever had come in, they just did not know it at the time. It was not a big turnout as it was on a weekday during the summer. Summer is a tough time for volunteer departments, with vacations adding to conflicts with full-time jobs. They needed him on this call, and he had just got out of the Anadolu Yakası Escort shower. He did not want to let them down and showed up in the ready room in only a towel. They told him to get his gear on and he did. He dropped the towel and jumped into the trousers, and put the coat on as well. He liked wearing the hat, it fit, but the pants they gave him were too big and pretty scratchy on his naked body, it had plenty of room for his large endowment, but it felt like it was in a thorn bush. The fire-resistant coat they had given him, was way too large for his still somewhat thin frame.

He always enjoyed riding to routine calls with the lights and sirens on, but this was the real thing, and he was not just uncomfortable, but nervous as well. The call was a fire in a strip shopping center, and all they knew so far was that it was going to involve some evacuation of employees and customers.

It turned out that the fire had already spread through a vacant store someone was using as storage space, and it was later surmised that some homeless people found their way in, and started the fire while cooking or smoking. He was helping with getting the hoses hooked up when the Captain decided that Ron was a responsible young firefighter with some knowledge, but had no experience fighting a fire of this magnitude. He decided it would be a safe and better use of personnel to send him in to search the store next to it that was not involved in the fire at that time, and employees and customers reportedly had already evacuated.

The Captain helped him mount a tank on his back, and helped him put on a mask on before sending him in, giving him his final instructions to search everywhere as there was a chance that eventually the fire would spread to this store too. The Captain thought it was a safe job for him and he would be in and out quickly. He also was experienced enough to know that sometimes an employee that is busy in a backroom or even just found a place to sleep on the job could have been missed.

Gina was a quiet girl, she had dreams as well, though very modest ones, she too had a thing for policemen and firemen as she got older, she did not want to be one, she wanted one for a boyfriend, but she had no self-confidence. She was 19, just finished high school, and was trying to get herself ready to beat her problem once and for all, she had already made great strides.

Gina was a chubby girl growing up, the body-shaming she went through was unbelievable, some of it even came from family, mostly her older brother who called her fatty. She wore baggy clothes to try to cover as much of her body as possible through all of grade school.

That summer before High School she started to work out, did not go on a prescribed diet, but she changed her eating habits when she started the exercise routine. The results in just one summer were amazing, she retained some of the chubbiness in some of the areas that looked better that way, and trimmed down in others. The result was one voluptuous body, that got some boys’ attention even in her baggy clothes!

Despite her new body, psychologically she was still fat and had an ugly body and she kept it covered. She remained a wallflower by still dressing so conservatively. A female guidance counselor took an interest in her, a liking so to speak. She found Gina some help from a friend and counselor in the school systems suicide prevention program that few students signed up for. She started to show some improvement and although she had not improved much yet in her dressing, she was ready to confront that part of the problem.

In her senior year, Gina decided that she needed to get some more up-to-date, and more revealing clothes to join the mainstream in college. She set out to shop for some, including a swimsuit for the summer and college. She had been shopping in the store Ron was about to search when the fire broke out. She had found a few outfits and a couple of swimsuits to try on.

Ron searched and searched the building finding no one. It was about then he realized that the flames had broken through the poorly constructed, non-fire wall dividing the two storerooms as it was once one big store. Knowing that the flames would be working their way toward him, it was time to get out. He was about to leave when through the smoke that was starting to fill the air he spotted a door closed on only one of the dressing rooms, or booth was a better description, just a freestanding row of booths. It was clear on the other side of the store from where the fire had broken through.

Remembering what the Captain said, “search it all,” he hurried over to check that booth out before he left.

The fire evacuation went so quickly that Gina who was in there had Bluetooth pods in her ears and did not hear all the activity in the building as she tried on clothes. Again, the damage she had from body-shaming caused a delay. First, she had to force herself to pick out both a 2-piece and a modest bikini Bostancı Escort as possible swimwear. Then after she had tried on the other clothes she had another delay. She tried on the 2-piece suit, then looked down to see that even in it her panties were showing, she was not going to be able to find out if she had the courage to wear the bikini unless she broke the rules. She would have to try it on without her panties. She decided she would just have to remove them, it was the only way she could see what it would cover.

Gina, who hated to even try tops on in a store dressing room, went ahead and pulled down her panties, and was naked. She looked at her nude body in the mirror, and almost put them back on, she still was not seeing what others were, that she was beautiful, and now quite shapely. As she was about to try the suit on, the door flew open, scaring her beyond belief. She did not even have time to think about her nudity or what her body looked like, her eyes were on this fireman who was in too large of a coat and pants, and had a partial mask on his face.

Shy Gina who had been trying hard to get over her phobia about showing her body was face to face with a tall fireman, and she was naked. Her only cover was her slightly trimmed bush, which she was glad she had trimmed for the clothes try on, it had been quite thick. The smoke was starting to come in the booth making her aware of the seriousness of the situation, she had no idea there was even a fire going on. There was no time to even think about grabbing even one item of clothing. Her nudity was not that much on either one’s mind, they both knew that their lives depended on them getting out of there, and now!

Ron was quick to react, his knowledge gained from all his reading kicked in, and not only was he able to ignore the fact that this girl he encountered was not just naked, but that she was stunning as well. He got right to the rescue and put his mask on her, he could tell it did not have a long enough hose to be able to walk her out, but that it would put her in danger of being burnt anyway. He could conceive of no other way but cover her naked body with his coat. He opened up his coat revealing his fit and bare torso to her and told her in his muffled voice from the masked to climb on. She half understood, but she was not dumb and when he leaned down to help her, she grabbed him by his neck. He in turn used his arm to help hold her there and kept his coat closed and covering them both.

Gina was near petrified, but also smart enough to know that she was going to have to hug and hold on to the fireman, and while naked, with nothing between her chest and his. Ron was ready to go, using his one forearm under her bare ass cheeks he held her there as tightly and as close to himself as he could. She felt like a babe, and safe in his arms as she did her best to hang on, and even used her legs to wrap around and clamp on to him. He did his best to keep her covered with the coat, not an easy feat!

Ron and Gina were on their way out, and none too soon. Once the fire had made it through the wall it quickly spread to all the clothing racks and had already engulfed most of the store and was on its way to them.

Gina was experiencing so many new feelings and emotions. She had never hung on to anyone like this, it was a new feeling being naked and holding so tightly to a man. She could feel her ample breasts smashing against his bare chest, and her abdomen pressed tightly against his belt was uncomfortable. Then there were the emotions, fear ruled, but the feeling of a big strong fireman’s forearm up against her bare bottom pushing her sex against the bulge caused by his manhood, somehow made her feel safe as well. She felt a little like the closeness made her a part of him and that the two of them could not fail.

Outside with a growing crowd behind him that the police were containing, the Fire Captain was mounting a tank on another fireman to send him in to find the rookie if needed. Inside Ron and his rescued girl were already making their way to the door, Ron did it as quickly as possible, and encountered flames, but knew he had to go through them to get to the exit. He hoped his large fire-resistant coat would protect him and his rescued victim from the flames. As he exited the flames he was starting to feel the effects of the heat, and smoke he inhaled as they made their way outside.

To look at Ron when he came through the door, you would have thought he was on fire. A piece of burning clothes from one of the displays had become caught on his tank. Fire-resistant does not mean fire-proof, and there was some serious smoke coming from Ron’s coat and pants, and there was a smell of singed hair likely from both of them. He had taken some serious heat walking through flames and lost most of his eyebrows, and some of Gina’s hair that was exposed was singed as well. The concern was mostly Ron’s back from his neck to his boots, and the danger of it being burned was real. Ümraniye Escort A ready fireman sprayed the two of them down with a water mist.

Gina held on tightly as some of the cold water that made its way through the opening of the coat and ran between them, and even down her back and between Ron’s arm and her butt crack. It did dawn on her that the coat would soon be coming off and revealing her nakedness. It did not seem as scary knowing that she made it through the flames of a fire and had come out safe and pretty much unscathed.

Then, because of the flames and smoke coming from Ron, the two firemen assigned to take care of them proceeded to strip him the rest of the way. Gina was already in this state and had been pretty well protected anyway. This was the procedure for possible burns, as time is of the essence in their treatment. It’s well known that the first treatment for a still-active burn, is to stop it by cooling it down right away. Just like when you burn a finger, your first step is to run it under cold water.

Stripping down and treating a fireman, or civilian rarely has to be done in the presence of a crowd of onlookers, there are always privacy sheets available from the squads that respond, and usually enough fire and or police to hold them up. They were short of all three and lucky to have two firemen available that had been tending hoses. The fire had spread so fast that paramedics were just arriving, and mutual aid from other stations were still on their way.

This left Gina and Ron standing there naked in front of not just the other safety workers, that being a few police trying to keep the crowd in check, and the two firefighters that were filling in for the paramedics. The squad was on the scene but the paramedics seeing the crowd they had to get through took only as much of the most important equipment they could carry.

There was a fair size crowd of onlookers at this fire, as by then the whole plaza had been evacuated of employees and shoppers. Looking out and seeing the crowd was not Gina’s biggest concern at all, she realized she was naked to the world, but in that same instant, her phobia about her body was cured, she was alive and not hurt!

Gina was just too consumed with the joy that they got out just in time to worry about appearance. She now was consumed with worry bout the young, and quite cute naked fireman she saw as her hero. She hoped that he was not burned or suffered damage from inhaling the smoke. She also had time to realize that not only was her rescuer close to her age but that she liked looking at the penis that was on such a kind and fine specimen of a man.

Gina had seen few penises, unfortunately, the one she had seen the most of was on an older brother that sexually abused her. It started with him just walking down the hall past her bedroom nude after his shower. Oddly his exhibitionism came upon him about the same time she became fit, not that long before that he was still calling her a fatty.

She did not respond to it, so he escalated things, he would walk in on her in her room naked almost every night, with his penis swinging in either its flaccid or hard state, maybe in his twisted mind, he thought her seeing a naked brother’s cock would make her desire it? She stuck with her plan to ignore his actions, and it just made him go as far as trying to put his erect cock in front of her and put her hand on it, but she refused to let him. She woke up one night to see him standing there naked forcing her hand to wrap around his knob so he could use it as his own personal pocket pussy. He was thrusting his cock in and out of it. Before she could get her hand away this time he ejaculated and left her with not just a hand full of his sperm, but the original blast had left ropes of it all over her, and her blanket.

She started blocking her bedroom door with a chair, but it did not stop him, he resorted to sneaking in on her in the bathroom while she would be taking a shower. He would stand where he thought she could not see him and would jerk off to her sexy silhouette behind the curtain. She was on to him one night when she saw what he was doing in the vanity mirror. Since that door had no lock like her bedroom one, she would let the curtain slightly open, and if she saw him did her best to hide behind it.

She found rather than telling her parents that always took his word over hers, to just not give him the pleasure of her attention, and just looked the other way as she waited it out. It did not take him that long to get off and leave. One night he got really bold, he came in the bathroom already hard and came in the shower with her. She hurried up and turned her back to him, and he responded by pushing his cock between her legs. She more than had enough, she knew he had thoughts about his sister that she did not share, and never would return. She turned the water off and begged him not to enter her. He asked her, by just saying the words, “mouth or vagina” and waited for her response. She was on no birth control and figured asking him to get a condom would just make him think it was OK. She pleaded with him again as she did not want to lose her virginity to a brother in an act of incest, but he had her by the waist and pushed his cock against her.

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