The Holiday Ch. 01

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This wasn’t the holiday Sarah had wanted. True, the campsite was beautiful and the weather mild. The two families had side by side sites up on the bluff overlooking the bay. They’d woken up day after day to blue skies and calm seas. But it was still June and summer hasn’t really gotten into full gear – it was just about warm enough to suntan but not quite warm enough for long swim. Sarah, a competitive swimmer in high school, longed to slip into the cool waters of the bay but didn’t relish the idea of such a cold dip.

They’d been there three days and already the families had gotten into an easy rhythm, cooking meals together and trading off childminding duties. This afternoon, Sarah and Bill were watching the kids build sandcastles, while they idly sipped beers under the shade of a beach umbrella. Sarah’s husband Ted and Bill’s wife Astrid were up at the campsite preparing dinner – Sarah could see them moving around the campsite but they were too far away to hear their chatter.

The children had wandered off to investigate a hermit crab. Sarah followed their adventure with half an eye, finding her summer romance novel more fascinating. Bill cracked another beer and got up to follow the kids. Sarah spread out over the beach blanket, enjoying casino oyna the warm sun on her skin as watched them go. Bill walked with an easy grace, she noticed, broad tanned shoulders and muscular legs. She found herself wondering what he was like as a lover. The novel had gotten steamy and she was half aroused herself – now that Bill had gone she had a little more privacy to fully submerge herself in her book.

She flipped over onto her tummy – there was a rocky lump under the blanket resting under her thigh. She inched up until it rested directly under her crotch and she ground her hips into it. Cushioned by the blanket, it felt good, like how she used to masturbate as a child – humping her sticky hand in her bunk bed again and again until she came, moaning into her pillow.

Her thighs were getting sticky – the afternoon was warming up – and her little gyrations were making Sarah wish for more privacy. She glanced up – Bill and the children were far down the beach – she had a few minutes. No one around her was paying any attention – the beach was so large everyone was spread out. Sarah repositioned the umbrella and the cooler for a little more privacy, and then turned back over onto her back and draped her sarong on her lap. There, that’ll canlı casino do, she thought.

Still reading her book with her left hand, she slipped her right down under the sarong. She pushed her black bikini bottoms aside, and dipped an exploratory finger in. She was wet. There was more than a little summer sweat gathered between her legs. With a wet finger she began gently stroking her clit, wondering if she had enough time to cum before Bill and the kids returned. Her pussy ached for release – Ted hadn’t been sleeping well on the leaky camping mattress and he hadn’t been in the mood to fuck all holiday. Yes, she thought, I can be quick.

She rubbed her clit faster and faster, her breath coming quicker and quicker. Her nipples ached for touch, so she put her book down and roughly pinched her left nipple as she continued to rub herself. She dipped her fingers back down, rapidly thrusting them in and out of her wet slit before returning to her aching bud. She closed her eyes, her legs tense, that fluttery feeling in her belly building and building. Quick, she thought. Now. Craving release, she jammed three fingers into her cunt again and again, as her thumb rubbed maddening circles around her clit. She thought about the couple making love in her kaçak casino novel, imagining she was being ravished the same way except that it was Bill, not Ted, pounding into her again and again.

Bill, she moaned, rubbing herself furiously. She reached up again to pinch her nipples, so hard she saw stars, and then came suddenly om a gush all over her hand, her vagina spasming over and over again with relief.

“Want another beer?” she heard Bill say. She gasped and opened her eyes. Bill was bent over the cooler, reaching for another bottle. How much had he seen? How much had he heard? Sarah flushed, grateful for the cooler lid blocking his view of her. She quickly wiped off her hands and sat up.

“Yes, please, another,” she said, shakily. She downed it in one, hoping to buy herself some time.

“You look like you could really use a cold drink,” he said, his cool green eyes giving nothing away.

“Yup, it’s pretty hot today,” she replied. “Maybe I’ll go for a swim to cool off.”

“From the looks of it, you were getting pretty hot,” he smirked. “The kids are still catching crabs down the beach. Let’s go for a dip before dinner.”

He stood up and stripped off his shirt and jogged towards the water. Sarah watched him go, her damp crotch still tingling from her release. Why not, she thought, and got up to follow him. This wasn’t the holiday Sarah had wanted, but maybe it would still be a holiday to remember.

To be continued…

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