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Cock Ring

We step into this lavishly appointed hotel room; no expense had been spared, from the opulent furnishings to the silk on the walls and the huge flat screen TV. The hotel was a grand 16th-century house in the beautiful British countryside. Constructed as an ancestral home, it served for centuries as a high-society residence before its recent multi-million pound restoration, transforming it into this luxury hotel.

As we walk into the room, we could see the beautiful mullion windows, trefoil arches, and the open fireplace with its original stone architecture which had been lovingly maintained and sit comfortably alongside the modern conveniences. The fire was lit, the wood-fire, blazing merrily in the ample fireplace, sending its light out into the room filling the room with a gentle warm light, we could feel the fireplace mimicking the warmth of the day.

We set down our bags and cosy up by the flame, our features illuminated by the flickering light, the only light one in the room. Though the air isn’t smokey, we can smell the pine as it burns, just a faint fragrance to reassure our senses.

We sat in the corner of the room watching red and orange flashes of light curiously twisting around the wooden bars of the bedhead. I then ask would you like to watch a little TV. I picked up the remote and flipped through a few channels. I only passed a few channels when I come across an episode of HBO’s “True Blood.”

“Ah, nice, have you ever watched this?” I asked you.

“No, I have not?” you replied

After a few minutes “Wow, this show kind of turned me on a little.” you say.

“Oh really?”?I respond playfully. I look over and see you touching yourself through your pants. Surprised by your arousal and your wetness making its way onto your now soaked panties.

“Would you like me to rectify that problem?” I ask you suavely.

“Do you think you can?” You reply as you moved your hand onto the large lump, in my jeans.

I pull your face to meet mine and press my lips against your Wet. Warm. Flavourful mouth…

I put my hands on the sides of your face to hold you where I want you, I then wind my fingers up in your hair and tug tight, and somehow, just by the way I am touching you, it makes your mouth open, which commands you to close your eyes, and forces you to start breathing faster and faster until you feel dizzy and think you might black out. It feels so focused and intense. You could feel the edges of your body melt and become part of mine. Melting away even forgetting your own name.

I suggested we both get naked which I quickly did and then laid on the sofa as I watched you undress! I smiled and licked my full lips and placed them softly on yours. You involuntarily sloped into the kiss. Oh god, you were on fire. I moved my arm up your back and pulled you close to me for another luscious, tongue entwined kiss.

“you’re still nervous, aren’t you?” I said, smiling at you, laughing as I pull back.

“How did you notice?” you responded

“I’m a little surprised,” I said as I moved closer, reaching out to stroke your soft hair. I then stood up and said, “I could use a glass of wine, would you like to join me?”

You nodded. I walked over to the bar and could feel your eyes, staring at my manhood and naked body, as I pour us a drink. Knowing all you can think about is what I am going to do to you next and how it would feel.

I returned with the wine. I said,”I didn’t know, you was a drinker.”

You replied and said, “Mostly when I’m nervous, or a little tired and…”

I leaned in closer and handed you the wine saying “and…?’

“When I’m feeling sexy. Horny.” You replied as you laughed at your own honesty as we both giggled.

I leaned back into the sofa, your eyes fixed on me, with passion within them. I looked at you quizzically. I extended my hand and placed it on your leg, rubbing my hand on your smooth, sleek, soft calves. As you said to yourself “God, I want this man to fuck me.”

I crooked my finger at you. And said, “Come here, you.”

You leant closer. You moved towards me again, as I reached around the back of your head and with my hands, I pulled you into me. You could feel the softness of my tongue as you inhaled. Our lips lingered for a moment. As you exhaled softly, lost in the moment…

I whispered. “That was enjoyable.” As we kissed again, deeply. You sucked on my tongue. As I slowly leant back. Saying “Sit back on the sofa.” I then slowly move to kneel on the floor in front of you saying “Spread your legs… You naughty girl.”

I placed my hands on your wide parted legs, as you insolently slouched and thrust your hips forward. I licked my lips, my eyes so wide with lust. “Very good. Now don’t move.” I said. With your eyes lock on me, I looked down. Past your hips to your exposed pubic mound. To my surprise, I found your pussy clean shaven. Your puffy, swollen lips perfectly revealed, ready to feel the softness of my mouth. Pendik Escort Now, I moved closer towards you. You exhaled looking down at my crotch and then reached to hold my dick, arching up, yearning for more contact.

“Ohhhh, yes.” You breathed out you desire.

“Do you want more, baby?” I said. You nodded as you soft moans grew louder.

I could feel the convulsions and heat through your body. Your eyes were glued to me. Passion overwhelmed you. We started again to kiss which felt, so enjoyable but yet so drawing. Our tongues in a dance of lust and desire.

I then began to caress your breasts and touched your nipples. You started getting rather wet from the attention, then I turned my attention to kissing and sucking your breasts. Your vagina began to respond and grows even more humid and moist.

I started to kiss down your belly, stopping to tease your belly button and then moving on to your inner thighs. You could feel my lips trailing across your skin sending sensations thru your body. You asked, “What am I doing.” I then replied “I’m sure you know.” at which point you then have a cheeky little smile on your face.

I continued and started kissing and licked up and down the inside of your thighs. You apologised for being so “wet”, as you know, you no longer can control your sexual organs. My fingers begin to caress your outer lips and then slightly touched your inner lips, brushing across your clit. You felt an oncoming orgasm, a powerful explosion overtaken you but you managed to contain it and held off.

I inserted my finger into your pussy that slides right in. I started to kiss your vulva from the top down and inserted a second finger. As I continued kissing, I spread your lips and licked on your clit sending shivers through your body making you feel weak, with this ravishing frenzy inside you.

By now you’re more than ready to finish this with an orgasm, but you held on a bit longer. My tongue lightly touched your clit and plunged deep into your wet vagina. I fucked you with my tongue for a few minutes as I moved your butt to meet my tongues rhythm. I then started to concentrate on your clit and flicked it back and forth. Then I began to suck on your clit that brought you even closer to orgasm. I could feel you tensing up ready to cum and immediately moved away from your pussy and refocused on your nipples my tongue circle your nipple, teasing, making it stand, eager for more licking. You begged me to go back to your cherry, but I told you to be patient.

We continued, I kiss and stroke your breasts. This went on for a few minutes as you felt, even more, juice pour from your pussy. My hand were exploring you, squeezing, grabbing your ass, and stroking your kitty.

You squeal “please, sweetie, go back down on me? Please? It feels amazing” I was breathless, it made me want to put my greedy mouth back on that swollen pussy.

“Yes, baby, yes – eat me, make me yours.” You bawl, your eyes were hooded, your voice low and husky. You lay back, and parted your legs and raised your knees. You moaning “Look at my Kitty, baby, and see how fat it is. Look how swollen and ready I am for you. Take me, eat me…”

With that, you pulled my head down and made me look at your expose vulva. From close up it looked gorgeous and divine. I stared at your y, and I saw how beautiful you vagina was – fat, genuinely plump, both your inner lips and outer lips were big. Your clit, too, so big and attractive. You was so wet, your folds glistened, and they were slick. I loved your pussy, so full, so ripe. I fell upon it; all thoughts of being gentle and slow were gone. My tongue starts licking your vagina entrance up to your clit and following the outer edges of your vagina along both sides. Repeating this technique, going up and down. I then ran my tongue between the inner and outer labia one side at a time. You bucked beneath me, groaned, holding my head and sliding your kitty up and down on my face, fucking my mouth, my lips, and my nose. I stuck my tongue out, made it stiff as I could, and you jammed your clit onto it.

I then insert my tongue into your pussy opening. Then move my tongue in and out, as well as your clit around the inside of your vagina. I then spread your outer lips with my fingers. With my tongue pointed, gently flicking my tongue around your clitoris. This was driving you wild, and you’re finding it so intense you’re about to explode. I then stimulate your clit, starting out gently then speeding up as I hear you screamed from the intense pleasure. “Oh, baby, fuck me and make me your bitch!” you babbled as I licked you. With one hand I squeezed your breasts, alternating between the two.

I then expose your clitoris by spreading your lips. With your clitoris exposed, I give it a quick little suck; pulling it into my mouth briefly and letting it go. You felt incredible and weak, ready to explode. I then take your exposed clit into my mouth and gently suck on it, simultaneously flicking Kurtköy Escort my tongue over and around it. I pushed my finger into you and as I clamped your clit with my lips, sucking it hard.

Without warning, I pushed my tongue back into your pussy and began to suck on your clit more. Within less than a minute, you were ready to cum and started to moan and move your hips to meet my tongue. You were so ready to explode, as the whisper of an orgasm turns into a raging river! You’re riding me harder, fucked my face with bigger thrusts, smearing me with you copious slick pussy juices.

I could taste your juices as my tongue plunged in and out of you. I continued to play with your nipples driving you wild. Again without warning, I plunged my tongue deep into your cherry and used my thumb to flick your clit sending you into a screaming orgasm. I was running out of breath, I gave your clit a last, lingering suck and you bucked once more. I rammed my tongue into you, deep, and sucked you clit even harder. You cumm then, heaving and bucking, your hips high off the sofa, your fingers entwined behind my head pulling my face even deeper into you. You was shrieking, calling my name and your pussy was clenching with each throbbing spasm. As you was subsiding and I was running out of breath, I gave your clit a last, lingering suck and you bucked once more.

Now all you could think about was tasting my dick. You looked at me, and I nodded my head in approval that it was okay to hold my cock. I got up off the floor an sit on the sofa with my throbbing shaft standing at attention. You quickly placed your hands on my manhood. You admired my cock. This is a fabulous toy for you, sensitive and strong and fuckable. You wanted to get to know it. You loved my dicks velvety cock-head and the long hard shaft. You wanted to get to know it up and down. As you look at it. It’s was an amazing, gorgeous thing.

You looked at my dick so intently, admiring it verbally. You told me what a beautiful tool I have, that my cock head is fabulous, all big and velvety. Admiring its hardness. Feeling my balls, you tell me you hope there’s something in there for you.

You begin with touching it. You started with your fingertips you didn’t want to go straight to having it in your mouth, you wanted to touch it first to show me where you’re going and which got me even harder. It was just a gentle touch. My cock-head is very sensitive, and I loved when you spirt on my dick using the wetness with your fingers, first. You gently stroke my shaft and cup my balls. Then commented “that you know that feels good” and asked me if I like it. And questioned “Can I go down there? I really want to know how you taste…?” you said.

You looked at my cock licking your lips with your tongue. Thinking about how to use your tongue. There’s the flat of your tongue and the tip. You decide to start very gradually and work up to fully deep-throating me.

You started by licking my balls with your tongue. Seeing you licking my balls was an immense turn-on, and I loved the sensation too. My balls where shave clean so there was nothing to gets in the way of your lips and tongue against my skin. As you licked my shaved balls, you could feel them moving and tightening inside. Which made you so wet thinking about the load that they will deliver in you soon.

You then move up to my shaft I was so wildly sensitive to you licking my shaft, as you licked it from bottom to top slowly, looking up at me, as you run your lips up and down its length. Then as I’m getting very horny. You look all subservient, with a promise of what’s coming. As I almost explode to the light licking of your tongue on my shaft.

You now move to the head of my dick using both the flat and the tip of your tongue. You explore my cock-head. You ask me “where does it feel good”. You then focused on where my foreskin attached to my shaft which felt good. You then circle my cock-head with my tongue repeatedly, while I moan. You also moaning as you genuinely love sucking my dick.

You switch between both types of licking. You decide to slow the action down, give me a really deliciously great blow. Starting with a little licking, then draw me right into your mouth and stroke my balls. You then move to the very front of the cock-head at its base tickling it with your tongue. I love your tongue there.

Now you’re doing the full oral, use your tongue as you go. You have my shaft going in and out of your mouth while you circle my cock-head with your tongue, I love it. You then running your tongue fast round and round and all over the cock-head while you very gently rub my well-lubricated shaft which feels great.

You continued licking while I face fucks you, concentrating not to go too fast as you licking while deep throating my moving tongue out of the way to get my cock down as far as it will go.

You then use your lips .over my cock-head with tiny kisses. As you lick and kiss it, you tell me “that Ümraniye Escort it’s beautiful… Oh God, oh that’s lovely.” You continue and say “I’ve been thinking about doing this all night ever since I set eyes on you.”

you then suck hard on me as if I’m a lollipop, applying suction to the top half of my cock and then pulling away, you made a lovely slurping noise which turned me on. You looked up at me and said: “I’m going to suck the cum right out of you…”

As I built up towards cumming you lighten up a bit. You wanted me to enjoy the anticipation. You keep on sucking and licking and rubbing, but just do the top half of my shaft now. You were listing to me cry “God this feels amazing…”

You suddenly then take me into your mouth then holding me there. It’s warm and wet, and it shows me you know what your doing. You hold me right in your mouth and circle my cock-head with your lips. Then you start to thrust me back and forth between your lips. The inside of your mouth is so pleasurable. You keep your lips over your tongue you then keep your lips as tight around me as you can, you suck your cheeks in, and use your whole mouth to massage my shaft up and down in soft loving strokes. Staying on me for the upstroke, as you hold my balls while I’m moaning in ecstasy.

It felt so lovely your mouth on my dick, even when you just were holding my cock-head in your mouth while you stroke and rub my shaft in different rhythm and speed. Straight up and down and then with a turn and a twist as you slide your lips up and down it. Handling the whole length of my cock you, stroke just the base as you suckle and gobble on the top. Sucking and licking on my cockhead as you massage and stroke just the top half of my cock.

You then deep throated me, take me down your throat as far as I will go. Your face push right against my balls. I can feel me in your throat swallow on me. Feeling your swallowing muscles grip my shaft and I love it. You keep me right down there and then fuck my dick from that position with your throat. Swallowing as often as you can. And while you’re doing it, stroke my skin and my balls. You are in control of this deep throating, which we are both absolute loving the experience. I wrapped my hand around your hair using it as a rein to guide your head up and down. You loved the taste of my dick. You opened your throat as much as you could and went as far down as you possibly could go nearly choking yourself on my manhood

I moan and cry as I thrust at you. I beg you to let me cum “can I cum. Please, can I cum?”

You come off and looking at my dick with enthusiasm as you stroke my cock twice, and then say “I would love you to cum, right here, right now, for me”. You then get straight back on it.

I started to moan witlessly, as my balls move and tighten up. Crying from the amazingly good blowjob, you are giving me. I feel the cum on its way in a long drawn out spasm.

“Oh yeah,” I groaned, “so close.”

You asked as you swirled my tongue around my dick-head, “Where do you want to shoot your load?”

“I want to explode in your mouth” I answered, weakly.

Your still, holding me tight in your mouth and keeping suction on me. You then roll your tongue on my most sensitive place, just at the base of the glans at the front of my dick.

I moaned in pleasure every time you did this. You wanted to taste my cum so badly. You would do just about anything to make me cum in your mouth. Up and down in a repeated motion. You couldn’t help but cum as you was fucking me with your lips. My legs began to tense up, and you knew my hot cum load was about to squirt out. You couldn’t help but get excited. You had an orgasm just from the thought of tasting my delicious cum. I let out a loud moan as my hot cumm squirted into your mouth. I crawled between his legs and took his cock, which was last in my rear, in my mouth. The taste was not overly pleasant, yet doing such slutty things somehow made it okay. I bobbed hungrily on his cock, taking it deep in my mouth, listening to his moans.

As you take my cum you moan, and swallow, and cares my balls. Massaging them very gently. You then hold my hand as I shake from how you have made me feel, tasting the very essence of me. Swallowing it, accepting me, owning me completely. It’s powerful and erotic and fun. Loving the taste of me. You enjoy the taste as this is something you have worked for. You have made an effort to produce this cum, and you worked at pumping it into you. Accepting my gift.

You swallow, Stay on my cock and suck it clean. A little escaped and you go after it. Tidied up, licking and feeding off my cock making sure to swallow every drop of it. Hunger for more cum.

You sat up to try and compose yourself. You looked at me again with that fiery passion in your eyes.

You knew I wanted more.

I reached over and pulled my head toward you. We exchanged another extremely passionate kiss. One of the best I’ve had. You have always been the best kisser, and I love it. I moved my hands down to your soaking wet vagina and stuck one of my long fingers inside you. It slid right in, and you moaned in pleasure.

I pulled my finger out and put it into my mouth, tasting your pussy juice.

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