The Hotwife , Her Bull – Pt. 04

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This is the story of poor Carol Hendrick, a normal, healthy young woman with normal, healthy desires. Unfortunately, she followed the advice of her conservative parents and married Alan, who has a low sex drive and is unable to satisfy her. But Alan is aroused by the idea of his wife having sex with other men, so he suggests she become a Hotwife and start a relationship with a man who can serve as her Bull. In Chapter 4 we see Carol’s introduction to spanking and bondage.


In the weeks ahead Carol and her alter ego “Yvette” got plenty of practice sucking my cock. I didn’t always want her to swallow my cum; I usually see fellatio as a particularly nice type of foreplay. Nothing revs up my engine better than a few minutes of cocksucking. Carol was sometimes disappointed when she didn’t suck my cum down her throat, but she got over it as soon as she felt my cock push into her tight little pussy.

Since introducing Carol to fellatio was such a success, I knew it was a good idea for me to try something a little kinkier. Spanking seemed like a good next step. I had no idea if she’d like being spanked. Some women love it, some tolerate it, others hate it. The only way to know how Carol would react was to try it with her. As always, I wanted it to be a surprise.

One evening I came home from work with a fake scowl on my face. “Yvette” greeted me at the door with the big smile she always wore, but she knew I had something different in mind when she saw the expression on my face.

“What is wrong, mon cher,” she said.

“Don’t act innocent!” I said. “I know you’ve been naughty again. Admit it. You’ve been playing with yourself today. It’s true, isn’t it!?”

She got the message immediately. “Yvette” looked down at the floor, acting as though she was ashamed of herself.

“Oui. It is true. I am so sorry, monsieur. It will not happen again.”

“You’re lying!” I said. “It keeps happening! Do you understand that no one but me is allowed to touch you down there? Do you!?”

“Oui. I do.”

“So why do you keep playing with yourself when I’m not around!?”

She had to think about that for a second. I waited patiently. This was all improvisational acting, so it took a little time to think of good dialogue. She ended up saying something that seemed pretty clever to me.

“When I’m all alone, I can’t help but think about how much I miss you,” Carol said in that fake French accent she did so well. “I can’t help but think about how much I want you to touch me. It makes me so hot. It makes me so wet. I can’t help it.”

Nice dialogue, “Yvette.”

“This can’t continue! This has got to stop! I’m tired of coming home to find your pussy is all wet and smelly because you’ve been jerking off all day!” I said. “I deserve a clean, fresh pussy! Have you ever thought of that?”

“Oui, monsieur. I am so sorry my pussy is all wet and smelly. You deserve clean and fresh.”

“And I deserve to fuck a pussy that isn’t worn out from having orgasms all day!”

“Oui. You do. I am sorry my pussy is so worn out,” she said.

“So what are we going to do about this? What!?”

“I will do whatever you want, monsieur.”

“What I want is to come home to a woman who hasn’t been acting like a spoiled child all day! What I want is for you to stop playing with yourself! Can you guess what I’m going to do to make that happen?”

“Non, monsieur.”

“I’ll show you! Right now!”

With that, I grabbed Carol’s wrist and pulled her so hard she lost her balance and fell across my lap. I yanked her skirt up to her waist, then pulled her panties down to her knees. “I’m going to spank you a dozen times!” I scowled. “Count each time I spank you. If you forget to count, I’ll start over! Do you understand?”

“Oui, monsieur!” she said, sounding genuinely alarmed. I couldn’t tell if she was acting or she was actually afraid of what would happen. It was probably a little of both.

I slapped her ass. Hard. The sound echoed through the room.

“Count!” I said.

“Un!” she said.

I spanked her again, even harder this time.


Again. “Trois!”

I slowed down, giving “Yvette” time to anticipate each time I spanked her. She started kicking, and I don’t think she was acting. I wasn’t spanking her hard enough to do any actual damage, but I was trying to make it sting. The women I’ve known who like spanking have always wanted me to do it in a way that seemed at least partly convincing. And pain is very stimulating. It can be erotic. The only way to know if spanking aroused Carol was to introduce her to the real thing.

Somewhere between “quatre” and “cinq,” things began to change. Carol relaxed so much she seemed to go limp. She stopped kicking. Her voice changed to a low, moaning tone that sounded like arousal. Maybe she was acting. Maybe she actually liked it. There was no way to know.

But right after I heard her say the word “neuf,” bursa escort Carol began to climax. She actually climaxed just from spanking. In my (admittedly) limited experience, the women I’ve spanked who liked it felt it was an especially stimulating form of foreplay. We’d finish spanking their ass, they’d apologize, then we go to bed and they’d fuck my brains out. I had never seen a woman have an orgasm from spanking alone.

I spent a lot of time thinking about that in the coming days. It said something important about Carol. Any woman who liked spanking that much had to get an enormous amount of pleasure from degradation. She had to get enormous pleasure from pain. It was a surprise, but it was good to know.

I kept spanking Carol, giving her the last three swats. She barely reacted, whispering the words as she counted. The room smelled like sex. I hadn’t even touched her pussy, and its fragrance was overpowering.

“There there, Yvette,” I said. “It’s all finished now. Have you learned your lesson?”

“Oui, monsieur. I am sorry I made you spank me,” she said.

“Good. Now promise me you won’t play with yourself anymore,” I said.

“I promise.”

Of course, that is not the way things worked out. From that day forward, I regularly came home to find “Yvette” acting embarrassed and ashamed. “I am so sorry,” she’d say. “I have been very naughty today. I need to be punished.”

“What did you do this time!?” I said, knowing the answer before I heard it.

“I touched myself again,” she said. “I thought about you, and how much I wanted to see you, and I couldn’t stop myself.”

That first time was the only time she got an orgasm from a spanking alone. It never failed to get her hotter than a firecracker, but she only climaxed on the day I first surprised her. Carol always acted especially submissive and ashamed on the days when I spanked her, and it helped me appreciate how important those qualities were to her inner sexuality. She wasn’t a woman who could be fully satisfied with vanilla sex.

As these hidden qualities blossomed, we both began to appreciate how deeply unhappy she’d been with Alan. She always stressed that it wasn’t his fault. She’d known during their engagement that something was wrong with the relationship. She’d known it lacked chemistry. But Alan assured her that their marriage would be fine, and she agreed to it despite her misgivings.

Although Alan’s masochistic side made me queasy, I began to appreciate how fortunate Carol was that he was so enthusiastic about her pursuit of happiness with me. When I helped Carol discover how much she loved being spanked, I felt proud that I’d done something important for her – something that went beyond giving her the best sex she’d ever had. We were both learning what kind of person Carol was deep inside.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Alan was thrilled to hear Carol loved being spanked. She told Alan all about it, naturally, and said she was completely surprised when she climaxed from spanking alone. She showed him the fading pink marks on her ass. You’ll be glad to know Alan never discussed this with me. The first time I spanked Carol, work happened to be particularly hectic, and Alan didn’t have time to seek me out and tell me how much he enjoyed hearing Carol recite all the explicit details. Thank you, God. There’ll be a little something extra in the collection plate this Sunday.

We enjoyed this kinky new part of our relationship for several weeks. Eventually I decided it was time to introduce her to something new. I dated a woman once who was extremely enthusiastic about bondage. She taught me how to use bondage to please her, and I imagined that Carol might enjoy experiencing the same treatment.

One evening I came home after work carrying a bag of new toys from the adult store. “You’re going to do something new for me,” I told Carol, reaching into the bag and withdrawing a nice, comfortable blindfold. I placed it over her eyes, then led her through my apartment to the bedroom. She was trembling. Maybe she was afraid. She said nothing, however, and when we got to the bedroom she stood quietly as I stripped off all her clothes.

When she was naked, I laid her down on her back and placed her arms and legs in a spread eagle position. I used lengths of pink silk rope to bind her wrists to the headboard and her ankles to the footboard. After we both knew she was securely tied in place, I put a ball gag in her mouth. This meant she literally could not say “no” to anything I wanted to do. I had no plans to do anything objectionable, but she had no way of knowing my plans. Her nervousness increased dramatically when she tried to talk and realized she couldn’t make herself understood.

“You look beautiful,” I whispered. I took a piece of silk and ran it over her breasts. Immediately, her big meaty nipples became erect. I ran the silk over her belly, watching her squirm beneath my touch. I used the silk bursa escort to stroke her inner thighs. That’s when she began to moan. She couldn’t use words to communicate, but the ball gag didn’t stop me from understanding what she meant when she moaned.

Carol’s legs were spread so far apart that there was more than enough room for me to fit between them. “I’m going to eat your little pussy,” I said. “I’m going to eat it as long as I want, and you can’t do anything to stop me.” You might ask why she’d want to stop me, but you need to understand that often Carol begged me to stop licking her clit and just fuck her. She often got to the point that she didn’t want anymore foreplay. On this day, she realized it didn’t matter what she wanted.

I proceeded as slowly as I could, but I was pretty excited by this time, and I was anxious to taste her pussy. As you’d expect, it was very wet and fragrant. Her moaning got louder and more insistent when I ran my tongue up between her pussy lips. I put my hands under the cheeks of her ass and lifted her bottom up a few inches so I had better access to everything from her clit to her tiny brown butthole.

For the first time ever, I licked her down there, using the flat part of my tongue to probe gently at the entrance to her ass. That made her jerk, so I did it again. Carol tasted like the scented soap she always used when she showered just before I got home. I hoped that she’d be aroused by the idea that I was doing something taboo. Something dirty. As time went by, I led her farther from the normal boundaries of plain vanilla sex, and she never objected.

I pushed my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. Then I began licking her clit, and that’s what finally made her climax for the first time. “Oooommmpphh! Oooooommmmpphh!” she wailed around the gag. She pulled at her restraints, which accomplished nothing. She was secure. By now she knew she wasn’t going anywhere unless I allowed it.

I had planned to keep eating Carol’s pussy until she came at least one more time, but this whole scene was such a turn-on for me that my cock ached for release. I needed to fuck. So I reluctantly pulled my head away from her pussy and crawled up her body, kissing my way up her belly to her breasts, and finally to the soft skin on her neck. She made what seemed to be a happy sound when she felt the head of my cock press against her pussy. It appeared that she also needed to fuck.

As always, I proceeded in a slow, teasing manner that seemed to give Carol the best orgasm she could get. I pushed part of the head of my cock inside her, paused for a few seconds, then withdrew. I paused again, pressed in a tiny bit more, paused, then withdrew again. She was taking it pretty well, but as time went on she became impatient. She wanted me to give her more, and it frustrated her each time I pulled out. Of course, that was the plan. I treated her like that all the time; doing it while she was confined by restraints just emphasized the fact that I was in control, not her.

We’d become very familiar with each other’s bodies by this time. I knew how to arouse her, and she knew how to arouse me. That’s why I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised when Carol had a loud, explosive orgasm before I’d worked my cock all the way into her body. She tossed her head back and forth, pulled on her restraints, and let out a muffled scream. I paused until the climax passed. Sometimes Carol’s pussy got hypersensitive right after an orgasm, so I stop doing anything that might be too intense. I enjoyed the throbbing of her pussy as I waited, only moving on when I felt the muscles in her body unclench.

This was so exciting that I had a hard time resisting the urge to just pound my cock into Carol’s pussy. All I wanted right then was to cum and cum hard. I wanted to fill her pussy with creamy white goo. But this was Carol’s first experience with bondage, and I was going to do everything I could to make it as good as possible. So I resumed the slow in-and-out motion I knew aroused her best.

It wasn’t long at all before I could feel Carol getting close to the edge of another climax. This was happening faster than usual. She was obviously very aroused. It seemed that she liked bondage – a lot. We discussed it afterward, and Carol wanted to make this a regular part of our sex life. That was fine with me. It wasn’t easy restraining myself, but I was always mainly interested in Carol’s arousal.

I got my pleasure from giving her pleasure. Besides, I’m a typical man who doesn’t have any trouble becoming aroused and having an orgasm. To me, all orgasms feel about the same. That’s not the way it is with most women, and certainly not with Carol. Any man with any pride at all would feel blessed to make love to such a sexy, responsive woman, and I was going to make damn sure I made her feel as good as she could possibly feel.

That was all true, but it didn’t change the fact that my cock was aching so much bursa eskort that I couldn’t delay my climax any longer. I was pretty sure it didn’t matter. Carol seemed to be very close to having another orgasm, and I suspected that feeling my cock throbbing inside her would push her over the edge. I couldn’t help but slam my cock into her pussy over and over, not stopping until I felt my climax begin.

As I’d expected, Carol’s orgasm began as soon as she felt me filling her pussy with warmth and wetness. One thing I didn’t expect was that this climax would be so strong. Most of the time, I could make Carol have two or three orgasms, but only one would be especially powerful. The rest would be nice relaxing climaxes that felt wonderful, but didn’t make her scream like a crazy woman. She regularly wailed loud enough that I knew my neighbors must hear her; this time, it seemed likely that everyone in the building knew what we were doing. Hell, they probably heard her in Mexico!

I laid on top of Carol and held her until my cock went soft and slipped from inside her. At this point, she thought we were finished. Things had gone pretty well, right? Her introduction to bondage was a success, right? We’d reached the point where we usually finished. All that was true, but the woman I’d dated felt that bondage required that I “force” her to do something while she was restrained. There was one thing she particularly enjoyed being “forced” to do, and I was determined to do it with Carol.

Reaching into that bag from the adult store, I withdrew the last item: a very powerful woman’s vibrator. Carol and I had never used a vibrator together. We’d never discussed it. Today would be a first. I ran the big toy over her belly, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t realize what it was until I turned it on. Feeling those vibrations must have been very surprising. She acted as though she’d received a powerful electric shock.

“I’ve always wondered how many times you could cum in one day,” I whispered in her ear. “Today we’re going to find out.” With that, I set the vibrator to its lowest setting and began using it to circle her pussy. I vibrated the flesh of her inner thighs, her outer lips, the entrance to her vagina, and only then touched her sensitive little clit.

That triggered a series of moans and groans that never seemed to end. I tried to give her a variety of sensations by pressing hard and then soft, moving away from the clit and then returning, and moving to kiss and nibble her breasts as the vibrator buzzed between her legs. It only took a few minutes for the little toy to make her climax. It was a soft, gentle orgasm, but I thought it made a nice addition to the climaxes she’d experienced so far.

But she wasn’t finished. I turned off the vibrator for a minute, let her body relax, then turned it on to a higher setting and placed it directly on her clit. She lifted her bottom completely off the bed and let out a wail that was muffled by the gag. Carol began shaking her head back and forth the way one does when they are saying “no.” She would learn that saying no was not permitted right then. She was not in charge: I was.

Carol was trying to decide what she thought about all this when I gave her one last surprise. I sucked hard on the underside of one of her breasts, hard enough to leave a mark. I made a hickey. A love bite. I moved to the top of her breast and did it again. And again. And again. I moved to the other breast. I’m sure it hurt a little, but I’m equally sure that the main feeling Carol had was shock that I was doing something we’d never even discussed. She had to know I was leaving marks that would be visible when she returned home to her husband.

The vibrator made her climax again. She may have thought she was finished, but that would have been wrong. Once again, I turned off the toy, waited for her to relax, then turned it on again. This time it was on the highest setting, and it must have felt intensely stimulating when I pressed it against her clit.

Carol seemed to be getting tired. Her reaction to this latest attack on her pussy was less forceful. Her moaning was softer. She had surrendered to the notion that she had no control over what was happening. She wasn’t fighting it anymore.

Still, I wasn’t finished. Her final orgasm was weaker than all the others, but it left her limp and exhausted. By this time my cock was hard again, so I put the vibrator away, climbed on top of Carol, and fucked her as hard and fast as I could. I was sure I couldn’t possibly make her cum again. All I wanted was to give her the feeling that she was a genuine fucktoy, a woman whose only role was to provide a warm, wet place for her man to put his cock. I was exhausted by the time I finally came, and I had a hard time imagining how tired Carol had to feel.

I removed the gag and mask, then untied the restraints binding her wrists and ankles. She curled up under my arm and fell into a deep sleep. I wished I knew what she thought about what I’d done to her, but I had a feeling in my gut that she was happy about it. My goal had been to take her a little farther outside her sexual comfort zone. I thought I’d done that without venturing into an area that made her uncomfortable or afraid.

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