The House Pt. 02

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The House – Part 2

© Copyright 2021. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. All characters depicted are 18 years and over.

The twins and I knew that working on the house with workers coming in and out was going to be a hit or miss deal for the next few weeks. It turns out they were a complete bust. We went there on a Saturday before the prom to see how things were going and were completely surprised. All the sheet rock was up as well as the tape and bedding was done. The new cabinets were stacked in the garage and the new toilets and tubs had been installed.

There were no workmen in the house that day but there was nothing for us to do either. So we had sex for a few hours before we left. At least we were able to relieve some of our built up sexual pressure. The girls almost made up for the two missing weekends in that one day.

The next weekend was the prom on Saturday night so working on the house was out for that weekend. All three of us were really looking forward to the prom and what was going to happen after. The twins had gotten their gowns and I had my tux, all in matching colors. I had the corsages ordered and I was getting the car cleaned on Saturday morning. We were as ready as we could be for prom night.

I spent a few hours that Saturday afternoon getting ready. I laid my tux out and then shaved and took a shower. I spent time trimming my nails and making sure everything was perfect in my appearance. Then I put on the tux and checked myself out in the mirror. I am no movie star but I thought I looked pretty good for the girls. I was looking forward to walking in to the prom with a girl on each arm. I could almost feel the jealousy from the crowd even now.

When I got downstairs mom and dad were all over me, taking pictures, hugging me, and generally congratulating me. When it was time for me to go I picked up the corsages and kissed mom and dad goodbye and left to pick up the girls.

When I got to the girls’ house their mom and dad were waiting for the twins to come downstairs. When they did I went speechless. They were the most beautiful things I had seen in my whole life. Their matching gowns were perfect on them. They were a pale blue with darker blue trim and one strap on the shoulder. Their hair was down and was interlaced with a tiny blue ribbon with sequins. They were simple gowns but cut in such a way as to complement their figures. I was in awe.

The girls paused at the bottom step to let everyone have a good look at them. That picture is burned into my memory forever. I had never seen them that beautiful before.

What followed was more picture taking and then I put the corsages on them. More picture followed and then hugging and kissing. Then it was time to go. I escorted them to the car and opened the door for them. They both got in the front seat and I was so glad for a bench seat at that moment. We left their house and headed to the prom.

When we got there I parked and then escorted them into the prom, one on each arm. And I was right, I have never seen that many people ogle over three people before in my life. I could feel the jealousy from everyone like daggers on me. My pride had found an all new high at that moment. We found some seats at a table and I got punch for all of us and then sat between them.

Ann leaned over and whispered to me “Everyone is looking at us.”

“I know.” I said. “They are just jealous.”

I looked at Pam and she was smiling at me. She said “God I like being the center of attention.”

We all smiled at each other.

A good time was had by all that night. There was music, dinner, a band, dancing, crowning of a king and queen (not any of us), more dancing, and snacks for all. About 10:30 Pam said she and Ann were ready to leave. That was the only hint I needed, so I put a girls on each arm and escorted them to the car. Once we in the car we all burst into laughter at how the crowd stared at us all night. The twins noted how all the girls were so jealous and I noted how the guys must have thought I was the luckiest boy in school. And I was pretty sure I was just that.

When the laughter died down I started the car and we drove to the hotel. The prom site was all the way across town and the hotel was closer to our homes. I selected it because it so that we could have as much time together as we possible. It was also out of the way but still a nice place. When we got there I went in and paid for the room and let them know we would be leaving early in the morning. When I got the key I returned to the car and drove around to the room. It was on the first floor and I parked as close as I could to the room.

The girls and I opened the room door and turned on the lights. Before us was a king-sized bed, my gift to the girls for tonight. Both of them squealed with delight and jumped on the bed oblivious of their gowns. Once they got that out of their systems they ran to me and hugged me.

“Oh Stewart, thank you.” Pam said.

“Yes, thank you.” added Ann.

“You’re istanbul travesti welcome. I love you both and this is just a little gift that I wanted to give you.”

The girls released me and dragged me to the bed.

“You stay right here, we have to undress and use the bathroom.” Ann said.

“Can I undress at least?”

“Sure.” Pam said. “But stay right there.”

They went in to the bathroom which was around a corner so I could not see them. I undressed and lay on the bed waiting for them after setting the bed alarm for 1:30am. I had brought what I had left of the box of condoms with me and I put them on the nightstand. The girls were soon back and naked just like me. They crawled into the bed with me and held me and kissed me. I really enjoy the pre-sex time with the twins. It was just nice being touched by them and knowing that they love me as much as I love them. Pam leaned back and fetched the condoms off the nightstand.

“What are these for?” she asked.

“Protection.” I said.

She tossed them toward the trash can by the dresser.

“Don’t need them any more. We are now completely safe. We finished our first month on the pill today. Now we will really be able to feel you inside of us and you will really feel us enveloping you.”

I kissed them both. I really had lost count of the weeks since they went to the doctor. Now I knew this night would be really special. We lay there a little while longer and then I got up from the bed.

“Okay, ladies. Time to play. Both of you sit on the edge of the bed and then lay back.”

They did as I asked and spread their legs. Ann was closest to me so I got on my knees and began by kissing up and down her legs. I followed this by licking upwards the inside of her thighs until I reached her pussy. I began by lightly using my tongue on the outer lips licking all around them. Then I moved to her inner lips with an occasional detour to her clitoris. When she started to moan I moved to Pam and did the same to her.

I alternated between them as I licked and kissed their pussies. I was holding both of them at the edge of maximum pleasure. Soon they both were begging me to fuck them, but I put them off a little longer. We had about three hours time to enjoy ourselves and I wanted to make the most of it.

When they both were really close I stood up and grabbed Ann’s legs and raised them to my chest. Then I guided my cock into her. I only had to fuck her for a minute or two before she had a huge orgasm. When she came down I moved to her sister and gave her the same treatment. She came in even less time than it took Ann.

I let them relax a bit to recover their strength. Then I climbed up to the center of the bed and had Ann sit on my cock and Pam on my face. There is nothing like having two girls pleasure you, especially when they are enthusiastic about it. This time I could not hold back for long and I gave Ann a huge load of cum into her pussy.

“Oh my God, I could really feel it squirt into me. That was fantastic!” Ann said.

The girls traded places and Pam did her level best to get me to cum again, but it was too soon. I needed time to recover. But she did get me off later.

In the three hours we had I think we tried every sex position we had ever heard of. I lost count of the number of times the twins had orgasms. I came three times, I never lost my hard on, but I did run out of love juice. We finished with about twenty minutes to spare and just lay there together holding each other. After a session like that, post coital bliss is just about the best feeling there is. I wanted nothing more than to sleep between the girls the rest of the night but they had a hard deadline set by their dad.

With time to spare we all got ready to leave. The twins washed their privates before redressing and I did the same when they were done. We inspected ourselves to make sure there were no outward signs of what transpired that their parents would notice. I left the room key on the dresser and we drove to their house.

When we got there all the lights in the house were off so it appeared the girls would not have to pass a close inspection. I kissed both of them and walked them to the front door. It was not locked so they went in and waved goodbye to me. I returned to my car and drove home. My parents were already in bed when I got there so I went to my room and got ready for bed.


The rest of May seemed to pass by in a flash. We went to the house the Saturday after the prom weekend to check on the progress that had been made. The inside of the house was now painted, the cabinets all installed and they were in the process of installing the tile in the bathrooms. There didn’t seem there was much we could do yet so we went to the backyard to start planning the yard work. All of us made suggestions on what needed to be done based on our having to do most of the work. I needed to ask aunt Meg about a sprinkler system which I hoped she would approve.

The front yard istanbul travestileri was really in worse shape than the back. We were going to have to replace all the shrubbery and of course the grass. I was no longer worried about painting the outside of the house. Aunt Meg emphatically stated that painting a two story house was too dangerous for one person to tackle and she was going to hire it out to professional painters.

While we were in the front yard a young couple came out of the house next door to greet us. The girl was very pretty with long brunette hair down to her lower back, a very nice figure with a bust to match, and long legs showing beneath her shorts. The guy was a littler taller than I am with short hair and the body of someone who exercises a lot.

“Hi there. We are Sharon and Bobby from next door.”

“Hi, I’m Stewart and this is Ann and Pam.”

“Glad to meet you. Are you to be our next door neighbors?” Bobby asked.

“We are.” Ann answered. “We are just waiting on the house to be finished so we can move in. Are you two students?”

“Yes.” Sharon said. “We are about to take finals for our freshman year and have been in this house since January.”

“Well, we are just high school seniors about to graduate.” Pam said. “We’ve been doing some of the work on the house since March but now the professionals seemed to have taken over.”

Bobby said “We’ve been watching the renovation for a while. It looks like they are making good progress.”

“Yeah.” I said. “My guess is we will be able to move in after graduation.”

“Wow, high school graduation. Bobby and I sure remember our graduation.” Sharon said.

“Have you two been together long?” Ann asked.

“Since our senior year in high school. We wanted to stay together during college so we found a house to rent during our fall semester so we could be together full time. Dorm life is such a drag especially when you want to be with someone all the time.” Sharon said.

Pam said “We will all be renting this house. We have been best friends since forever it seems like. When we discovered Stewart was going to state we made a deal with him to share the rent on this house. Our aunt is renovating it for us and we will be renting from her.”

“Sweet.” Bobby said.

“You two look exactly alike. Are you twins?” Sharon asked.

“We are.” Ann answered. “And we’ve known Stewart since grade school. He’s like a really close friend. He’s sort of leading the renovation on the house and Pam and I have worked on it with him supervising and helping us.”

“Don’t let her fool you.” Pam said. “We all have worked hard to make sure this work goes well. But it has been fun to.”

“Yeah.” Ann said. “We want to move in as soon after graduation as we can.”

“So I assume you will be here all through college?” Sharon asked.

“Yep, that’s the plan.” I said. “That’s what has been really pushing us to do a good job. We will have to live here so we want something liveable and nice. So have you taken a look inside the house?”

“Not since early March. It’s either been full of workmen or locked up.” Bobby said.

“If you want a tour we would be glad to give you one.” Ann said.

“Oh I would love one!” Sharon said.

We gave them the grand tour pointing out some of the things we had changed and also the new stuff. I must say they really liked what we had done so far. One thing I noticed while we showed them around is that Bobby and Sharon would sometimes have a whispered conversation as we went along.

When the tour was over they invited us over to their house for soft drinks. Their house was sparsely furnished which was not unusual for college students. But is was a nice homey place. They asked more questions about our house and the work as well as general things about us. I began to wonder just what they were up to, or maybe I was just imagining things.

As the conversation slowed Sharon finally tipped their hand. “Have you guys thought about taking on more roommates?”

While I was only mildly surprised at the question, I could see the twins were really surprised. While they considered the question I thought I would put my opinion on the table.

“I think I can say that we have not thought about it at all. Not that it is out of the question, but we need time to consider it. Right now, what I would like to know is, why ask us?”

“I will try to answer that.” said Bobby. “The landlord we have now is a real jerk and the rent on this dump is outrageous. We are constantly asking him to fix things and nothing is ever done unless it is a dire emergency. We have looked for other accommodations to no avail, and there is a real housing shortage this close to the university. We need a decent place to live for the next three years.”

“I don’t mean to pry, but are you a couple? I mean, do you sleep together?” I asked.

“We do.” Sharon said. “We want to get married but are waiting until we finish college.”

“So you would need only one bedroom?” travesti istanbul I asked.

“That would be fine for us.” Bobby said. “We could take the downstairs bathroom and leave the upstairs one for you three.”

“The bedrooms are pretty small, are you sure you could live with that?” I asked.

“Yes.” Sharon said. “We can make do with a small bedroom if we can have a small space downstairs to do homework. We promise not to be in your way.”

“I don’t want to say anything right now that would mislead you, but the twins and I will have to discuss this and let you know later. And we may have more questions of you and you may have more for us before a final decision.”

“How much rent are you willing to pay monthly?” Ann asked.

They had another whispered conference and then Bobby said “$800 per month from each of us plus a percentage of the utilities.”

“There is one item that needs to be covered now before we go any further.” Pam said. “The three of us have a very open sexual relationship. Is that a problem for you?”

They looked at each other and then smiled to themselves. “Not at all.” Sharon said.

Bobby volunteered to help with the yard work and any construction projects that might come up. He also claimed that Sharon was a fantastic cook and could help out in the kitchen. Sharon agreed to that and we told them we appreciated their help if they moved in with us.

We talked a bit more getting more comfortable with them. They seemed to be very open about their feelings as well as why they wanted to move. The girls and I decided it was time to go. We all shook hands and went back to our house. I had already made up my mind about them but I wanted to make sure the twins were in agreement with me.

“So what do you guys think about taking on some roommates?” I asked.

“I was blindsided by their proposal. Were you?” Ann asked.

“You mean you didn’t see them whispering between themselves when we toured our house with them?” I asked.

“No. How about you, Pam?” Ann said.

“I saw them whispering once but I didn’t think much of it.”

“That surprises me.” I said. “They were whispering practically every time we went into a different room. I knew something was up, but I wasn’t sure what it was. So what do you girls think? Are you up for some roommates?”

“We need to talk to aunt Meg, but right now it sounds like a possibility.” Pam said.

“I agree.” Ann said. “But what about you. Do you think it could work?”

“Well, in reality, this is between you and aunt Meg. I’m just justifying my place here by doing a little work on the house. But I do think it is something to take seriously.”

The girls came to me and hugged me.

“You’re here because we want you here.” Ann said. “And don’t ever forget it. This house is as much yours as it is ours.”

“You have every right to have a full vote on what happens here,” Pam said. “We are all equals here.”

“Thanks. Right now I say we talk to aunt Meg as soon as we can because she would obviously have a veto vote. So if she is okay with it, I vote we do it. They seem like nice people and they are desperate.”

“I agree.” Ann said.

“Me too.” said Pam.

That seemed to settle it for now. We made more notes about the yard and then it was time to go back home. On the way home we discussed how things might work with five people in the house. We were going to make one of the bedrooms our shared study but that would not be an option with two more roommates. We decided to make the den downstairs a shared study for all of us if they moved in with us.

There were some other minor adjustments that would need to be made but nothing that was a roadblock. The twins said they would call aunt Meg tonight and see when we could all talk together.

On Wednesday night I went over to the twins’ house for the call to aunt Meg. It went better than I had hoped because when she heard how much they were willing to pay in rent, she turned the decision over to us. We also talked about the kind of flooring we wanted for the house. We decided on all tile for the downstairs and all carpet for the upstairs (except for the bathroom). She also let us know that the house should be ready to move in by June 1 unless there were weather problems. We were really happy to hear that.

After we hung up on the call we decided to pay another visit to Bobby and Sharon before making a final decision. We all wanted to make sure that everyone could get along living together in close quarters. While I agreed with this, I thought the girls wanted to be sure that their new found freedom would not be in jeopardy, and I totally understood that.

I also brought up the fact that graduation was only two and one-half weeks away and it was about time to start planning our move to the new house. We needed to start making a list of what we were going to move and how we were going to move it. I was going to borrow my dad’s truck for a weekend as I did not have that much stuff. But I figured the girls were going to have to rent a truck for their stuff. In the end we decided it made since to forget my dad’s truck and just rent one big enough for all our stuff.

I stole a kiss from the twins when nobody was looking and then I went back home.

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