The Hunger Ch. 13

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I highly recommend reading chapters 1-12 before beginning this chapter. While this chapter can be read as a stand alone story it is entirely dependent on the events of the earlier chapters. A writer thrives on your feedback. Please take a moment to vote and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. Your votes are greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy my scribbling.

I wanted to warn my readers that this chapter while definitely sexy, is also definitely lacking in action packed sexual content that you may have come to expect in the previous chapters. This chapter was a break in the action that I felt was needed to set up the following chapters. However, never fear, Kim will be back to her usual adventures in the next chapter. I hope you enjoy.


I awoke the next morning to a wonderful sensation. Sometime during the night Heather and I had switched positions and her longer, lankier body was curled around mine. Her hand was once again draped over my breast. I felt her warm, slow breath against my neck. After sleeping alone for so long, I thought I could grow used to this.

I noticed sunlight peaking through the window and looked over at the clock, 7:00. Wow! Normally an early riser, this was the latest I had slept in on a weekday in a long while. I recalled that I didn’t have to go to work and as much as I wanted to luxuriate in Heather’s warm embrace, my peanut sized bladder had other ideas.

I managed to slip out of bed without waking her, wanting to allow her to catch up on her sleep. She just may need her rest, I giggled to myself, as I recalled the adventure I had planned for us. I slipped quietly in the bathroom and after taking care of business there decided that coffee was in order. After setting up the coffee pot and starting it, I went off to take a shower. I would have preferred to shower with Heather but I felt pretty grody and didn’t feel like I could wait for her. I decided a quick rinse off would suffice for now.

Moving quietly, I returned to the kitchen for my coffee. I settled in on my sofa and turned on the TV to the news channel. I had turned the volume down, not wanting to disturb Heather. I don’t know why I even bothered. I wasn’t able to concentrate on the TV. My thoughts soon turned to Heather as I sat there, digesting the numerous events of the previous evening. She had certainly surprised me, although I must say they were pleasant surprises. I knew that she was capable of much more than I had seen in her, but the degree to which she had demonstrated this was the real shocker. As I have noted earlier, I saw a lot of my prior self in her. Obviously I had more experience than her but much of that experience was fairly recent. I was just slightly ahead of the curve.

I reflected on the fact that I was quickly assuming the role of mentor to Heather, in the same way that Sharon, and to some degree Amy, had been to me. That thought both scared and excited me. After thinking about it for a while, I decided the fear was based on my own insecurities. The more I thought about it, the more I became comfortable with the idea that I had gone from student to teacher.

Another thing that had surprised me was how passionate Heather had been. This passion not only included how she had received pleasure, but also in the way that she had given it back to me. She had certainly gone through a rapid and extensive transformation. I thought this was worth some discussion with her and was uncertain about how to go about it. I finally decided to wait for the right time and just play it by ear.

These thoughts, and my rapidly developing feelings for Heather, led me back to thoughts of what sort of future we had with each other. The upcoming transition to a potential long distance relationship weighed heavily on my mind. On top of that was her upcoming graduation. Who knew where she would end up? At least in the short term we were going to be relatively close and my travel schedule would bring me close to her on a regular basis. As if that wasn’t enough, there was the issue of how, if at all, my relationship with her would fit in with my relationship with Jim and Sharon.

Finally I gave some thought to how these developments may impact what little planning I had done for the weekend. I felt that the possibilities had been greatly expanded. I had greater confidence in Heather’s capability to handle whatever came her way as far as sexual exploration was concerned. I just wasn’t sure how that may fit into the greater scheme of things. I finally concluded that this was another “play it by ear” issue. That grated slightly against my “type A” personality that wanted a plan for everything. However, in this case, I was forced to remain flexible. Planning is all great and wonderful when it’s your own life, but a bit more difficult when the needs and desires of significant others are involved.

My mental jousting was interrupted by the more pressing need for a coffee refill. As I was leaving the kitchen, I heard the toilet flush in the bathroom. Aliağa Escort Heather was up and I decided to get her some coffee. I tried to recall how she took it. I checked the clock and saw it was already 8:30. I had lost track of time while lost in my thoughts. I found her in the bedroom.

Her face lit up in a smile as I entered. My pussy throbbed once again as I saw her smile and my eyes took in her gorgeous body. I was just amazed at how she could have that effect on me. She took the coffee from me and kissed me. Her kiss lingered and I felt in it the reverberations of the passion we had shared the night before.

Breaking the kiss, I asked, “How did you sleep?”

“Really good, I needed it. It would have been better if I woke up with you though.”

“Yea, I know and I’m sorry. I woke up earlier and I knew you needed to catch up on your sleep so I slipped out. I’ll make it up to you later, I promise,” I replied.

“I’ll hold you to that,” she said, chuckling.

“I hate to be a spoil sport, but we have a busy day ahead of us. Do you think you can get moving after your coffee? I’m supposed to meet Jan at 10:30 and drop off the car and I need you to drive the other car to where I’m meeting her,” I stated. “If we hurry up, I’ll buy you breakfast,” I added.

“OK, that sounds good. I’ll go jump in the shower. I really need it.”

“Want some company?”

“Sure, I would love it,” she replied, her eyes sparkling and her face covered by a broad grin.

“We don’t have time for hanky panky this morning, but I’ll wash your back,” I said.

“Deal!” she replied.

Well, I ended up washing more than just her back. I washed all of her, including her hair and I struggled with my sexual urges when I moved to her pussy, ass, and breasts. Her nipples were still sore from the nipple clamps and I tried to be gentle, softly brushing them with a soapy wash cloth. Then it was her turn and she washed my hair and washed me. Her fingers felt wonderful on my scalp, and although I had already showered I wasn’t going to ruin her readily apparent fun by not allowing her soapy hands to roam across my exposed flesh.

We took turns getting ready in my small bathroom. I went first while she gathered her toiletries and makeup from her overnight bag. While she was getting ready, with her taking longer, I went to my computer and checked my account for the wire transfer. Sure enough it was there, and I quickly paid off a couple of bills before I was tempted to spend the money. I also moved some of the money into my savings account. Even after paying off my credit cards I was happy with the balance and excited by the possibility to have more than just a little disposable income for the first time in my life. Before I shut down the computer, I found the “Nine Levels” in my bookmarks and printed off a copy to give to Heather later.

Heather was slipping into a cute blue sundress when I returned to the bedroom. I had checked the weather earlier and knew it was doing to be warm so I decided to join her with a similar dress. She was going without a bra and I gladly joined her in that as well, thinking that it would make shopping a lot easier. I did compromise by slipping on a thong, as had Heather.

A few minutes later we were headed out. As we moved to the parking lot I briefly went over the itinerary that I had laid out in my head with her. The first stop was to the car wash to pick up my car and then on to meet Jan on campus. We agreed to wait until later for a larger meal and settled for a take-out cappuccino and muffin at the local coffee shop.

We managed to pick up and drop off my old car without too much trouble. Jan was a bit surprised when Heather showed up with me, but they greeted each other and chatted briefly while I took care of turning the car over to her.

That taken care of, Heather and I said our goodbyes and headed off for a day of shopping. This was a little different experience for me. While I had been shopping with friends many times, it was my first time to do so with a lover. I looked upon it as a great adventure. I had already decided to treat Heather and gotten her to agree to it as a reward for hooking me up with Jan, referring to it as a finder’s fee. I had looked over her toiletries bag and knew she had everything she needed and what she didn’t, she could borrow from me. That just left her wardrobe for the weekend and maybe a few other things. It wasn’t as if she needed a lot to go to a nudist camp, but I was thinking more in terms of something for the party.

While we were driving, Heather filled me on her friend, Jan. Jan had a reputation as a bit of a prude on the cheer leading squad. She, at least outwardly, wasn’t the party girl that many of her contemporaries were. However, at the gym she had a much different reputation. Heather described her as a “LUG.”

“LUG?” I asked.

“Yea, ‘Lesbian Until Graduation’,” she explained.

Apparently, Jan had made it clear Alsancak Escort to several of the female clients and other staff members that she was available for trysts. Heather had had a friendly talk with her and told her she needed to cool it and be bit more discrete or she could end up getting fired. During this conversation, Jan explained that she was bisexual but had decided to swear off men while she was in school. She didn’t want to get tied down in a relationship, but was more than interested in “friends with benefits” that could help meet her sexual needs. She also made it clear that while she was more into older women, she did find Heather attractive and was interested in including her in her games. Heather had been tempted, but somewhat hesitant, and it was about this time that I came into her life and she really hadn’t given Jan’s offer much more thought.

This conversation was just finishing up as we pulled up to our first stop, my favorite lingerie store. Heather mentioned that she had never really been “lingerie shopping” before and was excited. Previously, underwear was sort of an after thought at the local department store and her wardrobe was mainly sports bras, and a few miscellaneous panties and thongs. Her lingerie collection was definitely limited to the practical, utilitarian, daily wear variety. I was on a mission and would soon change that.

I think Heather was a little surprised when I was greeted by name when we entered. I turned down the offer to help by the owner and told her that we would be doing some serious browsing and would let her know when we needed help. My focus was on Heather first and I had a few things in mind for her. I quickly discovered that she was going to be of little help but that she readily acquiesced to however I wanted to attire her. My mind flipped back to her previous explanation of her Dom/sub fantasy and it all started to make sense to me. I was good with that and tore through the small store like I was possessed.

I basically just kept her stationed in the dressing room while I power shopped for her. It was pretty evident how happy this made her. She liked to being doted over and see seemed pleased with my choices but a little disturbed by the prices. I told her to not even look at the price tags, that that was my concern. She was obviously not accustomed to being spoiled. Our brief history, and hoped for future, made me feel like she was well worth spoiling. Besides, if all that I hoped for was to come about, she would need at least a basic wardrobe. She had giggled earlier when I said something about these being “fuck me clothes.”

About an hour later I was satisfied and told her so. What I had come up with was at least the beginnings of a satisfactory lingerie wardrobe. It included items that she could not only wear to the type of event we would be attending over the weekend, but some lounge type items for quiet evening at home when more than bare skin was called for. The items I got for her included: a really hot bra, garter, and thong combo that was a royal blue and almost had me salivating. I actually got her two bras for the set. One was a demi cup bra that you could either leave the nipple exposed or not. I also got her a shelf bra that matched the set. When I saw her firm breasts perched on the platforms, I couldn’t resist. Her breasts really didn’t need a bra, but the bras were definitely a delicious decoration for them. She thought it was all a little silly until she looked at herself in the mirror.

After seeing her in the cowl neck top she had worn the day before, I knew that was the style for her. I found a teddy with a similar design except that it plunged even further, almost to the navel. The teddy had detachable garters that I thought made it a little more flexible. After seeing her breasts displayed in it, it was definitely added to the “yes pile.” I got her another teddy that was made of black eyelash lace and has high cut legs and had a thong bottom that looked great on her. I also added a red silk cami and tap pant set that looked really cute on her. The top was a halter and the bottom is a set of boy shorts. Her ass looked great in it. I topped that off with a black lace body stocking that was crotchless. I also found a darling chemise that could be worn either as lounge wear or as a saucy cocktail dress. I carried the pile over to the cash register, and stopped and grabbed a selection of hose in various colors and styles to go along with some of the outfits.

Something else caught my eye and I grabbed a gauzy beach wrap that she could wear at the camp if she got shy or self conscious in bare skin. I had one that Sharon had given me that I sometimes wear when I think I have had too much sun but am not ready to go back inside yet.

The owner’s eyes grew wide when she saw me bringing her the pile. They grew even more when I said, “I’ll be back.” She immediately knew she was going to have a very good day.

By the time I got back, Balçova Escort Heather had dressed and was waiting for me. I explained to her that my shopping was going to have two goals. One was for what I called my “professional lingerie,” in other words an upgrade of my current plain underwear. The other goal was additions to my “sexy” lingerie, meaning party wear. Whenever possible I was looking for items that could serve in both roles. Heather’s role was primarily to help me when I went back to the dressing room by bringing different sizes and colors at my request.

With a plan in place we dove in with both feet. Heather turned out to be a lot more helpful when it came to helping me find items and making suggestions than she had been for herself. I guess she wasn’t being held back by her fantasies in that regard. It turned out that our tastes in lingerie were quite similar and she found a few items on the racks that I found to be very appealing.

I started off with the professional items while making note of a few “sexy” things that I would come back to later. The first item on my list was new bras, although I tried to focus on sets, like that I got for Heather. I wasn’t sure if I could get away with garter belts with all my outfits, but my new found appreciation for them left me wanting to keep that open as an option. I ended up with four sets, along with a couple of extra bras. A few of them were shelf bras that I thought would work for play wear. One of the garter belts was actually a waist cincher, sometimes referred to as a waspie, that I thought was real sexy. Heather agreed and it was added to the growing stack. Most of these were from designer labels that I had previously eyed with desire but always considered to be beyond my meager budget. I justified the higher prices as being acceptable due to the higher quality and durability that went along with them, or so I hoped.

I found a rack that had several nice teddies that had an under-wire cup and most had detachable garters. I got several of these in a variety of colors. Finally I got a couple of silk and lace camis that I could wear as a top under a suit jacket.

I made another trip to the cash register and the owner was again wide eyed, especially when she saw some of the high end items. I just gave her a big smile and said that I’d be back.

When we got to the party wear stuff, Heather was in heaven. I didn’t really need a lot, but there were a few things that had previously caught my eye during previous visits and I decided now was the time to finally go for them. I was looking for fun stuff that I could wear to a party or for a lover. I wanted things that not only made me look sexy for an appreciative audience, but made me feel the same way. As we shopped, I explained this theory to Heather. She was all ears and nodded frequently with a growing degree of understanding. I had unknowingly slipped back into my mentor persona.

I tried on a couple of sexy teddies that exposed various amounts of flesh and settled on a couple. I tried on a couple that were crotch-less but found them a little silly and opted for thong bottom or snap-crotch models instead. I tried to find teddies that were cut higher on the hip as I found that they tended to make my short legs look longer. I also strayed towards teddies that had a loose or lace top that exposed the swell of my breasts. Heather’s feedback was invaluable as I tried them on. I tried on a body stocking like Heather’s but rejected it. Without her longer legs it just didn’t have the same appeal. I found a gorgeous black silk gown that I fell in love with. It wasn’t overtly sexy, despite the plunging neckline and split bottom, but something about it appealed to me.

Finally, my attention was directed towards the corsets. I found several that caught my eye but when I tried them on I was disappointed with how they fit me. I decided some professional help was needed and I called out to the owner. After a somewhat lengthy discussion, she and I came to the conclusion that the off the rack corsets, even in the smaller sizes, were just not going to work well for me. She mentioned that there was someone locally that made custom corsets for some of her more exclusive clients and that she could arrange to have one made for me that would fit like a second skin. I was enthusiastic about that idea until we started discussing price. She finally sold me on the idea that I could leave a down payment and not make the final payment until it was delivered. I was still hesitant at investing that much money on a single piece of lingerie. The owner, Sue, could still see that I was wavering. She mentioned that the corset had a lifetime warranty and that the price also included lifetime alterations. I did some mental calculations of my expected income in the next 30 days, the amount of time until it would be delivered, and finally gave into my urges.

Sue went to go get an order form and a tape measure and asked me to step back by the dressing room and strip down again. What followed seemed like a measurement of every part of my anatomy except the depth of my pussy. Sue, although very professional, seemed to give me a few lingering, appreciative glances and I couldn’t help but get a little excited as her hands moved all over my naked body. Her touches and looks seemed to go beyond just what was needed for the measuring.

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