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by Pink Panther

Hi guys! Back again with another new chapter. I”m sorry it”s taken so long, but I”ve had a debilitating cough that I don”t seem able to shake off, so writing”s been difficult. Anyway, read on and enjoy!

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December 1960

It was Tuesday afternoon. At half past one, Alex unlocked the door to his flat and made his way in. He”d spent the previous four days with his parents, from the day before Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. With no work to do, and nourished by his mother”s cooking, it had been exactly the break he”d needed. But he was glad to be back. After four days of rest and relaxation, he was ready to go again.

He”d made arrangements the previous week. At three o”clock he”d collect Pennington from outside the Kings Head and bring him back to the flat. Around half past, Whitney would arrive. Neither boy was expecting the other to be there, but that didn”t matter. He”d introduce them and see how things went. There was a possibility that Whitney would go into a sulk, but was he really going to pass up the opportunity to fuck a boy as cute and sexy as Pennington? It seemed very unlikely.

Alex arrived outside the Kings Head just before three. This time, he was pleased to find Pennington there waiting for him. He opened the front passenger door, allowing the boy to get into the car.

“Sorry I”m dressed like this, sir,” he said, smiling. “My mum”s at home. She would have thought it was odd if I”d gone out in my school uniform.”

“Oh, that”s alright,” Alex assured him. “You”re wearing your shorts. That”s the important part.”

“Will it just be the two of us this afternoon?” Pennington asked as the car moved out into the traffic.

“No, I”ve invited a second-year boy to join us. He”ll be coming on his bike. He should be with us around half past three.”

“Who is he, sir?”

“His name”s Whitney. He”s in my form.”

“Does he know I”m coming?”

“No, but it won”t be a problem.”

“So what”s he like, sir?”

“He”s a nice lad, quite tall for his age, I”d say six or seven inches taller than you. He”s good looking too, nothing exceptional, but very nice.”

“Has he got a big cock, sir?”

“Oh, I think you should wait and find out for yourself.”

“So how long have you . . . you know?”

“Just over a year. He really enjoys it, just like you do.”

“Will he want to fuck me, sir?”

“I”ll be surprised if he doesn”t. He likes fucking younger boys.”

“Do you fuck him, sir.”

“Of course. He likes that too.”

“He sounds a bit like my cousin, sir.”

Just before quarter past three, they arrived at the flat. Alex ushered the boy inside. Pennington took off his wind-proof jacket, revealing a cream-coloured sweater with a pattern picked out in black around the waist and shoulders. Beneath that, the lad was wearing a red, white and black check shirt. Both items were top-quality and clearly brand new. This was another boy whose parents had plenty of money, Alex noted. In a material sense, it seemed that the lad didn”t want for anything.

“Cup of tea?” he enquired.

“Please sir!” Pennington responded, smiling. “It”s even colder today than it was the last time I came here.”

“Okay, make yourself comfortable. Whitney shouldn”t be long.”

Alex made his way into the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with two mugs of steaming-hot tea. Pennington was sitting on the sofa, his legs apart. He was sporting a very obvious erection. Having handed him a mug of tea, Alex sat down next to him, their legs brushing against each other.

“Very nice!” Alex cooed, running his hand over the youngster”s exposed thigh. “Last week, I read through your report.”

“Was it okay, sir?”

“Yes, but that”s all it was. In your form, you finished eighteenth out of thirty-two.”

“But that”s alright, isn”t it sir? My parents don”t bother as long as I”m doing alright.”

“Tell me, whose benefit are you working for?”

“Sorry, sir, I don”t understand.”

“If you do well as school, who”ll benefit?”

“I suppose I will, sir.”

“Precisely. You don”t work to keep your parents happy. You work because in the long run, you”ll reap the benefit. The comments on your report spell it out. You do what you have to, and that”s it. As far as I”m concerned, that”s not good enough. Being at a school like Woodchurch is a great opportunity for you. But you need to make the most of it, and that means working hard. Just doing what you have to do isn”t going to get you very far. Whitney”s not especially clever, but he”s got himself into the top ten in my form by sheer hard work. That”s what you need to do.”

“Yes, sir,” Pennington acknowledged.

Just at that moment, the doorbell rang.

“Okay, you stay here,” Alex said, getting to his feet.

He strode into the hall, and opened the door. A smiling Whitney stepped into the flat.

“Hello, sir,” he said brightly! “Did you have a good Christmas?”

“Yes, thank you. It was a good break, very relaxing. And you?”

“Oh, it was okay, actually. Apart from Christmas Day, I spent most of my time either at Chris”s house or at Uncle Jack”s.”

“Hmmm! I see! Right! There”s someone here I want you to meet. He”s a first-year boy, the one from my football training squad. His name”s Pennington.”

“So you did finally pick him up,” Michael said, looking more than a little put out. “I knew you would.”

“Actually, it was more like he picked me up. Ask him; he”ll tell you.”

Alex guided Whitney into the lounge. Michael”s emotions turned cartwheels. Although still annoyed that his form master was having sex with one of the first years, the boy he saw sitting on the sofa was stunningly beautiful. More than that, the lad”s shorts were showing off an enticing expanse of thigh. To Michael, he looked as sexy as any boy he”d ever seen. As they entered, the younger boy stood up, smiling.

“Whitney,” Alex announced. “This is Pennington. We were just having a cup of tea. D”you want one?”

“Please sir,” Michael agreed.

“Okay, make yourselves comfortable.”

As their teacher disappeared into the kitchen, the boys sat down on the sofa.

“You”ve got a hard-on,” Michael said nervously, eyeing the younger lad”s very obvious erection.

“Yes. Haven”t you?”

“I will have soon,” Michael admitted. “Er, like now,” he added, feeling his penis come to life all by itself. “Mr Faulkner says that you picked him up, rather than the other way round. Is that right?”

“Well, I suppose I did, in a way,” Pennington admitted, before explaining how he”d done it.

“So you”d noticed him watching you when you came out of the showers?”


“Did any of the other boys notice?”

“No, I don”t think so. Actually, I”m sure they didn”t. They don”t seem to have a clue.”

“So how come you noticed?”

Pennington fidgeted awkwardly.

“It”s okay,” Michael encouraged. “I don”t mind what it was. But there must have been something.”

Pennington briefly outlined his summer holiday adventures. “Mr Faulkner was looking at us just like David”s scoutmaster did,” he concluded. “So what about you?”

Feeling far more relaxed, Michael gave him the story, right from being seduced by his uncle to the day when he and his form teacher had had their first sexual encounter.

“Wow!” Pennington breathed. “I wish he taught me.”

Michael smiled. He”d warmed to Pennington. The younger boy seemed gentle and easy going. He could hardly regard the lad as a threat, especially as Mr Faulkner didn”t even teach him. More to the point, he could hardly wait to fuck Pennington”s cute little bottom.

“Is this the first time you”ve been here?” Michael asked.

“No. Mr Faulkner brought me here last Thursday. One of his friends came to see us, Mr Brown, and a boy called Arrowsmith.”

“Oh, I see,” Michael said. “How did that go?”

“It was good! I really like Mr Brown. Arrowsmith was okay, but he was a bit pushy.”

“Yeah, Mr Brown comes here quite often. He”s really nice. I”ve only met Arrowsmith a couple of times. I didn”t like him much either.”

“I”ve noticed you around school,” Pennington said. “Aren”t you a bit tall to be wearing shorts?”

“Yeah. I outgrew my last pair just before Easter, so Mum had to buy me some new ones. She said these would have to last me till Christmas. I”ll be having some long trousers before we go back to school. Mr Faulkner won”t like it, but I don”t care. It”s started to get embarrassing.”

“What won”t I like?” Alex asked, reappearing in the lounge.

“Having me wearing long trousers,” Michael said, taking the proffered mug of tea. “On Saturday morning, Mum”s taking me into town to buy them.”

“Oh, all good things have to come to an end,” Alex commented, “It”s time. You were starting to look rather conspicuous.”

Having finished their tea, they strolled into the bedroom.

“Why don”t you boys get to know each other properly,” Alex suggested.

“Sure!” Michael said, knowing exactly what his teacher had in mind.

As Alex settled into his armchair, the boys quickly pulled off their shoes and socks and began to undress each other. In barely a minute, they were down to their underwear. Alex licked his lips. Pennington was wearing skimpy white briefs, clearly new like his shirt and sweater.

“Sexy underpants!” Michael whispered, reaching across to fondle the younger boy”s erection. “I want some of those.”

Carefully extending the front of the waistband, he drew them down Pennington”s legs, allowing the lad to step out of them.

“Nice cock!” he breathed. “Can you cum?”

“Yeah! Not very much, but I do cum.”

“This time last year, that”s about where I was.”

“Okay my turn now!” Pennington said, taking hold of the older boy”s underpants. As he pulled them down, exposing the teenager”s five-and-a-half-inch rod, his eyes widened.

“Wow! What a cock! It”s much bigger than my cousin”s. I think it”s even bigger than Mr Brown”s!”

“Longer, but not quite as thick,” Michael told him.

They got onto the bed. Michael wrapped his arms around Pennington”s back, drawing him in, their cocks grinding together. Within seconds, they were kissing like they”d been doing it all their lives. As he watched the foreplay unfold, Alex began to undress until he was naked too. In front of him, the boys had moved into a sixty-nine,” title=”escort kocaeli”>escort kocaeli sucking each other right down to the root. Slipping his hand between the twelve-year old”s legs, Michael pushed a well-lubed finger into Pennington”s anus. He began to finger-fuck him. Alex was entranced. The beautiful twelve-year old was about to be fucked by a well-endowed teenager; it had to be one of the most erotic sights he”d ever seen. He licked his lips, breathing quite audibly. After a couple of minutes, the youngsters broke apart.

“Are you going to stick it up my bum?” Pennington asked quietly.

“Is that okay?” Michael queried.


Pennington rolled onto his back, pulling his legs up.

“Can we do it like this?”

“Yeah, if that”s what you want,” Michael told him.

Getting to his knees, he smeared K-Y over his penis. Shuffling into position, he glanced across, giving his form master a knowing grin. Alex smiled back and nodded. Michael tossed him the tube of K-Y. He caught it neatly.

Michael turned his attention back to the task before him, guiding his stiff prong onto the younger lad”s rosebud. Still holding his cock, he began to push. Almost immediately, the youngster”s anal ring opened up, allowing him to slide in.

Alex got himself ready, his attention fixed on thirteen-year old”s prick which was steadily disappearing into Pennington”s bottom.

“Ohhh!” Pennington gasped. “Oh, yes!”

As the teenager hit bottom, Alex got onto the bed, just as he had when Arrowsmith had visited. But this time, it would be no surprise. Whitney knew exactly what was going to happen. More than that, it was clearly what he wanted.

Michael leaned forwards, easing his torso down between Pennington”s thighs. Kneeling behind, Alex watched as the lad”s anus came into view. It seemed to wink invitingly at him.

“Just keep still for a moment,” he instructed.

With Whitney in perfect position, Alex moved forwards, thrusting his hard cock into the teen”s waiting hole. Holding him around the hips, he pushed in until his stomach made contact with the lad”s buttocks.

“Go on!” he ordered. “You know what to do!”

Knowing didn”t come into it. Michael acted on sheer animal instinct, eagerly driving his hips forward to fuck Pennington”s bottom, drawing back to impale himself on his form master”s cock. Beneath him, Pennington was gasping and moaning. Knowing that the lad”s orgasm was not far off, Michael pounded him even harder.

Alex found himself not needing to move a muscle. He was impressed. For a boy that did so poorly at sports and games, Whitney”s performance was remarkably athletic. The way the lad was going, Alex knew he was not going to last long, and after five days” abstinence, he”d fill the teenager”s bottom with some to spare.

Suddenly, Pennington bucked violently, his knees clamping tight around Whitney”s chest. A moment later, his penis jerked into action, little jets of boy-cum squirting onto his tummy. Feeling the younger lad”s anus spasming around his cock, Michael thrust right in, firing his teen spunk deep into the twelveyear old”s bum.

Alex was taken completely off-guard. A kaleidoscope of colours flashed in front of him, the whole room seeming to shake. Burying his ram-rod as deep as it would go, he began to ejaculate, depositing rope after rope of man-cream in Whitney”s rectum. He looked up to find the room spinning wildly around him. He put his head down again, allowing himself some time. Finally, having recovered his composure, he gently withdrew. Whitney was leaking prodigiously, spunk running down his legs.

“You boys had better get yourselves to the bathroom,” he instructed.

As soon as he”d pulled out, Michael headed out of the room. Pennington followed a few seconds behind. Reaching the bathroom, he found the teenager sitting on the toilet.

“Mr Faulkner makes lots of spunk, doesn”t he?” he said, grinning.

“Yeah,” Michael acknowledged, expelling the last of his form master”s semen. “Especially when he hasn”t cum for a few days.”

Picking up a damp facecloth, Pennington wiped the spunk off his stomach and rinsed out the cloth. As he dried himself with a towel, Michael got up. After wiping his bum, he moved to the basin and began to wash his penis. To his surprise, Pennington simply stood there watching him.

“Aren”t you going to use the toilet?” Michael asked.

“No, I like having spunk up my bum.” He paused. “And thanks! That was the best ever! Did you like . . . you know?”

“Yeah! It was fantastic! I came lots more than I usually do.”

“So have you done that before?”

“Yeah, a couple of times actually, but that was definitely the best.”

Michael was glowing. Either side of Christmas, he”d had two of the most exciting experiences he could imagine. Being in the middle of a chain-fuck between his form master and the beautiful, sexy Pennington was the ultimate. He couldn”t possibly give that up! He”d have loved to ask the younger lad to suck him off, but having cum just a few minutes earlier, he knew he wouldn”t be able to perform.

“Okay,” he said, “We”d better get dressed.”

They returned to the bedroom, finding it empty. After pulling on their clothes, they made their way to the lounge. Alex was sitting in the armchair. Seeing the boys, he stood up.

“You make yourself comfortable,” he said, indicating for Pennington to sit on the sofa. “I need a word with Whitney.”

He ushered the teenager into the kitchen.

“Well?” he demanded, closing the door.

“Oh, he”s really nice! And he loves having it up his bum!”

“So you”re not angry with me for accepting his offer?”

“No sir.”

“Good! He came, didn”t he?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, that puts you one up on Arrowsmith. His cock wasn”t long enough to stimulate him properly.”

“Mine did though!”

“Definitely! And you certainly seemed to enjoy being the filling in the sandwich.”

“Yes sir! It felt like I”d been plugged into the electric. It was incredible!”

“Have you heard anything from Holdsworth?”

“Yes sir. He”s coming over on Thursday.”

“Excellent. So will you be coming here in the afternoon?”

“Yes sir.” Michael paused. “Sir, would it be alright to ask Pennington to join us in the morning?”

“Yes, of course! Don”t mention about coming here afterwards though.”

“Okay sir.”

“Would you like to tell me what you were up to last Thursday?”

Michael was transfixed, like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

“I wasn”t up to anything, sir!”

“Oh, come on!” Alex said, smiling. “I know you far too well to let you get away with that. I”ve no idea what it was, but I know you were up to something. So why not just tell me? It”ll be strictly between the two of us.”

“You won”t say anything, will you sir?”

“No, that”s what I just said. Whatever you tell me is strictly between you and me. It won”t go out of this room.”

“Well, sir, I got a phone call from Holdsworth. He asked if I could go over to his school so we could give Southcott a surprise for Christmas.”

“And how was that to be accomplished?”

“Well, I”d go over on the train and Holdsworth would meet me at the station. Then we”d go to Mr Smith”s house. A short time later Southcott would arrive and we”d give him his surprise.”

“So Mr Smith was party to your little plot?”

“Yes sir.”

“And what happened?”

“Well it all worked perfectly, sir. We”d been at the house for ten minutes or so when Southcott arrived. He was really surprised to see us.”

“I take it that wasn”t the end of the surprise?”

“No sir.”

“So what did you do exactly?”

“We both fucked him at the same time.”

“Well, that is a new one! You”re going to have to explain. I can”t visualise how you”d do it.”

“Holdsworth lay on his back. He told Southcott to lie on top of him so he was sitting on Holdsworth”s cock, with his back resting on Holdsworth”s chest. Then I knelt down facing them. I lifted Southcott”s legs up and stuck my cock in as well. I fucked him first; then Holdsworth did it.”

“Good god! That”s pretty rough treatment, even by Southcott”s standards. What gave you the idea?”

“It was Holdsworth”s, sir. Last summer, the two older boys he”d been having sex with did it to him.”

“I see! Mr Smith never told me about that. I assume Southcott was okay afterwards?”

“Yes sir, just about. He was very sore. He had to sing a solo at Evensong the following day, so Holdsworth gave him a bath to help him feel better. But he loved it, sir! He came while I was fucking him and again when Holdsworth did it. Then I sucked him off while he was sitting on Mr Smith”s cock, and he came a third time. And he”s started to make spunk! Only a drop or two, but he definitely came.”

“Hmmm!” Alex said, his penis rising to full mast. “I”ll look forward to getting that out of him! What time do you have to be home?”

“About five o”clock, sir.”

“I”ve got to drop Pennington in town to get the bus. You can come with us if you like. Then we can continue our chat on the way back.”

“Okay sir.”

“Right,” Alex said, smiling. “You”d better go and make your arrangements.”

With the arrangements duly made, they drove into town. Ten minutes later they left Pennington at a convenient bus stop and began the journey back to the flat.

“Tell me,” Alex said. “How are you and Newton getting on?”

“Oh, very well, sir!”

“When did you last see him?”

“He came to my house this morning. I thought Mum and dad would be at work, but because Christmas Day was a Sunday, they don”t start back till tomorrow, so we couldn”t do anything. But we did manage to do something on Friday morning. I thought Mum and Dad would be off all day, but they both had to work till lunchtime.”

“So did you fuck him?”

“Yes sir.”

“Have you ever fucked him like you just did with Pennington?”

“We do it like that sometimes, but mainly he likes me to fuck him while he”s lying on his front.”

“You”re a very lucky boy!”

“Yes sir; I know.”

“And he”s very good for you, as I”m sure you appreciate. I”m just concerned that if you carry on as you are, you might lose him. He”s not going to put up with it forever.”

“But we”re alright for the moment, sir. Apart from going to school and coming to my house, he doesn”t really do anything or go anywhere, except when they”re on holiday. And he can”t do anything at home because it”s always so crowded.”

“Well, I hope you”re right. You also need to bear in mind that some of your other activities can”t go on for much longer. I can”t speak for Mr Brown, but I know that as soon as the summer term ends, Mr Smith will cross you off his list. In his world, that”s the age at which boys” title=”kocaeli anal yapan escort”>kocaeli anal yapan escort move on. He won”t make an exception for you.”

“Oh, I”m sure Mr Brown will still want to see me,” Michael countered.

Alex was frustrated. Despite his best efforts, Whitney was refusing to take his advice. If he was lucky, the lad might keep hold of Newton until the end of the summer term. Even if he managed that, it was hard to imagine that he”d suddenly come to his senses. The boy was riding two horses. It was only a matter of time before he fell off at least one of them.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael arrived at the station and looked at the clock. It was nearly ten past eleven. Holdsworth”s train was due in a little over ten minutes. He scanned the ticket hall. There was no sign of Pennington. It would be a disappointment if the younger boy didn”t show up, Michael told himself, but not a disaster, especially as Holdsworth wasn”t expecting them to have company. The minutes ticked slowly past. The train was almost due when Pennington finally appeared.

“Sorry I”m a bit late,” he said breathlessly. “The bus never came.”

“It”s okay,” Michael said nonchalantly. “The train”s not in yet. It should be here in the next minute or two.”

He”d hardly finished speaking when he saw a train pulling in to the far platform. Less than a minute later, Simon Holdsworth appeared in the ticket hall.

“Hi!” Michael greeted. “Good to see you! This is Pennington. Pennington, this is Holdsworth.”

“Hi,” Pennington said. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Are we reverting to surnames?” Simon asked, looking at Michael.

“Er, I suppose we don”t have to.”

“I”m Simon,” the blond boy said, turning to Pennington. “And this is Mike.”

“I”m Tom,” Pennington told them.

They made their way out of the station.

“How did you acquire this one?” Simon whispered into Michael”s ear.

“He”s Mr White”s latest acquisition,” Michael said casually. “I met him on Tuesday afternoon when I went to the flat.”

“Very nice!” Simon enthused.

“You can fuck him if you want,” Michael said. “He loves it.”

Fifteen minutes later, they arrived at Michael”s house. After drinking a cup of tea, they made their way upstairs, Michael closing the bedroom door behind them. With shoes and socks discarded, they began to undress each other. It wasn”t long before they were all down to their underwear. Michael stood to one side, allowing his two guests the pleasure of removing each other”s underpants.

“Oh, you”ve got a beauty!” Tom breathed as the blond lad”s penis came into view. “It looks like Mr Brown”s except he”s got a lot more hair.”

“Right! When did you meet him?”

“Last Thursday at Mr White”s flat.”

“You”ve got a nice one too,” Simon responded as he returned the favour. “Can you cum?”

“Yes,” Tom told him. “I”ve been able to for a couple of months.”

“Your turn now,” Simon said, lowering Michael”s underpants. “Oh, that”s definitely bigger than it was the last time I saw it!”

“Yeah!” Michael said proudly.

The three boys clambered onto Michael”s bed. Simon at the top, Michael at the bottom, Tom in between. Resting his head on Simon”s stomach, Tom ran his tongue up the length of the blond lad”s cock. Finally taking it between his lips, he gradually worked his way down until he was sucking it right down to the root. At the other end of the bed, Michael plunged down on Tom”s penis, working his tongue all over it. Slipping his hand between the youngster”s legs, he inserted a well-lubed finger into the younger boy”s rosebud.

“Oooh, that”s nice!” Simon cooed, running his fingers through Tom”s thick chestnut-brown hair.

After a couple of minutes, the two older boys swapped places. Simon ran his lips and tongue over the younger boy”s steel-hard prick. It was making him horny beyond belief. Tom Pennington wasn”t just beautiful, the lad had a wonderfully fuckable bottom. Having coated his fingers with K-Y, Simon pushed first one, then two of them into youngster”s anus.

“Are you ready for my cock?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Tom said, pulling his mouth off Michael”s prong.

Michael got off the bed. He was pretty sure what would happen next. As expected, Simon rolled Tom onto his back.

“Have you ever done it like this?” he asked, picking up the younger boy”s legs.

Tom grinned and nodded, holding his legs right back. Michael licked his lips in anticipation. He wasn”t sure if Simon knew what he had planned. He was pretty sure that it wasn”t an experience his blond friend had had before. Standing where Simon couldn”t see him, he smeared K-Y over his penis.

Shuffling in close, Simon steadily pushed his hard prick right into Tom”s bottom.

“Oh, yes!” Tom sighed contentedly. “Ohhhhh!”

Bending at the waist, Simon lowered his torso between the younger lad”s legs, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Immediately, Michael got back onto the bed, his heart pounding. He was about to do to Simon what his form master had done to him. Better still, he”d be taking the adult role, the dominant role. He couldn”t imagine anything more exciting.

Michael moved in close, aiming his cock at Simon”s boy-hole. As Simon pulled back to begin fucking, he pushed it in, impaling the lad with a single thrust.

“Ohhh!” Simon gasped.

“Go on!” Michael growled. “Fuck him hard!”

Simon reacted exactly as Michael had hoped, fucking Tom as though there”d be no tomorrow. He”d seen Michael being fucked in this way, and had often wondered what it would be like, but neither Mr Smith nor Mr Brown had shown the least interest in doing it to him. But it had finally happened, and it was wonderful, incredible, spurring him to exertions of which he would not have thought himself capable.

Suddenly, Tom bucked wildly, almost knocking Simon off balance. The youngster”s balls churned into action, little jets of boy-cum spurting from his penis and splattering his tummy. Feeling the younger lad”s anus flaring and tightening around his cock took Simon right over the edge. Hanging on tight, he thrust in as deep as he could, his spunk shooting over and over into the younger lad”s bottom. Michael was almost there too. After just two hard thrusts into Simon”s anus, his cock jerked into action, depositing several volleys of teen-cum in his friend”s rectum.

After taking a few seconds to recover, they carefully separated. Moments later, they congregated in the bathroom, Simon sitting on the toilet while Tom wiped the spunk off his tummy and Michael washed his penis. Having expelled Michael”s spunk, Simon stood up and wiped his bottom.

“It”s all yours,” he said, grinning at Tom.

“Don”t need it, thanks,” Tom replied.

“Won”t you make a mess in your underpants?”

“I don”t usually.”

They returned to the bedroom and began to get dressed. A few minutes later, they left Tom at the bus stop.

“How did Mr White get hold of him?” Simon asked as he and Michael returned to the house.

Michael relayed the story he”d been given.

“Yeah, that makes sense,” Simon agreed. “He”s a right little slut!”

“That”s not a very nice thing to say,” Michael responded.

“It”s true though. His cousin got him hooked on cock, and now he can”t get enough of it. But he”s very nice, and he”s got a beautiful little bum. I can understand why Mr White didn”t turn him down.”

“Yeah, he”s okay.”

“While I was coming over on the train, I wondered if you”d have someone with you. I thought it might be Bradshaw.”

“Who?” Michael demanded.

“Bradshaw; another of your first-year boys. Apparently, he”s a maths genius. Mr White teaches him one-to-one. But I got a surprise when I arrived. I knew the boy with you couldn”t be Bradshaw because he”s blond, or at least that”s what Mr Smith told me.”

Michael was seriously put out. Suddenly, it all made sense. He”d worked out that Pennington wasn”t going to be his form master”s new number one boy. Now he knew why. Mr White”s real target was this maths genius Bradshaw. It was even worse than he”d feared.

“Sorry,” he said, the colour draining from his cheeks. “I”ve never heard of Bradshaw. Mr White”s never mentioned him. What else did Mr Smith say?”

“Well, it seems that shortly after Mr White started teaching Bradshaw one-to-one, he decided to try taking things a bit further. The problem was that Bradshaw hadn”t a clue. Mr White almost gave up the idea, but one day it just clicked. Oh, and I believe Bradshaw”s good at football.”

Michael almost choked. Mr White was coaching the first-year football team. That was how he”d met Pennington. And it gave him even more reason to spend time with Bradshaw. Did Pennington know what was going on? It didn”t seem as though he did. Maybe he should tell him.

“Thanks for telling me,” he croaked, scarcely able to get the words out.

“Are you okay?” Simon asked. “I just assumed you”d have known.”

Back at the house, Michael made them some lunch, trying his best to behave as though everything was okay. For one thing, he didn”t want so show himself up in front of Simon. He also got the feeling that Simon might not understand why he was so upset. At boarding schools like the one that the blond lad attended, this game of musical chairs seemed to be part of life. For the moment, he”d wait. In a few hours” time, they”d drop Simon at the station. Then he”d confront his form master, and demand to know why he hadn”t told him before.

“Have you met Mr Brown”s new boy, Long?” Simon asked as they sat down to eat.

“Yeah, once,” Michael told him, “just before we started our exams.”

“What”s he like?”

“Scrawny little thing. I couldn”t believe how tight he was. Very horny though. He had a dry-cum while I was sucking his prick and fingering his bum. Then a few minutes later, he had another one while I was fucking him.”

“Wow! Did Mr White fuck him too?”

“Yeah. I don”t know how he managed it. The kid could hardly walk afterwards. But he had another dry-cum while Mr White was doing him.”

“I wonder when we”ll get to meet him,” Simon mused.

“Dunno,” Michael said. “He”s definitely not ready for Mr Smith”s monster. If you ask me, he wasn”t ready for Mr White”s.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Just before two o”clock, Alex turned onto the street leading the Kings Head. As he approached the pub, he saw Whitney and Holdsworth there waiting for him. He brought the car smoothly to a halt, allowing the boys to pile in, Whitney in the front, Holdsworth in the back. With his passengers safely onboard, he put the car into gear and set off for the flat.

“Have you had an enjoyable morning?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you sir,” Simon responded.

“Did Pennington” title=”izmit yabancı escort”>izmit yabancı escort show up?”

“Yes sir,” Simon confirmed “He”s nice, isn”t he?”

“He cut it a bit fine,” Michael said sourly. “He only got to the station about thirty seconds before the train pulled in.”

“Hmmm! He does seem to make a habit of that,” Alex said. “I”ll have a word. So what did you get up to? Anything exciting?”

“Oh, yes sir!” Simon enthused. “Once we were all naked, we played “piggy in the middle” with Pennington as the pig. After a bit, I asked him if he was ready for my cock, because Whitney had said I could fuck him. Anyway, he said he was, so I rolled him onto his back and lifted his legs up. I asked him if he”d taken it like that before. He said he had, so I stuck it into him. Well, I was just about to get started when Whitney moved in behind me and stuffed his prick up my bum!”

“And did you like that?”

“Yes, it was incredible! I don”t think I”ve ever fucked a boy as hard as I fucked Pennington. I just couldn”t help it. It was so intense! He came first. Then it was me, followed by Whitney, all within a few seconds of each other.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Alex said, smiling. “I take it that you haven”t done that before.”

“No sir, never.”

“As you obviously liked it, I”ll have a word with Mr Brown. I”m sure he”d be happy to give you a little extra stimulation while you”re giving his boy Jessop a good seeing-to.”

“Yes sir.”

They arrived at the flat. Having had a drink of tea, they moved to the bedroom. In less than a minute, they were all naked.

“Now let”s make sure I”ve got this right,” Alex said, turning to Whitney. “Holdsworth”s already been fucked today, but you haven”t.”

“Yes sir,” Michael confirmed.

“Well, I think that settles how this little encounter is going to pan out,” Alex said, smiling.

Michael knew exactly what he meant. This time, he”d be in the middle. After the foreplay, Simon would fuck him while his form master fucked Simon. Though it was no longer his usual role, he wasn”t objecting.

Fifteen minutes later, they were ready. Lying on his back, Michael lifted up his legs, holding them so that his knees were close to his shoulders. Simon shuffled in close, Michael watching intently as the blond boy”s rock-hard prick slowly disappeared into him bum. After taking a moment to steady himself, Simon bent at the waist, his upper body pushing down between Michael”s thighs.

“Very nice!” Alex cooed. “Now just hold it there a moment.” He moved into position, his stiff cock nuzzling Simon”s boy-hole. “Now pull back,” he instructed, “and take what I”ve got for you.”

Simon took a deep breath and began to withdraw his penis from Michael”s bum. Suddenly, Mr White”s cock was right inside him.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped.

“Right,” Alex ordered. “Now give him what he needs!”

Within seconds, Simon was pounding ferociously into his friend”s arse. Michael could hardly believe it. No boy had ever fucked him as hard as Simon was doing it, not even Jez Taylor. He tried to stay relaxed, but it made little difference, the intensity of the tingling in his penis increasing with every thrust.

Finally, he could hold back no longer, his body overtaken by uncontrollable spasms. He began to ejaculate, powerful volleys of teen spunk shooting all over his and Simon”s chest and stomach. As his orgasm began to subside, he was aware of his anus milking his friend”s prong, jets of Simon”s pre-teen cum squirting into him.

“Oh, you sexy boys!” Alex groaned. “My turn now!”

Burying his cock as deep as he could, copious amounts of semen spurted deep inside the blond lad”s bottom. After a few seconds, he carefully withdrew. Simon pushed up onto all fours. He was leaking profusely, the man”s spunk running down his legs.

“Stay where you are for a moment,” Alex instructed. “Come on Whitney,” he added. “There”s a job you need to do before you and Holdsworth go to the bathroom.”

Kneeling at the foot of the bed, Michael set to his task, licking first one thigh then the other, gradually working his way up until he was taking the spunk directly from Simon”s boy-hole. After a couple of minutes, the job was completed and the boys headed to the bathroom. Simon sat on the toilet, allowing the rest of Mr White”s spunk to run into the bowl.

“He cums loads,” Simon commented. “I”m sure it”s not normal to cum as much as he does.”

“Of course, it”ll be ages before he can do it again,” Michael said. “So how was it, anyway?”

“Oh, it was fantastic, but I preferred this morning. Just now was a bit too much. And I”m going to have a sore arse.”

“Yeah, you were going hell-for-leather. I”d no idea you could fuck as hard as that.”

“Neither did I,” Simon admitted. “I wanted to slow down. I just couldn”t.”

“Yeah, that”s what it was like for me on Tuesday, the day I was introduced to Pennington.”

“It”s definitely fun though!” Simon said, grinning. “I”d do it again anytime!”

A few minutes later, they returned to the bedroom. As they were getting dressed, Mr White appeared.

“Don”t mention Pennington to Mr Smith,” he whispered into the blond lad”s ear. “There”s a good boy!”

“Okay sir,” Simon acknowledged. “I understand.”

At twenty-five past three, they dropped Holdsworth at the station. As they drove away, Michael took a deep breath.

“Sir,” he asked. “Who”s Bradshaw?”

“Ahh!” Alex said, glancing across. “It seems Mr Smith has been talking out of turn. I do wish he wouldn”t, even to a lovely lad like Holdsworth.” He paused. “Back in September, Bradshaw turned up in my first-year maths class. I knew straight away that he was streets ahead of everyone else. Not just better than the other boys in his form; with the possible exception of Calladine, who”s now in fourth-year, he”s better than anyone I”ve ever come across.”

“How did you know, sir?”

“I tested them the same way that I tested you when you first started. He got much further than anyone in our form managed. And afterwards, when I asked him how he was getting his answers, he explained it perfectly, which is quite remarkable. Anyway, I had a word with Mr Fleming about him. He told me that the lad scored one hundred per cent on the maths paper of the entrance exam. Apparently, it”s the first time that”s happened since Mr Fleming”s been at the school.”

“Hmmph!” Michael snorted. “He sounds a right prick, like Carver.”

“You couldn”t be more wrong,” Alex said reprovingly. “What is it that makes Carver so obnoxious?”

“He”s always talking about himself.”

“Exactly, and that”s something that Bradshaw never does. He just gets on with it. Anyway, Mr Fleming asked me to find out more about him. It turns out, his dad was very good at maths, but he was killed in a road accident when the lad was a baby. The primary school he went to isn”t very good. The teachers there seemed to regard him as a nuisance. And his mother couldn”t help him. She”s a librarian. Maths just isn”t her subject. She would have liked to get a tutor for him, but she didn”t have the money. So until he arrived at Woodchurch, nobody had ever taken much interest in him. Anyway, I had another word with Mr Fleming. We agreed that if the lad wanted to do it, I”d teach him one-to-one, with the idea that he”d do his O-level exam at the end of his second year. When I talked to Bradshaw about it, he jumped at the chance. He”s not just very good at maths; he”s got a real passion for it.”

“I suppose that because you were teaching him on his own, you decided to try taking things a bit further.”

“Not straight away, but when I saw how well we were getting on, I thought I”d give it a try. I mean, he”s a nice-looking lad and he was pretty well eating out of my hand. So I did with him what your uncle did with you.”

“What d”you mean?” Michael demanded.

“Tell me, why and how did the sexual relationship with your uncle start?”

“Well, I was always close to Uncle Jack because he always showed an interest in what I was doing. Not like my dad; he couldn”t care less.”

“Precisely. Remember that Bradshaw hasn”t even got a dad. From what I”ve been told, if his dad hadn”t been killed, he”d have been the one to help the lad with his maths. Instead, it landed in my lap. I just decided to see what the possibilities might be.”

“Holdsworth says you almost gave up.”

“Really! I must have a word with Mr Smith. There”s no need for him to give his charges that much detail. But it”s true enough. It was during half-term. I was teaching him at the flat. I”d patted his thighs a few times. He didn”t seem to mind, but there was no indication he”d like to go further. Well, it got to the Friday morning. After we”d finished, I patted his thighs again, still didn”t get a reaction. I decided to give it one last shot. I put my fingers up the leg of his shorts. That was it. Since then, there”s been no stopping him.”

“You said it was during half-term?”

“Yes, that”s right.”

“I asked you about it during half term, the last time Holdsworth came over. You said you weren”t looking for a first-year boy. All you said was that after football training you looked at them when they came out of the showers, and that one of them had noticed you doing it. That was Pennington, wasn”t it?”


“Then you lied! You never said anything about trying to get into this other kid”s underpants.”

“I didn”t want to say anything at that point,” Alex said, choosing his words carefully, “because it looked like I wasn”t going to get anywhere.”

“Hmmph!” Michael snorted. “What about afterwards? I”ve seen you loads of times since then. You”ve never said a word about it.”

“I”m sorry,” Alex said. “I should have told you straight away, but I was concerned that you wouldn”t take it very well, so I put it off. Of course, the more I put it off, the harder it got. You had your end of term tests coming up. Now for me, your schoolwork comes before everything. The last thing I was going to do was upset you during the run-up to the exams.”

Michael sat looking at his form master, visibly smarting.

“Last year, I was the only boy you”d got. You were all over me. You even got me into fucking younger kids because it meant you”d get to do them too. Now you”ve found a younger lad at Woodchurch, and you don”t even bother to tell me.”

“You”re quite right,” Alex conceded. “I didn”t deal with the situation very well, and I aplogise. You shouldn”t have had to hear about it from Holdsworth, and I can understand you being upset. But what”s done it done. All I can tell you is that I”m sorry I let you down.”

He turned the car into the car park outside the flats and brought it to a halt.

“I suppose you don”t want me now,” Michael said accusingly.

“I haven”t said that, have I?” Alex temporised.

“You didn”t have to!” Michael snapped.

Without another word, he got out of the car, unlocked his bike and peddled away, leaving Alex to wonder what would happen next.

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