The Innocence of Grace

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Max Dexler sat on the edge of his desk idly leafing through a collection of CV`s. “Is this the lot Sue”

“Yes Dad” said Sue returning with two coffees. “They`re a pretty sorry bunch, but there is one you might like”

“And her name is…”

“Grace Halifax Dad. The least qualified but weirdly the most appropriate”

“Grace…Grace… Grace… ha here she is” said Max thumbing through the CV`s. “22 years old, and she`s a University student studying Pharmacy. That could be interesting. It`s been education all the way for our Gracie. No real work experience of any kind. What makes you think she will be suitable?

Sue smiled knowingly. “I`ll send her in Dad”

There was a knock on the door. “Mr Dexler your first applicant, Grace Halifax” said Sue. Max rose to welcome her, and Grace entered the room desperately trying to exude an air of confidence and professionalism.

“Welcome Grace” said Max as she shook the Proffered hand. “please take a seat”. Sweaty palms thought Max, a good sign.

Max got it immediately. Long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, blue eyes, a wide full mouth, and the most magnificent pair of tits that Max had seen in quite a while. Yes, thought Max. She will do very nicely indeed.

“Grace can I get you a drink” said Sue hovering by the door.

“Yes, tea please no sugar” said Grace smiling at Sue.

She has the voice of an angel thought Max. I can`t wait.

“Now Grace” said Max resuming his seat. “I take it you know a little bit about the job you`re applying for.

Grace took a deep breath. “Yes sir. “You`re looking for a live-in tutor for your son. It`s a 1-year assignment, and you live abroad.”

“Yes Grace, very good. We live on a private island in the Caribbean called Sousos. The island is owned by my family, and we are some 5 miles east of Barbados. I live there alone with my 18-year-old son Jason, and my Daughter Sue who you have just met.

Although I have to say that Sue spends most of her time in Barbados where I have business interests. We have a wide circle of friends who visit constantly, and we would like you to be a part of that circle.”

“Thank you, sir, that`s very kind.”

There was a loud knock at the door, and Sue came in backwards with tea and biscuits. “There you go Grace, I hope that`s how you like it”

“Thank you” said Grace.

“Please take a seat Sue. “said Max “I would value your input.” Sue sat behind the desk next to Max and waited for him to continue. “I have a mind to get my son into one of better Universities, preferably in the United States. The boy however, is lazy, wilful, and easily distracted.”

“Especially by the opposite sex” added Sue.

“Yes” said Max, “As is the wont of all boys of his age I don`t doubt. I do however give you my full permission to chastise the boy as you see fit”

Grace felt the heat rising in her cheeks and cursed herself for wearing such a thick sweater. “Do you mean cane or smack him?” Asked Grace nervously.

Max and Sue both laughed. “If that`s your thing Grace” Said Max, “But a simple detention and loss of privileges may suffice”

Grace had a full-on blush now and was pleased when Max changed the subject. “Now Grace, about you. I can see from your CV that you are extremely well educated, scoring top marks in all subjects, and your University degree is coming along nicely. And I see you`re a swimmer.”

“Yes sir” said Grace regaining her composure. “The last few years have been really intense, and I just need a gap year to recharge my batteries before I go into my final year and exams. And I love swimming. I swim most mornings.”

“And of course, you need work.” Added Max.

“Yes. I would continue to study while working for you Mr Dexler, as long as you have a reasonable internet connection, I should be fine.”

“We have the best Grace” Said Sue. “My father needs it for his work.”

Max looked puzzled. “I see on your CV that you have noted a medical condition. Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. It sounds rather serious, care to explain?”

Grace took a deep breath. “It means different things to different people, but for me it basically means that puberty never happened.”

Max laughed at this. “You`re joking right? Have you seen yourself naked in the mirror!”

“Dad please” Scolded Sue. “That`s not nice”

“I`m sorry Grace” Said Max. “That comment was uncalled for”

“It`s ok” Said Grace “I`m used to it. I guess all those hormones had to go somewhere” Grace raised her hands and self consciously cupped her breasts. An action that was not lost on Max. “My Uterus never fully developed along with my Ovaries, so I cannot have kids, and have never had a period. I also have no body hair from the neck down. It just never grew.”

“Wow” Said Max. “You look so …normal.”

“Oh, I am Mr Dexler. I`m not on any medication, and this will not in any way effect the work that I do for you.”

“I believe you Grace. What about sex?” Asked Max.

Grace gave a little cough. Adorable thought Max.

“Scans indicate that my… you know, Vagina, is of normal length but perhaps a little narrower than average, so sex shouldn’t be a problem and my… Clitoris, is slightly longer and more sensitive than normal. But basically, everything is ok.”

“You say sex shouldn`t be a problem. Surely you know by now.”

“Not really Mr Dexler. I`ve never had sex. A relationship is something I`ve no interest in. Also, my studies are incredibly important to me. There`s little time for socialising.”

“My god you`re a virgin!” Said Max. “And you`re how old….22.”

“You can have sex just for fun you know” said Sue.

Grace shifted uncomfortably on her seat. “I know that. And I know people do. It`s just not for me I guess.”

Max was about to speak but was stopped by Sue. “Leave it Dad.”

“Ok Miss Halifax,” Said Max. “if you would like to take a seat outside, we`ll be with you shortly.”

“Ok thank you Mister Dexler”

“No problem. Sue will show you out.”

“Were fucking having her” Said Max when Sue returned. “She`s absolutely perfect. Can you believe that. A virgin at 22?”

“I Thought you might like her,” said Sue retaking her seat. “But even I was surprised by that little confession. Jason is going to love her”

“Jason is going to love fucking her” Laughed Max. “Lavinia too. Eventually of course.”

“Yes Dad. Keep Lavinia away from her. She isn`t ready for that.”

“I`ll start her on the drug as soon as she lands.” Said Max suddenly excited. “How long do you think it will take to turn the repressed bitch into a sex crazed Nympho?”

“About a week I should think” Said Sue “Assuming it works.”

“It`ll work. It`s ready now” Said Max pacing the floor.

“It`s just as well that she`s had her first dose then isn`t it”

“In her tea?” Said Max pausing in his pacing.


“Yes! You gorgeous fucking bitch!”


Grace Halifax sat on her single bed and sighed. Her large suitcase lay opened on the bed beside her and filled with all her worldly possessions. Three pairs of black trousers, five blouses, two pairs of trainers, three skirts of varying lengths, two jumpers, underwear, and a black dress with matching shoes, for those very rare occasions when she attended social gatherings at the Uni. And for those times when she was bullied into a night out.

Also into the suitcase went her books and study materials, and her most treasured possessions., an old cloth dolly, and the photos of her parents.

Tears came easily when she looked at the photos. Never having gotten around to putting them in a frame or album, Grace held them loosely in her hands, and flicked through them. She found the one of herself and her mum at Christmas when she was four, between them lay the dolly that she had to this day, with sparkly wrapping paper scattered all around. They both looked so excited. Her mum was dead a few weeks later.

She found photos of her father. That kind, gentle, loving man. How he would sit on the carpet and play dollies with her or sit patiently while she made pretend tea with her little plastic tea set. “Oh, dad I wish you were here now” she cried softly. “I miss you”. Looking at the photo she could see the pain behind the smiles. He never got over the death of her mother. When the Alzheimer’s finally took him little over three years ago, Grace was left alone. No brothers or sisters or close family of any kind.

Grace became withdrawn. Shunning the few friends she had, she devoted herself to her studies, working day and night to achieve top marks and get into Oxford University where she now studied. “I did it Dad” She said softly. “I made it. Now I`ll find a cure for Alzheimer’s. I`ll find a cure for the Cancer that took Mum too. I`ll do it all. I`ll make you proud of me.”

Grace carefully placed the photos between clothes to stopped them being damaged and closed the case. That`s it then. One suitcase. Not much to show for 22 years of life, but it was enough.

She looked around her sparse Bedsit. It was compact, but cheap. It would have been cheaper still to have shared a property with other girls, but the thought of sharing a bathroom and kitchen with others was abhorrent to Grace. She would rather struggle financially and have her own space. She was nothing if not tidy.

Her thoughts turned to Max Dexler. It had been little over 48 hours since her interview and they had offered her the job there and then. The other 6 applicants were not even interviewed which Grace found a little strange, but she was certainly not complaining. It was an easy decision to make. Of course, I will accept the job. Of course I can fly out right away. A no brainer.

But Max was strange. He didn`t look at all like the successful businessman she was expecting. Mid fifties and tall, his suit looked a size too large and almost baggy on his slim frame. The top button on his shirt was undone, and his tie hung loosely about his neck. His overall demeanour was swarthy and unkempt, and he had these piercing blue eyes, which seemed to bore into her very soul. She hadn`t intended to divulge quite so much information about her medical condition, but she didn`t think she could hide anything from this man.

His eyes took in every inch of her, mentally undressing her, and when she told him about her virginity, he seemed absolutely delighted. Just plain sleazy. Then he had brought her tea out to her in the waiting room. Weird and sleazy.

But Sue was nice. Pleasant and friendly. It would be nice to have a friend out there, being so far from home, and she could well fit the bill. Sue had arranged all flights and transfers for Grace, so all she had to do was arrive, and she promised she would be there to greet her. How lovely.


The flight to Barbados was uneventful for Grace, and she was surprised when Sue called to say she had booked her a seaplane transfer to the island. It was a little more than a transfer, as the pilot did a full circuit of the island, giving Grace a perfect view of the island from the air, before landing close to the narrow jetty leading to the house.

Grace had to admit it was a beautiful island. The house itself was perched atop a rise at the north end of the island, while a dirt road swept south for some two miles, before ending abruptly at the cliffs on the south side. Long sandy beaches were to the east and west, while the interior consisted of green fields and open spaces.

The house itself was impressive and reminded Grace of a stately home she had once visited. Square, with an inner courtyard, it dominated the island, with what appeared to be stables to the rear, with a long veranda, almost colonial in design, and a large fountain to the front. “By god I`m going to love it here” thought Grace.

True to her word, Sue was there to meet the plane as it taxied gently towards the jetty. An extendable walkway was produced allowing Grace to walk unsteadily onto the jetty, to be immediately embraced by Sue.

“Grace! You made it!”

“Oh, Sue what a beautiful island. I feel like I`ve died and gone to heaven”

“It`s lovely Isn`t it. And It’s all yours to explore during your time off. I`ve told Jason all about you, and he can`t wait to meet you. Let`s get you inside.”

The drive to the house was a short one, and Grace stepped through the large oak doors into a huge reception room with wood panelling and a wide carpeted staircase that led to the first floor. Grace was in her element. “This is gorgeous Sue. It must have cost a fortune to build.”

“Renovate” Corrected Sue. It was built by a Frenchman around a hundred years ago and used as a hotel until the 1950`s, hence the 35 bedrooms.”

“Wow” said Grace, taking in the huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

“The hotel went bust, and the hotel fell into disrepair until my family bought the island. It cost a small fortune to renovate, but we did it. And we tried to incorporate as much of the original features as we could. We didn`t want to lose the original character of the hotel.”

“You`ve done an amazing job” Said Grace.

“Thank you.” Said Sue. “now if you would like to leave your suitcase here, I will have Jason take it to your room. I`m sure my father would like to say hello.”

Grace knocked tentatively on the oak panelled study door. “One moment.” Said the voice. Then shortly after, “Enter.”

Grace entered the study to be confronted by not one, but two people. Max was seated behind a large oak desk, and standing next to him stood a tall, statuesque woman in a silver evening gown which seemed to cling to every curve of her body. She wore a silver necklace with matching earrings and held a glass of what Grace took to be Champagne. She had blonde hair coiffured into a 1940`s style, with red lipstick, and nails to match. She positively oozed 1940`s elegance and regarded Grace with some amusement.

“Ah, Grace, welcome, welcome” Said Max looking a little flustered, and absentmindedly shuffling some papers on his Desk.

“May I introduce my friend Lavinia Bowen-Hargreaves, she will be staying with us for a few days.”

“Absolutely Charmed!” Said Lavinia Gliding around the desk to stand beside Grace. “You were right Max, She`s an absolute peach! “And such lovely breasts! Max, she has the tits of an angel!”

“Lavinia please” said Max, “Don`t embarrass the poor girl”

“Nonsense, you`re not embarrassed are you girl?”

“Well perhaps a little” said Grace self-consciously, feeling the heat rise to her face. “It is rather hot in here”

“I`m not surprised you`re hot wearing that bloody silly jumper,” said Lavinia. “Take it off immediately!”

Grace shrugged casually, feeling completely out of her depth with this woman. “I can`t really, It`s all I have on.”

“Rubbish girl, you`re wearing a bra aren`t you?”

“Well yes,” Stammered Grace.

Lavinia turned to Max.” Max tell this girl to remove her jumper immediately!”

“I will do no such thing, Lavinia. Now please leave the young girl alone. Please forgive Lavinia, Grace,” Said Max apologetically. “She`s merely playing with you. She often forgets herself.” Max fired a withering look at Lavinia and received one in return.

“It`s fine Mr Dexler” Said Grace, composing herself. “It`s nice to meet you Lavinia”

“Likewise,” Said Lavinia a little coolly.

Max coughed a little self-consciously and said: “Sue will show you to your room. Perhaps you would like to freshen up a little and join us for dinner.”

“That would be great, thank you mister Dexler” Said Grace edging towards the door.

“Max where are your manners” Said Lavinia with a hint of amusement “Show the girl out”

“There`s really no need I- “Began Grace

“I insist” Said Lavinia forcefully, a slight smile playing around her lips.

“Goodbye Grace” Max said finally, remaining seated. I`ll see you later.”

Grace smiled and quickly left the room.

“That fucking bitch couldn`t wait to get out!” Laughed Lavinia playfully.

“Can you blame her “Said Max, pushing himself away from the desk. “But she would have moved a damn sight faster had she seen this” Said Max, pointing at his groin.

Max was naked from the waist down, his huge erection spearing skywards. Lavinia knelt between his legs and ran her tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock. “I saw it twitch and swell when I asked her to remove her jumper. And I saw those huge balls roll. You would love to fuck those tits wouldn`t you Max?” Said Lavinia licking it again.

“Yeah I would. I really would.” Said Max thickly, his thighs trembling as her tongue caressed his knob. “But she`s here to teach my son”

“We both know why she`s really here Max.” Said Lavinia. “And It`s not one and one makes two” Max stiffened as Lavinia knelt forward and took his fat swollen knob, into her mouth.


“So how do you like Lavinia?” Asked Sue as she opened the door to Graces room.

“Horrible” Said Grace. “She wanted me to take my top off”

Already. Thought Sue. “She does take a bit of getting used to Grace. She will respect you if you stand up to her but try not to piss her off too much. She can be vicious.”

The room was perfect thought Grace. Almost twice the size of her bedsit in Oxford, it had a large double bed, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a desk for her laptop and books, and patio doors that led out to a private balcony overlooking the rear of the house, with a clear view of the ocean.

“This is great Sue thank you. Your father- err Mr Dexler, said I should join you for dinner. What should I wear?

“Do you have a dress? Just wear that, it should be fine.” Then Sue paused as if suddenly remembering something. “There`s just one more thing I need to speak to you about” Sue sat on the bed close to Grace. “My father is having one of his parties this weekend. And It`s going to be a biggie. Guests will start arriving tomorrow, and the festivities may well run into next week, you know, as guests come and go.”

“That`s ok I like parties” said Grace.

“Well Grace” Said Sue. “You won’t find much in the way of Jelly and Ice Cream at this one. My father is a member of a very exclusive club. Guests will be arriving from all over the Caribbean, and from as far afield as the U.S. It`s his birthday you see.”

“Should I get a gift?” Asked Grace.

“No Grace a gift will not be necessary. What I`m getting at, is that this party is likely to be, how can I put it? Highly sexual.”

“You mean like an orgy?” Said Grace.

“Yes that`s exactly what I mean. And It`s likely to last for several days as people come and go. You`re quite welcome to join in if you want, or- “

“No, it`s ok” said Grace, “I`ll stay in my room. I can study and watch T.V”

Thought you might, thought Sue. “One more thing” Said Sue standing to leave. “You won’t find a lock on your door. There are no locks on any of the doors in this house. It was an eccentricity of my Grandfather. He always said that locks harbour secrets. I like you Grace, so I`ll tell you this. At night put something heavy behind your door. Like that chest of drawers. And answer your door to no one. Do that, and you may remain a virgin a little longer. Also try and stay dressed always. No wandering about the house in your night clothes.”

“I won’t Sue, thank you. Will you be at the party?”

“No” Said Sue. “I`m leaving for the mainland this afternoon. These parties are not really my thing anymore. But I`ll be back next week, so I`ll see you then. Take care Grace.”

“Ok, bye Sue. And thanks.”

Like a lamb to the fucking slaughter. Sue thought as she walked away.


Grace sat on her bed and thought about what Sue had said to her. A week-long orgy? Is that even possible? And did she really need to barricade her door? She regarded the chest of drawers critically. It certainly looked heavy enough to do the job, but could she move it? Grace pushed and pulled the chest of drawers, but try as she might, she could only move it a few inches. It was far too heavy.

Taking the chair from under the desk, Grace wedged it under the door handle, and tried the door. It held. She tried it again and again. It still held. Grace smiled. It would suffice.

On the way to her room, Sue had apologised about the lack of en suite facilities, but told her of a shower room directly opposite her room, which was for her sole use when other guests were not present. Grace quickly found it, and with towel and shower gel in hand went to freshen up, ahead of this evenings dinner. She also took the chair to wedge under the door handle.

Grace stood nervously outside the dining room. She could hear voices inside and knew that Lavinia was present. She checked her look in the mirror and made sure that all the buttons up the front of her dress were fastened. The one and only bra that she had to wear with this dress had been lost or left behind, so for the first time in her life, Grace was going braless. The dress was a good fit and supportive, and her breasts simply didn`t sag with or without a bra. The dress was conservative and showed a minimum of cleavage. She had checked herself in the mirror in her room, from every angle, and in every light, and was happy with the result.

“This is it Grace” she whispered to herself. “You can do this.” And taking a deep breath Grace opened the door.

There was a large oval table neatly set out in the centre of the room, with four place settings. Three of those places were occupied. All rose as Grace entered the room. “Grace!” Said Max, coming to greet her. “You look… delicious”

“Thank you” Said Grace blushing prettily, unsure about his choice of words.

“You have of course already met Lavinia, and this is my son Jason.” Lavinia raised her glass to Grace with a cool stare, and Jason came and shook her hand. “Hello Miss Halifax”

“Hello Jason” Grace replied. “It`s good to meet you at last. And please call me Grace”

“It`s Miss Grace to you young man” Said Max, playfully swatting him about the head. “Please Grace take a seat”

They all sat down. Jason was tall and thin like his father, with sandy brown hair and a ready smile. He exuded a certain confidence and easy manner which Grace found a little strange in someone so young. The conversation flowed freely during the meal, between Max, Grace, and Jason, with only the occasional comment from Lavinia. Grace thought she seemed a little drunk.

After the meal, Max pulled his chair a little closer to Grace, and filled her glass with more Champagne. “Now Grace, let`s get down to business. What do you know about me?”

“Well very little actually” Said Grace. “You`re a very successful businessman, and you own this island. You have business interests ashore that Sue takes care of. Oh, and you’re a member of a very exclusive club.”

Lavinia snorted into her champagne at this, and Jason laughed.

“It`s not that exclusive Miss Grace. In fact. You`re already in it.” Said Jason trying not to laugh. Jason and Lavinia looked at each other as if sharing a private joke, but Max sat stony faced.

“Let me tell you about me Grace. Have you heard of a company called Dexchem?”

“Dexchem. Yes of course. They`re one of the biggest drug manufacturers in the U.S. I did a piece on them in my first year. They do a lot of research and development, which is an area I`m really interested xnxx in.”

“Yes, well, my Grandfather started that business many years ago, and made a great deal of money very quickly. Our head office is still officially in Oxfordshire, which is why I was there when we met. But you`re quite correct as most of our production and R+D, takes place in the States. The thing is Grace, we had developed a cure for impotence in men.”

“That`s fantastic!” gushed grace. “That`s going to change so many lives.”

Max held up his hand.” Not so fast Grace. There were a few interesting side effects. Deformities and other health issues. I wanted to press on with the research but was overruled by the board and the project was scrapped. So, I resigned. I recruited some very clever people and set up a lab in Barbados just across the water, well away from Dexchem, and continued my research. We refined the drug, and we now have a cure for impotency. But it was the side effects that interested us most and took our research in a whole new direction. Our animal testing revealed an enhancement of the male sexual organs. The Penis became longer and thicker”

“Cock” Said Lavinia, now clearly drunk.

“And the Testicles became- “

“Balls” Shouted Lavinia.

“That`s enough!” Said Max suddenly angry. “If you don`t want to be here, feel free to leave.” Nobody moved.

Max continued. “The Testicles became greatly enlarged, as did the prostate and seminal gland. Sperm production increased fivefold. But I needed a human subject. Someone I could trust. So, I chose…me.”

“My God” Said Grace, putting a hand over her mouth. “You tested this drug on yourself?”

“Yes.” Said Max. “Want to know what happened?” Grace nodded dumbly, a look of horror on her face.

“The length of my cock grew by 2.5 inches and the girth increased by more than an inch.” Max studied Graces face intently. “My balls almost doubled in size. My orgasms increased in intensity and lasted longer. The amount of sperm I ejaculated was around four times what the average male produces. The rest period between orgasms dropped to just a few minutes. Grace, I can have sex 7 or 8 times a day with very little effort.”

“My God” Said Grace again. “Mr Dexler- “

“It`s Max” Said Max inching a little closer, and visibly devouring her breasts.

“Sorry. This is not what research is about Max. You should be curing disease, and helping people, not encouraging people to have more sex.”

Max ignored her comment. “Do you know where I found the most impressive results? In the young. Those that were still developing. Take young Jason here.”

“Max, please no. Not Jason. Please don`t tell me you gave that to him.” Said Grace, panic beginning to creep into her voice.

“Jason come here and drop your trousers.” Max went and stood behind Grace and put his hands on her shoulders and began a gentle massage. Effectively keeping her in the chair.

“Max, I really don`t need to see this. Please let me go.” Grace started to rise, but was pushed gently back down again.

“Remain still Grace” Said Max. “This is important.” Grace did as she was told. As Max massaged her, Grace felt something hard pressing between her shoulder blades.

That`s his cock. Thought Grace, with mounting horror. He`s pressing his cock against me, surprising herself with her choice of words. But this wasn`t a Penis she reasoned. This was a big thick man cock.

Grace visibly trembled. Jason stood grinning and without the slightest hesitation, dropped his trousers.

Grace closed her eyes and took deep breaths through her nose, desperately trying to slow her pounding heart. But all closing her eyes did was make her more aware of the cock rubbing along her spine.

“Open your eyes you silly girl.” Lavinia said. “You will either open your eyes or you will have it in your mouth.”

Grace opened her eyes. Lavinia had moved to stand beside Max, but Graces attention was fixed firmly on the huge organ presented to her. Soft, it looked at least 6 inches long, with a foreskin that completely covered the clearly visible fat knob with skin to spare. The balls were hanging loosely, half way to the boys’ knees in their fleshy sac, Large veins and blood vessels clearly visible desperately trying to supply those huge eggs with the blood and nutrients required. The boys’ slim physique made the organs appear even larger. It was as if they were sucking the very life out of him.

Grace felt as if she had fallen into the very depths of hell.

“Isn`t it a beauty Grace?” whispered Lavinia close to her ear. “Is this the first one you`ve ever seen dear?”

“Yes” croaked Grace. “There`s slime” She whispered. Looking quickly at Lavinia.

“That`s precum Grace.” Said Max. “Jason leaks it almost constantly at the moment. I believe it to be a sign of his adolescence. I would expect it to stop within a year or so.”

“Grace a lesson for you.“Said Lavinia moving to stand before Jason. “Let me show you what we do with precum.” Bending low she took the cock in her hand and sucked it into her mouth. Closing her lips tightly around it, she pulled hard, drawing the precum down the shaft and into her mouth, until it finally popped free.

Grace put her face in her hands. “My God that`s disgusting. How could you Lavinia? He`s just a boy.”

“How could I?” smiled Lavinia. “It`s delicious. A little salty, but not at all unpleasant. And as for him being just a boy. How many women have you fucked now Jason?”

Jason shrugged. “I dunno. Maybe fifty, a hundred. I dunno.”

Lavinia stood hands on hips. “Ok Jason. How many times have you fucked me.”

“Twenty or more.” Said Jason grinning.

“See Grace. Not such a boy. He`ll fuck you too if you`ll let him. Imagine it Grace.” Whispered Lavinia close to her ear. “That big thick cock Plunging deep into your longing cunt. Driving you on to the biggest orgasm of your fucking life. Just imagine it Grace.”

Grace was imagining it and it filled her with terror. It was far to big. She could only imagine what it would be like fully erect, but she knew it would never fit. She had slipped a finger inside, the few times she had masturbated, and had felt the tight walls cling to her finger. And then there was her Hymen. Never having had a period, her Hymen had thickened considerably, and completely sealed the entrance to her cunt. Nothing was going through there, thought Grace.

“If not Jason, then perhaps I could do the job.” Said Max. Rub, rub, rub.

“Why not both of you!” Laughed Lavinia, twirling around and clapping her hands together. “You could have a hole each!”

“I have to go.” Said Grace abruptly jumping to her feet. “It`s getting late.” Grace rushed from the room to the sound of Lavinia’s Laughter. Throwing herself onto her bed, Grace sobbed into her pillow. “What have I done Dad, what have I done.”


“Do you think she felt your cock on her back?” Said Lavinia after Grace had left.

“I know it.” Said Max. “But she must have thought it was still in my trousers.”

“You should have come all over her, Max. Serve the little bitch right.”

Max laughed. “She has a little precum in her hair, that`s enough for day one. Plus, another dose of the drug. Now we can really get to work on her. The men’s drug was good, but the women’s version is even more refined.”

“It shouldn`t take long Max.” Said Lavinia. “It`s pretty potent stuff.”

Max sighed and sat down. “I don`t know Lavinia. We`re trying to turn a repressed, professional virgin, into a sex crazed whore. She`s going to fight this all the way.”

“But just think of it Max. What woman isn`t going to want this? And what man Isn’t going to want to give it to his wife?”

“I know Lavinia, I know. When we market this, were going to make an absolute fucking fortune.”


Grace was awake early the next morning feeling groggy and a little fragile. Did I really drink so much wine, she thought, as she struggled to her feet, and then promptly slumped back on the bed. “Why did I ever come here” Whispered Grace to herself, remembering the events from the previous night. These people were perverts. Sexual deviants. Grace had read about such people in magazines, but never truly believed they existed. Until now. And those experiments!

Grace looked down and suddenly noticed a note pushed under her door. Great. She thought. Meet Max in the study at 10.30. Wonderful. Glancing at the clock, she saw that she had less than an hour to get ready. Deciding to forego a shower this morning, she looked at herself naked, in the full-length mirror. “Looking hot today Grace.” She said to herself, as she did every morning, without ever really meaning it. But today was different. “Gosh you really do look hot.” She said, adopting a series of model poses. But what was different? Her nipples and grown annoyingly erect. No, not erect, swollen. And pushing out from her tits as if demanding attention. And her tits felt firmer. Is that possible? She cupped her tits and pushed them together, her fingers inadvertently brushing across her nipples. A shiver of delight passed through her body causing Grace to gasp in surprise. “Wow, you boys are sensitive today.”

Staring at herself in the mirror, Grace regarded her Pussy. She was very proud of her Pussy and considered it one of her best features. Plump and high slung it had a deep split between fat lips, and without a trace of hair.

Relishing a closer look, she moved the mirror to the foot of the bed and lay down with her pussy facing the mirror. Lifting her knees up to her chest, she allowed them to fall apart. The lips of her cunt parted only modestly, showing nothing of the interior, but allowing her to catch a glimpse of her Clitoris, as it nestled sweetly between the rolled lips. How long as it been since I last masturbated? Thought Grace. Gosh, it must be weeks. “I`m definitely due,” she whispered to herself, as she began to gently circle her Clit. Taking some hand cream from her bedside table, Grace began to gently massage her Clit, rapidly bringing it to full erection. “My God Yesss,” she breathed, rubbing harder.

In a rare fit of passion, Grace had once managed to push her elongated Clit down into her cunt and back, actually feeling it touch her hymen, but that had hurt, and she got little pleasure from it, so she had never done it again. But she did it now, driving it deep between the lips of her cunt, rolling it in the wetness she found there. It was easier this time, surprising Grace, as she rubbed harder still, bringing herself ever closer to orgasm. Grace grabbed her breast with one hand, pulling hard on her nipple as she frantically finger fucked herself.

“It`s Coming, it`s Coming, IT`S COMING” Cried Grace, as the Orgasm tore through her body. She arched her back and thrust her fingers painfully into her spasming cunt, her legs wrapped around the mirror, pulling it towards her, as she screamed her ecstasy into a pillow.

“My God, that was Mega” Grace eventually said, her breathing beginning to return to normal. Propping herself up on her elbows, she allowed the mirror to return to its original position while noticing a huge smear of cunt juice across the glass. My God, did I squirt? Did I actually squirt! Grace laughed and leapt off the bed. The first time ever! Jeez, there was loads of it. Grace grabbed a tissue and began cleaning the glass “Ugh Gross.” She muttered, while being secretly very pleased with herself.

Max was waiting for her when she knocked on the door. “Ah, Grace. Come on in,” Said Max rising to greet her. “I`m really sorry about last night. I hope we didn`t shock you too much. I realise that this can be a lot to take in.”

“I was a little shocked” answered Grace truthfully. Plenty shocked, she thought to herself. She decided not to mention him rubbing himself against her.

“I get it. Please take a seat.” He motioned to the chair in front of the desk, and Grace sat down. “Now Grace. There are two things that I wanted to discuss with you today. The first of these are your plans for my son”.

“Well,” Began Grace. “I thought I would begin on Friday, I mean tomorrow, and start by setting him a series of tests to get a feel for his ability. Once I know where he is academically, I can tailor-make an education program, to get him into the University of his choice.”

“MY choice. Grace, MY choice.” Corrected Max. “I want him to take my place on the board of Dexchem. This will allow me to pursue my interests on the mainland and keep an eye on my Great Grandfathers business. He`s going to need good grades Grace.”

“I know Max,” Said Grace. “He has my full attention. I`m sure I can get him there.”

“I`ve got every confidence in you.” Continued Max. “I`d sent him to a private school on the mainland but had to withdraw him at the end of last term. He had, how can I put It? An indiscretion with one of the female teachers. It cost me a great deal of money to keep her quiet.”

Good grief. thought Grace.

“The second thing I wanted to discuss is my upcoming party. I take it that Sue has mentioned it to you.”

“Yes, it`s a sex party” Said Grace bluntly.

Max coughed, surprised at her honesty. “Yes. There will be drinking and dancing as well of course, mostly of an evening, and I have several activities and excursions planned for the daytime for those who wish to take part. You are of course welcome to get involved as much or as little as you like, but I suspect that the evening activities will not be for you.”

“No not for me Max, but I`ll be happy to mingle with your guests at other times.”

“That`ll be great Grace. I`m expecting around 150 guests in total, and they will be coming and going between now and Tuesday. There will be nudity, and scenes of a sexual nature, as they say in the movies. Potentially at any time. Clothes are always optional at these gatherings. Jason will be joining us this evening, but I will make sure he`s available for you tomorrow morning.”

I`ve fallen into the pits of hell, thought Grace.

“Also, Grace.” Continued Max. “All of the men that will be present, are members of my so-called club, and have taken my drug. This means that they will be rather well endowed, and have large and expansive sexual appetites, so please don`t be too shocked by what you might see.”

Grace blushed prettily at this, something that did not go unnoticed by Max. Max decided to up the ante a little. “You have a fantastic body Grace. A body that is absolutely built for sex. Did you know that? Has anyone ever told you that before?”

Grace coughed, feeling the heat rise into her cheeks. “No of course not. I tend to wear baggy things, you know, to hide these.” Grace pointed at her breasts. Grace felt her nipples growing annoyingly hard as the conversation became sexual. What the hell’s wrong with me? She thought.

“Never ever hide them Grace. Pull your shoulders back. Push them out. Now cup them in your hands, emphasize them.”

Grace did exactly as she was told, then suddenly realising what she was doing, immediately dropped her hands into her lap.

“Grace those tits were meant to be fucked. Made for men to spunk over. You`ll have a much better time here if you learn to loosen up a little.”

“I`m perfectly fine as I am thanks Mr Dexler.” Said Grace suddenly indignant. I have never prostituted myself to a man, and I certainly won’t be doing so this weekend. I don`t have a lot of experience sexually, but I know enough to know that breasts can`t be fucked.”

“Aren`t you just absolutely adorable.” Smiled Max relaxing in his chair. Grace shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Max continued. “The people at this event, male and female I might add, will be quite interested in you as they haven`t seen you before. Some will almost certainly hit on you. I take it you can take care of yourself.”

Max was eyeing her with some amusement. He`s playing with me. Thought Grace, feeling herself get angry. “Max, the last guy who tried it on, was carrying his balls around in his pocket for a week.” A lie. The last guy who’d tried it on, she`d ran away from.

“Excellent!” Laughed Max. “I knew you had spunk. But I`m afraid that`s not an option Grace. You see, these people are my family, friends, and business associates. Feel free to refuse them, but you will be courteous, polite, and respectful always. Do you understand?”

“Of course, Max. And if I wish to walk around topless, then I can.”

Max laughed again. “Let me know if you do and I`ll buy a ticket. I might get one for Jason too.”

“Sorry they`ve all gone” Said Grace smiling.


The rest of the afternoon was uneventful for Grace. She showered and spent much of the time in her room preparing questions for Jason the following day. People had been arriving almost all afternoon, by boat and helicopter, and Grace was often disturbed by people being shown noisily to their rooms. The house had come alive, with the sound of footsteps constantly outside her door. Grace put her headphones on and concentrated on her work.

Max and Lavinia were on hand to greet their guests as they arrived. “Have you drugged the bitch today Max?” Asked Lavinia.

Max grinned. “I had cook put some in her lunch. It`s great when you can just add it to things, isn`t it. I think Jason could be in for a very interesting day tomorrow.”

“Tasteless and odourless. It`s the perfect drug Max. Will you give her to Jason do you think?”

“I think so yes.” Said Max. “He`s never had a virgin. It will be an interesting experience for him.

“All three holes?”

“Yes. In any order he chooses. Then I will need to follow him in and stretch her a little, before we give her to our guests.”

“Delightful.” Said Lavinia. “You know if I had my way Max, I would kick her door in and drag her screaming down the stairs, before throwing her to the wolves. I would let them fuck all of her holes at once.”

“I know you would Lavinia. That`s why I’m running this and not you. I take it you still remember what happened to the last girl we had here?”

“Silly bitch killed herself.”

“She didn`t kill herself. She drowned trying to swim to the mainland. That`s 5 miles of open water. And why did she do that Lavinia?”

“The drug wasn`t right Max and you know it. It sent her nuts. She couldn`t cope with it.”

“It was the fucking gang bang she couldn`t cope with. What the fuck made you think that that was a good idea?”

“Come on Max, you know how she used to flirt. I thought that once it started she would get into it.”

“You totally fucked her up Lavinia.” Said Max. “luckily her body was too badly decomposed for the police to find out what had happened to her prior to her death. We were bloody lucky there.”

“That we were.” Agreed Lavinia thoughtfully.

Grace attended the evenings welcome buffet with trepidation. Half expecting to be fighting them off with a stick, Grace was relieved to find herself largely ignored. Max and Lavinia were the perfect hosts, flitting from guest to guest, while Jason was nowhere to be seen. There`s certainly money here thought Grace glancing around the room. The men were immaculate in dinner suits, while the ladies wore a variety of gowns, all expensive, and all showing a certain amount of cleavage. Grace knew she was by far the dowdiest looking woman in the room, wearing the same conservative dress that she`d worn the previous evening. There seemed to be a surplus of women, thought Grace, surprised. She thought it strange that Max would know more women than men, and why would a woman come to an event such as this unaccompanied?

“Ah, Grace.” Said Max walking towards her. “Pleased you could make it. I thought you might be a little busy tonight preparing things for tomorrow.”

“I was a little Max” Confessed Grace, “But I`d done most of my prep on the plane over, and I was getting a bit hungry.” Graces curiosity got the better of her. “I hope you don`t mind me asking Max but who are all these women. You guys seem to be a bit outnumbered.”

Max laughed, “That`s the entertainment Grace.”

“You mean they`re dancers.” Asked Grace confused.

Unbelievable. Thought Max. “They`re whores Grace. Prostitutes. Ladies of the night.”

“Good grief.” Said Grace sipping her drink. “They look so normal.”

“These are not your average whores, Grace. You won’t find any of these girls walking the streets. They`ve cost me an absolute bloody fortune to get them here, but these people need to be entertained. Oh, and bye the way.” Said Max as an afterthought. “You might want to catch up with Lavinia, she has something for you.”

If Lavinia wants me she can bloody well find me. Thought Grace bitterly.

Grace stayed just long enough to be polite, then made her back to her room.

Grace had just made it to the top of the staircase, when she heard Lavinia calling her from below.

“Grace! Grace darling!” Grace turned her grimace into a smile and turned to face her. “Grace, I Have a parcel for you.” Gushed Lavinia, climbing the stairs to meet her. “Some new clothes dear. You`re seriously in need of an upgrade. If you`re going to attend our little parties, you must look the part. The clothes you have, are rather unfortunate.”

Grace sighed patiently. “Lavinia, I have all the clothes I need. I really don`t need you buying clothes for me.”

“Nonsense girl. That dress is positively pre- Ark. Where on earth did you get it. A jumble sale? I shall have the parcel sent to your room.”

Grace watched as Lavinia slinked back down the stairs to join the throng. To tired to bother asking where she had gotten her sizes from, Grace returned to her room and slipped a bathrobe on for a shower, Taking her chair with her.

After her shower, Grace returned to her room to find a large, heavily taped, parcel on her bed. Intrigued, Grace cut through the tape, and spilled the contents onto the bed. “You`re kidding me.” Said Grace shocked. “You`re absolutely fucking kidding me.”


Grace stormed down the staircase in nothing, but a bathrobe tied tightly around her waist. Ignoring the stares from the assembled guests, Grace headed straight for Max. Max, upon seeing Grace, met her halfway. “Grace, what the fuck are you wearing. This is hardly appropriate.”

“I`m dressed like this for a fucking reason Max. Where`s Lavinia.” Said Grace angrily.

Max glanced nervously around the room. “Err, I`m not sure. I`ll find her.” Max took Grace by the elbow and quickly ushered her in the direction of the study. “Grace please, wait in here. I`ll be back.”

Grace to angry to sit, paced the room. A few moments later Max entered with Lavinia.

“Ok Grace,” Began Max. “What is so important that you felt the need to embarrass me in front of my guests.”

“Embarrass you!” Said Grace incredulously, “Where`s my fucking stuff Max! What have you done with my clothes!”

“They`re in the incinerator, warming the house.” Said Lavinia icily. “They were dowdy and plain. You should be glad to be rid of them.”

“How dare you!” Shouted Grace, taking a few menacing steps towards her. “They were my things.” Tears were coming readily now.

Max moved to stand between them, creating a buffer zone between Grace and Lavinia. “Grace, I`m so sorry.” He held his hands before Grace placatingly. “Honestly, I knew nothing about this.” Then turning to Lavinia. “Lavinia what the fuck?”

“I`m sorry Max.” Said Lavinia bakire porno apologetically. “But her clothes were a disgrace. She now has a nice new set of clothes. Much more in keeping with what we do here.”

“They`re disgusting Max” Said Grace wiping her tears on her sleeve. “They`re obscene. They`re like something from a fetish shop. I can`t possibly wear them.”

“It`s ok Grace calm down.” Said Max gently. “They can`t be that bad. Why don`t you try them on and come and show me.”

“Couldn`t you come to my room and see them.” Pleaded Grace. “I don`t want anyone to see me in them. And there`s no underwear. No bras, panties, nothing.” The last comment was directed at Lavinia, who shrugged nonchalantly.

“They must be on the next boat.”

“I`m sorry Grace.” I couldn’t possibly leave the floor now.” Said Max. “Things are just starting to get interesting, and my guests will be expecting me to be there. If you want me to see them then wear them. And another thing.” He said, heading for the door. “Lose the robe.”

Grace almost ran back to her room, and quickly pushed the chair under the door handle. Max was right, things were getting interesting. Large mattresses had been thrown on the floor, along with rugs and cushions. Most of the women were now in various states of undress, with men openly fondling breasts. A woman in an evening gown was on her knees in front of a man, but Grace couldn`t see what she was doing. A man made a grab for Grace as she passed, but she quickly twisted away, and the mans laughter followed her up the long staircase.

Grace knew that she could never go back down wearing what Lavinia had purchased for her. Things were getting out of hand down there, and she knew that she would most certainly be assaulted if not raped by the men in that room. She decided to try and sort it out tomorrow, and began examining the clothing in more detail, to try and find something remotely suitable for teaching Jason in the morning.

Max and Lavinia remained in the study a little longer. “Seriously, Lavinia. Was it really necessary to burn her clothes?

“It was Max. Had she kept them, she would continue to wear them, and that`s unacceptable. Now she has no choice but to wear what I`ve bought for her.”

“What about the missing underwear?” Queried Max.

Lavinia laughed. “There is no missing underwear Max. I didn’t order any. Her tits are high and firm and sit splendidly on her chest. She has no need of a bra. And as for panties, she can manage without them for a few days.”

Max grinned. “And are her clothes as obscene as she says?”

“Yes Max. If she looks hot, she will feel hot. And isn`t that why we`re here?” Smiled Lavinia.


Morning came too quickly for Grace, and she rolled out of bed after a restless sleep. The party went on until the early hours with much laughter and the occasional scream, echoing down the corridor outside her room. After a quick shower, Grace selected a red micro mini skirt with a wide zip to the rear and a pleated edge. Barely covering her crotch, Grace noticed that if she stretched her arms above her head, the skirt lifted at the back exposing the lower reaches of her ass.

The blouse was little better. White with long sleeves, it had only three buttons with the highest fastening just below her rib cage, Leaving a huge expanse of tit flesh on display. her breasts only just contained by the sheer fabric.

Examining herself in the mirror, Grace knew she looked good. Long well-muscled legs, leading to wide hips and narrow waist, and then those tits. Obscene as her clothes were, she had to admit that they showed her body off to maximum effect, and with a pair of high heeled shoes with a wrap around strap, to complete the look, she looked a complete slut. She noticed with sudden alarm that her nipples had become erect and were pushing against the thin material of her blouse, clearly visible. Shit, shit, shit, thought Grace, trying in vain, to push them back in, only to find them swelling larger and angrier than before. There`s no time, she thought grabbing her things. She stepped gingerly into the corridor, before making her way quickly to the room assigned to her for teaching.

Grace arrived a little early and was pleased to be alone in the room. She set out the test papers in the order she wished for them to be completed and placed them neatly on Jason`s desk along with pens, pencils and the other paraphernalia he would require. There was a large chalkboard, Paper, and exercise books, scattered about the large room, and Grace wondered if she had been preceded by another teacher.

Moving around the room Grace was immensely conscious of the fact that her nipples were rubbing freely against the coarse material of her blouse, and her nipples were now sensitive points of deliciousness, sending an almost constant thrill through her body. I`m actually wet thought Grace. She knew that if this level of stimulation to her tits continued, she would reach orgasm right there in the classroom. Deep breaths, Grace deep breaths, she thought to herself, willing herself to relax.

Her nipples had grown increasing sensitive over the last few days with the swelling and sensitivity now spreading to the surrounding tissue. Her clit, she had noticed, appeared a little broader and thicker, and was now peeping unashamedly between the fat, rolled lips of her sex. It`s never done that before, she thought to herself.

Grace was fussing around the chalkboard, when a gentle knock on the door caught her attention.

“Hello Grace.” Said Max letting himself in. “Just wanted to see how you were getting on.”

Grace smiled, immediately self-conscious. “Oh, I`m ok Max. I`m just setting up.”

My God thought Max. She is absolutely fucking stunning.

“I`m really sorry about this Max.” Said Grace gesturing to her clothes. “It`s the best I could do. This is the kind of stuff Lavinia thinks I should wear. It`s horrific. I`ll go to the mainland tomorrow and buy some respectable wear.”

“I think not Grace” Said Max leaning casually against her desk. “You can`t go to the mainland looking like that. There are some very bad people about.”

Gosh, thought Grace. I hadn`t thought about that.

“And besides.” Continued Max. “I think you look perfect just the way you are.” Max`s eyes completely devoured her. And Grace was a little thrilled knowing the effect she had on him.

“Well, perhaps if I gave Sue some money- “

“I won’t hear of it Grace. Now enough of this nonsense.” Interrupted Max.

“Please Max.” Pleaded Grace. “I can`t wear this. Everyone will stare at me.”

“But that`s the whole point. Men should stare at you. And you should want to show yourself to them. Make them want you Grace.”

Max had moved to stand directly behind Grace. She could smell his cologne and feel his breath on the back of her neck.

“But I don`t want them to want me Max.” She said unconvincingly.

“Sure, you do.” He breathed, close to her ear.

Grace froze. Was he touching the back of her leg? His fingers trailed delicately up the back of her thighs, a finger moving inwards touching her inner thigh a scant few inches from her bared cunt.

“Please Max, don`t.” she heard herself say. Her thighs trembled as she felt the fingers move ever upward until they were cupping the cheek of her ass. Grace couldn`t move. She was facing the chalkboard, and any attempt to turn around would bring Max`s fingers in direct contact with her cunt.

“You want this Grace. I know you do.” Whispered Max.

“I want to stay a virgin.” Said Grace, suddenly afraid.

“But I don`t want you to stay a virgin Grace.” Said Max softly. I want to feel your tight cunt wrapped around my cock. I want to hear you beg me to fuck you.”

“I want to stay a virgin.” Repeated Grace.

A finger travelled insidiously down the crack of her ass. Pushing inward with the gentlest of pressure. Lower and lower it went, passing her asshole, and Max was delighted to find a little well of moisture between the lips of her cunt. “I don`t believe it. You`re fucking dripping.” He muttered.

“That`s enough Max!” Shouted Grace, angrily twisting away. I might be dressed like one of your sluts, but I don`t appreciate being treated like one.”

Max grinned. “Goodbye Grace.” He said, as he left the room.

Grace had little time to compose herself, for shortly after Max had left, Jason entered the room.

“Hi Miss Grace.” He said cheerfully, and then stopped in his tracks. “Wow, Miss you look….”

“Naked, Fuckable, a slut!” Which is it Jason!” Snapped Grace suddenly.

“No. I mean, like really nice.” Jason slunk into his seat like a whipped dog, and Grace instantly regretted snapping at him. It wasn`t his fault he had a pervert for a dad.

“I`m sorry Jason. I’ve just had a pretty poor morning so far. And just in case you were wondering, I don`t normally dress like this. These are not my clothes.”

“I know Grace. I mean Miss Grace. It`s Lavinia isn`t it?”

“Yes Jason. And you can drop the Miss. Grace is fine.”

“I think there`s something wrong with her Miss grace. She`s like, perverted or something. I think you look really nice in your normal stuff.” Grace turned quickly to the chalkboard, tears pricking the corners of her eyes.

“Thanks Jason, I think so too.”

“Did you really Max?” Asked Lavinia in the study. “Did you really cop a feel of her cunt?”

“Well kind of.” Said Max. “I had a finger around her lips. But I tell you this Lav, she was definitely wet. And her nips were like bullets.”

“It`s working Max.” Said Lavinia excitedly. “We`re turning her. I`ve sent Jason on a charm offensive. He’s giving her the little boy lost act.”

“Brilliant.” Said Max. “And how many pairs of knickers has he talked his way into with that little act?”

“Well mine for a start.” Said Lavinia. “And a great many others. By the time he`s finished with her She`ll think he`s the best friend she`s ever had.”

“Yeah he`s clever I`ll give him that.” Agreed Max.

“Max. I`ve been thinking. Why don`t you fuck her? Jason can certainly do the job. But I want to see her ripped up Max. Jason is good, but he lacks finesse.”

“Funny, but I`ve been thinking the same thing.” Added Max. “But I want her to beg me for it first.”

The morning passed quickly for Grace and Jason. Jason was studious and worked hard on his tests, and asked all the right questions, and after a time Grace found herself relaxing in his company, even forgetting about her skirt riding up when she had to reach for the chalkboard rubber. Jason took notice of her breasts but was polite enough to look away when she caught him peeking. And despite herself, she found herself quite liking him. He had an obvious dislike of Lavinia, feeling that she just used him for sex, between parties, and he seemed desperate to come off the drugs his father was giving him. He couldn`t wait to get into university and start a new life, and Grace promised to help him in any way she could. He was also quick with a compliment, and she found him very kind and respectful.

And so, it shocked Grace, and froze her to the core, when he asked her to masturbate him.

“Please Grace I really need it. It`s my balls.” He cried, holding himself between the legs.

“Jason.” Said Grace looking worried. “Just go somewhere and, you know, relieve yourself.”

“I can`t miss.” Cried Jason now in a foetal position on the floor. “I cum harder when a woman does it. I shoot more sperm, it stops the pain.”

“Jason, I can`t help you. I don`t know what to do.” Grace was on the verge of panicking. The boy was obviously in a lot of pain. She wanted to help, but didn`t know where to turn. “Jason, I need to speak with your father. I promise I`ll be as quick as I can.”

“Don`t leave me Grace please.” Jason called after her, as she fled the room. As much as she hated Max at that moment, Jason was her primary concern. Removing her shoes, she ran quickly, soon finding Max in one of the reception rooms.

“Grace whatever’s the matter. He said, seeing the breathless girl standing before him.

“Max.” She panted, “It`s Jason. He`s in agony. It`s his …. balls.”

Max laughed. It`s the drugs Grace. He just needs milking. See to it would you.”

“What! Max, you can`t be serious. I can`t do anything like that!” Stammered Grace between breaths.

Max turned towards her, eyes flashing angrily “While Jason is in your care I expect you to take care of his every need. And right now, his balls need draining. If you won’t fuck, you can at least wank. Don`t make me regret employing you Miss Halifax.”

Max strode away, a secret smile playing about his lips. Lavinia had informed him of the plan.

Grace raced back to the room, her concern for Jason overriding her revulsion of the task at hand.

Jason, sitting at his desk, grinned to himself as he heard footsteps rapidly approaching along the hall. Laying on the floor, he held his balls and began moaning as if in great pain.

Grace burst into the room. “Ok Jason.” She panted. “What do I need to do?”

“Please Grace, get on your knees.” Jason gasped, standing before her. Grace knelt, as Jason fumbled with the button on his trousers. “Pull them down, quickly.”

Expecting Jason to be wearing underwear, Grace pulled the trousers to his knees, and the huge erection sprung free hitting Grace in the face and leaving a sticky trail of pre-cum across her cheek.

“Ugh,” uttered Grace in disgust, turning her face away.

“Give me your hand.” Said Jason quickly. Grace continued to look away, and gingerly, offered him her hand. Jason took it at the wrist and wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of his cock, her wrist nestling between the heavy balls. “Look at me Grace.” Commanded Jason. “Look at my cock.”

Grace`s gaze returned to the huge organ just a few inches in front of her face. Using her hand, Jason pulled the foreskin back to it`s maximum, exposing the huge purple head, and causing it to swell even more. Pre-cum flowed freely from the large slit, and gathered on the underside of his cock, where a large dollop dropped onto Grace`s red skirt. “Ever seen one like it before Grace?” Said Jason, beginning a gentle to and fro motion with her hand.

“Never.” Said Grace truthfully. She looked up and met his eyes. They were burning, feverish. “Am I doing it right?”

“Perfect.” Said Jason thickly. “Now do it faster.” Grace did as she was told, and her hand came into contact with the pre-cum for the first time. Disgusted, she tried to pull her hand away, but it was held firmly by Jason. Who moved it swiftly over the broad head of his cock, smearing the pre-cum over the head, and some way down the shaft. And still more pre-cum poured from the slit. Holding his foreskin back as far as he could, Jason instructed Grace to move her hand over the fat Knob and back down the shaft, using the pre-cum as lubricant. “Grace, you`re doing fucking great.” Gasped Jason, stepping free of his trousers. But would she suck it? Stepping quickly forward he presented it to her lips, but Grace batted it aside and shuffled quickly backwards, keeping a safe distance between her lips and that fat cock.

“Not that Jason. I`m only doing this to help you.” She said softly, skimming her fingers over his knob.

But Grace was turned on. For all she tried to reason that she was doing this purely for medical reasons, this was undoubtedly a sex act, and when he pushed his cock towards her mouth, for a millisecond she was tempted to accept it. It was only the thought of tasting the pre-cum and having sperm in her mouth, that stopped her.

“I`m nearly there grace.” Gasped Jason, his thighs trembling and his huge ball bag hitting her hand on every back stroke. “It`s coming Grace,” Said Jason urgently, as a white trickle of semen dribbled from his cock and down Grace`s hand.

Is that it? Thought Grace Relieved. Is that what all is has been about? Grace slowed her strokes on Jason’s cock, as Jason emitted a long growl from deep within his throat. The knob seemed to bloom even larger, with the long slit appearing to gape open, sightlessly staring at her. The cock jerked violently in Graces hand, and a thick jet of spunk erupted from Jason`s cock Splattering her forehead and nose and running down her cheeks.

“Jason!” Screamed Grace, releasing his cock, and falling backwards to lay on the floor, with her legs beneath her. Jason fell to his knees straddling her body, as another jet of sperm, longer and thicker than the first, coated her face and hair.

“Jason please.” Gasped Grace. As more sperm hit her face and neck. Running into her eyes and coating her lips. Grace closed her eyes and pursed her lips, breathing heavily through her nose, desperate to stop any trace of the spunk from entering her mouth. Feeling his weight upon her, Grace Remained perfectly still, feeling more jets landing heavily on her blouse and coating her tits.

Grace forced herself to relax, dropping her hands to her sides. There was nothing she could do to stop the onslaught, so she just let it happen. It`s not his fault, she reasoned. He can`t help it. It`s the drugs. Feeling the jets diminishing, Jason shuffled back and exposed her bare cunt. Aiming his cock at her pussy, Jason fired the last of his spunk upon it, grinning as he watched it soak into the deep crack between her legs.

Feeling the jets stop, Grace wiped a hand across her mouth removing the spunk from her lips, her eyes still tightly closed. “Please Jason, I need tissues.” She whispered.

Jason reached above himself to the desk and retrieved a box of tissues which he handed to Grace. As Grace began cleaning her face, Jason entertained himself by rubbing his fat knob in lazy circles around an exposed nipple, coating it in his spunk, and slowly rubbing it in.

“I`m so sorry Grace.” Said Jason in a broken voice, forcing tears into his eyes. I didn’t mean to do that. I couldn`t help it.”

“I know Jason.” Said Grace, now cleaned up and sitting behind her desk. Grace had used almost an entire box of tissues cleaning herself, and still her blouse was wet, and completely see through where it clung to her skin. “I didn`t know you could produce so much. That`s not normal Jason. You know that right.”

“I know Miss.” Jason dropped his pencil and bent down to retrieve it. Looking under Graces desk in front of him, he could clearly see the deep split between her thighs, and his spunk glistening wetly upon it.

Grace had decided to bring the day to a close at that point, and having changed her top, which was no less revealing than the last, went to see Max, who thanked her for a job well done, but insisted that the rest of Jason`s tests be completed the following day, on what should have been her day off.

More than little pissed, Grace returned to her room where she showered, and considered what to wear for the evenings buffet. Both dresses she had been supplied with were obscene, and consisted of little more than black PVC panels, held together with string and the occasional strap.

What the fuck does it matter? Grace thought to herself. She had been felt up by Max, seen her first hard cock, and been covered from head to foot in Jason`s spunk, so what the fuck did it matter if someone caught a glimpse of her tits? Determinedly, she chose the more extreme of the two outfits.

“Grace, you look absolutely stunning.” said Max greeting her at the buffet.

“Yes, you look the perfect slut. I`m so proud of you Grace.” Added Lavinia.

Grace nodded self-consciously, perfectly aware that every eye in the room was upon her. “Look around the room Grace.” Said Max, aware of her embarrassment. “All the men want to fuck you, and all of the women want you in their beds. Your virginity could be at risk tonight.”

Grace shuddered at the thought. The dress, or fetish wear, as Grace liked to call it, appeared to be two large rectangular sheets of black PVC, held loosely together at the sides by black string, and showing plenty of flesh. The bodice barely covered her nipples and squashed her tits firmly against her chest forming a deep cleavage and causing her tits to bulge out the top of the dress and out the sides. And with the dress barely covering her crotch, very little was left to the imagination.

“Max!” Said an elderly gentleman walking over to join them. “Is this the lovely Grace, we`re allowed to admire but not fuck?”

“It is indeed.” Replied Max.

“You look ravishing Grace.” Said the man kissing her hand. “Max, would it be improper of me to feel the girl’s ass under her dress?

“Not at all Bertrand, go right ahead.”

Grace froze, and was mortified, as the man flipped up the back of her dress and openly caressed her bottom, exposing it to the entire room.

“Wonderfully firm. Does she work out Max?

“I swim.” Answered Grace suddenly.

“Well my dear.” Continued the man. “As soon as Max here, has popped your cherry, you must join me and my wife in our room. We will be more than happy to further your education.”

“Thankyou.” Said Grace, “And would you then do me the honour of taking my anal virginity.”

“I would indeed.” Replied the man bowing before her.

After the man had returned to his wife, Max said.” Fuck me Grace did you mean that?”

“Of course, I didn`t mean it Max!” Spat Grace. “The old pervert.”

“We`re all perverts Grace.” Said Max. “Even you.”

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully for Grace. Max was by her side for much of the evening and took great delight in introducing her to most of the assembled guests. Grace was helping herself to the champagne and was actually beginning to enjoy herself.

Eventually feeling a little giddy, Grace asked to be excused and returned to her room. It was all getting a little hot down there, and Grace was beginning to feel extremely turned on by the constant glances, and the fact that Max was encouraging people to feel her up. It was only when a woman of all people, had the temerity to run her finger along her slit, did Grace slap the hand away.

There was only one thing on Graces mind when she reached her room. She had to wank. Quickly stripping off her dress, she threw herself on the bed. Burying her face in the pillows, she raised her ass, spreading her legs, and pushed hot fingers into her dripping snatch.

Then the door opened. It opened silently, without so much as a creak. Grace had her face to the wall and was moaning softly as she rubbed her swollen clit. “God, I need to be fucked. God, I need to be fucked. Please fuck me.”

The figure approached the bed and slipped a finger to join Grace`s between her swollen labia. “Allow me.” Said an easily recognisable voice.

“Lavinia!” Screamed Grace. “You`re naked!” Grace tried to leap from the bed, but was easily caught, and pinned on her back, by the older, much stronger woman. With technique rather than effort, Lavinia succeeded in spreading Grace`s legs, wriggling between them, and began gently rubbing her pussy against Grace`s wet snatch.

Lavinia gripped Grace`s hair from behind, forcing her head back painfully. “Grace, you little fucking bitch.” Hissed Lavinia. “Keep on fighting me and I will fucking kill you, you innocent cunt.”

Grace stopped struggling and lay inert beneath Lavinia, breathing heavily. “Please Lavinia. What do you want, and what are you doing in my room?”

“I’ve come to fuck you Grace, would you like that?”

“No. And get off me. I`m not like that.”

“Not like what Grace?”

“You know. A lesbian.”

“Neither am I.” Whispered Lavinia, taking a firmer grip on Grace`s hair, and causing bedava porno the younger girl to cry out in pain. “But you can`t beat a bit of cunt now can you?”

“Please Lavinia.” Cried Grace. “Let me go.”

“Only if you promise not to fight me.”

“I wont fight.” Grace lay limply on the bed, allowing the older woman to manoeuvre, and twist her, until her hips lay on the very edge of the bed.

“I`ve got something I want to show you. Ever had your cunt sucked Grace?”

“No of course I haven`t, and please don`t do it Lavinia, I`m really sensitive down there at the moment.”

“Then this won’t take long.” Said Lavinia, Spreading Grace`s legs, and running her tongue along Grace`s labia and licking her clit.

Lavinia worked slowly and diligently, with the long-practised skill of a whore, bringing Grace to the very cusp of orgasm, before letting her float gently back down.

When the orgasm finally hit, it was the longest most intense orgasm of Grace`s life. She moaned, bucked, and finally screamed out her ecstasy, as Lavinia thrust her long tongue deep into Grace`s spasming cunt.

Grace was awake early the next morning surprisingly alert considering the amount of alcohol she had consumed the night before. What`s happening to me? She thought, remembering Lavinia`s visit. I wanted it. I really wanted it. Had Max been there would I have let him fuck me? The answer was yes, and that frightened Grace. Why am I so afraid of sex? She thought to herself. It was a question that she couldn`t honestly answer. Was it the thought of a sweaty man humping himself into her body, using and abusing her for his own selfish needs, or was it something else? Something deeper inside of her, buried in a place she didn`t want to go?

Grace dressed quickly in the red Micro Mini that she had worn yesterday, and the same sheer blouse that had been covered in Jason`s spunk but was now clean and dry. There was still no underwear, and Grace had a feeling that there wasn`t going to be any.

Jason continued with the rest of his tests, As Grace kept herself busy marking yesterday’s papers. She noticed Jason dropping things on the floor and caught him peering unashamedly between her legs. She smiled and parted her thighs a little to give him an unrestricted view. Why am I doing this? She thought to herself. And why does it turn me on? Again, there were no answers. Just a longing.

“Not again Jason!” Said Grace, as Jason was bent over with his hands between his legs.

“Sorry Grace.” He grimaced. “Dad wouldn`t let me go to the party last night. I haven`t had an orgasm since yesterday.”

Grace sighed and grabbed a box of tissues. “Ok. But tell me when you`re going to cum ok?”

“Thanks Grace. I will.” Said Jason dropping his trousers.

Grace knelt in front of him and began rubbing his cock as before. When a large bead of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his cock, she leant forward and licked it off. She watched the knob balloon even larger, much to her delight, and then ran her tongue on the underside of his cock where a trail of pre-cum had gathered and scooped it into her mouth. What she said next surprised her as much as it did Jason.

“Jason if I suck your cock, will you come in my mouth?” Jason smiled down at Grace and nodded. Leaning forward, Grace took the knob between her lips, and began a gentle wanking motion with her hand, her tongue running over the hot glans, and her other hand, stroking and squeezing the huge balls, desperate to coax the heavy wad of spunk into her mouth.

Too soon, Jason began groaning and thrusting into her mouth with some urgency. Realising the crisis was at hand, Grace dropped her hand to her crotch, and began frantically rubbing her clit, while sucking the cock deeper into her mouth, and forming a tight seal around the fat cockhead with her lips. “I`m coming Grace, I`m coming!” Cried Jason, as she felt two pulsing squirts land on her tongue, followed by a hot viscous spurt of pure spunk, followed by another, and another. Grace sucked hard on the knob, as her own orgasm consumed her, swallowing quickly as more pulses filled her mouth.

Grace swallowed desperately, pulling her throbbing tits free of her blouse, massaging her nipples and hot tit flesh, as her body jerked and trembled in the final throes of her orgasm. Sucking the last of the sperm from the spent cock, Grace let it drop from her mouth. Kissing Jason tenderly on the lips, they lay in each other’s arms on the classroom floor. She didn`t need the tissues.


“She`s moving too quickly.” Said Max to Lavinia. “I can`t believe she blew Jason. I thought it would take at least a week to get her to this stage. We`re either giving her too much, or the drug is too potent.”

“You could be right Max. When I licked her last night, I slipped her a suppository. She was coming that hard she didn`t even notice. “

“My God Lavinia, you didn`t.” Said Max genuine concern written all over his face. “They were for the guests only. That was super concentrated, for a one-off dose. Bloody hell Lavinia, that could have killed her.”

Lavinia shrugged casually. “Then you`d better get on with fucking her then, before she pops her clogs.”

“Christ Lavinia. You can be bloody callous sometimes.”

“I`m bloody callous all the time Max, and today is your birthday. What a wonderful birthday present she would be to give to yourself.”

Max nodded in agreement. “I`m desperate to fuck her Lav. Did you see her in that dress last night? It was all I could do not to rape her there and then. My cock was like a fucking iron bar.”

“Good job she retired early then wasn`t it? How many fucks did it take to get her out of your system?”

“Four.” Admitted Max. “And now I`m right back up there again.”

Lavinia turned to leave, and as she opened the door she turned to Max.

“Want to know how I lubricated the suppository to shove it up her ass Max?”

Max looked at her fearing the answer.

“With the spunk dripping out of my cunt. Your spunk, Max.”

And Lavinia left the room.

Max slumped in his chair and considered the evening to come.

Grace was also considering the evening to come. Lavinia had come to her door to inform her that her presence was required at Max`s birthday bash this evening, and clothes were not welcome.

I can`t go. Thought Grace, sitting naked on her bed. Since returning to her room her body had been on meltdown. She had wanked twice and it still wasn`t enough, as her brain raced at a thousand miles an hour, with no one thought lasting for more than a few seconds before it was replaced by a more urgent one.

Desperate for a distraction, Grace sat at her desk and tried to finish marking Jason`s papers but found it almost impossible to concentrate. Leaning forward, she took her pen and pushed it into her ass, twisting it, and gently pushing it in and out, as she studied Jason`s answers.

“Grace!” Called Max from outside her door. “Are you coming down? The parties in full swing!”

“I can`t Max!” Replied Grace, sitting naked on the floor with her back against the chair, which in turn was wedged under the door handle.

Max tried the door, but it was stuck solid. “Grace please.” Continued Max. “What`s wrong?”

“I don`t want to be fucked Max. Please don`t let them fuck me.” Cried Grace, tears rolling freely down her cheeks.

“Grace, you`re being silly.” Said Max softly. “Nobody will force you to do anything you`re not comfortable with, and you know you can leave at any time. Now please come down.”

“No Max. You don`t get it. I can`t stop myself. If I go down there I will let them have me, Max. All of them, in any way they want. I won’t be able to help myself. My virginity is the only thing left of my old self. Please don`t let them take it from me Max, Please!” Begged Grace

“Open this door right now Grace.” Said Max angrily. “If you don`t open this door this instant, I`ll kick it fucking open.”

Grace pushed her back more forcefully against the chair. “I`m not coming out Max!” She shouted defiantly.

The door flew open. The back of the chair splintered, and Grace was propelled forward, face down on the carpet.

Max entered the room naked, his huge erection swinging lazily before him, as he grabbed Grace by the hair. “You filthy fucking slut.” He hissed in her ear. “You dirty fucking whore. Do you think I give two fucks for your virginity?

“Please Max! You`re hurting me!” Cried Grace, as she was dragged to her feet by her hair and thrust towards the door. “Max Please! I`m ill, I need to see a doctor!” Max took hold of her hair and dragged her to the very top of the stairs, overlooking the great hall.

Grace looked down at the scene in horror.

Mattresses had been thrown down and covered the floor of the great hall, and all were occupied by writhing naked bodies except for one. The one in the very centre. The one that a naked Lavinia was standing next to.

“Is this what you wanted to see Lavinia!” shouted Max. “Do you want to see me fuck this bitch!”

Lavinia looked up and smiled. Max was out of control. The drugs rarely got Max in this way, but when it did he was unstoppable. A fucking, raping, sex machine, and any woman, or man, that got in his way, was doomed. And right now, the person in his way was Grace.

Holding tight to her hair, Max dragged her down the stairs, picked her up, and threw her heavily onto the mattress.

Despite her terror, Grace couldn`t help but be turned on by what was going on around her. She was surrounded by huge, hard rampant cocks, their owners moving closer to see more of the action. Grace writhed on the bed, reaching for the nearest cock, as Max stood between her legs, his huge prick poised above her.

“Allow me Max.” Said Lavinia, throwing herself onto Grace in a sixty-nine position. Burying her face between Graces spreading legs. Lavinia knew that she couldn`t let Max fuck her like this. She had to get her ready, and she didn`t have long. Grace grabbed Lavinia around her upper thighs pulling her cunt down to meet her eagerly lapping tongue.

Grace was lost. Driven crazy by the smells, naked bodies, and Lavinia’s tongue, Grace pulled her knees up to her chest, and spread her legs, giving Lavinia unrestricted access to her dripping snatch.

“Get off her Lavinia.” Growled Max. “Lavinia, I said get the fuck off her!” Grace`s tongue lapped thin air for a moment, as the older woman was pulled off and cast aside. You`re on your own now Grace, thought Lavinia, as she was helped up by onlookers.

Max took Lavinia’s place between Grace`s spread legs, desperately trying to find her hole with his cock. “No Max!” Cried Grace “Not like this. I want it from behind. I want you to fuck me like a dog.” Max looked at Grace for a moment, surprised by her request, and then grinned, quickly flipping her onto her stomach, and pulling her to her knees. “Use me Max. Fuck your cock into me. Do it now.”

Max needed no further urging. Pushing her legs apart with his knees, he thrust his cock forward. Missing its target in his haste, his cock slid beneath her in their combined juices, and came to rest hard against her stomach. My God thought Grace as it touched her belly button. That`s how far inside me it`s going to go. “Fuck me you bastard! Fucking fuck me!” Cried Grace, eager now to get it over with.

Grace arched her back, presenting him with a target that could not be missed. Squeezing and crushing her tits in his large hands, Max lunged forward. Grace screamed, but her Hymen held. Grace was pitched forward, her face pressing into the mattress. The pain was incredible, and as Grace struggled to catch her breath, Max lunged again. This lunge lifted Grace’s knees clear of the mattress, but still the stubborn hymen held. “Stop Max!” Cried Grace. Openly crying now, all lust and desire deserting her, in the face of the all-consuming agony. “Please somebody help me! I don`t want him to do it!” But nobody came to her aid. Max began using short jabbing strokes, desperate to break the seal. “Hold her! Said Max, urgently. The two men closest to Grace, dropped to their knees either side of Grace`s head, bracing themselves against her shoulders, perfectly aware of Max`s intentions, as Grace’s tits caressed their formidable erections. “When I say, you push the bitch back onto my cock understand?” Both men nodded and waited for the command.

“Now.” Said Max, thrusting forward. Grace screamed, feeling the Hymen hold, then give, and finally tear, allowing Max`s huge organ to surge up into her belly, pushing aside the slick walls of her cunt for the very first time.

“Oh, Max. What have you done.” Sobbed Grace into the mattress, as Max began rotating his hips, widening the channel, and pushing deeper. Grace glanced between her legs and saw Max`s huge heavily veined balls slapping against her, as he began fucking in earnest. There was nothing gentle in Max`s fucking. He was rutting into her, as one animal to another, driving his entire length deep inside her body. She watched as her traitorous clit rubbed along the entire length of his cock, as it plunged in and out, sending nasty thrills through her quivering cunt. Instinctively, she spread her legs wider, giving Max all the encouragement he needed to pound her slick pussy.

Bloody hell. This is the tightest juiciest pussy on the fucking planet. Thought Max, as he felt his swollen knob butt up against the neck of her womb. He could feel the spunk rising in his balls, and he knew he wasn`t going to last much longer, but then he had no intentions of doing so. This was merely the first fuck of many this evening. It was his birthday after all.

Feeling Grace spread her legs and begin humping back at him, tipped Max over the edge. With a roar, He thrust as deeply inside her as he could, and held himself there. He wanted Grace to feel every ripple and pulse, as he shot his copious load into her body.

Grace was coming too. It was the sheer filthiness of it. It was the basic animalistic rutting, that got her off in the end. This was how it should be. She thought. Getting fucked on a cum stained mattress, with dozens of naked cunts, and erect cocks looking on. She felt the cock jerk and spasm, deep inside her, and a liquid warmth flooded through her loins. She could actually feel the individual jets, as Max flooded her cunt with his sperm.

Getting an idea, Max quickly pulled his orgasming cock from Grace`s cunt, and spreading the cheeks of her ass, he opened her little hole with the tip of his cock and fired the last of his jets directly into her ass-cunt, lubricating her anal passage. Once the last of his spunk had dribbled into her, Max simply stood up and walked away. “Have fun Grace.” He said, as he pushed through the crowd.

Max`s place was immediately taken by another, who pushed his heavily greased cock hard against her asshole. “You promised me this girl and now I`m going to take it.” Said the voice from behind her. She recognised the voice as that of the old guy she had spoken to with Max the previous day. What was his name? Bertrand, that was it.

Grace gasped, and held her face to the mattress, As the fat slick knob pushed inside her. Her muscles snapping shut behind the cockhead, holding it tightly inside her ass.

“Shit me out girl. Go on, fucking shit me out.” Panted Bertrand.

Grace did as she was told, and suddenly felt the full length of his cock surge into her. Grace screamed into the mattress as it felt like her entire ass was being ripped apart. She was finding it hard to breath as Bertrand leant over her, and began to gently fondle her tits, and pull on her large erect nipples. “It`s ok Grace.” Whispered Bertrand. “That`s the worst of it over now. I just need you to relax. Relax for me Grace, and it will be easier for you.”

Bertrand contented himself with rotating his hips, delighting in the incredible tightness of her ass, as her body became accustomed to the huge slab of meat that was now inside her. “I`m going to fuck you now Grace.” Said Bertrand softly, as he began to slowly move his cock in and out.

Grace tried desperately hard to relax her muscles, and found that her asshole was beginning to expand, accepting the invader, and the pain of the initial thrust was diminishing to a dull ache. She lifted herself onto her elbows and looked between her legs to see Bertrand’s huge balls slapping her in the cunt as he picked up the pace. “Stop Bertrand. Wait. Hold it deep inside me.” Said Grace.

Bertrand pushed his cock deep inside her ass until he felt his balls hard against her cunt.

“Keep it there.” Said Grace as she reached between her legs, caressing the heavy balls, and coating them in the thick spunk that oozed from her dripping hole. Grace arched her back a little more, to get a better angle, and brought her erect clit into contact with Bertrand’s rolling testicles, moving them rapidly from side, to side, across her throbbing nubbin, bringing herself closer, and closer, to orgasm.

Bertrand groaned in delight, as he felt her soft hands dragging his balls across her clit, and when the orgasm finally took her, he felt her ass pulse around his cock as she fucked herself back upon him. Taking that as his cue, Bertrand fucked her with abandon. He fucked her hard, caring little now for her own pleasure, until finally with just his knob inside her, he began to ejaculate, firing heavy wads of spunk deep into her ass.

Grace felt it all. The pulsing cock, the viscous jets of hot sperm, coating the walls of her ass-cunt and falling deep inside her.

Bertrand withdrew his cock with a soft plop, and Grace orgasmed again five seconds later, brought off by the feeling of his filthy hot spunk, running out of her shafted ass.

Grace was fucked many times that night. In her mouth, her cunt, and her ass. She licked pussy after pussy, and wanked cock after cock, until she felt them spattering their cream across her belly, face, and tits. Eventually, totally exhausted, she was allowed to fall asleep on her cum soaked mattress.


The following morning, Max, Lavinia, Jason, and Sue were gathered in Max`s study when there came a gentle knock on the door.

Grace entered, and immediately went to stand before Max`s desk, hands clasped behind her back. Her gaze fixed somewhere above Max`s head. “I`m Leaving.” She said bluntly.

Max nodded as if considering her request. “If you leave Grace who will teach my son?”

Grace lowered her eyes and stared at Max with a vacant distant expression. “Jason doesn`t need me. He has had an excellent education and scored very highly in all of the tests I set for him. Why did you bring me here Max?”

“Well I- “

“Tell her the truth Dad. She deserves that much.” Demanded Sue.

“We`re developing a new kind of drug.” Said Lavinia. “A drug to increase the sex drive of women. To test it effectively, we needed someone with little or no sex drive. I`m sorry Grace but you were the perfect candidate.”

“So, you drugged me. That`s why I`ve been feeling like this?”

“Yes.” Said Max. “Are you feeling alright Grace?” Her speech was a little slurred, and she seemed confused and distracted.

“I`m ok.” She looked accusingly at Sue. “You knew about this.”

“I did. I’m sorry Grace.” Replied Sue truthfully, becoming increasingly worried by Grace`s blank expression. “What`s your name Grace?”

“I`m Grace.” Then she thought for a moment. “Grace Dexler. Max fucked me last night Sue. He really did.”

“I believe you Grace.” Sue stood and went to put her arm around her, but Grace quickly backed away.

“You`re not my friend.”

“I`m sorry.” Said Sue sitting back down.

We`ve fucked her up. Thought Max. Her minds gone. Fucking hell.

Grace nodded her head, a little too lowly to be completely normal. “Goodbye Max.” She said and turned to leave.

Lavinia grabbed Max`s shoulder and shook her head urgently. “We can`t let her leave Max. She knows to much, and if anyone sees her like this…”

Lavinia didn`t need to finish. Max knew that he couldn`t let her leave. Not yet. But to use any kind of force could finish her off completely.

“Grace wait. Those clothes. They belong to Lavinia.” Began Max. “If you really want to leave I won’t stop you. But those clothes belong to us. Kindly remove them and leave them on that chair wont you?

Grace looked at Max clearly confused. “But these are all I have Max. I have no others.”

“Then stay Grace. I`ll buy you some more. You can choose them.”

Grace seemed to consider this for a moment, and then began unbuttoning her blouse. She removed each item of clothing slowly and deliberately, oblivious to those in the room, and folded them neatly before placing them on the chair as instructed.

The high heeled shoes she removed last of all. She checked the soles minutely for any sign of dirt, and confident that they were clean, placed them on top of her clothes. Naked now, she turned and left the room.

“Stop her Max!” Cried Lavinia, panic in her voice.

“Relax Lavinia.” Said Max picking up his phone. “She won’t get far.”


The captain of the supply boat docked at the jetty, put down his phone, and regarded the naked girl winding her way down the road towards him, with some interest. With large, firm breasts and a narrow waist, she looked a perfect goddess. And as she got closer he noticed her perfectly shaven pussy. He grinned to himself. Just the way he liked them.

But Mister Dexlers instructions had been implicit. She was not to be touched in any way, and she was absolutely not to get on the boat under any circumstances.

Grace saw the man on the jetty watching her as she approached, and she put on her best smile. She remembered many years ago her mother telling her that she should always smile at people. People liked it when you smiled at them. And after all, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

“I want to go to Barbados.” She said to the man.

The captain looked her up and down appreciatively. “Girl, where on earth are your clothes.?”

“I don`t have any.” She replied. “They were taken from me.”

“Well young missy. I`m afraid I can`t take you back looking like that. You`ll either be arrested or raped, and I`ll get into a lot of trouble.”

Grace looked sad. “It doesn`t matter if I`m raped. I`m not a virgin anymore you see, and I`ve had lots of sex. But I wouldn`t like you to get into trouble.”

“You should go back to the house.” Said the captain. Grace smiled and walked back down the jetty. Perfect ass too. Thought the captain.

Grace made her way to the beach, pleased to have soft sand between her toes, instead of the hot tarmac of the road. She walked to the waters edge, chasing the water as it retreated, and then running away laughing as a wave chased her up the beach. She caught site of the house perched upon the hill and felt a sharp pang of regret. Her belongings were still there. Her battered old suitcase, with her books, photos, and that old cloth dolly.

But they belonged to the old Grace, she reasoned. And the old Grace was dead. She new nothing about the new Grace of course. She didn`t know who she was, or what she was going to do next, but the old Grace was no more, so her belongings were of no consequence.

She looked across the ocean at the island of Barbados in the distance. Gosh, it looked so far away. But you`re a swimmer Grace, you can do this. And taking a deep breath, she plunged into the surf.



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