The Intruder

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Kelly awoke in the middle of the night from what seemed to be an incredibly vivid dream, still caught somewhere between the phantasmagoric realm and the physical world. Her husband was out of town so she was all alone on this chilly autumn evening, secluded in the estate miles outside of town.

There was a full moon that night, and the room was partly illuminated by the shafts of moonlight that darted through the blinds. Still semi-conscious, she felt an overwhelming, palpable presence of someone in the hallway beyond the closed bedroom door, but she wasn’t at all frightened by this mysterious sensation. In fact, she was experiencing strangely erotic, highly charged sexual feelings like she had never known. She felt such a powerful attraction to this alien presence and an irresistible urge to approach it, though she couldn’t quite understand what it was. She could almost hear a voice calling her name, beckoning her forth. It was a silky, sensuous voice that she simply could not refuse.

Almost without any effort or conscious deliberation whatsoever, Kelly rose from her bed, wearing only one of her husband’s flannel shirts, which covered her down to the middle of her thighs. She could think of nothing else but seeking out this strange entity in the hallway beyond the door. She slowly made her way across the floor without even being fully aware of her movement, as if she were sleepwalking, and slowly opened the door. The hallway was partly lit by the soft moonlight that shined through a large window, and by a streetlight on the lonely road outside. She could see that the French doors in the living room had been opened, and she could hear the rustling of leaves outside on this brisk autumn night. lezbiyen porno But instead of fear, she still felt only the urge to approach this mysterious presence.

Down the hallway, Kelly could discern the dark silhouette of a figure standing by their grand piano. As she approached, she became aware of a pair of eyes, two pools of almost glowing emerald green that were illuminated by a lone shaft of moonlight that streaked across a distinctly feminine face. They seemed to be the source of the seductive power that drew her onward. She could hear that sensual voice again, calling her name, summoning her forth, like a siren’s song luring an unwitting sailor. Kelly could feel those eyes that seemed to burn right through her.

‘Come here my pretty,’ she could hear, though not a sound was made.

‘Thaaat’s it my pretty,’ the voice teased, laughing almost.

Kelly continued, and soon found herself standing just a few feet in front of this strange intruder, transfixed upon those glowing emerald pools, slackjawed, utterly unable to speak. Standing in the dim moonlight, the mysterious figure stood about 5’7″ tall, about the same as Kelly, with a strikingly beautiful face, and a long, sleek exquisite figure. She was dressed entirely in black. She wore a mischievous, seductive smirk, as if she were amused by the power she had over her mesmerized plaything. In the soft light, Kelly could notice her rounded breasts, her slim waist, the gentle curves of her hips, her long, graceful legs, much like a dancer’s. But it was those eyes that her in thrall.

Though she never had a bisexual impulse in her life, Kelly was overwhelmed by an intense attraction that she couldn’t liseli porno resist even if she wanted to.

‘Let me look at you my pretty,’ the voice said.

As Kelly stared blankly ahead, the figure slowly circled her, taking her in, admiring her, like a wine connoisseur savoring a rare vintage. This strange entity took in the vision before her. She started at Kelly’s bare feet – perfectly sculpted, with high, beautifully rounded arches. She studied her ankles, her taut calves, and her firm thighs. With an approving smirk she briefly returned her gaze to Kelly’s face.

‘You have such beautiful legs, my pretty,’ the entranced woman could hear.

The intruder continued to caress Kelly with her eyes as she ran her hand along the curves of Kelly’s hips, and the soft swell of her belly as she reached between the buttons of her shirt. She giggled as she playfully tickled Kelly’s tummy around the navel.

‘Are you ticklish, sweetie,?’ the voice teased, as Kelly’s stomach contracted involuntarily.

The figure then turned her eyes to Kelly’s soft, rounded breasts, where they remained for a few seconds, and then back to her face – her vacant brown eyes, her full, bowed lips.

‘You are so pretty, so very pretty,’ Kelly heard, as the woman ran her fingers through her long brown hair.

‘Oh, yes. You are lovely indeed.’

The strange figure paused then took a step back and leaned against the grand piano, playfully stroking the keys with her delicate fingers, still smirking at her prey, thoroughly pleased with herself.

‘Do you play, my lovely, hmmm? ‘You know,’ she added with that silky voice, ‘I started playing the piano when I was a very mature porno little girl, just 4 years old…I bet you weren’t even born’, she chuckled.

She took a step back and slowly circled Kelly once again, as if she was sizing her up for some unknown purpose.

‘Come on my pretty, come with me,’ the voice instructed.

The woman then took Kelly’s hand and turned towards the open French doors in the living room. She lead her towards the door, like a crossing guard helping a schoolgirl across the street on her first day of school.

‘That’s it my pretty. Good girl,’ Kelly could hear as she was being led towards the door, only half-realizing that she was even moving. The chilly breeze began blowing her hair as they approached the door. The woman was still holding Kelly’s hand and smiling at her with that devilish smirk, her piercing eyes still holding sway over her victim.

She began leading Kelly out the door, but then suddenly stopped just as she was about to step outside, as if she’d forgotten something. She stepped back from the door and pulled Kelly close towards her. The woman stroked her hair again, and Kelly could again hear that playful, teasing voice – ‘We don’t want you to get your pretty little feet all dirty now do we? Hmmm?’

Kelly stood by the door as the woman slipped her arm around her waist, tracing the contour of her hip. She smiled at Kelly, pausing briefly, and then bent down, reaching her arm behind Kelly’s bare thighs. Kelly’s arm slipped around the woman’s shoulder. The woman then swept Kelly up into her arms, as a groom would his bride, about to cross the threshold. After holding her for a few moments, she jostled Kelly’s body up again to hold her more securely. The woman giggled as she cradled Kelly in her arms.

‘Now isn’t that better my pretty,’ the voice teased, as Kelly’s bare legs were exposed to the cool night air.

‘Just like my bride.’

She then stepped out the door and carried her burden off into the night.

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