The Job Interview

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Helena straightened her skirt as she stepped into the lift. She had managed to sleep for a few hours after landing in New York that morning, and hoped the long shower and the makeup she had applied covered the worst of her jetlag. The hotel she was staying in was one of Manhattan’s finest, but she had never learned to travel effortlessly, and as the empty lift ascended more than thirty floors, she hoped she was fully awake and ready for this interview.

The lift pinged discreetly, and Helena checked her lipstick once more before stepping out into a wide corridor. Expensive-looking abstract paintings hung on dark grey walls, and the thick cream carpet muffled the sound of her high heels as she walked to the receptionist’s desk.

“I’m Helena Hunter,” she said. “I have a 6pm interview with Ms Martinez, for the executive assistant role.”

The receptionist typed rapidly and looked at her computer screen, then smiled and nodded.

“Please take a seat, Ms Hunter. Lucia will be with you momentarily.”

She indicated a wide black leather sofa, and Helena sat down. She picked up a catalogue of the firm’s latest work and started to flick through it, but she couldn’t focus on the glossy photographs. Instead, she watched the receptionist discreetly. The woman was probably a year or two younger than Helena herself, with perfectly coiffed short dark red hair and an all-black outfit that could have been professionally styled. Helena imagined that it probably had been. The receptionist worked calmly and efficiently, answering phone calls through her headset and typing quickly and precisely.

“Helena Hunter?”

She had been so engrossed in watching the red-headed receptionist that she hadn’t noticed a door open opposite her. A tall, thin woman with cropped dark hair, wearing a white trouser suit, walked into the lobby. Helena stood quickly and picked up her handbag. The woman walked towards her and they shook hands.

“I’m Lucia Martinez. Thank you so much for agreeing to meet this late in the afternoon.”

“Not at all,” Helena said. “I’ve had plenty of time to recover from the flight.”

“Wonderful,” Lucia Martinez said, then turned to the receptionist. “That will be all for today, Anna. Thank you.”

The red-head smiled and removed her headset. “Thank you, Lucia,” she said, “I’ll be in at nine tomorrow.”

As Anna straightened her desk and got her things together ready to leave the office, Lucia Martinez ushered Helena into her office and closed the door. She waved Helena into one of the black leather armchairs, and walked to a table where a number of bottles and glasses were arranged.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“Just a glass of water would be lovely, Ms Martinez.”

“Call me Lucia, please. Ice?”

Helena nodded, and Lucia poured two glasses from a jug of iced water. She set both on the glass coffee table in front of Helena, and turned for a moment to remove her oral seks porno white suit jacket and hang it carefully on a hook by the door. Helena stole a quick glance at her interviewer’s outfit: a crisply tailored white shirt and white waistcoat topped off the white suit trousers. Even her shoes were white brogues. Not a woman prone to spilling coffee, Helena thought, contrasting the outfit to her own black pencil skirt and suit jacket over a pale blue shirt.

Lucia settled into the armchair opposite Helena, and took a sip of water. “Shall we begin?” she asked, and Helena nodded. “Yes, of course.”

Lucia asked Helena about her background and her current role as a communications assistant, and Helena did her best to answer professionally and competently. They talked about her education, and Lucia smiled when Helena mentioned her undergraduate degree from one of the UK’s most prestigious universities. “I spent a semester – or term, I suppose – there myself.” She paused, and Helena wondered what pleasant memories she was recalling, but then blinked and resumed her questions.

Twenty minutes passed while Helena answered a wide variety of questions about her work, about her problem-solving experience, and about her knowledge of communications work. Lucia worked without notes, and Helena was impressed at her recall of minor details that Helena had mentioned in previous answers. Finally Lucia smiled. “Excellent. The next part of the interview will be more practical. For the role of my personal assistant, I need to know that you will be able to handle a variety of different situations with skill and discretion.”

She stood up, and motioned to Helena to come over to the mahogany conference table. Helena stood, and removed her suit jacket, lying it on the back of the armchair. Coming closer to the table, she saw several small piles of documents. She picked up the top paper from one of the piles – a letter terminating a contract with one of their suppliers. She began to read, trying to pick out the salient points. Suddenly, she was aware of Lucia standing very close behind her.

“All manner of situations, in fact,” Lucia whispered in her ear. Helena tried to turn, but felt Lucia’s hands on her hips holding her in place. The hand on her left hip moved up to her waist, pressing gently, and then further up to cup her breast. Helena gasped as she felt Lucia’s body pressing against hers, and felt the press of something hard against her back. “Would you like to experience one of them?”

“Yes,” Helena breathed, “Oh, yes,” She gasped again as she felt Lucia’s lips on her neck, and the hand on her breast began to squeeze harder. Lucia’s right hand stroked down her leg, and slipped beneath her skirt. Helena breathed faster as she felt Lucia’s fingers brush up her stockinged leg, and, dropping the papers she had been holding, she unbuttoned her shirt, allowing Lucia’s hand to slip inside. Helena playboy porno closed her eyes and moaned quietly in pleasure as Lucia deftly unfastened her bra at the front and cupped her breasts with both hands, pinching her nipples gently at first, and then more forcefully. She let her head fall back and Lucia kissed and sucked her neck as Helena reached back with one hand and ran her fingers through Lucia’s choppy dark hair. Helena felt as though all the blood in her body was rushing to her clit. She wanted Lucia, and she wanted her now.

“Mmm,” Lucia said, “no, I don’t think so,” and removed Helena’s hand with hers, pushing her forward gently so that she was forced to use both arms to support herself on the table. “This one is all me,” Lucia said, and ran her hands down Helena’s hips again to the hem of her skirt, this time pushing it up slowly. Helena could hear the smile in Lucia’s voice as she reached the top of her stockings. “Suspenders,” she murmured, “wonderful!” She traced the lines of the lace and ribbons with her fingers, gently pulling on the straps and allowing them to snap back against Helena’s thighs, making her gasp.

Lucia pushed the skirt higher, until it was bunched around Helena’s waist, exposing her black thong. With one hand holding Helena’s hip firmly, she gently reached between her legs to stroke the soft lace between her legs, feeling the warmth and wetness. “Mmm,” she said again. “I think you might be ready for what I have for you. Would you like it?”

She slipped one finger inside the thong and Helena moaned again, louder this time, as Lucia’s finger brushed over her clit. “Oh, yes!” she panted. “Now. Please!”

Helena heard the zip of Lucia’s trousers unfastening, and a rustle as the clothes fell to the floor. With one hand, Lucia pushed Helena’s thong aside, and with the other she guided the strap-on between Helena’s legs. She used the tip to stroke Helena’s clit, making her cry out again, and slowly worked it back and forth along the length of her vulva, until it was glistening.

“Oh, Lucia,” Helena breathed, “I want it. I need it inside me.” She braced her arms against the dark wooden surface of the table.

“Say please,” Lucia smiled.


With one hand, Lucia guided the strap-on to the entrance of Helena’s vagina, and gently pushed the head into her. Helena moaned. “More!”

Lucia gripped Helena’s hips once more, tighter this time, and began to thrust her hips against Helena’s. With each thrust, she pushed a little more of the strap-on into Helena, and Helena panted a little louder. She bucked her hips back as Lucia pushed the full length inside her, and continued to thrust with long, slow strokes, withdrawing almost all the of strap-on each time before using her hips to push back into Helena up to the hilt.

“Faster!” Helena moaned, and Lucia obliged.

“You like it like that,” she panted. It wasn’t a question pornhub porno but a statement, as Helena began to cry out with every thrust. Her legs began to shake as the long shaft brought her close to the edge. But it wasn’t quite enough for her.

“Stroke me,” she gasped. “My clit – please…”

Lucia slipped one hand around Helena’s hips, holding the other and continuing to thrust, but slower now. With one long finger, she began to stroke Helena’s clit, and then added a second. Her fingers pressed harder, and began to massage faster. Helena lost track of how loud she was moaning and gasping as she felt waves of pleasure flowing from her clit. Her legs began to shake, and she cried out, pressing against Lucia’s fingers as the strap-on continued to thrust inside her.

“I’m – ” she started to say, and then was lost in a powerful orgasm that began in her clit and radiated in pulses of pleasure throughout her body. She collapsed forward and rested her cheek against the dark cool wood of the conference table, enjoying the afterglow and feeling her body jerk in response to the last few flicks of Lucia’s finger against her clit. She felt her muscles tighten and clench against the strap-on resting inside her, feeling the dildo fill her. Lucia stroked her bottom and thighs and Helena rode the last few waves, feeling her body tremble with each touch, until finally she lay still.

Lucia carefully withdrew the strapon from Helena, using the head for one last trembling flick across her clit, and helped her push herself upright and turn until she was sitting on the edge of the table. She held Helena in her arms and kissed her deeply, and Helena wrapped her legs tightly around the other woman and kissed her back. She was still breathing heavily, but felt her pulse slow as she enjoyed the touch of Lucia’s tongue against her own.

Eventually, they came up for air.

“Well,” Helena said, still a little out of breath. “I can see why everyone wants to work for you.”

“Ah, my actual job interviews aren’t nearly as much fun as that,” Lucia smiled, and kissed her again. “More tests, fewer…”


“Exactly. But the important question is: did you enjoy it?” she asked.

“Oh, yes,” Helena replied. “Better even than my fantasy. I owe you.”

“Don’t be silly. You organised the last game, in Boston, and the time before that in London.”

“What about Brighton?” Helena asked playfully.

“Brighton was a win-win situation, I think.” Lucia kissed Helena deeply again, pulling her close. “Now, how about dinner? Anna has picked up your things from the hotel, so we can go straight to my apartment. I have some exciting plans for tonight, and I’ve picked up a little something new for you to wear.”

“Sounds like a perfect evening,” Helena said. “But I might need to sort myself out first.” She gestured at her dishevelled outfit.

“Not to worry,” Lucia said, “My driver is waiting downstairs, and she is very discreet. It’s only about twenty minutes from here and you can shower and clean up. Our reservation is for nine.”

“And after dinner?”

“I have the next few days booked as vacation,” Lucia smiled. “Let’s see if we can’t come up with something to occupy ourselves.”

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