The King’s and I Ch. 02

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Daddy’s cock was no once again hard between my thighs and my pussy was still wet from both of our cum. I expected and wanted him to push me over onto the table and fuck me again, but to my surprise and disappointment I felt him pull away from me. His huge cock slid from between my thighs, his head grazing my pussy as it did so and making me moan out loud. As if on cue, two of the women from earlier, both completely naked save their high heels, held my arms and turned me round to face my daddy. They tugged me back until I hit the table and I jumped up to sit on it, wondering what was going on.

They both leant in to kiss me on the lips, slipping their tongue in and pulling away before I’d really had enough which left me chasing after their mouths. They smirked as I did so, their hands roaming over my desert-covered body-down to stroke my pussy, around to grab my ass and squeeze my tits. After we’d kissed for what felt like an eternity and my pussy was dripping wet again they climbed on to the table next to me and bent their heads to begin lapping up the cream and caramel on my titties and around my pussy, leaving me writhing whilst I faced my daddy who’d sat back down on his throne, only a few feet away but watching intently.

He hadn’t undressed from the first time he’d fucked me, and now, with the sounds of the orgy behind me, he sprawled out on his throne with his enormous cock in hand, slowly stroking it. Clearly he didn’t need to pump himself anymore, he was completely erect and pre cum was already oozing out of the tip which I couldn’t help but long to drink up.

“Daddy-please…” I moaned, not even knowing what I was asking for, but he just smirked at me.

“Quiet, baby. Let me watch these two whores lick you out first, don’t you want that?”

“I-I need you, daddy! Please, I need your cock more-” but even as I said it I felt the woman on my left duck her head further and probe my clit with her tongue. Not having ever been touched or licked like this before, I cried out in pleasure and threw my head back. The show that I was putting on for my daddy was enough to turn me on, but one mouth on my titties and one in my pussy pushed me ever further. I was now laying back on the table, propped up on my elbows and feet on the table, spreading my knees apart so that daddy could watch how my pussy was being eaten by this woman. Having nothing else to do, I looked to the one on my right and stroked down her hair and back as she sucked my tit and massaged the other one. Getting no response I grabbed one of her tits in my hand and brought it to my mouth. She hovered over me and laughed and I sucked enthusiastically on her nipple, unable to stop bucking my hips into the other woman’s mouth.

Suddenly, though, the woman from my right was yanked off me and the one sucking my pussy scrambled away. My father had stridden from his chair and grabbed the other whore by the hair, bringing her face close to his.

“No escort reklamları one fucking puts anything in her mouth unless it’s my cock or my cum, you piece of shit!” He spat, flinging her from the table. Both of them quickly made their exit and I gazed longingly up at my father. His anger only filled me with more lust, increased only by the way that whilst his hands were balled by his side his cock still stood completely erect right in front of me without any support.

“Daddy,” I whimpered, pushing myself to sitting on the table, “please, daddy I’m sorry, I’m-“

“You’re a dirty little whore, that’s what you are.” He snapped, but looking in to his eyes and seeing his cock twitch made me realise how much it turned him on.

“Y-yes daddy, I know; but I’m your dirty little whore.” I moved to the edge of the table but my pussy was still on full display, juices dripping out of it on to the table. I gazed up at him and then bit my lip, moving my gaze down to his glistening cock.

“What is it you want then, whore?” He smirked, seeing my gaze.

“Anything you want, daddy. Anything at-” but I was cut off my him taking a single step forward and suddenly slamming his whole 11 inches in to me so that his balls slapped against my thighs.

“UGH! Daddy, that hurts!” I cried.

“Shut up, whore,” he spat, pulling out so that his head came all the way out before slamming back in again, “I know you fucking like it, being used by your daddy and king like this. You’ve never had a cock like mine before, don’t lie you little slut; all day you dream about being filled up with a cock like mine and you never get the chance. Well-” he pulled out again and slammed back in, “now’s your chance, so don’t make me fucking pick some other whore to serve me tonight.”

Even as he said it, I knew it was true. His hands dug in to my hips, and although him taking me so suddenly was painful to begin with, that pain soon turned in to pleasure and I was once again moaning and then screaming for him to go faster and harder. He fucked me harder with every thrust, his gigantic cock repeated slamming in to me as hard as it could and just when I thought he was about to fill me up with his cum once again he pulled out.

I let out a disappointed mewl until I felt his hands on my hips roughly drag me off the table to stand in front of him.

“Kneel for your king, whore.” He told me, and I immediately dropped to my knees in front of him to take in his gigantic twitching cock. But it was too big! There was no way I was going to fit all that in my mouth.

Before I could even consider how to suck his whole cock he’s grabbed it himself and guided it to smear the pre cum over my closed mouth. I licked my lips and ate the small amount of delicious cum he’d left over my lips. But he wasn’t done- as soon as my mouth was partially open from licking my lips he grabbed my head gaziantep escort reklamları with his other hand and forced his cock into my mouth. I moaned in surprise and tried to breath but his pulsing dick was forced once again in to my mouth-even further this time. It hit the back of my throat and on the next thrust went even further. I gagged around it and held on to his thighs to try and make him slow down but he just kept face fucking me like the little whore I was.

It wasn’t long until He pulled out completely and forced my face to look up at him.

“Good girl, baby, I know you liked that. I know all you fantasize about is getting face fucked by your king, hmm? Yeah, don’t pretend you didn’t like that whore. I’ll give it to you again when you’re good and ready, but for now…” I thought he was going to rape my face again but instead he began pumping his cock right in front of my face. No way was I going to let it squirt over my face and waste it, so just as he was about to come I surged forward and sucked his swollen head in to my mouth.

“MMmmmmmmm!!” I moaned lustfully around his cock as his cum poured in to my mouth. There was more of it that I ever thought possible. I was going to keep it in my mouth before swallowing to show him what a good girl I’d been, but there was just too much! I swallowed and swallowed and moaned at how fucking delicious my own daddy’s cum was as it poured in to my mouth and down my throat. He really was filling me up in every hole, my dream come true.

When I’d finished sucking him off and given his long shaft a final lick he yanked me up and reached around to play with my ass. He attacked my neck at the same time which aroused me more than anything- his hands alternately groped and slapped my ass which was still accentuated by the ruined black thong. My black heels were also still on, so I wasn’t as short compared to him as I usually was. Perhaps that’s why he hadn’t recognised me.

As if reading my mind he rutted against me and slapped my ass hard, drawing his mouth away from my neck and kissing me deeply before pulling away and whispering in my ear.

“You think you’ve fooled me, baby? You think I don’t know who my own daughter is? Fuck, I never realised you were such a little cum slut otherwise I would have taken you a very, very long time ago. Even when you were still younger I used to rent out whores the same age as you and fuck them, imagining it was you the whole time. You like the thought of that baby?” He chuckled in my ear and all I could do was stutter.

“D-daddy, p-please, I’m sorry!”

“Sorry for what, baby? Finally, here you are, ready to admit how much you want me to ravish you. You dirty fucking little slut, I can see how much it turns you on to have your daddy fuck and rape you in front of the whole hall. I wonder, what if I hadn’t picked you and you’d had to go and serve some gaziantep escort bayan reklamları other noble? I bet you would have gladly done it, huh? Little slut, anyone’s cum can fill you up, can’t it?”

“No! No, daddy, I swear, only yours!” I clung to him desperately, feeling my pussy throb as I still hadn’t orgasmed and him slapping my ass was only making me more turned on.

“Well, if you say so baby.” He laughed, and threw me back on to the table. He turned me over so I was once again on my front.

“But for being such a naughty girl you really should be punished.”

I felt his hand connect with my ass and cried out-he thought it was in pain and tried to soother me.

“Don’t worry, baby,” He whispered, quiet enough for no one else to hear, “I just need to discipline my only daughter in to good slut behaviour before we go any further.” Before we go any further…So my daddy WOULD fuck me again! I thought elatedly. I knew he had sex rooms around the castle but I’d never been allowed in one…perhaps he would allow me the honour of being taken in one of them.

He slapped my ass again, and this time I couldn’t hide my moan being a pleasurable one.

“Oh, fuck!” I cried, lust filling my tone, and he stopped, both hands holding my ass.

“Baby? Are you-are you enjoying this?” He laughed incredulously.


“Don’t lie to me slut!” He snapped, and spanked me again, harder. I moaned even more loudly. Just from spanking my ass I was about to cum all over the table.

“Oh my god, you really are a filthy little slut…you’re my filthy little slut though. And if spanking you is making you wet, then I’d better find some other way to punish my little girl. After all, as your father, it is I who needs to discipline you properly.” He stood me up again and turned me to face him.

“Come here a while, though, baby.” He ordered, stepping back to his chair and patting his lap.

“Oh fuck, look how fucking hot you are though. Perfect titties, wet, soft, tight little pussy for my fucking and a perfect ass that I can split in two.” I glowed in side and sauntered over to him, straddling him on his throne and leaning down to kiss my daddy on the lips. He grabbed his cock to stroke in one hand and my head with the other, forcing me in to a deeper kiss which I gladly accepted. Our tongues were wet and I could still taste his delicious cum in my mouth and, after a while of kissing each other like the good family we were, my daddy had stroked his cock back to an erection again.

Before I knew what was happening, he lifted me up and sheathed himself in my still dripping wet pussy.

“UhG!!” I cried out loudly as all 11 inches once again filled my pussy. It felt-incredible. I thought he was going to fuck me right there in front of everyone again, but instead he stood up, with his cock still sheathed inside of me and my legs wrapped around his waist.

“Now, baby, I’m going to show my daughter just how much of a slut she has to be to please me…are you ready?” He began walking to the door at the back and I nodded my head, to overcome to say anything.

With ever step he took his cock pushed inside of me making me bounce along with the steps to get it to fuck me even more. I had a feeling the rest of the night was going to be even better…

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