The Lending Lover Ch. 02

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Nick grabbed his keys before he’d even finished chewing the last bite of breakfast. His phone lit up with another alert and he smiled.

“Geez, hang on, I’m on my way,” he remarked. He loved when Kate’s desire fueled such impatience. She’d even sent him the always-sexy peach emoji three times in a row. He replied with an eggplant and water droplets. By the time he got outside, he’d received a grinning face with star eyes. Nick loved how corny she could be at times. Somehow, it turned him on like nothing else did.

He merged onto the highway and cranked the volume on his car stereo, as he had become accustomed to doing on the way to Kate’s. Nick’s body surged with adrenaline and anticipation. Visiting her home for an early morning quickie had become an occasional delight whenever he had a service appointment scheduled for work on the same side of town.

As he pulled onto her street, he recognized Jeremy’s car heading off in the opposite direction. They exchanged brief glances, which expressed nothing, but Nick breathed a sigh of relief. Nick didn’t mind his occasional presence, as Jeremy had demanded, but it was always nice to have Kate all to himself.

Granted, it wasn’t so bad when Jeremy was around. Since establishing their special arrangement, Kate’s husband watched she and Nick enjoy each other every now and then. At first he sat in the corner, watching them together while pleasuring himself. After a while, he began to join in, taking turns with Nick as they both fucked his wife. Kate seemed delighted to have not one but two cocks at her disposal.

Initially Nick had wondered whether Kate needed him to satisfy her needs in ways Jeremy did not, but he came to discover that he seemed perfectly well equipped for the job. Nick found relief in the apparent fact that his relationship with Kate really did just start as a means to get pregnant by a surrogate, if only so that it would put his mind at ease about ongoing awkwardness with Jeremy.

Knowing that Nick was on his way, Kate always left the front door unlocked. He’d slip into the house to hear the sound of breakfast sizzling in the kitchen. Peeking inside, he’d find Kate at the stove in a fuzzy pink robe. He’d come up behind her, quietly, then untie it and slip his hands around her waist, over her growing belly. Months after Kate announced her pregnancy, she was really starting to show.

Kate closed her eyes and smiled, sighing softly, then slowly turned to offer Nick a deep kiss. She moved her hands down between his legs to feel how hard her pregnant body made him, and started to giggle.

After a rushed breakfast, Kate hurried upstairs, tugging Nick behind her. There she turned and let her robe slip from her body, revealing her swollen breasts, round tummy, and lacy pink panties. Nick quickly got undressed and followed her to the bed, grinning as he saw the excitement welling up inside his lover and the mischievous glint in her eye.

Kate laid back on the unmade bed, which still smelled of sleep, and the faint, feminine odor of her body which stubbornly lingered on the rumpled sheets. He gazed at her heavy breasts, laden with milk, and tipped with dark, sensitive nipples. They moved with such slow, dramatic motion the more enlarged they got. Nick craved the blissful moment when he buried his face in the deep crevice between her warm tits, and he stayed there for several moments, smiling.

When he came up for air, Kate was already grasping for his stiff cock. When she made contact she sighed with pleasure and gave him a playful squeeze. She loved the feeling of him surging from within her firm grip, aching for the pleasures of her body. Nick slid Kate’s panties off, slowly, taking his time in adoring her beautiful pussy which was already showing signs of arousal.

“Oooh, look what you found,” Kate said playfully, as he ran his fingers through her wet folds. He moved his hand up through the soft fuzz of her pubic hair, leaving a trail of moisture glistening all the way up to her belly button. Kate reached down and lifted his hand, moving it closer to his mouth and making him suck her juices off his fingers.

“I don’t know why you bother to eat breakfast before you leave, when you can just come here and eat me,” she giggled.

“That was breakfast, this is dessert,” he said, grinning, before burying his face between her legs. His tongue navigated her glistening, satiny flesh as she moaned with pleasure, cupping her breasts and arching her back suddenly.

“Fuck, Nick…” she whimpered as he helped himself to her swollen womanhood until his face was a mess with her pleasure. “I can’t stand it–” she moaned when he finally emerged. “Where’s that cock of yours?” She grasped at it again, eying it hungrily. She gave it a few quick strokes, then growled, “I’ve been waiting to feel that magnificent thing inside me all morning!”

“Oh really…” he teased, “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” she shouted. “Fuck me, already!”


“Goddammit Nick!” she laughed. “Get that canlı bahis big cock of yours inside me right now!”

They continued to laugh together as he sunk his hard, thick erection deep into her pink depths. Nick felt her body come alive as he entered. She moaned softly as he smoothly penetrated her, causing their bodies to ease together as closely as possible. Kate wrapped her arms around Nick, clutching his arched, muscular back. She gazed up into his eyes, drunk on the sensation of his massive member stretching and filling her completely from the inside, and softly throbbing with pleasure.

“Is this okay?” asked Nick, as he began to thrust slowly. He was increasingly aware of the difficulties Kate began to face as her pregnancy developed.

“Yes… I think so…” she replied, adjusting herself for comfort.

As Nick continued to slowly drive his cock in and out, he began to softly caress her rounded stomach, enjoying the smooth contour of her soft skin. Her large, weighty breasts undulated with a steady rhythm, as her pussy, spread wide for him, received his aching thrusts. Everything was more pronounced during her pregnancy; her pleasure, the swell of her excited body, her scent, the relentless emissions that squirted excitedly from her body.

They fucked passionately, hopelessly connected, addicted to each other’s body like a drug. Then Kate pushed Nick back onto the bed, full of determination and lust, and ready to take charge. She lifted herself onto his body and forced his cock back inside her. Her messy hair, still cast astray by sleep, fell all over her face as she rolled her head back and softly parted her lips. She rode his cock forcefully, arching her back and putting the movement of her full breasts on display as her hips rose and fell.

Nick reached up and cupped her engorged tits, running his fingers over her deep, dark, sensitive nipples.

“Jesus, NIck!” Kate moaned, barely able to look him in the eyes. He could see how overwhelmed with pleasure she was as she frantically whipped her hips against his. He urged his hips against hers in a fit of passion, driven wild by the sensation of his tingling cock gliding through her warm canal.

Finally their eyes met, widened and glistening with emotion, coming to the mutual realization that they were both about to experience the peak of pleasure together. Kate cried out as she began to spasm and squirt. Her head fell forward and she clutched his chest as the waves of pleasure took hold. Nick felt himself struck by the same pleasures; unloading with urgency inside her warm body. Kate could feel him flooding her with spurt after spurt of cum as he gazed helplessly into her eyes.

They collapsed against one another, exhausted and listening to the rhythm of each other’s strained breaths. Kate leaned into Nick’s body, nuzzling him softly, as if having found the safest place in the world. They lay in bed together, lost in a pleasant daydream, until Nick finally snapped out of it and turned to face her.

“Is it getting harder for you? Now that you’ve grown so big, I mean,” he asked.

“Yeah. Can you tell?” she said, self-consciously.

“A little. But I would assume that’s normal. We just need to adjust and do what’s easiest for you, I guess.”

“Yeah,” Kate sighed again, seemingly disappointed at the difficulties of lovemaking that were beginning to come to light as her pregnancy advanced. “I’ve been thinking about that. You know, trying some different techniques now that I’m getting so big.”

“Sure, no big deal,” Nick said, smiling reassuringly.

After a few minutes of pondering this, Kate added, “Maybe we should ask Allison. She helped us get pregnant, after all.”

“Oh… Yeah. I would think she has some tips,” said Nick.

However, he was conflicted. Having Allison watch Nick and Kate making love, in her role as Kate’s fertility coach, was something he thought about– a lot. The more he thought about it, the more he became confused about his relationship with Allison.

Lately, things had become even more confused. After spending the morning engaged in a wild, passionate fuck with Kate, a happily married woman, Nick often ended his day meeting Allison for a beer where they caught a football game together and shared everything about their lives. Sometimes this time spilled into the weekend, where they’d find excuses to do casual activities together.

Deep down, he knew something was weighing on Allison’s mind just as much as it was with him, but neither of them appeared to have any intent to confront it.


Jeremy pulled up in front of a large, Victorian house on the west side. Being the wealthy part of town, he often took jobs in the area, where the clientele had large yards and even larger ideas of how they should be landscaped. After he took a quick glance around the property himself, he instructed his men to continue the routine assessment while he met with the client.

Making his way up the path to the front door, Jeremy could smell bahis siteleri the money. He hoped it was the typical rich old lady who would come to treat him like a son and shower praise on him for the mundane tasks he and his team performed, subsequently paying him handsomely for it. He rang the doorbell and waited. After several moments the door opened and a young woman appeared in the doorway.

Jeremy was taken aback, given how much she differed from what he was expecting. She had medium-length black hair cut into a gentle bob, piercing eyes, and a sassy smile. The girl wore an oversized designer plaid shirt and black tights. He pegged her as one of the new young professionals that were starting to buy real estate in the area and slowly change the demographics. Maybe she was in real estate herself, or else she worked downtown at one of the new financial firms that were moving in.

“Hello?” she said impatiently, with a smirk. She looked Jeremy up and down, curiously.

“Oh, hi, I’m Jeremy. I’m the landscap–“

“Oh! Yes, hi. Thanks for coming,” the girl said, suddenly looking past him and discovering the trucks. “I’m Claire.” She held her hand out. They shook. “Do you want to come in?”

“Sure,” he said, following her inside.

“Just take your shoes off. New floors,” she said, smiling.

Jeremy removed his shoes, and had to admit that the renovation inside the house was quite impressive. “Who did your reno? It’s very nice,” he said.

“Me,” she said, confidently crossing her arms. “Isn’t it?” She looked around, pleased, then smiled back at Jeremy. She pegged him as a simple guy from the other side of town. Tall, strong, handsome, probably not a rocket scientist, but more than made up for it in bed. Claire noticed he didn’t wear a wedding ring; part of a routine assessment that she gave any man that she met.

She gave Jeremy a quick tour and then offered him some coffee in the kitchen where they sat down and began to discuss her ideas, which he quickly realized were going to be a real, worthwhile challenge, and an interesting job to take on. He found Claire to be sharper and more knowledgeable than he would have guessed, and she found him to be exactly the kind of insightful, experienced landscape contractor that she was looking for.

When they had finished laying out the groundwork for the job, Claire excused herself to get a glass of water. Jeremy watched her stroll across the kitchen with such a cool, sophisticated air about her; both laid back and authoritative at the same time. She bent over the sink to stick a glass under the water filter attached to the running faucet. He found himself gazing down at her perfectly round ass and the long, smooth line of the curve separating her cheeks. There was no doubt about it: he found her incredibly fascinating and attractive.

Claire shot a look back at Jeremy. For a few brief moments, she realized he didn’t know she was watching him. She followed his eyes and knew where he was looking. She wanted to laugh but didn’t want to startle him. She felt herself blushing. Was she really blushing at this hunky, lumberjack of a guy, checking out her ass? Claire’s mind immediately went to a dirty place, full of steamy love affairs and secret outdoor trysts that risked discovery by the other workers.

Jeremy looked up and caught Claire watching him. He quickly looked away, embarrassed. Claire finally let out a chuckle and finished her water.

“So… I guess we’re done here,” she said, returning to the kitchen table with a smile.

“Yup,” said Jeremy, suddenly feeling anxious.

“Great! I look forward to what we’re going to do together,” she said, realizing that sounded a lot like something else, given where her mind was just at.

“Me too,” he said, smiling. “I’ll… um… convey your ideas to my team and we’ll get started.”

“Sounds good,” she said, finding the conversation suddenly awkward. She decided to try to make a joke. “It’s always fun to pay a man to trim my bushes.” Claire turned red. “Did I really just say that?” she asked herself. She was laughing inside.

Jeremy turned red also and laughed awkwardly. “Okay, I’ll get moving,” he said, getting up.

Claire escorted Jeremy to the door and watched him get his shoes back on, then head outside and down the path. “Yup, excellent ass,” she mused, watching him go.

Jeremy instinctively glanced over his shoulder and spotted Claire checking him out. He found himself getting an unexpected thrill. She looked up at him, as if she didn’t care that he noticed she was ogling him back. Claire gave him a smirk, then swung around and shut the door behind her.

As he made his way back to his team, he began to enjoy the sudden high he was feeling. This was one of those jobs, he thought, that he would look forward to every day.


That weekend, Nick joined Allison downtown on a shopping trip. “I need a new pair of jeans,” she had simply said. That was all Nick needed to hear to offer to tag along and offer his bahis şirketleri opinion. He didn’t need much of an excuse to spend time with her, nor she with him. Together they danced around the idea of getting together, never really daring to confront it directly.

“Okay, you can sit here and I’ll come out and model them for you,” Allison said, heading toward the fitting room with her selections.

“Oh, I can’t come in?” Nick joked.

“Ha, you wish!” Allison snickered, offering him a wink as she vanished through the doorway. The door swung shut and Nick heard the lock click. His eyes traveled down to the gap between the floor and the door. Shadows moved back and forth. Then they stopped. He heard the faint sound of fabric sliding off. He knew Allison was standing inside in her underwear. He longed for a quick peek even. Anything to satisfy his growing desire for her.

A few minutes later, the lock clicked again and the door swung open. Allison stood there leaning against the door frame, sarcastically running her hand along the long line of her left leg, and teasing Nick with a sexy stance.

“How do I look?”

Nick gazed at her body and the tight denim that clung to her sexy curves. “Wh– huh?” he mumbled, having not fully processed what she asked.

Allison laughed. “Okay, that’s a sign of approval if I ever heard one!” She turned around and bent her knees slightly. “How does my ass look?” She glanced back at Nick with a smirk.

“Hmm. Give me a few minutes to do a proper analysis. Can you maybe move it about, a little bit?” Nick replied with equal sarcasm. He leaned back in his seat and put his hands behind his head, making a show of enjoying the view.

Allison laughed again and briefly twerked for Nick, then snickered and escaped inside the fitting room again.

After making her purchase, Nick and Allison made their way to a cafe for some sandwiches, finding a private nook in the corner by a window. Following some playful banter throughout lunch, Allison grabbed her mug, sunk into a pile of colorful pillows, and gave a relaxed sigh.

“Oh, so– guess who I heard from,” she said.

“Who?” replied Nick.

“Kate,” she responded with a laugh. “Now she wants some tips on lovemaking while pregnant. I’m supposed to go there next week and… um… offer some guidance like I did last time.” She smirked at Nick.

Suddenly overcome with surprise, and without thinking, Nick let slip, “Oh, so… you’re okay with that? I figured you’d find out sooner or later, but…”

“Yeah I’m okay with it, after what I witnessed the first time, nothing else is gonna faze me…”

Nick couldn’t decide if he should feel relieved, or hurt that Allison wasn’t jealous. He replied, “Oh okay, i wasn’t sure, you know, how you’re react, finding out about me and her.”

Allison froze, then said, “Huh?”

Nick looked at her confused. “About how we’re still making love. I wasn’t sure how you’d react.”

“Y-you’re still… Sorry, what?” Allison said, barely able to speak.

“You mean, she didn’t– shit,” Nick said, finally realizing that Allison wasn’t aware that her guidance was as much for Kate and he, as it was for her and Jeremy.

“What are you talking about?” said Allison, clutching her mug so hard that Nick thought it might break.

“Um… well… she’s asking for those tips for her and me too, not just Jeremy,” he said with a gulp.

“You’re… still fucking her?”

“Well she thought– she and Jeremy thought that it would be a good idea that we continue making love through her pregnancy because… um… she expressed a need for the emotional bond to continue, and–“

Allison interrupted by rolling her eyes. “And of course you went right along with it.” She gave a defensive laugh.

“Well– I–“

“No, it’s okay, I get it. I don’t blame you. She’s a pretty girl, obviously.” She paused for a moment. “Do you love her? She’s married…”

“Oh! No, it’s nothing like that. I know she’s married. It’s… complicated.”

“I’ll say!”

“I just haven’t been so lucky with women for a while. And the opportunity presented itself to have certain needs met in the meantime, and it just kinda happened.”

“Well, maybe your lack of luck is really just you being so preoccupied with Kate that you’re not fully considering your other options,” Allison said, setting her coffee mug down on the table.

They spent the rest of the afternoon suffering an awkward tension that Nick knew he’d caused, and didn’t know how to fix. Still, Nick got the answer he wanted: Allison was clearly jealous. Allison clearly wanted him. He wanted her too, and this news didn’t change anything. Rather, it only seemed to make them more desperate for each other.


A few days into the landscaping job, Jeremy found himself excited to start each morning waltzing up to the large Victorian home where Claire waited for him. They’d find some excuse to elaborate on updates about the progress of the job, just so they could spend a little more time flirting. It quickly became apparent to both of them that there was some strong sexual chemistry brewing, which only fueled their suggestive banter and edged Claire closer and closer to making a real move.

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