The Library Basement Pt. 02: At the Renaissance Festival

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This a continuation of my previous story using content adapted from another work of Renaissance festival fiction I had been working on. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading.


The start of the work week played out every bit as awkward as I had anticipated and eventually veered close to disaster. Thea fixed coffee in the morning for us and outlined various tasks for me, much of it involving a bit of fixing, upkeep, general heavy lifting, so to speak.

“Hope you’re feeling energetic today,” she said, peering up over those eyeglasses with that mischievous smile, “Up around there,” she pointed to that atrium style where moss like growths were encroaching upon the edges of the window panes. Some of it was creeping inside. Like a louvered hatch it could open from the inside with a pole hooked at the end, but I would need a ladder to clear it all from the outside. It was a very hot bright sunny day and the reflection of the slanted window panes made visibility a bit difficult.

I got about halfway through the job when Thea stepped out and called up for me to take a break (a welcome one at that) for a cold drink. She had mixed up a pitcher of lemonade and had dashed off to return some calls and attend to some meetings with faculty. I gulped down the refreshment and headed back up top to finish the job.

After an hour or so and nearly finished, I noticed the library lights below had switched back on and Thea had returned- and with Dr. Anderson! I wondered what was going on now with those two. They stood below looking over some sort of paper work. Just as I tried to gather what was going on, Dr. Anderson looked up over her shoulder right at me and just as I smiled and waved, I lost my footing on the ladder and fell to the ground! Fortunately, I grabbed a piece of window molding on the way down and a bush broke the rest of my fall.

Both women rushed out to help me up and we al notice that I only suffered minor scratches and bruises but was having trouble putting weight on my left foot. Dr. Anderson rushed out to get the school nurse who told us that it looked the ankle might be broken. I had ridden my bike to the job and so Thea was able to load it up in her van and drive me to the doctor.

“So if I’m laid up for six weeks, there goes my probation service time!,” I said on the ride over.

Thea kissed me lightly on the cheek, “Don’t worry, honey, we girls got you covered. Let’s get that foot wrapped up!”

As suspected, I suffered a small fracture of the ankle and was outfitted with a walking cast and cane. Eventually, I remembered to inquire why Dr. Anderson had come to my work site that day.

Thea pulled a brochure out of the glove compartment.

“Dr. Anderson and I often like to hang out at the Renfaire but she can’t go this time. “They’ve expanded the festival grounds, so I’ve got us tickets for their grand re-opening.”

“But…” I protested, pointing down at my injury.

“Don’t be silly. We can rent a nice cushioned wheelchair there. I will be your attendant maiden, your nurse-wench, whatever. I got a fun weekend planned for us, so try and pull yourself together.”

The brochure material depicted Marathon Empires, a kind of renaissance faire carnival theme park that descends upon our area each spring.

“Halloween in spring”, I chuckled, and with that I exited her vehicle and walked into the house thinking about our next kinky adventure.

* * * * *

“Here ye, Here ye!” Tally ho and all that I was thinking as Thea finished accessorizing us in the festival parking lot.

The getup for our outing at the kingdom world was outlandishly impressive. Thea had me wear a kind of King Henry VIII costume with flowing robes, purple tights, the works. I had been reticent about the whole thing but quite truthfully my excitement grew when I saw the wench/mistress outfit Thea had created for herself. Clingy open black sleeveless top (no bra), skin tight capri length pants with drawstring fasteners at the back and high heeled slave sandals. I truly did not know or care how and or where this was going but unsettled anticipation and excitement meshed with some lingering physical distress to cloud my judgement. That and the weed we smoked beforehand.

The lines were very, very long, the day hot and cloudy with a slight threat of dark cloud precipitation. Wheeling about with my wench escort bursa Thea and I evoked the look of prince and his maiden astride a mobile throne, so I decided to relax and enthusiastically jump into my role. Once inside we coursed through the a gauntlet of jugglers, jesters, and midway merchants. The aroma of various grilled meats and baked goods permeated everywhere and wench and lord partook of massive quantities of grog containing mysteriously intoxicating ingredients.

We were the hit of the crowd whenever Thea would curl up in my lap and have me wheel us about as if I were master of our medieval universe. We moved to the end of a large table alongside an arena to watch various jousting tournaments, juggling performances and assorted athletic contests. Thea started conversing with a group or similarly clad wench like creatures and their male consorts.

“Over this way looks real interesting,” she said, motioning over her shoulder to a meandering walkway leading to a fortress like area of castles and cottages.

Farther down the path we passed through a very crowded checkpoint guarded by men and women in palace guard getup and continued toward an area of the kingdom that was clearly for adults only. Thea appeared particularly excited about passing through this are as there were various couples similarly dressed in all kinds of master or wench/dominatrix style. They wandered about in various combinations of guy-girl, girl-girl, guy-guy, in couplings and threesomes. Quite frequently someone would shuffle along being walked in chains and/or collar by their significant other.

We stopped at a small half-moon shaped bar staffed by a large mustached tank top weight lifter type under a thatched roof and ordered a couple more mugs of the grog.

Then people bought as a couple more, saying things like, “A couple for the lord and his lass!”

Soon the skies darkened and Thea said she needed to find a ladies room, both of us needing to heed the call of nature after imbibing so much grog, I’d suppose.

The castle fortress area was actually a huge complex consisting primarily of a converted rec center and convention site. Ownership had apparently changed hands over the years, making it a hodgepodge of ad ons for exhibits, flea market stalls, storage units, trailers, etc. Wenches, nobles, countesses, knights, knaves and slaves were spilling indoors and out all over the place. The lines of course were huge. Thea got me behind me to use the wheelchair to bulldoze us through, almost running into a shapley dark haired women in a leathery one piece tankini outfit and knee high boots with knife scabbards. She turned and look down at me, smiling through garish purple whiplash eye-make up, blood red lipstick and purple highlights for bangs on her shoulder length hair.

“I’m Violina,” she introduced herself pleasantly. “If you come over this way you might be able to wheel your lord to the front.”

She wore an interesting necklace made of five large dark polished spherical stones, the largest in the middle with two on each side descending in size.

We followed her into the interior. She was nicely muscle-toned like a fierce warrior wench, my eyes fixed on her beautiful firm rump encased in that black one-piece.

Thea motioned with her hands across the front of her neck, alerting me to how many of the people were wearing those necklaces in this portion of the grounds, mostly shiny black, some bright red. I shrugged my shoulders not knowing either, figuring it might be some sort of pass system.

The shoving all around us worsened as the skies darkened, with Violina almost falling into my lap a couple more times. Suddenly the clouds burst into a steady drenching downpour.

“Here,” she shouted nervously, “Take this, stay to the right and follow these until you exit out the back and go through the red tent”, she instructed, pointing out that the walls were intermittently covered in banner material printed up to look like castle turrets for that medieval look. These were to guide our path. She wrapped the necklace around Thea, smiled and kissed her on the lips.

Once inside it wasn’t long before we lost track of Violina. The moist humid air inside smelled of the musk of humanity, intermingled with herb and stale grog, incense and cologne. Various characters intertwined with one another bursa yabancı escort in all sorts of ways in various stages of costume dress and undress. The slipperiness of people tracking muddy boots inside worsened things. The far right side of this galleria of iniquity terminated with a large wooden door with a plank latch. I lifted the latch and Thea push us through to the early evening air, where the rain had let up some.

I almost ran off the rails as we headed down a steep cobblestone path leading to the red tent. Two of the weightlifter/wrestler bouncer types eyed Thea’s necklace and parted the curtains.

This part of the grounds looked so much more splendid. Various tented areas behind beautiful velvety curtains arched around a large circular fountain and potted plants underneath a high glass ceiling resplendent in natural lighting. We were hoping that comfortable rest room areas were here somewhere.

“Violina,” a deep sultry women’s voice called out from behind one of the curtains. A long pregnant pause ensued from us as Thea looked uncertainly at me while fumbling with the necklace.

Fortunately, Violina returned, hurriedly huffing and puffing behind us. “We have guests,” Mistress Annabelle, “They are wet and tired and require the services of the latrine”.

Annabelle separated the curtains from the small sofa where she was sitting in a long blue furry robe over a semi transparent short white gown.

“Very nice,” she fumbled lazily through willowy long blonde hair, eyeing her guest with sapphire blue eyes. She stepped down barefoot a couple of steps to the front of her tent, which appeared to be a fully appointed boudoir with wash basin, vanity and additional love seat meeting area.

Thea caressed my shoulder nervously as we watched Violina gently kneel and lick at her mistress’s feet decorated in robe matching blue toenail polish. She looked at Thea, “Wecome. We will attend to you and your lord momentarily.”

She smiled and turned to sit back at her sofa, wiggling her finger for Violina to continue forward. She tilted her head back lazily and allowed Violina to come forward to kneel again to open her robe and then lift the gown. Spreading her pale, almost pinkish-white legs, she allowed her servant wench to lick at her swollen love pit, her bush a lovely almost dafodil petal tint.

Thea gripped my shoulder, our excitement mixed with anxiety of what was to befall us on our way out of here. Annabelle turned her head from side to side, her tongue curling sensuously as she pushed her golden pelvis against her servant’s lips. Violina purred delicately as Annabelle grunted as her servant eased one of those red necklaces from her vagina and raised up on her knees, the prized trinket dangling from her mouth.

“Well done, Violina. Thank you.” She leaned forward to brush the red necklace back and forth across Violina’s tongue and then fastened it around her servant’s neck, ending the ritual with a brief kiss. I looked at Thea, both of us thinking that’s what the red and black necklaces are for?

Annabelle reached for a large goblet and passed it from Violina who passed it to Thea and then myself. It was different and probably more potent than the grog, more like a sweet liqueur.

Violina composed herself to stand beside us and speak, “Mistress Annabelle, meet our friends Thea and Dave.”

“Lovely. Milord, you look wet and tired. Mistress Violina and your Mistress Thea will ready you for your bath.”

Thea looked at me and then Violina. It seemed past the point of informing our hostesses that we weren’t really a couple per se.

Thea smiled at Annabelle, “Excuse us for a moment,” gently touching at Violina’s elbows to lead her behind the curtains into the washroom to prepare. Annabelle presented a snack tray with more glasses, grapes, biscuits and other edibles.

“And then we look forward to seeing you earn your braid”, she said winking as she stroked the shiny black jewelry around her neck.

I nibbled a few more snack morsels from Lady Annabelle’s hand and allowed her to wheel me over to the dressing tent. She pulled the curtain aside were we found Thea and Violina laughing and smiling and generally enjoying each other’s company as they worked at readying luxuriously thick towels for the bath ritual. Thea leaned up against bursa escort Violina to allow her to adjust the lace fasteners on the backside of her capri pants. I found it quite arousing to witness Thea’s trusting way of allowing the lovely Violina to serve as our handmaiden. Another inner curtain surrounding the commode allowed for me to have privacy while I finished toileting, while they prepared a soft mat to transfer me to the fountain for bathing. Violina and my Thea laid me out from head-to-toe respectively and Thea especially delighted in my arousal as they removed my purple royal tights, shirt and ceremonial robe.

Annable stood watching the whole thing while holding the curtains open wide at the entry way out to the fountain pool. They giggled as Thea gently stroked at the underside of my slightly swollen scrotal area to calm my arousal as she uttered a dismissive “Tsk, tsk” in playful mock derision. Forming a royal litter from the towels, miladies transported me quickly and efficiently to the fountain. Thea and Violina both had removed their boots and splish splashed about as they prepared sweet smelling oils and creams for the cleansing. Meanwhile, Annabelle relaxed nearby on the side relaxing as she dipped her toes in the water, all the while liberally passing around more of the drink.

After a time, the ladies finished with the stroking, petting, and cleansing of their lord and became so much more frisky and frolicsome with each other. Then Annablle moved closer to us for what seemed to be the final phase. I sat up against the side of the pool as Annabelle motioned for Thea and Violina to approach her. Violina had Thea bend over closer to Annabelle, who then removed Thea’s black “braid”. She then lifted Thea’s top and started fondling her bosom while Violina undid the backside lace up fasteners. Thea bent over further and slowly turned her head toward me, smiling slyly with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. She turned her head away to receive the offering of the smooth black beads from Violina into her quivering vagina. This must’ve been part of earning “your braid”.

Violina smiled mischievously at me as she planted some parting kisses on Thea’s ass and then laced the pants up and around her sweet swollen vulva. They both laughed as Violina took a playful whack at Thea’s firm ass. Annabelle moved closer to me, leaned over to kiss me on the forehead and said, “Now it’s your turn”.

I was made to kneel in the water before Violina sitting at the side of the pool, Annabelle and Thea on each side of me. They lifted the collar strap of the one piece up and over her head, dropping it down to her ankles. Just as we had seen Violina perform for her mistress I too complied in like fashion. Her bush trimmed to a smooth dark black inverted triangle, I lapped at her cunt as she leaned back so that I could feel her toes tickle my back. My lips, tongue and chin worked at her clit to bring her to arousal so that I could more pleasantly and efficiently work the bright red braid into my mouth. Licking enthusiastically I gazed up to see her smiling down at me. With a deliciously lusty grunt, her swollen vaginal muscles pushed forward to help with my oral efforts and I finally dislodged the red necklace. They laughed as I accidentally let if fall into the water. Thea scooped it up with her toes and handed to Annabelle who cheerfully “collared” me.

Afterward they dressed me in clean dry linen sleep clothes and arranged for us to sleep off the booziness in comfortable cottage style accommodations, including a king size double-bed.

“You’re in no condition to drive home right now, so take all the time you need and sleep it off. Violina and I thank you for coming. Good luck and see you soon”, Annabelle said.

I snuggled next to Thea in my linen night shirt and red braid. She was naked except for the black braid.


A few hours later, Violina knocked at the cottage door with our freshly laundered clothes. Looking still lovely without make-up and flamboyant hair coloring she stood at the doorway framed by the greyish-blue-red of very early dawn, wearing a similar white linen tunic and the red necklace.

“Hope you two had fun,” she smiled, as Thea hastily wrapped a towel around herself to greet her.

She kissed us both warmly on the mouth and cheerfully caressed my cheek,

while laying some cards on the nightstand. “My Annable and I live as roommates and work at Tingles gentlemen’s club during the week, dancing, tending bar, whatever you’d like. She smiled pleasantly, “You should come. We like having couples come for lunch or dinner.”

Thea smiled back at both of us, “OK, sounds like fun, huh Dave?”


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