The List Ch. 04

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Monday at school, everything was instantly different. To be frank, it was like Rick and I traded places in our school’s pecking order over the weekend.

Everybody knew what happened in the bathroom. I fucked the virgin head cheerleader at homecoming, and, what’s more, I did it well. Everybody was also saying that Rick fucked her later that night and it was so pathetic that she broke up with him. I don’t know if it was true or not, but it didn’t really matter.

The star football player had fallen from grace with the popular kids now. Not only that, but the jocks and I seemed to have an understanding. It wasn’t that they wanted to be friends with me, or that I wanted to be friends with them, but they had a respect for me now. I didn’t have to worry about being picked on anymore.

More important than that, though, most of the girls in school were fawning over me. It seemed impossible, but in less than two weeks I went from being the biggest loser in the school to the alpha male. Everybody knew that I was a stud, that I had my pick of women, and that the head cheerleader was desperate to date me.

All day Monday whenever I saw Amy in the halls she was waiving at me, winking at me, blowing me kisses; whatever she could do to get my attention.

The amazing thing to me was that I didn’t really want to date her. She was beautiful, popular, and the chick that I’d been fantasizing about for years. At one point I would have given anything to be her boyfriend, but I began to realize that what I really got off on was the conquest of making women mine. Amy was great, but I still had nine women on my list.

All the same, she was also the hottest girl in school and would probably let me do whatever I wanted to her. I didn’t just want to cast her aside.

I decided we should have a talk. That afternoon when school was out, instead of hooking up with my best friend Mindy like usual I went to watch Amy at cheerleading practice.

The girls went through all of their cheers, and I felt like at least some of them were performing for me. A lot of them, when they did splits or twirled their skirts, looked my way.

I made a mental note to myself that the cheerleader’s coach was pretty hot. I didn’t know her name, but she was a blonde in her forties and had probably been a beautiful cheerleader herself when she was younger. sex hikaye She wasn’t on the list of ten girls I was going to fuck, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t make room for her at some point.

After their practice, I actually considered sneaking into the women’s shower and seeing if any of the girls would mind. It seemed like too bold a move, though. I didn’t want to push my newfound popularity too far.

I waited for a while, then all of the girls walked out of the locker room together; some of them wearing casual clothes and some of them still dressed in their uniforms. Amy was still dressed as a cheerleader.

When she saw me waiting for her she ran over to me and greeted me with a big kiss while some of the girls watched and cheered. They were standing about twenty yards away. We never kissed the whole time we fucked, so this was the first time I kissed her.

Since we had an audience in the cheerleaders milling around I decided to give Amy a big, hard slap on her ass as my greeting to her, then I left my hand on her rear and the girls got a good “hoot” out of it.

“Hey, lover,” she said in the sexiest tone she could muster. She still had her mind set on dating me.

“I saw your practice, you looked great out there.”

She blushed, and then said with a giggle, “Oh, you probably just like it when I do the one where I put my leg behind my head.”

“I sure do. There’s one where you put your hands on one of the other girls’ hips for a minute, and I like that, too.”

“So do I,” she said, still going out of her wait to sound sexy.

“So, I think we should go talk,” I said. I think she sensed the negativity in my voice.

“Oh, don’t talk like that, stud. Have you heard what the girls are calling you now?”

“What’s that?” I asked, and slid my hand under her skirt to massage her ass. I couldn’t help myself. This girl hated me last week, and would do anything for me today.

She slid her hand into her crotch and started massaging my penis through my jeans, to the entertainment of her squad members in the distance. “They call you Nick the Prick now, and all the girls keep asking me about it because I’m the one you’re fucking. I tell them all that it’s as big and powerful as they’ve heard.”

I showed up at practice to let her down, but she was so hot. Once that perfect body was pressed porno hikayeleri up against me, all I wanted to do was fuck her.

My growing erection was getting the bet of me. “Nick the Prick, huh? I like that.”

Since Amy was being so forward I wanted to push how far she would go with the other girls around, so I raised my index finger to her lips. She knew exactly what I wanted and started sucking my finger like a cock. She was acting like a total whore with her friends watching in the distance. It was a huge turn-on for me.

“Let’s go back to your car,” I told her, and she eagerly agreed. We walked to the parking lot and went straight for the back seat.

Right away she took off her top; there was no bra underneath, then she slid off her panties. I took off my shirt.

“Roll the windows down, doll. I don’t want it getting too foggy in here.”

She rolled the backseat windows down, then climbed into my lap. She was desperate to grind against my member, and started rubbing her clit with it through my jeans.

We kissed some, then I turned my attention to her breasts. I massaged them and licked her nipples. She was a gorgeous blonde package that was unwrapping itself for me.

“You are one hot piece of ass,” I told her.

Returning my dirty talk, and trying to one-up me, she said, “you have the most beautiful dick in the world. God gave you the ability to rip little girls like me apart.”

She quickly went for my belt and I pulled my pants down. My dick was way too big for my boxers and was sticking out the bottom of them. I pulled the boxers off.

Amy was still straddling me. She grabbed my big pole and tried to stick it straight into her.

“Wait,” I said. “I’m going to fuck you doggie style.”

She climbed off me and got on her hands and knees on the back seat. I pushed her ass towards the door more, and she saw what I had in mind. First, she stuck her head out the window, then her whole upper body. She was hanging halfway out of her car door topless.

Instead of gradually working my erection into her like I’d done last time, I shoved the whole thing into her pussy at once. She squealed.

“Fuck me, that’s what I need!” she yelled to the world.

I spanked her as a few times as I started building my rhythm. I could hear her large chest slapping against the outside of erotik hikaye her car door as I pushed her body back and forth with my cock.

Amy was moaning louder and louder, and I knew she didn’t care if anyone heard.

I stopped to wonder if any of the cheerleaders were watching, but I don’t know either way.

I looked down at her little body. She still had her cheerleader skirt on, but nothing else. I said what I was thinking, “I love sticking my dick in a hot bitch like you.”

I think my words pushed her into an orgasm and she started squealing, “Dick me harder! Dick me harder!”

It seemed like we were fucking for a long time. I wasn’t sure if she had one long orgasm, or a bunch of them. Finally I felt my orgasm building.

“I’m going to give you the choice, slut. Where do you want me to come?”

She had her answer at the tip of her tongue. “Come on my tits!”

Taking my dick out of her, I grabbed Amy by her blonde hair and pulled her back into the car.

She laid down on the backseat and I hovered over her, stroking my cock.

“I’m going to jack off all over your tits, baby.”

While I worked my shaft, she moved her hand to play with my balls. “Oh yeah, come all over me,” she moaned.

I stopped jerking it for a minute and started slapping her big breasts with my dick.

She was fingering herself and moaning, “That’s it, beat my boobs with your monster! Slap me harder!”

I finally started to spurt all over her jugs. They were big, but they were no match for what was in my balls. Before I was done her breasts were completely coated.

She massaged her cum covered breasts and we both tried to catch our breath.

“I know you think I’m hot, and I’d fuck you like that whenever you want. Can’t I be your girlfriend?”

I shook my head. “Baby, I do think you’re hot. I always have. But I’m not going to be a one woman man. I’ll keep fucking you when I feel like it, but here’s the thing. I made a list of ten girls that I want to fuck, and I need to keep working through the list.”

“You have a list of girls you’re going to fuck? And I was on it?”

“You were number one.”

“Really?” She seemed immensely proud.

“I’d better get going. This was nice, but I’ve got to get back to working on it.”

I climbed out of the car naked, pulled my clothes on and took off. Amy told me later that after I left she just laid in the back seat for a while, covered in my cum and thinking about how great it was.

She was right, it was great. But, like I told her, I had work to do.

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