The Loaner Wife Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Jax looked up seeing the couple slowly walk into the kitchen. “Something about the Sierra Mountain air does that to every couple that’s been up here. I’ve been told, couples that were down to making love once a month were engaged three or more times a night.”

Christie blushed and Ed busied himself getting coffee.

“I’m sorry, I embarrassed you. Look, I’ve been hearing confessions and I know how couples get excited and frankly, I’d be upset if you didn’t find joy with each other while being my guests under my roof.” Jax grinned. “This is God’s gift to each other. You are worshiping our Lord in the purest sense with every act.”

Christie sat down and thanked Ed when he handed her her coffee, and smiled at the huge man across the table. “I know what you mean. The air up here does something inside you. Ed did have a hard time getting to sleep but we managed to work it out.” She giggled. “I really, we really want to thank you for inviting us up here. It is so beautiful. What’s the plan for today?”

Jax allowed Ed to refill his coffee and when the other man sat down, suggested they drive over to Tahoe. “I like the town, though it isn’t what it was 40 years ago. Also, perhaps you might need to pick up some things, if you need them.”

Christie blushed and glanced quickly at the smiling Ed. “I’m not sure we need anything more than we brought. But I for one have never been to Tahoe, so I’d love to see it. I hear the lake is a beautiful turquoise blue and you can see way down.”

“It is and the way the mountains rise up around it is inspiring.” Jax said, “I feel closer to God there than just about anywhere I’ve been. That is why I have this place here. “There they are. How did you boys sleep?” Jax said seeing the three young blond boys enter the kitchen. “There’s coffee and you know where the cups are.”

Rick (or was it Jimmy?) sat down next to Christie and the other two sat across from her. Ed watched them studying her between sips of coffee and felt a twinge of jealousy. He stood and said he was heading back to the room to shower and get ready to go into town. He looked down at his ‘wife’ and asked if she were coming.

“No, I think I’ll have another cup. I cannot imagine why, but I feel like I didn’t get much sleep last night,” she said grinning up at her ‘husband.’

She looked at the three boys, “Ok, I apologize, but you’re Rick, you’re Jimmy and you are Mike?” She asked looking around the table, “Are you all related?”

Rick turned to face her, “I’m impressed you got our names right, but no. We never met until about a month ago when we were granted scholarships by the Jackson Ministries. There were quite a few of us, but for some reason the three of us hit it off and have been friends ever since.” Rick looked up as Jax stood and excused himself, “Are you leaving?”

Jax smiled down at the boys, “I’m afraid I need to shower and get ready also.” He grinned at Christie, “It they make you feel uncomfortable, tell them. They’ve not experienced a woman like you before.” He winked and left.

Christie looked at the boys, “What did he mean by that? Good looking boys like you should have experienced a lot of women.” She blushed, “Sorry, that is really none of my business.”

Mike laughed, “It’s fine. Yes, we are all three virgins. Perhaps that is why we were drawn to each other. Frankly, a lot of our future brethren have been, um, how can I say it. They’ve been collecting experiences for future lost times.”

Rick chuckled, “We’ve been with girls, but just never…you know. But Reverend Jackson is right, we’ve never been with anyone quite like you. You are so beautiful.” He blushed and stood up. “Sorry, I need to get ready also.”

Mike jumped up and sat next to the stunning blonde, “I think Rick just blurts out the first thing that pops into his head, but he is right. Can I ask you something?”

Christie felt herself blushing furiously, and eagerly allowed the subject to change, “Sure, you can ask me anything.”

Mike looked uncertain, “Well, I’m just wondering. Did you save yourself for marriage? Or…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be asking you something so personal.”

Christie patted his leg, “Yes I did. I just felt that sex, or actually intercourse…fucking, wasn’t something recreational, but an extension of love. I’m not sure if I intentionally saved myself, you know, I might have fallen in love earlier with someone else, but it worked out like that. The first man I fell in love with was Do…Ed.” She stammered. “Ed was the first man who I totally gave myself to.

Jimmy piped in missing her stutter, “Was it worth it?” He looked at Mike, “I mean, well, I guess we’ve been saving ourselves…”

Christie looked at the two boys, “You’re asking me if you should get laid? Isn’t that something you should ask Jax?”

“I sort of wanted to know from a female perspective…I don’t know how to say this.” Mike sputtered.

Jimmy blurted out, “He wants to know if girls feel cheap and used, you know, getting laid out of wedlock just for our pleasure.”

The young blonde laughed, “You really canlı bahis aren’t that experienced. Girls have the same needs you do. We get horny. We check out the guys, you think we cannot tell when a man is excited to see us? We like a great ass and nice package, we look at you just like you’ve been staring at my chest and up my dress on the plane.” She laughed seeing their reaction. “It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s nice to be noticed. You think I dress like this accidentally? Look, girls like to be pleasured as much as guys do. Girls need to be pleasured as often too. You’re doing as much for them as they are for you, as long as you’re not selfish, so don’t worry about it.” She looked at the two grinning boys who took notice that her blasted nipples decided to poke out as she was telling them this. She stood and patted Mike on the shoulder, “On that note, I’m going to go see if my husband is ready and perhaps get ready myself.”


After walking down to the lake, Ed and Christie headed toward the town. Jax and the boys were taking a boat out fishing, but neither Ed nor Christie wanted to fish, so they decided to find a café.

Christie heard her phone, “Doug, sweetie…Yes, Ed and I are in Tahoe and looking for a place to eat…They’re out on the lake fishing…Sure you would, but sitting and doing nothing isn’t for me…Sure,” She handed the phone to Ed, “He wants to say hi.”

“Hey Doug. Can I tell you again how sorry I am this worked out like it did…No, she’s been terrific. She is a hit with the other four men…I know, I’ve seen their reaction…What? Of course…You have no idea, though actually I’m sure you do…Yes…um, actually Christie wants to talk to you.” He handed the phone back to Christie, his face red.

“Hey sweetie, what did you say to Ed, he looks kind of flustered…you said that?…Look, you basically told me to.” She looked at Ed, “Really?…You are a strange man…ok…ok…ok. Of course…I love you too.” She hung up and looked at Ed. “I cannot believe he asked you that.”

“I know, I had no idea what to say. I am so embarrassed I couldn’t control myself.” Ed asked, “I need to take a cold shower before we get into bed.”

Christie laughed, “And then you’d be shivering under the covers and I’ll have to snuggle up to you to keep you warm. Let me know how you think that will turn out, Einstein.”

Ed looked at her and saw that he’d better drop the subject. He wondered about Doug’s comments and how Christie had given him a hand job. “Christie, let’s grab a table at the diner over there. I am really hungry.”

After they sat down, Ed noticed a pharmacy across the street and excused himself. When he got back to the table, Christie looked at the bag.

“What’s that? I thought we had everything we needed.”

Ed started blushing and put the bag on the floor. “Nothing, it’s you know, just something to help me sleep.”

Christie reached down and grabbed the bag and looked. She glared at Ed. “Really? You seriously expect me to…God! Men! I assume I should just resign myself to having you take me every night?” She glared at Ed.

“I’m sorry, I just…Oh Christ! I wasn’t expecting anything. I just didn’t want to be unprepared if, you know…Fuck! I’m sorry. I really wasn’t expecting, but perhaps fantasizing…hoping.” He looked around at the other tables suddenly more interested in their conversation than their own.

Christies face softened, “Look, we never talked about it this morning, but perhaps we should now.” She looked around and saw the various people looking their way, “Though perhaps we should sit by the lake where there are fewer ears.”

Ed sat a few feet from Christie on the sand, clutching his paper bag. “Look, I’m sorry. I should not have assumed anything. You’re married and I’m not going to do anything to compromise that. Doug’s a great guy and I’m sure he just thought jerking me off was all he expected.” He looked at Christie, “God, it was nice. That was actually more erotic than pretty much every fuck I’ve had.”

Christie smiled, “I’m over it. Let’s face it, I’m just as horny as you are. I just don’t raise a flag pole announcing it.” She giggled hearing Ed sputter out a laugh, “Ok, bad metaphor. But I’ve thought about it. I’ve thought about letting you take care of me also.” She reached out and looked in the bag again, “24 pack? Exactly how prepared do you want to be?” She read the box, “Textured for her pleasure.” She held it up, “You realize these don’t do much. I’ve never noticed the ribs, dots or whatever, but I can’t say I’ve tried them all.” She reached her hand and pulled Ed closer and put her arm around him. “But thanks. I know we are not going to use these…God, what is that look?” she laughed, “But it means a lot that you got something with my pleasure in mind. That and you wouldn’t let me down if I just got too damn horny to wait until I got back to Doug and let you fuck me without protection. Hah! That’s a better look. God, you’re easy to read.” Christie laughed.

Ed grinned, “I told you I wouldn’t do bahis siteleri anything. I’m not going to try to seduce you, but if you happen to slip your panties off and need a cock inside you, I’ll have these ready. I’d never want to let you down.”

Christie felt herself blushing, “This really is strange. I’m openly talking about having your dick inside me and we met, what? 26 hours ago? I think if you look up slut in Wikipedia, you’ll see my picture.” She groaned.

Ed laughed, “Sorry babe, you’d suck, so to speak, as a slut. A slut would literally have a dick inside her 30 minutes after meeting a guy.” He thought for a minute and said wistfully, “I like sluts.”

Christie laughed and pulled him into a tighter hug and kissed him. It was supposed to be a peck, but she welcomed his tongue and hands and lay back as she got lost in feeling a strong man arouse her. Finally, feeling the hard shaft against her thigh, she broke the kiss and chuckled, “I’m so glad you bought rubbers, it seems you need one.” She pried the hand off her breast looking around to make sure no one was watching. Seeing no one, she sighed, “Christ. I like you, but this would be a great place to make love with Doug. It is so beautiful.”

Ed felt the same pang of jealousy and shook his head, “Why would I feel jealous of her husband. She is not mine, she is his…but Fuck! I’d love it if she were mine.” He thought bitterly. He stood up and tried to adjust his cock grinning down at Christie, “What? You haven’t seen this happen before? You know what is really strange? I think I’ve been hard more than soft around you the last day. You are definitely not a good influence on an innocent boy like myself.” He laughed.

“Innocent boy, my ass. You’ve been trying to hump my legs…and other things since we met. You knew my cup size before Doug even left the restaurant yesterday. I saw you study the girls.” She stood up. “But that’s a lot better than you not looking at all. I kind of like that you’re feeling lust, just remember the rubber when you take me while I’m asleep.” She patted his face and strode back up the beach.

Ed was stunned and tried to hide the log in his pants and settled on taking off his sweater and holding it in front of him.

When Ed caught up, Christie looked down at his crotch, “Everything under control?”

Ed laughed, “Not even close. When I take you? When. Not if. What were you saying?”

“Not a thing. I just mis-used the word. I should have said, if. Of course, I meant if.” She grinned at the uncomfortable looking man, “By the way, I talked to the boys this morning. Now they are innocent.” She related the conversation she had with them and Ed was amazed.

“I’m not into guys, but those three are really good looking and girls must be all over them.”

“I know, and…I shouldn’t say this, but unless it was an optical illusion, they have a lot to offer the girls. They were a bit excited by the conversation, actually. God! I love Doug and being married, but this week would be a lot more fun if I were single.” She looked at Ed, “I never said that by the way. You never heard it and you will never think about it again.”

Ed held up his hands. “Don’t lecture me. You think you’re the only one who wishes you were single?”

Christie groaned, “Let’s get those papers signed and get through this week. Remember, that’s why you are here to sign the deeds over. I’ll stop talking about sex if you do.”

“Deal, we’ll talk about…I’m sure there are other topics we both feel excited about. Let me think about that.” Ed chuckled.


When they got back to the cabin, the boys ran off to put on their suits and Jax suggested the couple do the same, “The sun is warm as long as you dry off quickly but the water feels great. Make sure you put on sunscreen, though, people burn really easily here.”

When they got into the room, Christie went over and pulled her bikini out of the drawer. She opened the drawer again and held up a red teddy. “Is this yours?”

“What, no. It was in your drawer?” Ed said, “That’s really weird. Do you think Jax had the staff get that and put it there?”

Christie rummaged around, “My nightshirts are gone, but actually, all my dirty clothes are gone. I think they’re doing our laundry. She looked at the teddy and groaned.

Ed looked over and saw her middle finger pushing through the crotch. “Crotchless? That works for me. What could possibly bother you about that?” He laughed. “Remember that when you fall asleep tonight…” Ed laughed making a point of opening the box of condoms and holding one up before placing them in the drawer.

“God! You’re so evil. I think I should have picked up duct tape to protect myself.” She grimaced, “Ouch. I just thought about what that might feel like pulling that off…actually, I know what that might feel like.” Seeing Ed look curiously at her, “You know, Brazilian waxes.” She put the teddy back in the drawer and carried the bikini into the bathroom, “I’ll be back. We should put on sunscreen before we go out there bahis şirketleri though. I’ll do your back, you do mine.”

“I’d rather do your front.” Ed grinned.

“No. Actually, I promised the boys they could do my front.” She grinned back before closing the door.

Ed looked at the beauty come out of the bathroom and was not disappointed in the suit. It wasn’t a teeny bikini, not a thong, but it did little to cover her amazing assets. Her creamy white Ds spilled out of the cups and she couldn’t hide the obvious camel toe. He clapped approvingly then held out his hand for the tube of sunscreen. He started to rub it into her neck and shoulders and then stopped. “Look, this is not me trying to get you naked, but perhaps if you could lose the top while I do this…”

Christie looked over her shoulder and shrugged, “Ok, that makes sense.” She untied the back and pulled the top off and held it at her side while enjoying the strong hands rubbing the lotion in. She was pleased that even though his hands moved around her sides, he made no move to grab her breasts. When he stopped, she thanked him and pulled the top back on and let him tie it. “Ok, turn around.” She squirted lotion onto his back and started laughing.

“What’s funny?” Ed asked turning to see if there was something on his back.

“I’m sorry, I just had a memory of white creamy stuff splashed all over you and this sort of reminded me. Never mind.” She chuckled.

Ed groaned, “Just between you and me, I’d rather not think about white creamy stuff splashed all over my back.”

Christie hesitated and then started laughing hysterically, “Oh God. That might be a bad thing. I mean, unless you’re into that. There’s really nothing wrong with that.” She grinned at him.

“Just do my back and shut up. No, I’m not into that.” Ed felt her hands working the sunscreen in and thought back to the beach with her hands gripping his back and how perfect it felt. He shook his head and pulled up visions of car accidents and burning buildings before he responded to the erotic feelings he was having. “Thanks.” He said grabbing his shirt when she finished, “Let’s get down there. I saw bathrobes in the closet.”

When they got to the pool, Jax was lounging in the sun and the three boys were diving off the board. They all stopped what they were doing when Christie dropped her robe.

Christie looked at the still figures and laughed. “I feel like should go back and get my burkhini. It was pretty much 50/50 but I decided on this.”

Ed laughed, “I told her the sunscreen was SPF 50 and pretty much the same as the burhkini.” He went over the diving board and did a double flip and entered the water with barely a splash.

The boys all went over as he was climbing out. “Can you show us how to do that? Do you know other dives?”

Christie lay down on the chaise next to Jax. She couldn’t get over how huge he was. Actually, a foot taller. At 5’7″ she had no issues with feeling short around men, especially with heels, but even with 6″ heels, she would be half a foot shorter. She looked at his huge arms, his abs and how she could detect no fat.

“I try to keep in shape.” Jax said, “I know I tend to put on fat so it actually is a lot of work.”

“I’m sorry. I was staring. I’m impressed. I always thought Ed was the most toned man I knew, but you are right up there. Maybe he wouldn’t be able to protect me if you were to grope me.” She grinned at him.

Jax looked at the creamy skin exposed and sighed, “Sadly, as much as I’d like to, it wouldn’t make sense until the papers are signed.” He grinned at her, “But after that, perhaps you’d better have him around.” He looked at the beautiful girl, “So, you don’t believe in God. What do you believe in?” He put out a hand, “I’m not here to convert you. I know hundreds of people who don’t share my beliefs. I like to hear what comforts them – what motivates them.”

Christie rolled over on her side and as her breasts spilled over, she saw Jax watching them and shrugged it off. “I don’t think I’ve thought about it much. I realize religion has its purpose. Marx called it the ‘Opiate of the masses’ and I’ve always looked upon it that way. Not so much as a negative, but as a positive. I am sure of my moral compass, but I’m not always sure I trust other’s and generally speaking, the church has provided dozens of morals, of rules to follow. But that didn’t answer your question. I believe in causality. This happened, which caused that and eventually caused me. Perhaps that’s my moral compass. If I do this, it might cause that and lead to something good or something bad.”

“That’s very astute.” Jax said, “I confess I don’t assiduously follow everything I read I the Holy Scriptures, but it is, on a whole, a great guidebook to leading a good life. I agree that the scriptures lay out many moral dictums and whether these come from God or not is almost unimportant. Are they reasonable and valid for a good life?” He looked at the young blonde, “You obviously don’t believe in eternal life, in a heaven, but I obviously do. I don’t believe you need to listen to a blowhard like me every Sunday, or to anyone if you lead a good life. If you lead a good life, I didn’t say a pure life…there’s a difference…if you do, I believe you will be rewarded eternally.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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