The Locksmith

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I wish to thank thewinedarksea for editing this beast.

Summary: Fantasy night goes awry.

Let me start off by saying my wife Amy and I have been married eight years now. I must admit our love life has been waning, and sex — when and if we have it — is plain vanilla.

Our anniversary weekend was coming up. I told her we needed to do something to reignite our sexual spark. During the first couple of years of our marriage when things got boring we played the typical fantasy games, picking her up in a bar, doctor and nurse role playing, all of which were pretty tame. Since we hadn’t done anything like this in years, I decided to purchase a book for new ideas. The book had over a hundred different fantasy role-playing adventures. We decided the fairest way to determine which adventure was to randomly choose by flipping through the pages. Amy insisted on this since I always tended to lean toward the ones where she was pretending to be fucked by a stranger. We both agreed that whatever we chose, we would stand by our decision. So, I began to randomly flip through the book.

I was riffling through the pages when Amy said, “stop.” The fantasy was titled Cuckold Sissy Maid. It suggested for this scenario costume ideas included a maid’s outfit, chastity cage, stockings, wig, and high heels for the male, and a business suit including heels and stockings for the woman. I tried to back out by saying “Best two out of three.”

Amy laughed and said, “a deal is a deal.”

I must say even though I feigned hesitation and distain my cock was beginning to swell. I’ve always had a stocking fetish. And the thought of dressing up as a woman was sending me over the top with anticipation. We agreed that Friday would be our “dress-up” night.

Amy said since I was doing maid duties I was responsible for dinner. This didn’t bother me, I loved cooking.

The next day I went to the costume store looking for a maid’s outfit . I told them I was looking for one for my wife. The clerk asked if I wanted black or pink. I decided on pink since it was more sissified. When the clerk asked, “what size is your wife?” I fumbled and before I could answer, she responded “this one will fit you just fine.” She was holding up a frilly pink maid outfit. I must have turned several shades of red. I was able to get the remaining parts of the uniform, except the cage and shoes.

I ordered the shoes online — a pair of pink Mary Janes with four-inch clunky heels would be a perfect match to the costume. They were to be delivered on Friday morning.

As for the cage, I stopped by the local adult bookstore. They had several different types of plastic cages of various colors, and several metal ones. One caught my eye. It was a full metal cage with a substantial barrel-type lock. I purchased the cage. While in the store I noticed they had viewing booths, I decided I would stop in one and check it out. I began watching the movie. It was a low-grade quality movie, with a brunette sucking on a big black cock. She slowly engulfed the cock inch by inch, until she was licking the base. My cock was throbbing like mad, and then I noticed a gloryhole with two fingers moving around. I knew from all my porn viewing that this was a signal to suck a cock. I was unsure if I should put my cock in. The driving factor is that I love blowjobs, but it is something that Amy hasn’t done in years, tecavüz porno not even for my birthday or anniversary. My cock won the argument and found its way into the hole and in to a very warm and wet mouth. My cock was attacked with an eagerness that I never experienced before. It was a wonderful sensation. It was like the anonymous mouth was in love with my cock. Within minutes, I was totally drained. As I was zipping up my pants, the cock next door was coming through the hole expecting reciprocation. “Sorry I don’t suck cock,” I said, and was out of there in a flash.

Friday at work I could not concentrate on my job. All I could think about was being a maid and prancing around our house being dominated by Amy. This by itself was a funny thought because my little Amy doesn’t have a dominant bone in her body. I left work early to prepare for the evening. Sitting on the front porch was my box, hopefully with my shoes. As I picked up the box, I couldn’t believe I was getting hard just thinking of me in high heels. I had already decided I was going to go all out this evening and shave my legs. I couldn’t believe how the excitement was building. It took all my will power to not grab my cock and seek immediate relief, but I wanted to save all my cum for Amy, so I decided just to take myself to the edge.

While I was waiting for the tub to fill, I set out my outfit on the bed. Relaxing in the tub, I realized that I only had two hours before Amy came home. I shaved, amazed at how silky freshly shaved legs could feel. I patted myself dry and put the cock cage on; I managed to pinch myself more than once, but I got it on. The maid costume went on, as did the wig. As I put the stockings on, my cock nearly exploded — it was the most sensual sensation that I’ve encountered. Even with the cage my cock felt hard. I slipped in to my heels. At first, I struggled even to stand, but I quickly adapted to the heels, and before long I walked in front of the mirror, posing, thinking, “damn I got a fine set of legs, I would be willing to fuck her,” as I looked at myself.

Fixing dinner was a bit awkward, but it was an easy meal — a steak salad and a nice bottle of red. I opened the red and was pouring the glasses when I heard Amy’s car pull in the driveway. I carefully walked to the door with a glass of wine.

Amy opened the door “Wow. You are one hot bitch!” she exclaimed.

I handed her the glass of wine; she took it all in one gulp, “Refill my glass, bitch.”

As I walked to the kitchen, she said, “I can’t believe that you shaved your legs!” as she dropped her skirt, revealing the sexist girdle that I have ever seen, with long striped black stockings.

“Where’s my wine? You are the slowest girl. Snap to it, bitch,” she cried out . As I returned, she snatched the glass out of my hand. It went down as fast as the first. “What’s your name?”

I responded, “I don’t know.”

“Well you look like a Britany,” she said, followed by, “get me some more wine, Britany.”

Now Amy is not much of a drinker, so I know she’s going to be hitting her limit soon. But I hustle my little ass out for another glass of wine.

As I returned she said, “Britany I want you to suck my toes”, as she kicked off her heels, heading to the bedroom. She was on the bed by the time I got there. “On your knees, bitch, and suck üvey anne porno my toes.” Handing her the wine, I knelt down and started sucking her feet.

I moved my hands up her thighs, “Not yet, bitch. Suck my toes and worship my feet.” I continued my job. By now her stockings were getting wet. Not more than a minute later I heard, “get up here and eat my pussy, you cunt!” I’ve never heard Amy talk like this. She had become a different woman.

“Get on the bed bitch!” Amy straddled my face, rubbing her pussy up and down, my tongue darted in and out as she continued to wiggle. She began moaning, louder and louder. Then she came all over my face.

She slid down further down on my body, rubbing our stockings together. She laughed at the sight of my cage and rubbed my cock through the cage and then continued to tease me by mounting me and sliding her cunt up and down the cage.

She screamed that she needed cock now. “Where’s the key?” she blurted.

“It’s on the night stand!” I responded. She got up and grabbed the key and my tie. When she returned, she tied my arms to the bed with the tie . She then started groping at the cage and put the key in and we both heard it snap as she wiggled it about. “Oh no!” we both cried.

“It stuck, the key is broken, what do we do?” I looked down. The key was completely broken and jammed in the lock. We couldn’t cut it off without cutting me, and going to the hospital, calling the fire department, or calling the police was out of the question. Then she had a brilliant idea: “Let’s call the locksmith.”

We live in a small town; we have only one locksmith, but at least he operates twenty-four-seven. Amy called, not revealing any details other than that the locksmith needed to be here as soon as possible. The locksmith said, “no problem, I don’t have any immediate plans, but special Friday night rates will apply.”

Amy said “no problem.”

After she hung up, I asked her to untie me, so I could change clothes. After all, this was going to be embarrassing enough.

Amy just looked at me and laughed. “After all the times you have had me dress like a hooker and go out on the town, you whine because one guy that is going to free your cock from a cage will see you dressed as a sissy. I don’t think so, you stay as you are!”

“Amy you can’t do this to me!” I cried.

“You’ll stay like this or I call the fire department and let the neighbors wonder what is going on.” She taunted I’d never seen her behave like this.

I shut my mouth and just laid there, waiting for the locksmith and hoping that the night would be over soon. Amy put her skirt back on. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. I heard her walk to the door and greet the locksmith. I could hear him inquire what the problem was.

Amy said, “I have to show you.”

I heard them nearing the room. I just wanted to crawl under a rock, I was so embarrassed.

When they entered the room, Amy said, “this is Darius — Darius, my husband Britany” as she lifted my maid apron, exposing my caged cock.

Darius and Amy both erupted in laughter.

Darius was six-two and built like a fullback. Additionally, he was black, black as coal. Next to my petite Amy he looked like a giant. He took a closer look, and said he could take care of the problem, but he had to have his üvey erkek kardeş porno fee first. I asked what the cost would be.

Darius stated, “my special Friday night fee is a suck and fuck!” As he dropped his pants revealing a seven-inch soft cock that was as thick as the hose on my shop vacuum. He declared that he did not care who did what, but he would not free me from the cage until he had both.

Amy immediately responded, “I don’t suck cocks!” Looking at me, she said “But I sure would love to fuck that monster!”

Before I could utter “no way,” the massive cock was inches from my mouth. I could not believe what I was about to do. I immediately thought of my reaction at the gloryhole. It seemed that I have lost all restraint on my sexual desires. The gloryhole experience, the sheer excitement putting my legs through nylons, being excited over my first pair of high heels. But this cock staring me right in the face had me the most thrilled of all. My cock was straining through the cage. My mouth opened like it had a mind of its own.

I couldn’t control myself, I was all over the cock. I licked it from stem to stern. His cock was magnificent. As I licked, it continued to grow in both length and girth. I had no control over my enthusiasm, and my head continued to bob over the beautiful purple mushroom head. There was no way I could get more than a couple of inches, even though I tried and tried. I began to gag.

From behind me I heard, “I want that cock in me right now!”

Amy had shed the skirt, blouse and bra. Kneeling in just her girdle, stockings and heels, she grabbed the cock and pulled it to her mouth. She wrapped her beautiful red lips around the head. She had started eating his cock as if she hadn’t had a meal in days and it was the only food in town. It must have been the wine.

I said, “I thought you didn’t suck cock?”

“If I had ever seen one before, I would have sucked it!” She responded briefly, taking her lips from his cock.

Darius just shook his head and groaned with pleasure.

“I need this cock in me right now!” Amy mumbled. Pulling Darius to the bed.

Darius spread her legs as if he was trying to pull apart a wish bone. He slowly pushed the first four inches of his dick inside her warm, wet cunt. Then all of a sudden, he rammed the remaining length of his cock deep into the depths of her pussy. I watched as her eyes nearly rolled back in to her head. She screamed. It was somewhere in between pain and pleasure. For the next fifteen minutes, he continued to ravage her body, filling every inch of her cunt. I lost count of her orgasms. When he pulled out his cock was covered in white pasty cum.

Sticking it my face he said, “clean it, sissy boy.”

I had no choice but to do as he ordered.

After I cleaned his cock, Amy untied me.

Darius then said, “Amy, you are one hot bitch and you belong to me now. I will be back tomorrow night!”

I asked, “when are we going to take care of my little problem?”

Darius grinned, “I can’t do anything with it tonight, it requires special tools, so I don’t burn or cut you.”

“You will have to be in my shop tomorrow morning at nine, we will get it off then”. He grabbed his tool bag and headed for the door. Amy rushed to him and gave him a wet kiss and said, “Tomorrow night.”

Darius yelled back at me “Sissy, you better look sexy tomorrow morning when you visit my shop!”

Once Darius left, Amy said, “Britany, who gave you permission to get up? You still have cleaning chores.” She planted her pussy back on my face. I don’t think our sex life will be vanilla anymore.

Trip to the Locksmith (the next day, coming soon)

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