The Lonely Next Door Mom

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All characters engaged in sexual activity are above the age of consent.


“You really need to get out of here more often,” Shane Fischer told Sam, The ten-year old looking at Sam bitterly. Ahh, it felt good to win, Sam thought. Especially against a kid.

Sam grinned, relishing his victory, “You’re just saying that because you suck.” Jerking his thumb towards the screen.

“Best out of ten?” Shane challenged him again, controller in hand. The kid usually came to his place whenever he had finished his chores. They didn’t have a PlayStation at their place. So when he first caught wind that their new neighbor Sam had a game console, he was one of the first to greet their new neighbor bearing gifts of jelly beans and gummy bears. That had been more than a year ago now.

Sam looked to his phone, and shook his head with a rueful grin, “Shouldn’t you be, getting ready for school?”

“NOOO! Come on! The bus doesn’t come till eight!” he pleaded in a high pitched voice. Sam remembered when he and his brothers did the same thing when they woke up early on a school day to play some games before school. And how the tables have turned, he’s the one shutting the fun down and to drag a brat out to get ready for school.

How times flew by.

“Come on you little tyke, let’s go. I’ll shut this thing down.” He got up and powered down the game console. Sam motioned Shane to get up from the sofa, “Dude, you haven’t even taken a shower. Come on, now. You’re mom’s gonna kill me,” He had to drag the kid by the feet when he wouldn’t budge.

“Agghh! I hate school!” he yelled aloud while Sam dragged him.

“So study well and graduate fast, then get a job and you won’t have to go to school anymore. Like me,” Sam said with a smile. The little brat still wasn’t feeling motivated, in which case Sam gripped his ankles and tickled his foot.

“HAHHAHAHAHAA! S-STOP! AHAHAHAH!” He kept laughing to the point that tears came out. Shane squirmed and wriggled. Sam grinned and let him go. Shane stood up but still lazily took each step inch by inch. Sam only rolled his eyes and herded the kid out of his apartment.

Shane’s place was only across the hall from his. He didn’t want to risk getting scolded by Shane’s mother. Miss Fischer was a nice lady but best not risk it why her son had been late to school. He knocked on the door.

“Don’t give me that look! You’ll be late, and I’ll be in trouble with your mom!” Sam reasoned with the kid when Shane gave him a stink eye. “Besides, it’s Friday. You’ll have the weekend to look forward to.”

Miyuki Fischer opened the door. She tied her morning robe tighter as her eyes landed on Shane with a disapproving glance. She had a fair complexion, smooth as winter snow but Sam couldn’t help but notice that lines appeared near her eyes. Her shoulder length jet-black hair had some frayed strands loose, the hair of someone who needed more sleep. She was of Japanese-American descent, had a way of looking somewhat younger than her actual age is, which was in her early thirties. Her eyes sharp and angular like that of a youth but her countenance, the way she carried herself, spoke of someone who had endured and persevered through life over the years.

Her curves were more pronounced the only way a woman who had gone through childbirth could have, evident as the way the robe clung to her waist tightly. Her breasts tested the fabric of her robe, stretching it. Childbearing gave her a voluptuous figure, accentuating her womanly figure. Full breasts and the curvature of her thighs.

Meat in all the right places, as it were.

What the hell was he thinking? He shook those thoughts away. Which was so wrong. So very, very wrong.

Sam had to look away, towards an interesting spot on the wall each time she turned her back to him, Sam couldn’t help but just stare at her ass. It wasn’t big but the way it was shaped made it…POP against her skirt. And the outline of her underwear poke through. And there was the time she took the stairs ahead of him while wearing jeans. Sam forced himself to look where he was stepping, afraid of a misstep and breaking his neck from ogling her behind.

He couldn’t help but feel guilty. She was a devoted single mother, the nicest person he knew. The way she spoke, in a clear and endearing way, pulled whatever light out of your heart and into the world. That pure way a mother could. And he felt shame each time his thoughts turned astray to something base and sexual.

Crap, it’s been so long and so lonely.

“Good morning, Miss Fischer.” Sam greeted her with a smile, putting his resolve to bat away those dirty thoughts.

“Good morning Sam.” She returned Sam’s with her own, one that lit up and banished all deplorable thinking in his mind.

God forgive him, he thought, to tarnish such an angel in his mind.

“I believe this one hasn’t take a shower yet.” Sam nudged an unmotivated Shane towards his mother. Kurtköy Escort A brief flash of annoyance and fury passed in her eyes, the kind that sends a ten year old boy scurrying to school, hoping that it would save him from his mother’s wrath.

Yeah, it was the best move not to test Miss Fischer, Sam thought gladly. She smiled back at him as her son made haste to shower, as if there was not a she-demon hiding in that angelic smile she gave. Sam gulped.

“Anyway I have to get to work too,” Sam said, heading back to his door.

“Thanks again Sam,” she said tiredly. She had bags under her eyes as she leaned against the door and stifled a yawn. Raising a child is difficult and yet she still smile that smile of hers. Maybe he should buy her some food on his way home? That’s a good idea, he nodded to himself. Everyone’s got to have some time for themselves.

“It’s nothing Miss Fischer.”

“Oh! How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Miyu. My friends and family do.” She friendly patted at his arms. Sam only smiled at the gesture.

“Oh…uhm…sure thanks…Miyu,” It was strange, Sam could never get around from calling her with such familiarity. All he ever did was hang around her son .He was just being polite. And every now and then he helped her out with her groceries. And Shane was fun to be around with. Sam enjoyed playing with the kid.

“I appreciate it, really, looking after him.”

“He’s a fun kid to be around. Don’t mention it.” Ask her something about herself, Sam thought. Something to keep the conversation going and not just to shut it immediately! She had the air of someone that enjoyed conversation, being with people, in contrast to Sam who could go for hours without talking to anyone.

“Hey Miss Fisch – I mean Miyu,” He grinned, “Are you alright? You look worn out.”

“Heh, that’s an understatement, I’ve been up around…five, I guess? Getting ready for the day and all that even though there’s not much to do. I think my body has gotten used to waking up early. It happens when you have a kid,” she finished with a tired smile. Sam felt sorry for her. She had invited Sam over for breakfast many times over the year since he moved to the building. She said it was thanks for watching over Shane when she was off to work at the bakery. He didn’t mind, the kid was a blast to play games with.

Maybe it’s time to treat them out to dinner. He owed them that for making him feel like family.

“Uhm…hey, Miyu…If you don’t have plans for the weekend, we could go out to dinner? Maybe go to the carnival afterwards?” he asked, it was a good plan too, plenty of fun for Shane on the carnival and Miyu gets to spend quality time with her son there.

She just stared at him eyes wide, fingers fiddled with the ties of her robe.

Was it something he said?

Her mouth moved but no sound came out, and whatever did came out was gibberish.

“uhm… is-is…Haha- uhm…So—uhm…”

“Are you alright?” Sam asked her.

“Oh well it’s…it’s just that it’s been so long…” She didn’t meet his eyes, and her cheeks slightly turned red. The top of her ear lobes too.

“Oh really? Then Shane will have plenty of fun there!”

“Wait- -What? Shane’s coming?”

“Uhm, yeah. I was gonna treat you both to dinner and maybe go to the carnival. You’ve been such good neighbors to me, so I thought it’d be great to return the favor…but you know it’s alright if you can’t come,” Sam rubbed the back of his neck.

Something clicked in Sam’s mind, snapping his fingers, “Did you thought you and I are going to a -“

“OF COURSE WE WOULD LOVE TO COME! SHANE WOULD BE DELIGHTED! HAHA! Ifyou’llexcusemeIhave to get…uhm…BYE!” words tumbled out of her lips, then quickly went inside, slamming the door.

Sam couldn’t help but smile at that. Did she think he was asking her to a date?

He pondered on that and smiled, shaking his head as he went back to his place.

Sam fell to the sofa, and stared blankly towards the ceiling. His apartment was perfect for a twenty four year-old bachelor like him. Bearing only what was necessary. He liked the place and yet…he couldn’t help but feel the sensation of loneliness. Much of it was bare. Only fitted for living for a single person. A couch, a TV and his PC. Not much else, he had no use for pictures and he wasn’t really a plant guy. The emptiness of it somewhat assaulted him, gnawed on him.

Truth was, Sam started to hate being alone in his apartment. Which is why he liked it when the kid was around, laughing, cheering up the place. And how Miyu asked about him, how was his day, what was going on in his life. He had been quiet soul growing up, both at home and at school. But in both those places, there was a neverending well of sound and noises. He had taken to staying, carving his own quiet corner in both places.

Only now that he had been living on his own did that silence become deafening Pendik Escort and cold.

Only here and now did he realize the warmth and light the company of good people about did bring.

It kept the aching loneliness away.

It was one night after work, he was just so tired, that he had realized that he had been doing the same thing over and over again. And he was scared. Scared that maybe this was what the rest of his life might be like, always repeating.

Work and go home. Work and go home. Repeat until dead.

He shook his head clear.

It’s best if he gets ready for work.

As he was standing up, his hands settled on one of the cushions, feeling something hitting his hands, he turned it over and saw that Shane had brought and left one of his action figures in his sofa. It was one of the toys Sam had bought for the kid. He shook his head. He’ll drop it by their place before he got to work.


Miyuki stared at the empty room. She had done everything. She cleaned, cooked and cleaned some more. It would be slow day in the bakery so she isn’t needed till in the afternoon. She stood on the living room of her apartment. Everything was in its place.


And lonely.

She could hear the birds singing outside. The faint whispers of the wind through the window.

She dreaded this moment of the day. Where everything had been put into place and Shane off to school. It left her to her own devices.

Pity, she hated that word. Always have. And all the more how she felt, pity to no one but herself. She looked at the old photographs, some hanging in the wall or others standing in frames. One of them was a picture of her, vibrant and full of life. Or so it seemed. She remembered the aimless days and nights, where she would get drunk nine in the morning. No set course in life. Aimless. She prided in herself that she was a free spirit. Not unlike those squares who worked eight-hours a day/five days a week- jobs, eager to oil the system.

All of that was a façade however; bravado to look away from the fact that life scared her. She was afraid to take control, to be rooted in a single place and stagnate. Instead, she just drifted.

Passing around, moving from one place to another. Same with her lovers. Her romantic affairs were like fireworks. Burned bright and burned fast. Full of passion one moment and then gone with a snap. After all life was short; it had no meaning, might as well had fun with it. That was what she thought then. A delusion she wrapped around her eyes.

Getting knocked up shattered that delusion.

Her sister, the rock of her life, didn’t say anything then when Miyu showed up to her doorstep, five months pregnant. She took her in and stood by her side through the worst of it.

She loved Shane with all her heart, and he grew up so fast. That’s the thing with time seeing it pass by, it felt like it didn’t move at all.

Has it been that long, ten years passed?

How soon, when even his little boy would grow and not so little anymore. And then she would grow old and alone.

She hated feeling like this. Miyuki looked to the door. Sam would have gone away for work by now.

He was a goofy, nice young man. Had she been ever like that when she was young? No…she was a different person then. Much different. She would haven’t even bat an eyelash for a guy like Sam.

Sweet, quiet Sam. His smile and laugh entered her thoughts. Sam, who liked to watch funny movies with his son and play video games.

She bit her lips at the memory. He looked real good to in his pajamas too. A white tank top and some gray sweatpants. He wasn’t buffed out like some body builder. But he had muscles in the right places and a head taller than her.

Hmmp… those shoulder of his, she thought, biting her lips, thinking how she’d love to put her arms around them.

She once blurted out to Shane if he worked out before realizing what she asked. Good thing Shane didn’t caught on what she really meant when she said that.

Miyu stretched her back and arms, an ache had formed where her neck and shoulder met. She sat down on the couch, letting her head rest against the cushion. She closed her eyes and felt every muscle in her body, still drowsy from waking up early.

Then she found her thoughts drifting to dirty-blonde haired Sam.

Cute, dimpled Sam.

He liked to smile and his bed hair was all in different directions, the way he looked this morning but his eyes was awake and alive and his smile glowing.

She couldn’t help but smile to that. She had to stop herself from staring at his dimples.

Crap, she swore to herself, she tucked her robe tighter then. She must’ve looked bad, she woke up five thirty to get the day ready, didn’t have time to fix her hair and only just put on a robe over her night gown. She hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet, much less brush. He didn’t seem to notice, Mutlukent Escort only smiling while talking to Shane, dimples in her mind.

Her hand traveled down, going inside her robe, tucking over her nightgown. It was so lonely here in the morning. Her fingers hovered just above the groin. Gently pressing down, kneading the palm of her hand against her crotch. She pressed both her index and her middle fingers, her breathe caught in her throat. Her heart thudded against her ears.

A warmness spread from her crevice.

And a name escaped her lips: Sam. Oh Sweet Sam.

It wasn’t the first time she kept herself company with the memories of the younger man.

But something was still missing. She opened her eyes, looking for the remote to the stereo.

Soft jazz played, slow and steady for now.

She smiled. Perfect. And closed her eyes once more.


Sam made sure he didn’t forget anything. He patted his pockets.

Keys, check,

Phone, check.

Wallet check.

He also had a few documents in his sling bag. He was about to step out of the door when he nearly forgot Shane’s action figure.

Better give it to Miyu in case Shane loses his head looking for the thing. He went over to their place. He rapped his knuckles once against the wood. The skin lightly made contact when the door swung away, open and unlocked.

Now that’s just careless, He thought shaking his head. Soft jazz sounded as he entered.

“Hello? Miss Fischer?” He we winced still not used to calling her by her first name, “Miyu?”

Their apartment was near identical though there were some personal touches that made it different. And while his was a perfect accommodation for one man, The Fischer’s residence was fit for a single mother and her child. A bit bigger than his. A small hallway that connected from the door toward the living room. It was a small walk and could be covered in three steps, obscuring from view the living room proper in those steps.

The jazz music grew with each footfall.

“Miyu? Anyone home? Shane forgot his- – WOAH!” Sam reeled, dropping the toy in his hand. A heartbeat passed before Miyu opened her eyes and saw her uninvited guest. But in that heartbeat, the image he saw would forever be instilled in his mind to the end of his days.

Miyu’s legs were spread wide open, her bushy cunt splayed for him to see. Her morning robe tucked up, revealing her shapely fair legs. Her eyes were scrunched up close in ecstasy and pleasure that everything was drowned out. Her left breast was pulled over her nightgown, supple and full, while she teased herself silly by toying with her nipple on one hand and fingering her drenched pussy with the other.

“OH GOD!” Miyu screamed.

Oh shit, oh shit. She put her hands away and covered herself as best as she could, trying to look over the fact that she was just touching herself, thinking about him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I should’ve knocked more loudly but the door was open and I- -uhh…” Sam stammered, explaining himself.

“No – -oh shit. Oh God, I…you…shouldn’t have seen that.” Miyu followed suit.

“I’ll just leave this here and go.” Maybe it’s best to go away, and never speak of this, Sam thought, trying to ignore the fact of his stirring member at what he saw.

“No wait, please…”she pleaded.

The wanting and pleading in her voice tugged something in Sam’s heart. He wanted to leave and just try to forget this ever happened. The two sides warred.

“Look…it-it’s natural. It happens. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have barged in. I’m sorry. I just- – Well Shane forgot his toy.” He explained, not meeting her eyes.

“Please stay. Just let me…explain,” She sighed heavy, eyes pleaded sadness, no shame, just pure sadness that tugged at his heart. He can’t help but feel sorry for her.

“…Okay,” he relented, not knowing what to do. Perhaps they can talk this out maturely. Settle thing like adults. He took a seat on the armrest of a chair in front of her. She went back to her seat on the couch.

She smoothed her dress and returned to some measure of modicum, the image of her bushy groin was vividly instilled in his mind. But it was her face, the expression scrunched up in absolute bliss and pleasure. His cocked stirred in his pants at the memory.

Down boy, Sam ordered his member.

“I was thinking of you,” Miyu blurted out.

“Uhm-…uh…I beg your pardon?” That caught him off guard.

She let out a breath and sighed, “I was thinking of you when I was touching myself.”

Sam didn’t know what to say.

“…Thank…you?” It was flattering, really. To be somebody else’s masturbatory fantasy.

“It’s just that, it has been a long, LONG time since I’ve been with someone. And during the day I’m mostly by myself at home. And I think to myself, was it going to be like this, till Shane grows up? Till he moves out on his own. And then you moved in. You have been so good to us.”

“Miyu please, I was just being polite. And Shane, well the little guy’s fun to hang with,” He shrugged, scratching his head.

“Still. So I don’t really know how to say this, and it’s been on my mind for quite some time now.”

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